It's TIME!!!

hehehe922 4:24pm, 14 March 2013
I just got word from Brenda that the fabric should make it to her by early next week!! I already have her reserving our portion, so the sooner all the payments are in, the sooner it will be sent! Once I get the fabric I will cut and ship ASAP.

Please PayPal to my e-mail, I am not sending invoices since it would just end up costing more. If you'd like an invoice, I can send one, but I'll add the fee to your total. Just send as money owed and ther shouldn't be any fees.

When I calculated postage, it was before the increase, so it ended up slightly more than the original estimate. Please find the total that applies for you. If there's not one that applies to you, let me know and I'll figure it out. Payments are due by THURSDAY, MARCH 21ST OR SOONER. I'll be sending out Flickr Mail reminders to anyone who hasn't paid on Monday. I know not everyone checks every day so that way everyone sees it :)

One last thing...I have 2 sets that I'm paying for to round out the group. If anyone wants another let me know! Otherwise I'll just sell them or something later on.

US Totals

1 set $26.00
2 sets $46.30

no shipping
1- $20.30
2 - $40.60

2- 60.55

2- 64.55
hehehe922 5 years ago
Another thing!!! If you're getting 2 sets and would like them cut as one piece, please let me know!! This would be like getting a layer cake! 32 prints - one each of a 10"x10" square. This size might be more usable for some people :)
Certified-Cute 5 years ago
Money sent. Also sent you a message because I'd love to have mine sent as a layer cake instead :)
Watch Meesh Run 5 years ago

Ooooh good idea! I would like mine cut as one piece, please!!! I'll be paypalling you $46.30 - that's right, right? :)
espritpatch 5 years ago
money sent! Could I have mine as a layer cake please. Thanks
Courtastic 5 years ago
Layer cake for me as well
hehehe922 5 years ago
Watch Meesh Run:

fordcowgirl_85 5 years ago
I just sent my paypal payment - can I get mine cut as a layer cake as well? Thanks!
kejreeves 5 years ago
Doooood - layer cake 4 lyfe!

You rock.

FYI, folks, regarding paypal: if you are sending money that you have in a paypal balance, there are no fees, but if you're sending from your credit/bank account, there can be fees even in the "other: payment owed" option, and you have to select whether you're paying the fee, or if it's taken out of the total.
hehehe922 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by hehehe922 (admin) 5 years ago

Thanks for that info Kate! Wonder if the gift option does that too for such a small amount? I have my bank account linked so I don't think they charge me when I send money.
hehehe922 5 years ago
Oh....also, assume I got your request for layercake/non layer cake and payment unless you hear from me. I will only contact you if I don't have anything specified before I cut or haven't received payment :)
jkpwynn 5 years ago
sent. :)
shecanquilt PRO 5 years ago
I will go and do the paypal next. I would love my pieces cut as a layer cake too. Thank you.
Jyllybean PRO 5 years ago
I paid, but forgot to enter my flickr ID on my payment. Payment from Jill Randel.

And I'll just take mine as one cut. Thanks!
Marci Warren-Elmer PRO 5 years ago
I paid. Thanks so much for all your work on this swap.
hehehe922 5 years ago
Thanks everyone! Halfway there!
meliketocraft 5 years ago
I exciting! Thanks for organizing this!!
spquilts Posted 5 years ago. Edited by spquilts (member) 5 years ago
Just paid. My Paypal ID is Layer cake for me too, please! Thanks so much!
hehehe922 5 years ago

Just be be clear since I read your paypal differntly, you want the layer cake. Correct?
Jyllybean PRO 5 years ago
hehehe922: I think I stated non-layer cake, meaning one cut. I may have made a mistake, though.

So to be clear, just one cut. Thanks!
third.margaret 5 years ago
Paypal'd you the funds, though I think I may have shorted you $.10 now that I come back here. Grrrrr. Let me know!

Also, I put it in the note, I would like mine cut as one piece---thank you!! What an excellent idea!
Alli518 5 years ago
Hi, are there still any extra sets left over? If i can change my order from 1 to 2, I'd love a layer cake as well!
hehehe922 5 years ago

Yes! I will change your to 2!
hehehe922 5 years ago

Don't worry about about the 10 cents :) not worth the bother!
hettie k 5 years ago
Layer cake for me too. Thanks, Megan!
Just paid.....paypal id is
karriofberries 5 years ago
Layer Cake :)
karijstewart 5 years ago
Just paid
Alli518 5 years ago
Just paid, PayPal is
Watch Meesh Run 5 years ago
Just posted :) Sorry so late!! <3
hehehe922 5 years ago
Thanks everyone! We're just waiting on a few more people. Brenda doesn't have the fabric in hand yet, but I should be able to pay her soon. She should have it out to me this week if everything works out!
hehehe922 5 years ago
Fabric is in and paid for! Hopefully it will be in the mail to everyone by the end of next week.
fordcowgirl_85 5 years ago
Watch Meesh Run 5 years ago
THANK-YOU MEGAN!!! You rule!
sable position [deleted] 5 years ago
Many thanks, Megan. The $$ should be to you via PayPal.
hehehe922 5 years ago

Got it! Thanks!
spquilts 5 years ago

Thanks, Megan! I'm so excited!
whimbrella fun PRO 5 years ago
Thanks for the reminder. I was away and would have totally forgotten.

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 8CJ34344K43396336)

I'd like my 2 sets cut as Layer Cake as well. Thanks so much!
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