V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 7:49pm, 28 February 2015
6kyubi6 vs letranger

A pitchfork?

Really? Who would even imagine such a part?!

I'll tell ya who! That SCAMP, Sir Nadroj, that's who!

Last year I asked for some part suggestions from various builders and past contestants and got all kinds of great suggestions both awesome and "wha"? As cruel as the Chairmen can be, they can't hold a candle to some of the evil suggestions made by this crazy crew. When Jordan first suggested the pitchfork it took me a few moments to absorb it all in and then I realized the fork is a VERY Iron Builder type of ingredient. One of those often overlooked parts that has all kinds of fantastic potential when placed in the hands of some talented and creative AFOLs.

Iron Builder is an International Competition and this month's match is no exception!

From the land of the Franks we have 6kyubi6, IB magician and slayer of the mighty Onosendai to take the title of Iron Builder! This prolific AFOL has become a frequent featured builder at the Brothers Brick Blog, has been featured in Beautiful LEGO 2, has Dueled Pirates AND is a regular competitor in all of the most challenging building contests around the web. His themes range stretch everywhere from Chibis to SPACE and everything in-between. He is ready to take up a sharpened baguette and defend his title from anyone foolhardy enough to try and take his throne.

Our Iron Builder's challenger hails from the land of Vlad the Impaler, Romania! Ladies and Gents, let me introduce Letranger Absurde (vitreolum).

What can I tell you about our challenger? As a member of RoLug he has racked up an impressive collection of recent accolades such as 1st place in the Brothers Brick Chibi vehicle contest with his awesome Chibi Serenity and and a 2nd place victory in the Iron Builder Mixels D&D contest. Take a peek at his photostream and you will lose track of how many of his images have hit the 99+ favs mark! He has the kind of "special something" that we love to see on Iron Builder with wonderful MOCs that range across multiple scales, themes and bits o clever ...

(An interesting bit of Iron Builder history, our first Iron Builder Hall of Famer, OLOG ( Adrian Florea ) also hails from the land of vampires. The pride of Romania is on the line.)

Our Secret Ingredient Pitchfork is pointing at you as if to say "what are you going to do with me"? Our gladiators have four weeks to show us the best they have to offer. Grab the cows, grab the hay and make ready the barnyards!

Allez Brick!

Chairmen Nannan and Guy
SonixLego 3 years ago
Can't wait!
vitreolum 3 years ago
Oh man, I still think this is nuts. I remember the first time I stumbled upon IB less than an year ago and marveled at what those gods of the brick were doing here... not in a million years did I imagine myself among them. And yet here I am. So let's get it on.

Good luck Jimmy! (not that you need it :) )

Time to draw first blood ... with a pitchfork, ugh.

Dead Mountaineer's Inn by vitreolum
Tate Whitesell 3 years ago
Looks like a great contest! I'm sure I'll be blogging many of these entries on Brickology...
Ian Spacek 3 years ago
This seed part gets me so hyped! Can't wait to watch this round pan out.
W. Navarre 3 years ago
This is sure to be awesome!
Dubbadgrim 3 years ago
W. Navarre:

Agreed! A hard part to use though, imo.
J.B.F 3 years ago
Hello all, glad to be back in the arena!
It's such an honor to have vitreolum: as an opponent. He is so damn good that I'll have to give it all to defend my tittle.

"I'm ready to defend my IB kingdom, cannons are all fired up, camps full of warriors were built on the outpost.
I'll give it all to defend my title!!!"

Iron Builder De-fence Castle by J.B.F

I started this build yesterday but I had to take care of something so I only finished it today.
So sorry for coming a bit late and sorry I also had the fence idea :S
vitreolum 3 years ago
Crush the puny little cannons!

Ork Ravager by vitreolum
J.B.F 3 years ago
I ain't scare of nothing!
Scarecrow by J.B.F
Pistash 3 years ago
That will be a very interesting round... the use of NPU is a science for both of them :)
vitreolum 3 years ago
Such a desolate landscape, I just had to bring some flowers.

Steampunk AT-RT by vitreolum

And some bonus silliness:

Baby Groot by vitreolum
J.B.F 3 years ago
No need for flowers, I'm bringing my hunting gear cause it's "huntin' season" pal!!!

The Hunter's cabin by J.B.F
David FNJ 3 years ago
Already there are some amazing builds being posted! This is going to be awesome :D
vitreolum 3 years ago
Who's hunting who?

When Animal Mimicry Breaks Down by vitreolum
bricktasticblog PRO 3 years ago
A pitchfork! This is going to be good...
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago
Some really sharp builds for such a challenging piece! Well done guys! :D
J.B.F Posted 3 years ago. Edited by J.B.F (moderator) 3 years ago
Mark of Falworth:Challenging piece indeed my friend :S

I don't know who's hunting who but I know that someone had a nice meal with his catch of the day :D

Me want more! by J.B.F
J.B.F 3 years ago
Man that piece is giving me such a hard time, my sketch book is getting all worked up!

IB Sketch Book by J.B.F
vitreolum Posted 3 years ago. Edited by vitreolum (moderator) 3 years ago
You think you're the one having a hard time, playing with books?

Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory. by vitreolum
Pistash 3 years ago
Great entries !!

My friend Kyubi send me a little challenge during his Iron builder against the talented Vitrolum, he integrate the catapult (my DOP mystery part) in his Hunter's cabin so I have to integrate the "pithfork" in one of mine... I'm not as good as this both MOC's killers, but I was happy to accept this challenge :)

So here's my made in speed MOC for this little challenge. I hope it will not kill one of the great idea you were working on...


Feel free to delete if you find this little incursion trolling this great fight :)
J.B.F 3 years ago
I got eyes on you mister and that owl sees everything!! muah ah ah ah ah!! :)

The Duke of Owl by J.B.F

TROLL! That's OK, you clearly qualified your dragon and its cool to see work inspired by the contest ( plus it is bad luck to mess with a dragon.... )
vitreolum 3 years ago
Too bad it doesn't see ahead of it's time.

Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop by vitreolum
J.B.F 3 years ago
Ahead or not, accidents happens and you never see them coming :)

Sled Race 2000 by J.B.F
vitreolum 3 years ago
vitreolum 3 years ago
Feel the terror, mwhahaha.

Cthulhu Fhtagn by vitreolum
J.B.F 3 years ago
Dude! That mammoth needs some real trimming!! lol

Steam Trimmer by J.B.F
totallyawesome_me 3 years ago
This is going to be awesome
vitreolum Posted 3 years ago. Edited by vitreolum (moderator) 3 years ago
You're gonna have to trap him first!

Bummer! by vitreolum
SpearralSquid 3 years ago
"It's a trap!"

Sorry, I could not resist.
J.B.F 3 years ago
I got the best tool to do so, that Mammoth ain't got a chance with that SUV my friend :) and no trap can stop it!!!

Zombi Ready SUV by J.B.F
Almost half-way done with the battle and our warriors have already created an amazing 20 MOCs with the secret ingredient that will forever be known as the "Bitch-fork"

You have impressed us all with your mad-building skillz, but who shall reign supreme?
vitreolum 3 years ago
Time to bring in the tire popper!

Hedgehog by vitreolum

And heroes of old if that's not enough.

Achilles vs Hector by vitreolum
J.B.F 3 years ago
Well look who's driving my SUV! None of those spiky stuff will work with someone that crazy behind the wheel! :P

Travis finger headshot by J.B.F
J.B.F 3 years ago
Just a little BONUS build for fun :D
Need glasses??? :P

Nerdly goes to the Nerd-ptician by J.B.F
vitreolum 3 years ago
I'll just add more spiky stuff into the mix then.

Wolverine by vitreolum
J.B.F 3 years ago
Too much pressure!! Time to let some steam out!

Steam Plow by J.B.F
vitreolum Posted 3 years ago. Edited by vitreolum (moderator) 3 years ago
I'm all for blowing off some steam. :)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by vitreolum
J.B.F 3 years ago
Be carefull, I might blow something else :D

ZIP IT!! by J.B.F
J.B.F 3 years ago
Getting ready to attack your castle!

Dwarfs Wars by J.B.F
LukeClarenceVan 3 years ago
So that's how you plan to bribe the judges...
vitreolum Posted 3 years ago. Edited by vitreolum (moderator) 3 years ago
Not sure what you're planning to do with those oversized slingshots... against a TANK!

Fvork U1821 by vitreolum
J.B.F Posted 3 years ago. Edited by J.B.F (moderator) 3 years ago
Small things can be really nasty!! Little BONUS build for fun :)

Beware of dog by J.B.F
J.B.F 3 years ago
Your tank might end up like this bunker :P

German Bunker by J.B.F
Only a week left!

Who will win battle bitch-fork?

Allez Brick!
J.B.F 3 years ago
I think we both need some vacation :)

Island shack by J.B.F
vitreolum 3 years ago
Couldn't agree more. :)

Oasis Camp by vitreolum
J.B.F 3 years ago
Don't get hyptnotized, you never know what that puppet is capable of !!! :P

Look into my puppet! by J.B.F
vitreolum 3 years ago
*Menacingly blowing some flour in those eyes"

Blutbaden Mill by vitreolum
J.B.F 3 years ago
A casualty of this IB war:

Broken Bass by J.B.F
vitreolum 3 years ago
Too wasted even to smack right now. Not that it's necessary since you've already smacked your bass already.

Monkey Island 2 - Largo Embargo by vitreolum
A Plastic Infinity 3 years ago
*sitting at computer screen speechless*
J.B.F Posted 3 years ago. Edited by J.B.F (moderator) 3 years ago
Here is my "Final Touch"
It's a short FILM so go check it out ;)

The Final Touch by J.B.F
I return from a weekend of dancing with robots and medieval mice at Emerald City ComicCon to again be filled with wonder and admiration at the Herculean creativity of our two competitors. They have taken up their Pitchforks and farmed MOCs for a long month of Iron Building and Brick Battling. We, your humble audience, salute your talents and leet skillz!

But now the time of judgement approaches....

Last chance to post Builds is today, Sunday, Midnight Pacific Coast Time.

Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

Who will the brick Gods favor?

Will our talented champion retain his title or will our challenger snatch the crown from his head?

It is now in the judge's hands!

Allez Brick amigos!

Chairman Guy
vitreolum 3 years ago
Gonna sink ya'!

Ancient Greek Ship by vitreolum
Judges have voted!

Results will post tomorrow
: )
V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber Posted 3 years ago. Edited by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber (admin) 3 years ago
6kyubi6 vs lestranger FINAL

Our special judges for this round ARE:

Judge #1 - Sir Nadroj! ( aka Jordan )
One of my favorite builders and the man to blame (blame?) for this month's Secret Ingredient, the PitchFork!

Judge #2 Paul Hetherington!
ANOTHER one of my favorite builders and maker of many mechanical marvels and Mousy things

Judge #3 Alice Finch!
Another, ANOTHER one of my favorite builders and Mother of Mouse Guardians AND the generous supplier of the Pitchforks of dread. Thanks for providing our Secret Ingredient this round.


To preface my scoring, I will say life has been keeping me sufficiently busy these days—and therefore away from LEGO—so I’m very happy to be able to sit down and browse some terrific models! I was not familiar with either competitor believe it or not, so I’m very excited to have been introduced to their work (both the Iron Builder entries and the rest of their photostreams). Competitors, your work is extremely impressive! You’ve both done a fine job this round; when Guy asked me to suggest some parts for the competition, the pitchfork was one of the first to come to mind since I love weird elements like it (especially minifigure utensils). Considering just how weird a piece like it is, you can color me impressed by your entries! Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of the scoring.

Skill – 19/20
You are obviously a very talented builder and I was very happy to see the sheer variety of subject matter. I’m especially happy to see some of my favorite types of models among your entries – animals (like your wooly mammoth and the deer) and characters (like Wolverine.) Really cool! These are not easy subjects to build, I know. But you did a great job with them!

Presentation – 15/20
Nice quality pictures! There was nothing really flashy about them though (no pun intended). I mean, you take better pictures than I do so I’m not really in a place to judge, but it could’ve been nice to see a background or something added to a few.

Use of Mystery Part – 17/20
In general, your use of the part was very good! It was a really hard one to work with, which is why I suggested it. I especially liked your little Groot and the microscale fence you built in your first entry. I think in some of the models, however, the pitchforks felt a little on the superfluous side, like the models could’ve looked just as good without them. That’s why I’m giving 17 of 20, but that’s keeping in mind all of the models were excellent.

Skill – 20/20
Again, you are extremely talented and I cannot believe I wasn’t already following you (and Vitreolum) on flickr already! The same I said for Vitreolum goes for you: great variety, and I again was excited to see some faces in there too (“Travis finger headshot” is quite incredible, building realistic faces is one of the hardest things to do with LEGO I think.)

Presentation – 18/20
You took a “flashier” route than your opponent, which I liked; the backgrounds, like in the owl and scarecrow models, were nice additions, so you get 18 points from me there!

Use of Mystery Part – 17/20
You tie your opponent on this one! Again, this was a really tricky part to work with, yet you did some terrific things with it! Hair, feathers, steampunk plow…you’ve got a good variety of uses going, as did Vitreolum. I did feel, again, that some of the models would’ve looked just as nice without them, which is why I’m not awarding the full 20 points. However, I’m not sure it’s possible to get a full 20 points when working with a pitchfork!



Well let me pitch it to you this way. The mighty pitchfork has been a symbol of hard labour and tool of necessity for the past 1,500 years. Only two builders as talented as 6kyubi6 and
Vitreolum could inspire us and bring the pitchfork into relevance in this computer age. From Travis Brickle and German WW2 bunkers, to Wolverine and a Baby Groot, the LEGO pitchfork can now be seen as an inspired parts choice. Well done 6kyubi6 and Vitreolum!

Both builders here are obviously very skilled and both equally capable of winning the Iron Builder title. The real challenge was the seed part and making a brown pole with three prongs tell a story. Not an easy feat. Especially considering more than half the part looks identical to about 10 other Lego elements. Reviewing the entries, both builders started out fairly cautiously with some of the more obvious uses of a pitchfork. Especially with 6kyubi6 taking the fork park quite literally in "Me want more!" Though the hair was a very nice touch. For Vitreolum I'm going to say that the Wooly Mammoth, while a really wonderful build just didn't feature enough pitchfork. Also Vitreolum's Baby Groot could have been much more than a "bonus" build had it been showcased in a brick built environment.

There were several builds that really stood out for me. For 6kyubi6 I enjoyed your "Hunter's cabin" The scene has several great uses of the pitchfork and is well put together with lots of great details and textures. "Travis finger headshot" is pretty epic and makes me think of the Hanoi Rocks song "Taxi Driver". The mowhawk is awesome and a perfect use of the pitchfork. Also inspired is the "German Bunker". Just a fabulous use of the part! I want to mention your "Fender Broken Bass" and "Zip-it" as fantastic parts useage as well. Finally putting lots of pitchfork action into the "Island Shack" scene worked very well.

Vitreolum had lots of great builds that caught my eye. The stand outs for me are "Wolverine". Just a super bust and set off nicely with the pitchfork "stuble". I liked the shelf in "Leonardo's Workshop" and the "Hedgehog" was an inspired idea. My favorite use of the part was the treads on your "Fvork V1821" Absolutely fabulous! I'm going to say that many of your builds were extremely well put together but just needed a little more integrated focus on the Bitchfork.

Building skill 18/20
Presentation 18/20
Use of mystery part 15/20

Total 51/60

Building skill 18/20
Presentation 17/20
Use of mystery part 17/20

Total 52/60
In closing I thought it was a very close competition with both builders providing some excellent builds that will stand alone long after this Iron Build is done. My scores are a bit lower mainly due to the epic battles that we have witnessed in recent Iron Builder history. The bar is so ridiculously high now. Just to accept the challenge of the Iron Builder arena makes you both winners!!



Looking through the builds for this challenge is confirmation that this is
the most creative and inspiring hobby I know of. Taking something like the
humble pitchfork, seemingly doomed to a life of tossing hay bricks, to
unprecedented new heights, is not only challenging, but has resulted in an
incredibly wide range of builds. From eyelashes to window muntins, tire
treads to rug fringe, and ear tufts to mutton chops, you both have managed
to use the pitchfork- and other parts- in impressively creative and complex

. I am thoroughly impressed with your facility in building models
inspired from an enormous span of time, from the Pleistocene to ancient
Greece, Leonardo da Vinci to Wolverine. Leonardo's study and the Mill are
both excellent vignettes where the scene is detailed, right out to the edge.
The scene of 'Who is hunting who' is also well done- the posture of the
hunter is exceedingly clever (and reminds me of the cartoons by Dave Barry.)
Other favorites include the spot on portrait of Wolverine and characters
from Monkey Island. The tank treads and Fortune and Glory builds both did a
great job of making the key part the prime focus of the build. And then
there is the hedgehog!!
. Some of the build ideas are good, but don't work out to feature the
part as well as it might have. I loved the wooly mammoth and Achilles scenes
but the key part could have played a more central role in the build.
. Your bases started off well with the micro scale farm, but tended be
a bit simple. Understandably, you were focusing on the parts usage, but
this might have been one area where a bit more detail, like the flowers
around the feet of your steampunk chicken walker, could have spruced up more
plain bases, like that of the cannon crusher.
. Although in some builds, such as the hunter, you brick built a
colored backdrop, the models are all photographed on a whitish background.
Editing the background and adding in either a colored background or scenery
could also enhance the presentation of otherwise outstanding models.
. Building skill: 16/20
Presentation: 14/20
Use of mystery part: 15/20
Total: 45/60

. A stunning variety of topics are tackled with equal measures of
dexterity and creativity. I realized, more than once, that the pitchfork was
used in multiple clever ways within a single build, some of which were so
perfect that it was not immediately obvious that it was indeed the key part
being used- again. The Hunter's cabin and Island shack are perfect examples
of this.
. Many of the models were finished with little details, such as the
nano cannons and mountains behind the micro castle, the skid tracks of the
zombie SUV, the pink eraser dust, and the attendant for the steam plow,
which really contributed to an overall polished build. The owl, for example,
not only has very clever pitchfork ear tufts, but is complemented by
brilliantly veined leaves and foliage background.
. For a few of the builds, I did wish that there were minifigs
included in the scene. I do see in your note that you were going for an
authentic feel for the German bunker, but the verge felt a bit empty and
there is enough room for a curious tourist or even a bomb crater.
. Simplicity was also use to different effect. I though the zipper
build was simple to great effect, but less so for the notebook and pencil
build, where a bit more background could have made it not quite so simple.
The spiral is fabulous, but it could have been enhanced by blotter paper or
desk surface underneath.
. Beware of the Dog is simply hilarious, and even though the pitchfork
isn't central to the scene, it is such a well presented vignette that it
somewhat compensates for the lesser role of the key part.
. The two portraits, although some might consider them too similar,
are different enough in construction and use of the key part that they count
in my book as two distinct builds.
. The presentation of the models, from the decorative plinths, to the
steam punk frame, to use of background textures, was well used to highlight
the models themselves. An assortment of angles are also used- straight on,
slightly from above, close up, centered, and off set, which helps contribute
to a sense of variety.
. Building skill: 18/20
Presentation: 19/20
Use of mystery part: 19/20
Total: 56/60

Congratulations to both of you on a successfully completed challenge. You
both are incredibly skilled builders with a deep knowledge of things
historical and humorous, as well as a knack for interesting parts usage.
This was a well matched challenge and I look forward to seeing what you
build in the future.
Alice Finch


A sweeping victory for our IRON BUILDER! He retains the precious crown of Victory!
Pull off your shirt, swing it over your head and yell "GOOOOOAL!!!"

A big thank-you to both of our competitors for their amazing MOCs!

You have entertained us and impressed us with your talents


Chairman Guy
A Plastic Infinity 3 years ago
Congratulations to both contestants.
This was an extremely impressive round, although nobody will ever want to use a pitchfork again. :D
Karf Oohlu PRO 3 years ago
Twas a magic round guys : >
Pistash 3 years ago
Congratulations 6kyubi6 !!

Vitreolum you did a nice job too !!

This was a pleasure to follow your round, I will keep in mind some of your incredible MOC's !!
vitreolum 3 years ago
Congratulations Jimmy, a well deserved win!
SpearralSquid 3 years ago
Congrats Kyubi! Really great round, especially with which a hard part to work with.
noelpeterson11 3 years ago
Wow! Congrats!
Mark of Falworth PRO 3 years ago
Congrats man! Great round you two! Such a challenging piece and so many great entries! :)
W. Navarre 3 years ago
No one can win both the MA and an IB round :P, but you still you did a great job! Also congrats to kyubi of course, you sure had some awesome builds!
vitreolum 3 years ago
W. Navarre:

Survival of your sanity after a month like this is enough of a challenge as it is, let alone winning both. :) I'm not looking forward to doing it again anytime soon; nor am I saying I won't haha.

There were quite a few builds I've made for MA and entered here that could have well gone without the pitchfork. The only one that really worked flawlessly was the davinci one.

Besides, I'm not seeing Jimmy losing the title anytime soon; diversity and crazy part use are a must for this and he's a master on both fronts.
J.B.F 3 years ago
Wow what a crazy round!! That bitchfork is gonna hunt me for a while :S
Andrei is such an amazing builder, his creativity and detail work are astoning so winning this fight is a great honor.
Big Up to Andrei for a great round!
Thanks to Guy and his wonderful ways of presenting the rounds :D
Cheers everyone for the support ;)
Ian Spacek Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Ian Spacek (member) 3 years ago
It's a toss up in my mind. You're both worthy. But congratulations Jimmy! I'm always entertained and impressed by your builds. And hats off to you Vitreolm for simultaneously winning top player in the MA. It was like watching Simon vs. Andrew (2 years ago) again. You and Simon should start a club. You've run the same MA + IB race.
A Plastic Infinity Posted 3 years ago. Edited by A Plastic Infinity (member) 3 years ago
Man, it's been two years? Time flies...
bricktasticblog PRO 3 years ago
What a battle to watch! So great. Congrats to you both!
Si-MOCs PRO 3 years ago
Another fantastic round ... ilke always, it's the people who got to watch the blood spilt on the battle ground and splattered in the splash zones that are the true winners....

Ian Spacek:

You forget the first loser: Tyler also failed at the illusive IB-MA crown.
Groups Beta