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What are the advantages of a life insurance policy for life? Do they exist? We often hear that they are the worst financial products. What about the opposite? If you want to know?

I would say that most of the people out there know what a small life insurance, not to mention the benefits of life insurance. (The employees at the administrative offices of the insurance companies offer insurance advice to small!) Well, we are not insurance agents, but we learned a lot about them in recent years.So why do we like this product? This is because the benefits of life insurance for life.

Commonwealth Life The Living Benefits
When people think about life insurance benefits, they tend to focus only on death. Now, with term life insurance, which is the only one offered. But with life insurance, the benefits of living there. There are benefits of life insurance available when they were alive.

Infinite Banking Concept

Infinite Banking Concept

See our concept of Infinite Banking 3-part series:

First, figure out the answer to the question "How do banks make money?". Next find the concept of Infinite Banking. Finally, you will learn how banks can accelerate your wealth is limited.

Of all the proposals for life insurance, this is probably the best known. It is our personal strategies to the question: "How do banks make money?"

This is the strategy we have in place. What strategies need to finance the banking system in personal life insurance is limited. So, instead of a bank to finance the purchase, you take a policy loan. What this means is that it is taking control of your debts and continue to earn interest on the cost of money in politics.

It allows interest to be paid to the financial institution reconquest. If you use this strategy, you should be aware of all the wealth that paid to other banks.

Costs of premiums guaranteed

The main advantages of life insurance that do not increase the cost of the premiums of the policy. This is important so that we can repeat.

The cost of the premiums that do not increase in the policy.

The reason this is important because the duration of the contract, the price is. Themselves from time to time This is due to variations in health and age. As you get older, is to increase your chances of dying. Such as insurance to take the risk, increase the cost of premiums.

With Commonwealth Life insurance, the cost of premiums will remain the same during the policy applies. Even if you are seriously ill, the cost will never change. It 'guaranteed.

Bonus benefits of whole life insurance: as the years go by, the policy becomes reality less. What is one of the factors to raise the money? Inflation. Over time, you pay a premium to the dollar is rising, the premiums are cheaper means. Cost of money to work for you.

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