TRLegosfan 10:13pm, 12 January 2015
This was an interesting round, it was cool to see what guys were able to do with the Jedi temple! It was tough to decide who to award 3rd place, as there were many good entries.

1st Place:
Galactic Conquest- Coruscant by Brickwielder


2nd Place:
Coruscant by th_squirrel


3rd Place:
Corusant - Star Wars Battlefront II by ¥WG Productions¥

WG Productions -.-

Of course because the decision was tough this round I decided to award a few Honorable Mentions:

SWBF - Coruscant2 by goatman461

Lego Star Wars battlefront galactic conquest: coruscant Jedi temple library by KaminoKingdom

Galactic Conquest Mission 4: Coruscant by Fithboy

Galactic Conquest Contest Round 4- Coruscant by x212mocsandcustomsx

Other Entries:

Coruscant [Round Four] by [E]ddy

Galactic Conquest: coruscant by turnoverlapage

Star Wars Battlefront - Coruscant by LegoSWCTProductions

Sean's Brick:
Star Wars Battlefront: Coruscant by 30Sean

While there weren't as many entries this round, there were definitely great ones. Keep up the good work everyone, can't wait to see what you do for Naboo! (Theed or Plains) The Deadline for Round 5 is Sunday February 15th!
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