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Kitty W ADMIN January 1, 2014
New Groups for 2014: 114 pictures in 2014 and 52 in 2014

Group Description

The purpose of this group is to complete 113 pictures in 2013 from the topic list below. You may go in any order you wish, and photo editing & textures are okay. Don't forget to title and tag your subject from the list. After you've added your image to the Group Pool, click on the link in the list below, and post your picture in small size, in the thread. (You can do this by clicking on the 'Share' option above your photo; then click on 'Grab the HTML/BBCode', and choose 'Small' from the drop down menu. Then simply copy the code, and paste into the box in the discussion thread).

Please join with the intent of participating and completing 113 Pictures.

We don't want to impose loads of rules, but it is obvious from the group title that pictures in the group pool should be taken in 2013.

There are two date-specific categories this year (No.s 13 and 14). If you miss those, you won't be able to complete the 113! No. 31 is 'Halloween' - you may wish to take that shot on 31st October or just of Halloween-inspired items at another time.

Commenting on the photos of others is always nice too. If you wish to put a simple 'Seen in 113 pictures in 2013' link in your comment, copy the code between the lines.

<a href=""> Seen in 113 pictures in 2013 </a>

It should look like this :

Seen in 113 Pictures in 2013


The list is as follows. If you spot any duplicates let me know :

1. ** Welcome **
2. A bird on water
3. Canine
4. A building in B & W
5. One word
6. Strong rule of thirds in an image
7. Arch or archway
8. Yellow and green
9. Represent a Beatles song in your image
10. Breakfast
11. A rose
12. A picture of you as a child
13. Friday 13th (Sept or Dec 2013)
14. Valentines day (14th February) must be taken on that day
15. Droplets or dew
16. Spot the difference (present two images as a diptych with one or more differences to see if others can spot the differences
17. Alcohol
18. Circle
19. Depressing or sorrowful
20. Guess what? (Make an image which represents something in an unusual way.
21. Hidden or concealed
22. Exuberance or joy
23. Just one colour (color)
24. Lens flare
25. Someone at work
26. Railway or train tracks
27. Framed
28. Performance/performer
29. Bicycle(s)
30. A face in profile
31. Halloween
32. Antique
33. Night time
34. Rust/rusty
35. Socks
36. Short
37. Monday
38. Art
39. Affection
40. A leaf that isn’t green
41. Trees in a row
42. Funny
43. Key(s)
44. Letter
45. Out of place
46. A pet
47. Rainbow
48. Around the corner
49. Something shiny
50. Feline
51. Anniversary or Birthday
52. Cobweb
53. Long exposure
54. Puzzle/puzzling
55. Solitude
56. Rock and Roll
57. Three or more of the same thing
58. Plaything or Toy
59. Taken on an Angle
60. A Decoration
61. Boots
62. Jump!
63. Light
64. Low Key
65. Kindness
66. Scruffy
67. Symmetry
68. Vehicle
69. White
70. Empty
71. Fire, Flame or Heat
72. Hand(s)
73. Something Old
74. Something New
75. Something Borrowed
76. Something Blue
77. Photograph your Lunch
78. Rope, String or Twine
79. Clashing Colours
80. A Church or Temple
81. Copycat – copy a photo or idea you admire on Flickr (and link to it)
82. Star(s)
83. Something Heavy
84. Sport
85. Turquoise
86. Whiskers
87. Newspaper
88. Balloon(s)
89. Represent the title of a Book in your image
90. Equine
91. Frozen
92. In Memory
93. Upside Down (Don’t just flip the frame!)
94. Lines
95. Bad Weather
96. A shot taken in your Kitchen
97. Something beginning with ‘B’
98. Wall(s)
99. Somewhere to sit
100. Make a Picture Collage of your day (at least 4 pictures in one frame)
101. Inconvenient
102. Pink
103. Door(s) or Window)s)
104. Made of Stone or Rock
105. In Your Fridge
106. Jewellery
107. Kiss
108. Musical Instrument
109. Abstract
110. Pastel Colours
111. Red Shoes
112. I Wish ……..
113. Future

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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