V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 2:29am, 10 March 2017
To begin, here are some Things You Should Know.

1. Follow us on Facebook here

Someone is going to win an AWESOME LEGO ELVES set! ( see details below ). We are going to try and make Facebook part of our 'go to' hosting space for this Season of Iron Builder. Flickr just keeps sucking more and more over the years and is doing everything in their power to minimize the Interplay and communication of builders and their fans. Let's see if Facebook can take better care of us and let us more readily comment and chat during the show.

2. Follow us on Flickr here -

Hey Flickr, you STINK with a capital 'S'! But... you are where many of us call home-base for our AFOL fix. You stink at mail management, you change your interface and policies all the time, you make it hard to share images, the list goes on and on... We will still use you but we do so under protest because, ya know, you are the terrible relationship we just can't find a good way to break up with yet. YET!

3. Big thanks to CrazyBricks ( ) for providing us with this round's special Ingredient Part! Go pay them a visit!

4. For those of you new to Iron Builder the rules are simple.
1. Our Builder must build, at minimum, one MOC per week. The minimum is FOUR the maximum is ?? ( I swear, builders really don't have to build 200 MOCs to win... I swear! )
2. Create builds to best illustrate: Your building skill, masterful presentation of your MOC, and lastly creative and enlightened use of the Secret Ingredient part.
3. Get it all done in a month!
4. That's about it for the rules, we don't like TOO MANY rules in Iron Builder. It is not a competition about reading rules.

5. Hey, how do I win that LEGO ELVES set you talked about in Things You Should Know #1 above?
Would you like to win? Sure you would! Just LIKE the main Iron Builder page on FACEBOOK and we will pick a winner at random from one of the folks who LIKEd the page! You have nothing to lose and a fantastic set to randomly win!

Iron Builder season 5 round 2 - Legopard vs. Pate-keetongu

Welcome to our second round of competition for Season 5 of Iron Builder!

Returning to the Coliseum is one of our fab four Iron Builder Heroes, Legopard!
Please welcome him with a well-deserved standing ovation as he enters the coliseum of Blood and Bricks.
As you recall he had a brilliant victory vs One More Brick in battle Round Technic Pin Connector ( ) where he ripped the crown from the former champion to take the hotly contested Iron Builder spot #1 and claim the seat of ABS power. He is now ready to defend his title and show that nobody can knock him off the top of the mountain. And speaking of Mountains have you seen the jaw-dropping "Halls of Thranduil" that he just built?!?
( ). Or those Game of Thrones mechanical mini-landscapes?!?
( )

His challenger comes from the frozen lands of Northern Europe. He swims in icy mountain streams, eats raw reindeer hearts for breakfast and is a Hella' talented builder. Raise you goblets (crafted from the skulls of your defeated enemies) to Pate Keetongu! His flickr stream is full of stunning character driven MOCs that feature amazing builds from legend and Pop Culture and beautifully inspired architecture ( ) Including the mighty "Cohen the Barbarian"!
( )

The part for this round has actually appeared in the Arena before...... as an April Fools joke!

That's right, we tricked the IB audience one year and pulled a fast one with this challenging DUPLO part ( ) .

Well tell ya what! We are going to double-down and REALLY make it the part for this round! That's right, our Secret Ingredient part is, in fact, - Duplo Fire / Grass / Ice 1 x 4 x 2!

This green beastie will push our gladiators to their limits as they navigate the scale and connection challenges of this unusual and highly organic part. The IB audience has already thrown some ideas out there for how this DUPLO gem might become the world's next greatest MOC.

Will our challengers start with some of the suggestions put forth by the fan community? Will they go completely outside of the box? Will they ever forgive the Chairman for giving them DUPLO? Stay Tuned and find out in the month to come as I yell at the top of my lungs.......


Chairman Guy
David Rajcok Posted 5 years ago. Edited by David Rajcok (member) 5 years ago
Good luck guys! It'll be fun to watch for sure ;)
Not sure it if will be fun for you mid-month though....
cmaddison 5 years ago
Gonna be interesting...
CeciΙie 5 years ago
What ... the ... actual ... That's quite a large piece for IB. Going to be hard to throw out small in-between builds with this one.
W. Navarre 5 years ago
YES! It should have been true the first time, and now it is, this will be really interesting: both builders will have to try really hard!
Si-MOCs 5 years ago
Little early for April fools again, no? :p
Trick you once shame on you. Trick Simon twice and....well... that's funny!

No Really! I promise this is the part.
: )
svenfranic 5 years ago
hehe, what a sadistic choice of part. Let me fetch my popcorn.
Mark of Falworth 5 years ago
I'll believe it when I see it happen. Most IBs aren't announced mid-month. :P
VAkkron 5 years ago
Yeah, this is a surprising announcement, but not unwelcome. I agree that most of the creations will have to operate on a larger scale, just to make excuse for this seemingly inflexible part. I would be pleased to be proven wrong, though! Also, when is the end date for this comeptition? Still end of the month?
Legopard 5 years ago
The root for a good Iron Builder would be a new seed part.

The Root Kingdom by Legopard
pasukaru76 5 years ago
Certainly one of the most, um, "inspired" seed parts we've seen in the history of Iron Builder so far. :-)
Nannan Z. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Nannan Z. (admin) 5 years ago
I played no role in this round's part selection, please defer any death threats. That being said, this piece will really challenge the builders to work on a larger scale since it's tough to make small MOCs that incorporate the part. Good luck!
Guy Smiley :-) 5 years ago
I actually love this seed part, I like how it's it's challenging and weird, not just another part you'd use every day. This is going to make for one of the most interesting rounds in a while I think.
Nannan Z.:

Nannan, don't be so WIMPY....
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
I think this seed part will get me hospitalized. Luckily we have this free health care in Finland. We're short on mountains, though, despite what Guy said in the introduction.
Hospitalized by Eero Okkonen

I'm also a bit short of walls and floors for scenes like this as most of my soberly coloured basic bricks are currently serving greater good in a local museum exhibit. But that's north european socialism to you.
V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber Posted 5 years ago. Edited by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber (admin) 5 years ago
So good already! SO GOOD!

Good luck adventurers, DUPLO has never looked better than this.

Already I am blown away with the amazing and unexpected things you both have created.
vitreolum 5 years ago
Still waiting to hear the part's a joke. This will be epic if it works out.
Legopard 5 years ago
Better hold on for dear life!

Carpet Outta Control by Legopard
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
What about taking it easy and having a holiday on the peaceful Riverside Kingdom?
Riverside Kingdom by Eero Okkonen
Legopard 5 years ago
You’re relaxing? I’m already at level 2.

The Toy I Never Had by Legopard
onosendai2600 5 years ago
I remember when I was told this was going to be the part for the Mayos as an April's fools joke. Not sure what that says about the current state of the IB championship but I'm looking forward to see what comes out of this. If either of y'all are interested I did crank out a list of possible builds with the quickness and am not adverse to bribes. . .
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
Are you going to land a critical hit with that build? Do you feel lucky, punk?
My god prefers HC by Eero Okkonen

Do I hear an old Warrior rattling his sabre?
Legopard 5 years ago
Haha, funny! Your punk has salad on his head.

The Iron Burger* by Legopard
J.B.F 5 years ago
Good luck both of you! I am sure this is going to be an epic battle!!

PS: I miss IBs in some kind of a maso-way lol
Angeli ¥ 5 years ago
this is SO cool :)
great job so far, guys :D
Legopard 5 years ago
Have I turned you into a frog? Hope you're still building!

Black Witch by Legopard
pasukaru76 5 years ago
Witchcraft is what that part use is.
_TrapleS_ 5 years ago
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
Frog? I was on an adventure, if you know what the word means. Frogs are cool, though.
Very Old Friends by Eero Okkonen
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
Ey, Pard? Got eaten by something deadly, eh?
CMT-Rex by Eero Okkonen
Legopard 5 years ago
No at all. I just needed some space.
Better watch out your engines don't run out of fuel.

Octan Tanker Ship by Legopard
Legopard 5 years ago
Gentleman, you are missing the game.

Green Lounge by Legopard
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
No time for games, work to attend.
Arthur Weasley arrives to his workplace in Ministry of Magic via Floo Network by Eero Okkonen
Eero Okkonen Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Eero Okkonen (moderator) 5 years ago
Hey buddy, grasp yer brush and get on with it!
Go green! by Eero Okkonen

EDIT: Bloody hell, Sean and Steph did this on their April fools round! Should have done my background work... Shieet. No need to count this as a "official" entry, but I'll just leave it here anyway.
Legopard 5 years ago
The monster under your bed is coming for you!

The monster under your bed by Legopard

animated GIF
Gilcélio 5 years ago
Don't worry about that, that's could happen!! You two are doing an amazing job!!!
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
Something under the bed is drooling? Exit night, enter light!
Palutena by Eero Okkonen
Legopard 5 years ago
Burnt out yet?

Candle by Legopard
Only a few days left of this jaw-dropping round of Iron Builder!
Last day to build is April 7th.
Good Luck Jonas and Eero!
Eero Okkonen Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Eero Okkonen (moderator) 5 years ago
"Burnt out yet? Burnt out yet? Burnt out yet?"
Bird of Paradise by Eero Okkonen
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
Duck Hunt by Eero Okkonen
Legopard 5 years ago
This part is a sick joke.

When you find out your seed part is the Duplo grass by Legopard
Legopard 5 years ago
Hi-Ho lubber, I'm sailing away in my Duplo ship!

Pirate Ship by Legopard
Ian Spacek Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Ian Spacek (member) 5 years ago
It's been enjoyable watching a round with a bit less emphasis on quantity again. It's been a while. Well played guys. Quality work.
Guy Smiley :-) 5 years ago
One of the greatest rounds ever in my opinion, definetly one of the most interesting I've seen in a while. Is any one else thinking what I'm thinking? I think it's time for the duplo slide part to shine....{}
AK_Brickster 5 years ago
Guy Smiley :-):

That's just wrong. Seems to me you're advocating a slippery slope situation!
V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber Posted 5 years ago. Edited by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber (admin) 5 years ago
One of the more interesting rounds in Iron Builder history comes to an end!

It is in the hands of the judges now. Good luck to our Iron Builder and his challenger.
Let's see whose Bricks did the best Tricks ( hmm... need to work on that tag line...)

On a side note, Chairman Guy got to visit some our our Iron Builders in Bilund! I will share pictures with you all soon.

JUDGING TIME! This is going to be another tough one.

More Soon,

Chairman Guy
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
Thanks to Guy for chairmanning, Jonas for contestanting and everyone for support and feedback; waiting for the final judgement...

More images and background information are now online on Cyclopic Bricks:
V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber Posted 5 years ago. Edited by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber (admin) 5 years ago
Iron Builder new season 5 round 3 FINAL
The time of judgement has arrived!

Tasked with this Herculean task are some very talented and highly qualified folks.
The first to face the evil Green Grass of Doom were Team Mayo and Legohaulic so it seemed most appropriate that these two Iron Builder legends should all be a part of our council of judgehood. To round out our third judge's spot we see the return of one of my favorite judges from IBs past, Angus MacLane, Prince of Pixar and creator of many special bricky things. We have a towering power-house of talent and skilled eyeballs to judge this hard-to-call round of Iron Builder. I can think of no greater hands to trust with this challenging responsibility.

So....... let's see the results!


Judge #1 - Angus MacLane

Hey everybody, so unfortunately I’m in the middle of a dark age, but I’ve temporarily emerged to participate in this latest Iron Builder. I find these competitions humbling and awe-inspiring filled with masterpieces I could only dream of creating. This round was especially inspirational with its unusual seed piece and evenly-matched master builders. I’m in awe of the raw building talent, the ideas, and the green element collections of both Legopard and Pate-Keetongu, so let’s get down to business.

Building Skill
It is hard to decide on a decisive victor in this category. Both builders have a above-average LEGO building skill on display. I see a wide variety of subjects that showcase a deep knowledge of techniques, combined with bold experimentation.They both have submitted wonderful microscale landscapes, strong figurative work, and detailed dioramas. The simple elegance of Legopard’s burger is equal to Pate-Keetongu’s paintbrush. There is no clear winner in my book as the builds are clear and well constructed.

“Building Skill” Winner: TIE

MOC Presentation
Both builders did a professional job of presentation and photography. Again, it’s hard to pick a favorite between these two competitors. Pate-Keetongu did an inspired presentation of his paintbrush, but I have to give the slight edge to Legopard, for the use of deep-space elements in the few of the builds.

“MOC Presentation“ Winner: Legopard

Use of Seed Element
For me personally, a strong idea always beats a strong execution. Let’s review the ways that each competitor used the seed element:

Legopard turned the DUPLO grass into:
a miniature Smurf hut roof, a magic carpet, grass (out of focus), videogame cartridge slot, lettuce on a burger, a witch's face, microscale spaceship loading bay, curtains, chair upholstery, greenery in a painting, monster paws, monster mouth, vomit in mid-trajectory and tattered sails.

Pate-Keetongu turned turned the DUPLO grass into:
hospital equipment readout, grass riverbanks, dyed punk rock Mohawk, Hobbit roog, robot T-Rex, grass, wet paintbrush, hair, parrot feathers, NES Duck Hunt swamp grass

Both builders used the grass as grass. I think it’s interesting that both builders utilized the interior of the element for unique builds. Pate-Keetongu’s wet paintbrush? BRILLIANT. But then on the other hand Legopard has a lot of variety. A witch face, chair upholstery monster mouth? Awesome. So, for the sheer variety and general inspired weirdness, I have to give the win in this category to Legopard. From the keen observation of the vomit to the all-DUPLO ship incorporating the grass as tattered sails, Legopard pulls ahead in this category.

“Use of Seed Element” Winner: Legopard

I think this final category is where the separation between the two competitors lies. With the building skill and presentation being equal, I have to say it all comes down to the ideas. I’ve been asked to choose a winner, so I have to say Legopard gets the title. I like both of these builders and have been following their work for a while. Lurking on Flickr streams, I have quietly been inspired by BOTH of these masters and look forward to their work for years to come. Thanks for including me in this process.

Overall Winner: Legopard


Judge(s) #2A and 2B - Sean and Steph

Both of you guys crushed this awful piece! The numbers came out ridiculously close.

Legopard (Jonas Kramm):
Carpet Out of Control, Black witch, and Green room were the amazing highlights of your arsenal.

Building skill: Your building style is very mathematical. You are very aware of when snot pieces don't align and as a result you present great Mocs like Root Kingdom where parts line up impeccably. These are things judges look at. You had very few points where we spotted misconnected pieces showing a very professional level skill.
If there is one thing we'd suggest for improvement, it's choosing to do builds that can highlight your skill. You fluctuated between 18 and 20 on build skill in our scoring. It's not that any bit of your skill needs to improve, it's the choice to do Mocs which don't give as much opportunity to show your skill. But you capitalized on perfect presentation and parts usage on the few builds we thought didn't showcase your skill as well.
Presentation: Your presentation was flawless. We loved how you showed a range with brick built backgrounds, editing, or even choosing to sacrifice certain build parts by forcibly blurring them out of the focus for the benefit of the whole. (Carpet out of control)
Parts Usage: You utilized and combined multiple uses of the seed part into several builds, as well as coming up with uses no one would have ever gotten. The black witch is a perfect example of this.

Building Skill: 19
Presentation: 20
Parts Usage: 19.5
Total: 58.5

Palutena and Bird of Paradise were amazing. Definitely your best pieces. The subtle parts usage in the bird was brilliant. Usually a key piece that is so buried loses its impact, but in this case it was your best work.

Building Skill: You have a strong organic building ability which is complimented by accessories and pieces in the environment. Your best strength is your high consistency of building skill.
Presentation: Your greatest presentation strength is the positioning of your Mocs. You assemble them with artistic balance and position them with great camera angles and focus. If we could offer one note of encouragement for improvement, it would be for your presentation. The black poster board worked very well at a specific depth, like Palutena. But often in others the visible creases and blemishes in the sheet detracted from your art.
Parts Usage: You did a great job not only incorporating NPU for the seed part but also and importantly other pieces sprinkled throughout your Mocs as well. Things that stand out are bits like the subtle inclusion of the patients hand and finger monitor.

Pate-Keetongu (Eero Okkonen)
Building Skill: 19.5
Presentation: 19
Parts Usage: 19
Total: 57.5


Judge #3 - Tyler

Your use of the piece was outstanding. You used the piece in incredibly different ways. In each build, it looked like you selected the piece for the build, rather than building a model around the piece, which often happens in iron builder with such hard to use pieces as duplo grass. The presentation was also fantastic. My favorite builds were The Root Kingdom and the Carpet Outta Control. Really top notch work.

Skill 19/20
Presentation 19/20
Use 19/20
Total 57/60

Skill 19/20
Presentation 18/20
Use 17/20

Total 54/60

While you has one of the most creative uses of the piece for the EKG machine, you also used the grass piece as grass in three different builds. That said, the part was very appropriate for each of those builds. Your skill really showed in all of your builds. We often see builds that seem to get slapped together but all of your builds look like you spent the right amount of time to make them the best that they could be. I really loved the originality of the robot dinosaur though. One of my favorite builds from this round.


After a brutal fight and neck-to-neck race to the finish line our Iron Builder reigns supreme! Congratulations Legopard! You remain our Iron Builder Champion!

Wow...... that was a mad, crazy round of Iron Builder. Can I just say that having done a lot of rounds of Iron Builder this one has become one of my personal favorites. I purposely gave Jonas and Eero a part that would put them way out of their comfort zones and challenge them on every level of building. They both took up the challenge with the grace and fortitude of true artists of the brick and I am humbled by their creativity and building prowess. Gentlemen, thank you both for such an amazing round of Iron Builder. I am sure that DUPLO stock prices have tripled as a result of your eye-opening embrace of these often overlooked parts in everyone's brick collections.

Jonas, congratulations on the win! You have proven that the crown belongs on top of your head. Anyone foolish enough to challenge you better be ready for a serious battle. Well done.

Eero, I was thrilled to finally get you in the Coliseum and it was worth the wait. You are an amazing competitor and you have an invite back anytime you would like to draw your sword and battle it out in the Coliseum of Blood and Bricks.

Allez Brick,

Chairman Guy
Angeli ¥ 5 years ago
It was a hard decision, and I do not envy judges :)
This round was intense with so much great works!
This is like Olympics, just that you are part of it is the greatest honor :)

I hope we all had great fun, builders, spectators, judges :)
David Rajcok 5 years ago
Incredible job to both of you, and congratulations Jonas on the win!
pasukaru76 5 years ago
Nicely done to both contestants, and congrats to Jonas!
Tim Schwalfenberg 5 years ago
Fantastic work to both builders, and congrats Jonas! The seed piece, while I'm sure it was frustrating at times, led to some inspired builds on both sides.
-LittleJohn 5 years ago
Wonderful builds from both of you this round, it was a lot of fun to watch. Congratulations to Jonas on the win!
Eero Okkonen 5 years ago
What a contest, and what a month! Congratulations to Jonas for victory, and apologies for being here such late - month after the contest has been very hectic too, with May Day and everything, but now I'm quite free.

I must say that my reaction was something like "Hell's bells!" when I saw who I was against. Jonas is a very skilled builder and light years ahead of me in terms of presentation. It was joy (though joy mixed with terror, of course) to follow his work in the contest.

Also thanks to judges for feedback. Much appreciated.

But anyway: I WILL RETURN. No idea when, but there is no other way!
Congratulations Jonas! Both builders did an amazing job!
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