TRLegosfan 5:15am, 26 November 2014
Here are entries from the 1st generation contest. Use them for inspiration. (Don't copy them exactly :P )

Rise of the Empire- No mercy by Brick Zero

Droid attack on Naboo by JLM Bricks

Theed Royal Palace Courtyard by General JJ

Yavin IV:
Starwars Battlefront: Yavin Court yard by Brick Zero

Holding the Line: Yavin 4 by General JJ

Yavin IV by TheNerdyOne_
(Note that LDD is no longer allowed)

Rhen Var:
Rhen Var by General JJ

Rhen Var: The Citadel by commanderdell

Rhen Var: Harbor by ₮J

Geonosis by ~J2J~

Geonosis by General JJ

Geonosis: Droid Factory by Brick Zero

Star Wars Battlefront - Geonosis by Kyle Peckham

Dantooine by General JJ

How the Explosion Was Done by General JJ

Mustafar by General JJ


For more inspiration, see the GC InspirationThread or search Star Wars Battlefront (Planet name) in Google images.
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