V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 5:53pm, 14 May 2017
Iron Builder 5.0 - Round 3 - kosbrick vs. Grant Davis

Ok.... first let's get one thing straight. I don't like people who complain all the time. But.... DAYAM! You STINK Indonesian Post Service! Why did I pay $50 for under 8-day Priority Mail service if you were going to sit on the package for 2+ weeks?

Thank you Iron Builders for your patience this round. We literally were ready to start over 2 weeks ago and the Post Office service had other plans.


It is with great enthusiasm.........

and Joy........

That I yell!

ALLEZ BRICK Indonesian Post Office!!! Finally the package has arrived after forever and and a day. Next time I am in Indonesia you are going to get an unhappy customer visit from me. A VERY UNHAPPY visitor. OK, on to why we are all here.


To begin, here are some Things You Should Know.

1. Follow us on Facebook here

2. Follow us on Flickr here -

3. Big thanks to the LEGO Ambassador Network who provided the LEGO Elements for with this round's special Ingredient Part!

4. For those of you new to Iron Builder the rules are simple.
Rule #1. Our Builder must build, at minimum, one MOC per week. So over the course of the contest the minimum is FOUR entries and the maximum is ?? ( I swear, builders really don't have to build 200 MOCs to win... I swear! )
Rule #2. Create builds to best illustrate: Your building skill, masterful presentation of your MOC, and lastly creative and enlightened use of the Secret Ingredient part.
Rule #3. Get it all done in a month!
Rule #4. That's about it for the rules, we don't like TOO MANY rules in Iron Builder. It is not a competition about reading rules.


Please join me in welcoming our Challenger, Grant Davis!
( )

Grant comes to us with an impressive resume including Best in Show - Bricks Cascade 2017, Best in Castle - BrickCon 2013, Best in Pirates - BrickCON 2014, 1st Place Siege category - Colossal Castle 2014, most popular MOC of the year on Brothers Brick in 2014 ( ) and he was part of the 1st Place Mocathalon Team in 2015!

He also has a cool pop-up book project he would love you to take a look at and runs a "not terrible" YouTube channel you are all invited to visit -

Grant, welcome to the Coliseum! Do you think you have what it takes to take out an Iron Builder Champion?

Our Iron Builder, kosbrick, has an impressive list of Iron Builder wins. He first gained the crown VS Gilcelio ( ) followed by a hard-won defeat of challenger 2MuchCaffeine ( ) .

If you haven't already become a fan of Kos' amazing Flickr page take a peek here!
( )
Of late, Kosmas has been going through a "mini-dark" period and we are extremely glad to welcome him back with open-armed enthusiasm and are looking forward to seeing what new MOCs he will create in this round of Iron Builder.

Our secret ingredient part is/are (3) colors of that cool balloon thingie! Officially titled - 'Panel 4 x 4 x 13 Curved Tapered with clip at each end'. Our builders may use the colors freely and judging will not be impacted by the color or color(s) used in each MOC. All colors will be judged with equal merit.

It is with great pleasure that I say "Screw you Indonesian Post office!....umm.. no..." It is with great pleasure that I yell,


Kos and Grant, sorry for the wait but thankfully your time has come.
Good Luck!

Chairman Guy
VAkkron 5 years ago
SO excited for this round. Good luck both competitors. I await a vicious battle with some masterful MOCs! If anyone can pull off an impressive show, it is the two of you!
Grant Davis. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Grant Davis. (member) 5 years ago
How calming. Just a flower, and a few lily-pads. Take in the serenity and peacefulness... before my storm of MOCs arrives!
The Calm Before The Storm by Grant Davis.
Tim Schwalfenberg 5 years ago
Looking forward to an awesome round! Good luck to both builders with such an unwieldy piece.
W. Navarre 5 years ago
Well, I don't even know which builder to root for, looking forward to this round ;) !
Grant Davis. 5 years ago
"No no no! KOS! you are supposed to make the ball hit the PINS, not roll it into the gutter!"

Bowling Pins by Grant Davis.
Grant Davis. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Grant Davis. (member) 5 years ago
Where are you KOS? Lost at Sea!?

Sailor Moon by Grant Davis.
Grant Davis. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Grant Davis. (member) 5 years ago
Whenever you feel like it KOS, you can stop playing Games and enter the real ring!

Iron Arcade Pt.1 by Grant Davis.
Grant Davis. 5 years ago
Just be careful, when you do decide to pop up out of your hole, I will be waiting for you!

Iron Arcade Pt. 2 by Grant Davis.
Kosmo Update!
Kos is alive and well. He says "Hello" and will be checking in soon

His schedule got all messed up by the Post Office Snafu so he is making adjustments and will be back in the saddle shortly.

: )
Grant Davis. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Grant Davis. (member) 5 years ago
Glad to hear Guy!

I am sure he is no Fan of not building!
Caged Desk Fan by Grant Davis.
KosBrick 5 years ago
Sorry guys, I’m late to the party. I had bad scheduling conflict with my daily work deadlines due to the late arrival of the mystery part by the post office service in my country. It’s been months I haven’t got my hands to building and thanks to this competition that motivate and force me to build again :)

Though I’ll try my best in this competition, I don’t think I have time as much as my two previous IB competition to build, hope I don’t disappoint you guys :)

Thank you Guy for hosting the competition and I really hate you to put me up against Grant here!

Grant, always love and admire your build from the day I knew you when you collaborated with Eli on the cheese slope builds. Somehow I have a strong feeling I’m gonna loose here, don’t beat me up too hard my friend :P

So here is my first build in months and my first build for the competition, tomorrow I’ll post another and more will come for sure :)

“The first competition in our life.”
No one is born as a looser. Remember! You are the winner there. :P

The First Competition in Our Life by KosBrick
Grant Davis. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Grant Davis. (member) 5 years ago
Watch out KOS! Behind you!

Pink Poison by Grant Davis.
KosBrick 5 years ago
No worries! I would hit that with my wife's heels!
Stiletto Heel by KosBrick
Grant Davis. 5 years ago
Personally, I would rather just stay inside.

Handleset by Grant Davis.
Grant Davis. 5 years ago
Alternatively, you could nuke the spider from orbit.

Sepia Solaris by Grant Davis.
Grant Davis. 5 years ago
I am really springing into action now; first person to stop posting is a rotten egg!

Bunny Basket by Grant Davis.
KosBrick 5 years ago
Shake it!
Maracas by KosBrick
KosBrick 5 years ago
How about a bicycle ride, Grant?
Vintage Bicycle Seat by KosBrick
KosBrick 5 years ago
Paint It Black!
Paint Brush by KosBrick
Grant Davis. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Grant Davis. (member) 5 years ago
Bike ride? For $30, plus more than that in shipping?!

I would rather trade my cow for some magic beans!

Jack and the Beanstalk by Grant Davis.
Grant Davis. 5 years ago
Get ready to bow to me, this competition won't be a tie.

Bowtie by Grant Davis.
KosBrick 5 years ago
I'm just swanning around here...
Swan Lake by KosBrick
Grant Davis. 5 years ago
That's a wrap from me! Good luck finishing up KOS!

Stag Beetle by Grant Davis.
OK, Grant is clocking out and Kos has an additional week to post ( due to imbalances created by the challenged Indonesian postal system )

More soon!
Chairman Guy
P'rannah Petting Zoo 5 years ago
It might just be me, but I feel like whoever makes the better and more relevant pun gets bonus points... It's more skill to be able to insult your opponent and make the build to match than to make the build and have to stretch a pun over it. Just me though.
The contest is done!
IT is now in the hands of the judges
Good luck to both of our builders!
A Plastic Infinity 5 years ago
Iron Builder: Behind the Scenes by Arcane Sweetie Belle
V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber Posted 5 years ago. Edited by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber (admin) 5 years ago
Iron Builder new season Kos vs Grant FINAL


Big thanks to the LEGO Ambassador Network who provided the LEGO Elements for this round's special Ingredient Part!

Our judges for this Battle are:

#1 - Joe Meno - Editor, BrickJournal magazine

#2 - Nannan Zhang - Iron Builder fellah'

#3 - Guy Himber - Iron Builder fellah'

===== JUDGE #1 =====
This is a particularly tough one because of the technical issues that happened with the delivery of the seed part. This also crashed into the real-life commitments of one of the competitors, which is something I expect happens more often than not.
Anyways, let’s take a look at some simple numbers. Grant built a total of 13 builds and Kosbrick built 6. While it has been that previous competitions had more (or many more, as the case may be), it should not be understood that quantity is what determines a Iron Build judging. It’s always quality. With that in mind, the competition is closer than it appears.

Grant’s work overall is wonderful - there are an avalanche of ideas that come from using the seed part individually or as a full unit. A great example of a single unit use is the doorknob, while a great use of the whole is the spider. I think that the best use of the part from Grant was using it in a series to depict clouds and also to create a basket. Those two uses were really clever, although these entailed getting more of the seed part than was originally given to compete with.

Kosbrick’s work was not as prolific, but that didn’t mean that he was lacking in ideas - he went out of the box in creating sperm (I would have never thought of that) and also the shoes. I also liked the paint brush, mainly because I am an art guy at heart. Kosbrick mentions in one of his posts that he was lacking in parts to do what he wanted to, and that shows in the number of builds he made. Still, what he did do was pretty amazing at points.

Grant Davis: 19.5/20
Kosbrick: 17/20


When skills are sky-high, it comes down to presentation and how a builder ‘sells' his MOC to the rest of us. Here is where numbers don’t matter - one beautiful presentation can outdo a dozen mediocre presentations. And with this particular competition, presentation plays a big role. Grant’s work is presented 'as is,’ which is pretty effective. There are a couple of photos I would have added - the doorknob would have been better presented with a hand about to use it. The bowling pins could have used a bowling ball hitting them…both of those photos could have been more outstanding. Good examples of photos would be the fan and the Bunny Basket.

Kosbrick’s photos have a little more to them - the presentations have a little more ‘story.’ Examples include the bike seat - placing it in a different context is clever, and the shoe. I really like the presentation of the shoe, as the ad background adds a new layer of ‘story’ to the photo. Another example is the paintbrush - the close angle and black ‘drops’ sell the item really well.

Grant Davis: 18/20
Kosbrick: 19/20

Use of the Seed Part:
And the last item - seed part use. For this part, there were a bunch of uses, of which most were organic. That was reflected in the builds, with flowers and bugs making up some of the models in the competition. For Grant, his best use of the part was in the bunny basket, as the part was used in a notably different way than expected: repeated as a 3D pattern - same with his clouds for the beanstalk. For kosbricks, his best use was with the shoes, as he made a single part the core of the model. Both used the parts to make a bulb or bulb-type structure, but those applications were not as effective in using the part as an element in a build - they became an assembly for a build, which is a bit different. Both builders went different directions suited to their strengths.

Grant Davis: 18/20
Kosbrick: 18/20
Grant Davis: 55.5
Kosbrick: 54

Okay, so this looks much closer than it appears - but that is only because Grant built so much more. As I mentioned earlier, more doesn’t imply better. Both had really good builds, but there was a stronger style with Kosbrick’s photos. The deciding factor was Grant using the part in a different way

===== JUDGE #2 =====
This was a very challenging part to use, and you two still came up with several creative ways to show off this piece.

Here are my scores:

Building skill: 18
Presentation: 19
Use of mystery brick: 19

Your building skills continue to amaze, and in this round you proved that you are more than a master of the diorama with the intricately crafted real-life objects that you depicted in most of your entries. The challenge of using the piece lies beyond combining it into the balloon shape, and you wowed me with entries like the the Bunny Basket and Jack and the Beanstalk where the parts are used beyond my imagination. I also like the Desk Fan a lot, and the added function is icing on the cake. My favorite entry is the stag beetle. It’s the epitome of an Iron Builder creation, one that cleverly displays the mystery part in a prominent but not overwhelming spot. Overall you have went above and beyond in this round and have more than rightfully earned the title of Iron Builder, congratulations!

Building skill: 15
Presentation: 19
Use of mystery brick: 15

It’s difficult to build when real life is taking over your hobby (I’m going through this right now!). You still managed to present a few delicate entries to delight us. You’ve more than demonstrated your capabilities in your previous IB rounds, and the creations you made this time would have only been the appetizer if you worked at your full potential. My favorite entry from you is the Stiletto Heel. It makes full use of the curvy nature of the piece and your excellent presentation skills put it over the top. The Paint Brush is also another well thought-out build, and you used the blunt end of the large balloon to your advantage by filling it with black parts to simulate the inked part of the brush. Your presentation is always top notch, turning sometimes simple creations into eye candy. You’ve had an exceptional run as an Iron Builder and have won the accolades of many fellow builders.

===== JUDGE #3 =====

Who doesn't love balloons? They are colorful, bring people smiles and make your voice sound funny when you suck in the helium!

To begin, can I say how happy it makes me to see some new MOCs from Kos? He has been one of my favorite builders from the first time I discovered his work and I have always been impressed by his fantastic builds. I remember when he first accepted my invite to participate in Iron Builder and his concern that he might not have enough bricks to be competitive. As we all have seen over his many impressive rounds in previous Iron Builder matches, whatever few bricks he has, DAMN he knows how to use them!

On to the fight.
Our part this round had a VERY obvious usage. It was clearly designed for a very specific task and that is what makes it such a great Iron Builder part. Much like the Paint Roller or the Fez the genius of an Iron Builder is their ability to see past the obvious. Both of our builders made an excellent showing with the balloon panels, proving that like a Transformer, there is much more than meets the eye.

Building skill: 17
Presentation: 19
Use of mystery part: 18

Did I mention how much I love to see Kos' MOCs? All shipping issues aside, Kos soldiered on and tackled this challenge with the skill and creativity we have come to expect from a builder of his talents.

The simply beautiful grace and composition of his Swan looks like it belongs on the cover of National Geographic. The catalog-ready shot of the high heels looks like it was pulled from the pages of Vogue. One of Kos' strengths has been in taking a great idea and finding the most direct way to express it in brick. Things are never cluttered. It always seems like just the perfect amount to illustrate his idea without overwhelming us with unneeded flash or distractions. He explored all three colors provided

My only real critique would be that 50% of his builds were dependent upon the default "balloon-configuration" of the parts' original design. I would have liked for him to explore even further past the obvious usage with even more of his builds. That said, he created some beautiful and understated MOCs that really showcase his Iron Builder pedigree.

Building skill: 18
Presentation: 19
Use of mystery part: 19

Grant did an awesome job of showing his range and ability to visit numerous themes and genres with the mystery part: Even the simplicity of his Water Lily build and it's understated presentation show the skills that Grant brings to the Coliseum. He gave us a grand tour of both things organic and nature-based as well as some great machinations in the form of his awesome exploration of arcade machines and animated desk fans.

Heck, he even got out his best prom tuxedo and classed it up with the mystery part!

In my opinion, he proved to not only be a worthy opponent to our current champion, he also proved that he has what it takes to go above and beyond in his building skill and creativity.

Hi photo skills were on point and he had us visit both worlds both small and epic. He played with the part in all of its various colors and delighted the viewers with his plethora of usage and presentation.

If he wins this round, I think he will prove to be a daunting Iron Builder to challenge in the future.

My vote goes to Grant for this round.



With an impressive full-sweep vote we have a new Iron Builder!

Congratulations Grant!
I look forward to seeing you defend your title in a future battle.

Kos, my friend, thank you again for sharing your creativity and mad skillz with us all. Your LEGO friends are always happy to hear from you and we hope we can see even more of your MOCs in the future.

ALLEZ Brick!
Chairman Guy
W. Navarre 5 years ago
Great job both, even though KOS was somewhat busy it was a fabulous show to watch! Well deserved win, Grant!
Alexander Blais 4 years ago
When does the next round begin?
Mark of Falworth 4 years ago
Grant did a fantastic job but it would have been nice to see Kos on his game.
Wesley Higgins 2 years ago
Will there be another Iron Builder challenge?
: VolumeX : 2 years ago
Wesley Higgins:
Does not look like it.... its a sad state of affairs.
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