hehehe922 1:50am, 10 February 2013
See the pretties!!

This round will be run a little differently in order to try and save everyone some money! All fabric will be purchased in one place and I will be cutting and mailing everything. This will also eliminate the vendor mistakes we had last time! In exchange for my time, shipping materials and rotary blades, the group will cover my share of the cost(less than $2 per person). This means all you need to do is Paypal the total when the time comes and wait for the fabric to arrive! Due to customs, we won't know the exact cost until the fabric arrives. Here are my estimates:

30+ spots. I can add spots a few at a time based on the number of bricks per 1/4 yard.

Each spot will receive:

1 - 5" x 10" brick of each fabric (32 bricks - appx. 1 1/4 yard equivalent)
about $25 with shipping (probably a little less. I will get everyone a total when everything is set)

If you would like 2 spots:

2 prints each (2 1/2 yard equivalent) @ $45 with shipping

This is LESS FABRIC than last round per spot. There are 32 prints this time, not 55. Each person bought and swapped 2 yards per slot last time, so keep that in mind when signing up!

The fabric should arrive sometime in March. As we all know, international shipping and customs makes it impossible to pin down an exact date. I will keep everyone in the loop about dates. When I get the final price, I will open up the paying process. You will have 1 WEEK to Paypal the money or you will be replaced. We don't want to hold anyone back from getting their fabric quickly!! I will pay the vendor as soon as all the payments are in. At that point I will cut and sort everything and get it into the mail ASAP. Hopefully within a week!

Just comment on this thread with the number of spots you'd like. First come, first serve!!

Thanks everyone! I can't wait!

1. MicheleSews *
2. MichelleSews*
3. HettieK*
4. HettieK*
5. fordcowgirl_85*
6. fordcowgirl_85*
7. Jyllybean*
8. Jyllybean*
9. Watch Meesh Run*
10. Watch Meesh Run*
11. shecanquilt*
12. shecanquilt*
13. celestejohnson2008*
14. meliketocraft*
16. kejreeves *
17. kejreeves*
18. Certified-Cute*
19. third.margret*
20. third.margret*
21. Courtastic*
22. Courtastic*
23. Whimbrella*
24. Whimbrella*
25. Marci Warren-Elmer*
26. kariofberries*
27. kariofberries*
28. karijstewart*
29. Certified-Cute*
30. alli518*
31. espritpatch *
32. espritpatch *
33. piecenik*
34. piecenik*

* address received
MichelleSews 5 years ago
I'm in! I'll take two spots.
hettie k 5 years ago
I'm in! One spot, please.
fordcowgirl_85 5 years ago
I would like 2 spots this time as well!

If anyone from Round 1 was able to find and has extra of the brown Dorothy from the first round please pm me! (I can't find it anywhere)
Jyllybean PRO 5 years ago
I sure wish I had found this swap before! I'd love two spots, please.
Watch Meesh Run 5 years ago
Oh Megan, Love this idea, wish I had found it earlier, too! Sign me up for two slots, please!
hettie k 5 years ago
Can you switch me to two spots? Just seems prudent.... :)
Watch Meesh Run 5 years ago
Yay!! :) Double is always better, right?
hettie k 5 years ago
Watch Meesh Run:

That's the conclusion I came to in bed last night! :)
shecanquilt PRO 5 years ago
I would like two spots too please.
sable position [deleted] 5 years ago
I'd like a spot. These are beautiful.
meliketocraft 5 years ago
Sign me up for 1 spot please!!
jkpwynn 5 years ago
I would love to sign up for 2 spots, but I am now on a self-imposed fabric budget (got a little swap happy, lol) - any idea when the paypal deadline will be? If it'll be after the 15th of March, I'm in.

These would go sooooo nicely with the first set, so I need to make it work.
hehehe922 5 years ago
If it works out to before March 15th, I can make arrangements with you individually. We can work it out when we get closer :)
kejreeves 5 years ago
I'd love two spots, too. Going to destash some yarn to get more pretty fabrics!
Nanners1222 5 years ago
I'll take one spot please.
third.margaret 5 years ago
I would like to have two spots, please. Thank you!
Courtastic 5 years ago
I would like to have two spots, thank you!
whimbrella fun PRO 5 years ago
I would like 2 spots as well. Thanks!
Marci Warren-Elmer PRO 5 years ago
I would like one spot. Thanks!
Marci Warren-Elmer PRO 5 years ago

I am not a fan of the browns and I would be happy to send you the piece you need.
karriofberries 5 years ago
I would like 2 spots :)
jkpwynn 5 years ago

Could you change me to 1 spot instead of 2, please?

I went back and checked the first round and realized that I only signed up for 1 brick of each fabric - maybe since there were more prints in that collection, I was thinking I got 2 bricks of each.

Anyway, want to match what I did the first time. So 1 slot in this one?

Sorry to be a troublemaker, lol.
karijstewart 5 years ago
I would like one spot! Thanks again!
hehehe922 5 years ago
No problem jkpwynn!
hehehe922 5 years ago
I just heard from Brenda that the fabric will be shipping to her the first week of March! I will leave sign ups open until sometime that week. If you know anyone who wants to participate, spread the word! As soon as I get the final, price payments are due ASAP.
espritpatch 5 years ago
ohh I just found your swap while looking at your lovely scrappy blocks. If there is still some place, I'd love to participate and take one or 2 spots depending on availability. I am international though...
spquilts 5 years ago
I'm late in discovering this group. If there's an opening, or if you expand the swap or add a second one, I'd love to have a slot! I'm in the US.
hehehe922 5 years ago
would you like 1 or more spots?

I put you down for 2. Just let me know if that's ok!

If you could both FM me your mailing address that would be great!
spquilts Posted 5 years ago. Edited by spquilts (member) 5 years ago

2 sounds good. Thanks!
espritpatch 5 years ago
Yes 2 is good for me! Thanks
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