2012LaVon 4:32pm, 1 January 2018
Happy 2018 to everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and have resolved to have more fun and be even more creative this year. That is definitely one of my goals.
To get the new year off to a good start let's do another "Anything Goes" theme.

The prize to the winner, by random draw, for this month's challenge is a $25 gift certificate to Simon Says Stamp.
Rules:You can choose to make any papercraft / altered art creation you like. You may enter a maximum of 2 times as long as it fits in with the theme and is a new creation that you have created yourself. You will have until the 31st of January to post your entry. The challenge will close at 12 midnight Chicago time.
1. Add this tag to your entry lovechallenge#25 all one word.
2. Post to our groups photo pool.
3. Share it here in the discussion thread.
Sharing to here can be done by copying your photo's https address from your Flickr photo stream and pasting it between two brackets. [https address]

If you are super creative and have more than two projects please do share them with us in the regular photo stream. However, because we are still growing we are going to limit the challenge chances to two for now. I will do everything I can to spread the word. I hope you will do the same so that we can grow and make our challenges more fun.

For anyone interested I thought we could try an ATC exchange or Valentine Card exchange for the month of February. Details soon.
clmlcc (Cindy C.) 1 year ago
Happy New Year to all here in the Love! group!! Thanks for another fun challenge LaVon!!
clmlcc (Cindy C.) 1 year ago
Here's my entry:
a2z 2018jan01 New by clmlcc (Cindy C.)
ilovestamping 1 year ago
Happy New Year, everyone!!

Here are my cards:
Work Your Stash Wednesday by ilovestamping

Time to Celebrate by ilovestamping
Lawn Fawn Food by the little mennonite
Happy 2018 to everyone! Here's my first entry
Hugs by gg nurse (Greta)
High Hopes Stamps by the little mennonite
sally_sherfield 1 year ago
Happy New Year ladies.
Here is my first card for this month
Hearts and Kraft by sally_sherfield
bettijo (Betty) 1 year ago
Happy New Year, LaVon - here's my card!
snowflake by bettijo (Betty)
sally_sherfield 1 year ago
Here is card no 2 for this months challenge
Spring Birthday by sally_sherfield
Essie Cards 1 year ago
Happy 2018 LaVon and friends, I'm back after an absence and happy to see familiar names and gorgeous cards!! I've changed my Flickr name from es2421 to Essie Cards (matches my new website), but I'm still a made card makers. Here's my first card for this month challenge:
Essie Cards by Essie Cards

Have you tried gilding flakes? This is my first attempt and it is MESSY (but so much fun!)

Hope you are all very well, warm, healthy and happy,
2012LaVon 1 year ago
Essie Cards:

Absolutely gorgeous, Essie! I have used gilding flakes in a very limited way and not in sometime. Thanks for the inspiration. It is nice to be reminded of things in the stash that I haven't pulled out for awhile especially when the results are as wonderful as this!
Carol'sCreations 1 year ago
So many beautiful cards already! Here's my first:
Every Happy Thing by Carol'sCreations
Essie Cards 1 year ago
2012LaVon: Thanks LaVon! I'm trying to stretch myself a little these days and these flakes really give me a way to do that!
Essie Cards 1 year ago
SSS and Gilding flakes by Essie Cards
Entry #2...more gilding. I like this one even more than the first one. Which is good, because my "craft lair" is now liberally sprinkled with tiny glitzy are my slippers, my hair, my daughter, the cat...anyway, you get the picture. :)
A Valentine for my second card
Watercolored Valentine by gg nurse (Greta)
Kanan0815 1 year ago
Hello LaVon!! Here's my card. Thanks for the fun challenge. :-)

Hello Sunshine!!
Here's one from me.
My Brothers Birthday Card by kcscrpbkr (Karen L K)
Carol'sCreations 1 year ago
Second card here. :)
Dearest Peony by Carol'sCreations
bettijo (Betty) 1 year ago
here's my second card
Floral Fantasy by bettijo (Betty)
And the other one.
Hello Dragonfly Mice by kcscrpbkr (Karen L K)
My mojo is coming back! Here's my entry. An altered playing card Valentine:
ValentineAlteredPlayingCardFront by scrapperjean (Debbie)
Maria Helena Lama 1 year ago
Here is my entry for this month. Happy New Year everyone!!
Maria Helena by Maria Helena Lama
The month of January has slipped by so quickly that I almost didn't post my card photos. Happy New Year to everyone. LaVon, thank you for having the challenge again this year. You are so kind and generous. <3
Here's my first card:
Happy Birthday Snowflake by Coffin Cards & Creations
clmlcc (Cindy C.):
Smart and pretty!

These are my favorite colors together.
Essie Cards:

Wow, your card turned out looking fabulous!

so soft and beautiful
bettijo (Betty):

Great texture on this one and I love the colors.
kcscrpbkr (Karen L K):

These little critters are always a favorite!
Here's my second card.
A Happy Valentine by Coffin Cards & Creations
Robin4K Posted 1 year ago. Edited by Robin4K (member) 1 year ago
Here is my card for this challenge. It is good to have some time to being doing challenges again.
Love You by Robin4K
So many lovely cards!
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