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627HandWorks - Julie Hirt 3:38am, 3 May 2013
We will be using Quiltville's Scrappy Trip Along the World tutorial using 6 fabric strips. The block you mail needs to measure 12.5". It is very important that we all use the same tutorial and follow the pattern.

Quilt shop quality fabrics. You are receiving quality fabrics, make sure you are sending the same. Mainly,this means no Joann's or big box store fabrics, with a few exceptions like Kona, Denise Schmidt and Juliana Horner. If you are questioning a fabric, ask the recipient or your group. Quilt shop quality fabrics are a higher quality and you can definitely tell the difference in texture.

Mail your block out by the correct date. I know life happens and sometimes gets in the way. But, if you say you can't mail out your blocks in time and your group sees you posting photos of other projects, it's one of those "umm..." moments. You know? Just be considerate.

Each person will make 5 blocks. One for each member of their honeycomb.

You will receive 5 different blocks at the end of each round. One from each member of your honeycomb.

When you sign up you may suggest yours blocks be made with color preferences: dark center strip, no black, low volume, brights, etc. Do your best to honor your honeycomb's color preferences.

The rounds will take place 4 times per year:

Sign ups May 1 - 6
Must be mailed by July 15

Sign ups August 1 - 6
Must be mailed by October 15

Sign ups November 1 - 6
Must be mailed by January 15

Sign ups February 1 - 6
Must be mailed by April 15

Need to be willing to ship internationally. Will do my best to limit international to 1 or 2 per honeycomb.

bkvail 6 years ago
you say JoAnn's fabrics not allowed - does that include DS Quilts fabrics?
627HandWorks - Julie Hirt Posted 6 years ago. Edited by 627HandWorks - Julie Hirt (admin) 6 years ago

DS fabrics are ok. As well as Kona solids.
budsmam 6 years ago
Hello, I am worried I am doing something wrong, the instructions above say the unfinished block is 12.5 but my blocks are 12 inch? I am using six strips of 2.5 inches. Where am I going wrong?
tangled_threads 6 years ago

Mine wasn't quite accurate either, has to have a very accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance. I didn't have my needle in the right position and have to do it all over.
budsmam 6 years ago

Thank you, I'm now using an incredibly scant 1/4 inch and am getting the 12.5 size
Laurie L5 6 years ago
Yes you have to use a very scant 1/4" seam to get these to 12 1/2" unfinished. There are 5 seams with the six strips and you can easily end up short if you are not sewing scant seams:) Have picked out several seams along the way.
UpstairsHobbyRoom 6 years ago
Are the finished blocks to posted on Flickr by the sewer or receiver?? Which will answer my second question, which is, are they be a surprise to the receiver?

It's up to you! I posted mine last time but this time around I may have mine be a surprise.
UpstairsHobbyRoom 6 years ago
Than I think I will not post here, but you've seen them all on Instagram!! : )
DanaK~WaterPenny 5 years ago
Sent mine out today - of course I forgot to take a picture but you'll see them when they arrive !
tracytyler 5 years ago
Am I able to part part of 2 honeycombs or just one. Just waiting for sign up tomorrow
mtclifford2012 5 years ago
I agree with the rules!
Coser Tejer Crear 5 years ago
I don't remember if I signed so I'm signing again
Cloudberry Quilting 5 years ago
All signed up and filled out the form! Yay!!
tracytyler 5 years ago
Agree to the rules and all signed up. Thankyou
PatchworkPrincess 5 years ago
I think I am signed up! This will be my first time swapping blocks here, I am so excited!
A question about pressing: Is it acceptable to press all seams open? I know there are some who against/for, so I thought I would ask. Thanks!
mtclifford2012 5 years ago

It's whatever you prefer. I like to press open so I never have to worry about matching seams and to me, it's more accurate.
PatchworkPrincess 5 years ago
Thank you! That is what I thought would be easier for this block.
mamamakinmacros 5 years ago
All signed up for my first time too. Can't wait to get started.
sewbusy64 5 years ago
Cloudberry Quilting 5 years ago
I agree!
appliqueen 5 years ago
TiffBlakey 5 years ago
SeeLifeMarvels 5 years ago
hohenbrunnerquilterin 5 years ago
Agree :-)
tlcornelius 5 years ago
Agree :) this is my first bee.
tlcornelius1 5 years ago
I had to change my account because it wont let me sign in via Facebook anymore. Instead of user name tlcornelius it's tlcornelius1. Sorry about that!
SeeLifeMarvels 5 years ago

Agree. For Round 5.
SeeLifeMarvels 5 years ago

Congrats! And welcome.
Crafting Crazy Artist 5 years ago
Agree round 5
Crafting Crazy Artist 5 years ago

Did you loose your pictures? I sign in this way !
girltwin64 5 years ago
I have never done a bee before how many people are in a hive? Are we talking 10 or less?
laurelar 5 years ago

6, you will make and receive 5.
girltwin64 5 years ago
627HandWorks - Julie Hirt:

Thank you! I understand now!! :)
Crafting Crazy Artist 5 years ago
The next sign up is August 1st? I want to sign up, I hope I remeber! Thank you
Crafting Crazy Artist 5 years ago
It says with the photos sign up started July 1 st? Is that a typo?
jennitatti 5 years ago
I was just wondering the same thing. :)
mpcallihan 5 years ago
I am just finding out about this awesome bee! I think I have signed up, but how can I be sure? Someone mentioned filling out a form which I haven't seen. Have I missed a step?
Crafting Crazy Artist 5 years ago

There is an email for round 6 to send info that is the form! Look under discussions for it! Welcome , this will be my 3rd round and I love all my blocks!
spraguecharlotte 5 years ago
I agree to the rules round 6
HavPlenty2011 5 years ago
I am looking forward to participating in Round 6 as a first timer.
Mary/Maria 5 years ago
I agree to the rules and look forward to participating in round 6
Pico Sailors 5 years ago
All signed up and I agree with the rules.
sewcute 5 years ago
I agree with the rules
mamamakinmacros 5 years ago
I agree with the rules! This is the best swap EVER!!!!
Musical Artist 4 years ago
I don't know if i ever responded to this, so here it is. I agree with the rules.
SIMPLESEW 4 years ago
I made R 8
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