jkpwynn 7:26pm, 8 October 2012
First of all, let me say that I'm still kind of a newbie to quilting in general. So I may be freaking out for no reason, but this kind of seems like a big deal to me, so I wanted to ask you guys with more experience what you would do.

As I was ironing my fabric to get it ready to cut, I noticed that one of them had several "spots" - I iron on the back side, and they are pretty clear on the back. They aren't huge, but they are noticeable - about 5 from the back side.

So I flipped it over to see if it was something you could see on the front, and you can totally tell that 2 of them are there, but I couldn't find the others on the front side.

They aren't huge, but they do stick out once I found them. And they are, of course, right slap in the middle of the fabric.

Should I email the place I bought them, or is this common in fabrics? First time I've noticed it, so I don't know....Pics below:

From the back:
liberty oops back far by jkpwynn

Up close on the back, it almost looks like water dropped on ink or something? There is no texture difference, doesn't feel different:
liberty oops back close by jkpwynn

From the front, these were the only two spots I could locate from the front, the yellow paintbrush pointing out the worst, but the angle of the camera doesn't show the red as much (close up of both below this one):
liberty oops front far by jkpwynn

Close up of the front, both the red and the yellow paintbrush positions:
liberty oops front close 2 by jkpwynn

liberty oops front close 1 by jkpwynn

So what say you guys? I can't cut around it because it's right in the middle from selvege to selvege, and about 1/3 up and 1/3 down from the top/bottom...
jkpwynn 6 years ago
I flipped it over again, and putting my finger on the back, then flipping to the front, I can see the other spots, too. Just didn't pick them out without pinpointing the back spot first. I think it would be noticeable if you got a brick with the spot, though. :(
theconfusedquilter 6 years ago
I'd recommend contacting the seller. They should send you another cut of fabric since this is defective. Most sellers are good about doing this without any problem and usually do not ask you to send back the defective fabric. And if they want 'proof' you have all those photos to email them! This does happen sometimes, but is not common.
jkpwynn 6 years ago

Would it be unreasonable of me to ask the seller to check the fabric before they send it? Since I'm guessing it would come from the same bolt...
bruinbr 6 years ago
Not unreasonable at all! So sorry this happened to you! I've had splotchy/spotted fabric one time and thankfully the seller was super nice. She shipped me new fabric for free and let me keep the original yard she sent! Good luck!
jkpwynn 6 years ago
I sent the email -with pics- but didn't hear back today. Hopefully tomorrow!

I asked if I could swap for another yard, or in case the rest of the bolt was also spotted, asked if she could just sent me extra to make up for the bricks that would be affected from the yard I already have. (I'd cut what I have and tell her how many bricks had spots on them.)

Fingers crossed!
jkpwynn 6 years ago
Heard from them first thing today and she is sending a new yard! Yay!
kejreeves 6 years ago
Oh hooray! That's great to hear. For a fabric this pricy, I expect LoL to assure quality!
bruinbr 6 years ago
That's great! Glad it has worked out!
jkpwynn 6 years ago
Got it today! Del Ray is pretty fast, huh?

I hope to get it cut and send it out Monday. :)
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