TRLegosfan 9:48pm, 10 March 2015
*Brickwielder has conquered the Galaxy*

Well guys, this run-through of the Galactic Conquest Contest is over! I was very pleased with the builds you guys did throughout the contest, it was great seeing what you could come up with for different planets. The full results:
Brickwielder: First Place (14 points)
x212mocsandcustomsx: Second Place (4.5 points)
WG Productions: Third Place (4.5 points)

Congrats to all of the winners, of each round and the contest as a whole! Thanks again to all who participated, and although we didn't get through all 12 (Or even half :P) of the planets, the contest was still a lot of fun to host. Who knows, maybe in another year or 2, the contest will return ;)
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