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Bloomsbury 5x10" brick swap - WE ARE FULL

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kejreeves is a group administrator kejreeves says:

We will be swapping 28 5x10" "bricks" from the Liberty Lifestyles (quilting cotton) line Bloomsbury. One can achieve 28 bricks from a single yard, please choose two different fabrics in one yard lengths (some people buy 1 1/8 or 1 1/4 for "insurance").

There are 28 spaces total. You may have more than one spot, meaning you would buy 4 yards total and get duplicates of each fabric. I will share my mailing address via Flickr mail, and our deadline will be one month after the group is full.

We will be making sure there are NO DUPLICATES in the selections - there are 55 prints, and we all want to get all of them.

Please see this link for official color names and prints!

Originally posted at 2:13PM, 20 September 2012 PDT (permalink)
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