TRLegosfan 4:20am, 26 November 2014
-I will select a planet for all participants to build on
-The builders will have 2 weeks to build a physical (No LDD) scene or small moc for the selected planet
-The builder with the best build for the plant will be awarded 3 points, (Full control of Planet) the builder with the second best build will be awarded 2 points, and the builder with the third best build will be awarded one point
-The winner of the first round will choose the planet for round 2
-All builders have 2 weeks to build for Planet/Round 2, and the winner of that round will select the planet for round 3, and so on
-The first person to control 4 planets (Or earn 12 points) "conquers the galaxy" or wins the contest.

-Any third party products are allowed
-Builds do not have to be huge mocs. Any size is eligible. (See examples of entries from the last contest in the Past Entries Thread)
-Builders who did participate in the first round CAN take part in future rounds. Anyone can join in at any time
-There will be a map for the contest that shows all the planets to choose from, and each planet will have the winners name under it
-Submit your entry by putting it in the group pool and tagging me in the picture
-Results for each planet will be posted in a thread specifically for that planet
-A thread for permanent standings for the contest will be updated every 2 weeks after each round
-After each round, I will update the picture of the contest map, and tag all participants so you can see who won
-There are 4 judges, TRLegosfan (Me), MGFCustoms/Reviews, GeneralJJ, and Pexus (Qualities for a good build listed in Tips)
-There will be 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place prizes which include but are not limited to: Third party Lego Star Wars accessories, Lego Star Wars minifigures, TBD

Contest Threads:
-Each planet will have it's own thread in the group with the results/winners
-There will be an inspiration thread with several pictures for each planet
-There will be Previous Entries Thread with entries from the first contest for inspiration
-There will be a permanent standings thread that will have the points of each player, this will be updated after each round
-There will be also be a picture of the map in this thread to see the list of planets to choose, which also shows who is in control of each planet
-There will be a thread for standards of basic builds to add to your entries

Tips for Winning:
-Use accurate figures (See standards thread)
-Use iconic elements from the game (See standards thread)
-Model builds after maps from the game (See inspiration thread)

*Note that builds DO NOT have to be based off of the section of the planet seen in the map*

*Any questions regarding the rules or the contest in general should be posted in this thread*
Lavernius Tucker 4 years ago
So if I were to join now, the planet is Geonosis?
Brick Zero 4 years ago
Glad to see this Group running again. :)
-TTROOPER- Posted 4 years ago. Edited by -TTROOPER- (member) 4 years ago
Lavernius Tucker:

all the Geonosis builds belong to a new 457th elite corps type RPG group :P

I'm in
Lavernius Tucker 4 years ago
Yup, figured that out, lol, and joined :)
TRLegosfan Posted 4 years ago. Edited by TRLegosfan (admin) 4 years ago
Lavernius Tucker:

Well the contest didn't start yet, but when it does, yes Geonosis will be the first planet.
Forgotten Days 4 years ago
Would i be able to use Old Republic Figures?
~J2J~ 4 years ago
Is it only 1 entry or can there be multiple. Just to clarify because I already have a few ideas. And for the entry Im assuming we can have multiple pictures...?
TRLegosfan 4 years ago

You can have multiple entries, but you would ultimately have to choose your favorite to submit for judging.
Brickwielder 4 years ago
Can we enter more than one build a round?
TRLegosfan 4 years ago

Read the post above yours :P
Brickwielder 4 years ago

Haha ok, sorry about that :P
-TTROOPER- 4 years ago
so it can be GCW or CWs on any planet?
TRLegosfan 4 years ago

Fithboy 4 years ago
Does it matter I haven't played ay Battlefront games? I'd still like to enter, this looks fun :D
TRLegosfan 4 years ago

Doesn't matter at all! Anyone can join!
ThatLegoGuy7 4 years ago

Can we make things by there battlefront rules? Like what classes look like and stuff?
Fithboy 4 years ago

Awesome :D. I've already started my Geonosis MOC
TRLegosfan 4 years ago

Yes, definitely.
bizarre wren [deleted] 4 years ago
TRLegosfan: So what planet are we building for then. I hope it is an urban planet.
[LegionDude] ಠ_ಠ 4 years ago
Do I have to add my entry anywhere or does adding it to the pool suffice?
TRLegosfan 4 years ago
[LegionDude] ಠ_ಠ:

Adding it to the pool and tagging me in the picture is all you need to do.


The planet changes every 2 weeks, right now the planet is Geonosis.
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