energetic story [deleted] 1:02pm, 2 March 2014
Hi Ladies! Is it spring yet? Although I love love winter, we've had some pretty harsh temps here in the Midwest. I'm longing for the beautiful, happy mornings on my porch where I sit with a cup of coffee and listen to beautiful birds sing.

This month, I would love to work on a quilt I'll send to a friend who is going through some things right now- and I wish I was closer to bring her comfort. You and I both know the power of a gifted personal quilt. :) My hope is to cheer her up with darting birds.
Color Scheme
The word darting is kind of harsh, but I love the clean lines and simplicity of the block. I've chosen a color pallete- but basically think deep violets/orchids, aquas/turquoises, chartreuses/emeralds/greens... Scrappy and saturated!! Backgrounds are white and low volume (grey/white prints, not low volume color.) This will be a long post, but I couldn't find a tutorial out there on the blocks. These blocks work out to be 6 1/2" squares. Would you mind making me 8 which would equal two 12 1/2" blocks? I hope you enjoy putting these together! *Once you have all your pieces cut, assembly for all 8 should take you about an hour.
Scrappy Darting Birds
Start with your pieces. For one 6 1/2" block, you'll need the following:
1x 2 1/2" color square
4x 2 7/8" colored squares
1x 4 7/8" colored square (cut in half)
5x 2 7/8" background squares (one of those cut in half)
1x 2 1/2" background square
Darting Bird Block
I assembled the 2 7/8" squares as HSTs. Don't forget to trim them down to a proper 2 1/2" square.
Darting Bird Block
Once you have your finished HSTs and all your other pieces ready...
Darting Bird Block
Starting assembly with the head piece (colored 2 1/2" square with the two 2 7/8" half squares.
Darting Bird Block
Assemble all pieces and you've got yourself a darting bird!
Darting Bird Block

If you have any questions, let me know but you know you're awesome and probably didn't need any direction. :) Thanks, ladies, so very much for your time and talent this month. I hope you all have a great one and I can't wait to see what you make!


Kelli W
Mama Love Quilts
blueberry patch cathy
fishcreekstudio 5 years ago
Love your colors! I have not seen this block before, I think it will make a fab quilt for your friend! Off to see what I have in my stash :) And thanks for the tutorial!
Kelli W 5 years ago
Oh Whitney, I love both the block choice and the colors! You are so kind to want to share your quilts with others. Can't wait to get started on these!
HoosierToni 5 years ago
I love, love this, Whitney! This is going to be a gorgeous quilt and I'm sure your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness. We're iced in here today so sounds like a great day to sew!
aquilterstable PRO 5 years ago
I'm excited to do these too! Very pretty palette!
Watch Meesh Run 5 years ago
I think I was stalking you earlier and had an inkling of your colors - which are gorgeous!! ;) Can't wait to get to work on these pretty little blocks!! And you are so sweet to make this for your friend, I am sure she will adore it for years to come.
Looking forward to working on these for you!
blueberry patch cathy 5 years ago
Kelli W 5 years ago
Mine are done! Will post a pic this afternoon. I can't wait to see this quilt put together!
HoosierToni 5 years ago
Mailed my blocks this morning! I also made too many HSTs so I sent those, too, in case you can use them in more blocks. I think you are going to have a stunning quilt!
energetic story [deleted] 5 years ago
Thank you, Toni!!!
mihertz 5 years ago
I'll be making these this weekend!
energetic story [deleted] 5 years ago
Thank you Marla! And THANK YOU Toni- your blocks arrived and they are awesome!
energetic story [deleted] 5 years ago
Kelli! Blocks arrived! Thank you thank you! Been thinking of you today. Hope surgery went well. XO
aquilterstable PRO 5 years ago
I'm mailing your blocks today!
Kelli W 5 years ago
whitney--thanks!! slowly but surely I'll get better. :)
blueberry patch cathy 4 years ago
Hi Whitney, Mailed your blocks on Saturday last.
blueberry patch cathy 4 years ago
And this is what happens when you make blocks at a sew in! There are 2 of the blue ones that have a square reversed. I will pop two more in the mail this week. So sorry.
energetic story [deleted] 4 years ago
Oh sweet Cathy- don't worry about it! I'll fix them and everything will be great. The blocks look awesome! Thank you! Please don't worry about those two birdies... :)
kldemare 4 years ago
Mailed mine yesterday!
energetic story [deleted] 4 years ago
I received your beautiful blocks this weekend, Nicole! Thank you so so much!!
mihertz 4 years ago
I finished mine over the weekend and will take pics and send them out this week.
energetic story [deleted] 4 years ago
Katie and Cathy- your blocks arrived! Thank you!!!!!
Watch Meesh Run 4 years ago
Hey Whitney, I am planning a sew day tomorrow with my mom and will finish your blocks then! My machine is BURIED right now under so much baby stuff. Sorry for the delay!
energetic story [deleted] 4 years ago
No worries Meesh! I understand! Thank you so much!!
energetic story [deleted] 4 years ago
Debbie! Your blocks ARE here! I honestly don't know what happened and why I didn't see them when they arrived- I just found them snug under a stack of papers on my desk. I feel so silly! Thank you, lovely person, you. They are beautiful and I very much appreciate them!
aquilterstable PRO 4 years ago
mihertz 4 years ago
I'm sending mine out today (probably). I hate going to the post office...
PS. While addressing the envelope I noticed you live in MO. I am moving to St. Louis this summer are you near?
mihertz 4 years ago
Or not. Stupid post office by me is closed. I'll send it out Monday.
energetic story [deleted] 4 years ago
Blocks arrived, Ginny! They are wonderful. Thank you!
fishcreekstudio 4 years ago
So glad they made it safe and sound! You are so very Welcome!
energetic story [deleted] 4 years ago
miherts: blocks arrived. Thank you! They are wonderful and the note is so sweet.
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