TRLegosfan 4:22am, 26 November 2014
Scores after Round 2:
Brickwielder: 14
Titus: 2
n7mereel: 1.5
[LegionDude] ಠ_ಠ: 2
x212mocsandcustoms: 4.5
Legoguy440: 2
¥WG Productions¥: 4.5
UnknownBrick Films: .5
th_squirrel: 2
Fithboy: .5
goatman461: .5
*Reminder that the first builder to reach 12 points wins*

Round 5 ends Sunday February 15th!
Fithboy 3 years ago
Pretty sure I I have 2 as well...
[LegionDude] ಠ_ಠ 3 years ago
Brickwielder OP. DICE pls, Riot nerf pls, Ubisoft fix this nao. xD
Sorry man, I was gonna enter for round 5 but stuff came up. Had to bail on it.
TRLegosfan 3 years ago
[LegionDude] ಠ_ಠ:

Still another 6 days to build!
[LegionDude] ಠ_ಠ 3 years ago
TRLegosfan: Orly? Damn...
Forgotten Days 3 years ago
I'm pretty sure Brickwielder won since he has 14 points......
TRLegosfan 3 years ago
Forgotten Days:

He did
Brickwielder 3 years ago

Not to be a pest or anything Sean, but when are you going to announce the results of the contest?
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