the wee pixie 10:06am, 24 September 2012
The next step is now on the blog
Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with, or explain more clearly. The instructions passed the husband test, but you never know! 5 years ago
I created foundation papers size for the 36 and the 18 inch square if anyone wants to use it. You still have to draw the fracture design on it. But it takes out the size work if you print them full scale.

You can download it off my blog directly from the link below.
the wee pixie 5 years ago

Wonderful, thank you!
zaynoo1 PRO 4 years ago

Dear Nataki,

thanks for sharing your templates... Loved to download it but always receive an error when going to the link... can you help please?

When I click on the link it automatically downloads the pdf file for me to open. Do you have the latest adobe reader downloaded? Hopefully that's it.
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