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Julia M Cameron PRO 11:41am, 7 February 2013
There are already over 100 members of 26 by 26 and we haven't even started the challenges yet!

The 26 by 26 community is made up of photographers from all levels of experience and with lots of different approaches to photography. It is hoped that members will encourage one another by commenting on pictures submitted to the challenges and add their thoughts to the discussion threads.

To begin, it would be lovely to find out a bit about each other.

Perhaps saying where you are in the world, the photographs you like to take (landscape, street, macro, portrait etc) and what you enjoy about photography could be a start?

Hello and welcome!
(1 to 100 of 125 replies)
Larking About 6 years ago
What a nice idea Julia - oh well I may as go ahead !!

I am based in Dublin - Ireland and have a particular passion for street photography, but very much enjoy looking at and occasionally practising all types. Having three young kids means I realistically enjoy observing the quirks of a more suburban Dublin and I especially appreciate the odd in the mundane. I often shoot by the coast, in parks or even from the car window. While visually pleasing settings are very important to me I do love the uniqueness of people and candid moments that cannot be repeated.
Mark W Russell 6 years ago
Hello all

I live in Nottingham in the UK, but travel the UK a lot (and sometimes Europe) taking pictures as I go. I trained as an artist and I see my creative output being; an artist who uses a camera as my tool.

I work across a broad range of genres including Street, Landscape, Cityscapes, Portrayals, Skyscapes, and abstract creations. If I could create some works with a painter's hand and a poet's eye, I would be satisfied.

I mainly shoot in digital format, but I am making a determined effort to shoot more with my extensive film camera collection.

"But as for certain truth, no man has known it
Nor will he know it; neither of the gods,
Nor yet of all the things of which I speak.
And if by chance he were to utter
The final truth, he would himself not know it:
For all is but a woven web of guesses."
- Xenophanes

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Best wishes
T Silva 6 years ago
I'm based in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
Rio is famous for its beaches, but this is not my reality. I’m surrounded by mountains on a neighborhood with a very suburban feel. Showing this Rio is part of the fun for me when shooting street photography. I’ve done a lot of SP since SPNP, but I’ve never seen myself as a street photographer. My aversion to labels is, I believe, what makes me want to have a more eclectic approach to photography.
ƒ/8 and B'more PRO 6 years ago
I am in Baltimore, Maryland in the US. I teach high school photo after studying sculpture in school. Teaching is a great way for me to keep my skills sharp and I am excited to be given assignments.

I shoot mostly street work and a documentation of my life–primarily analog as of late, 35mm and also medium format.
Steve Leverett PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Steve Leverett (member) 6 years ago
Hi All ... I live in Essex, just to the north-east of London, UK. My partner and I are both retired and we love exploring Italy - amongst other places. I like to experiment with photography (digital) from different angles, perspectives, and lights - street/urban, rural, landscape/panorama, macro ... well anything I suppose ... learning all the time - I am on a steep learning curve, and want to share and learn from others ... 52by52 was marvellous ... can't wait for 26by26 to be under way!

Many thanks Julia - and to the 26by26 team
jojohedgehog 6 years ago
Hi, I am Jo. I live in Cleveleys near Blackpool in England. I am still learning every day about photography and purchased my very first SLR in January this year. I love all aspects of photography. I shoot a lot of seascapes and landmarks around the area that I live. I love to capture things happening around me and although I do photograph in colour I am drawn more to mono. I am more about emotion and feeling in photographs rather than technical brilliance. I am really looking forward to this challenge and from learning a lot from everyone here.
Sand_Blue 6 years ago
Hiya everyone, I'm Stu from Northamptonshire UK. I do a lot of landscape work but this year will be doing a lot more portraits, something I want to get into. Been into photography for at least 30 years now and used to spend endless amouts of cash on getting 35mm and 120 roll developed. I'm passionate about photography, the way it locks moments and the way you can look at an image and see so much, black and white old photos, of people, are just great. Real live, emotion and times. By day I also work in IT, am a personal Life Coach and love writing. Looking forward this.
Julia M Cameron PRO 6 years ago

I'm Julia from Norwich in Norfolk, UK. After a career in education spanning over thirty years I have dropped the chalk and talk in favour of the camera. I undertake freelance photography assignments but also enjoy working on photographic projects. My main interests are portraiture, street and "art" photography, although it is hard to define what I do!

I shoot mostly digital but may attempt some film again soon.

I am really looking forward to the 26 by 26 challenges and to getting to know you and enjoying your photographs.

dear_jem 6 years ago
I'm Jemma from Bristol. I'm quite new to photography (less than 2 years) and I pretty much exclusively shoot with film.

I think I'm still learning what I like taking pictures of and what my style is. I just like trying different things really. I've enjoyed learning about the qualities of different film and how it reacts to different lighting and the personality it gives to pictures.

I'm always open to feedback so if you fancy having a flick through my pictures, I'd love to hear what you think

Hi, I'm Murray.

I'm based in Tokyo, and hope to share some of my Japan with the group. I'm really just an over enthusiastic amateur hoping to learn a thing or two from everyone and looking forward to expanding my skills though the challenges.
Trigger Happy2012 PRO 6 years ago
Hi everyone!
I'm Sharon and I'm originally from Atlanta, GA., but my adopted home is now St. Albans in Hertfordshire. I'm a serious amateur and am still exploring which genres of photography excite me (and which ones I can actually do!), but I'm currently happiest with black and white street photography and landscapes. I'm lucky to have London at my disposal so a lot of my street roaming and lurking is done there!
I find that learning by assignment is a great way to learn and focus the mind so I'm looking forward to the up and coming challenges! It will be great to have a community out there to share things with too.
I mainly shoot in digital, but I have a few film cameras too which occasionally come out when I have more patience!
alexwayland 6 years ago
What a wonderful, diverse list of people!

I'm a 24 year old graphic design student in Birmingham, Alabama. I've gotten more into photography over the past few years, so I guess I could call myself an amateur. At this point, shooting anything presents a challenge to me. My particular favorites are portraits, landscapes, street photography, and long exposures.
I mainly shoot with a Nikon D7000, but occasionally I'll try something fun with my GoPro or old film cameras I find lying around relatives houses. This is my first Flickr group (I mainly hang out over at 500px), so I'm really excited!

I'm 31 and live in Dubuque, Iowa, USA. I'm a wedding photographer, so I'm excited to do something outside the box to mix it up and give me some new perspective. Haven't done anything like this before and I'm terrible with follow-through, so this will be new and different! I love to show the human element of life in my photos--emotion, expression, gestures--so hopefully I can incorporate so of that into the challenges.
Faith K Lefever 6 years ago
Hey everyone!

I am in Oceanside California. I have been doing photography for about 4 years now. I love taking portraits and occasionally landscapes. I am very drawn to fashion photography and fine art photography and I am slowly trying to find ways to incorporate that into my work. I have this "if no one wants me to photograph them, I will photograph myself" thinking process.

I work with both digital and large formate film (when my finances allow me).

To me photography is everything, I live and breath it. I am completely obsessed. I love everything about it. The sound the shutter makes, the processes of loading film, the thinking/planning/organization of what goes into creating a photo, and seeing and moving around light. The smell of the chemicals, the digital editing, and lastly seeing my image come out exactly how I imagined it.

I am very excited to get started on the challenges!
clairekastelan 6 years ago
Hi All,

I'm Claire, I live in Busselton, South Western Australia. This is a tourist town whose claim to fame is amazing beaches, the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere (2km) and flies.

As a relative beginner I'm still deciding exactly where my interests in photography lie. I appreciate the quirky, the odd and the humorous.

I like to wonder if I can pull off an idea and get just a much satisfaction from the planning process as the result. I am also fascinated by old Hollywood portraiture, such as that by George Hurrell.

I love to be made to think outside of my usual hamster wheel thoughts of what to cook for dinner, where is my other shoe, does the car need petrol....

Bring on the challenges!
bart1eby Posted 6 years ago. Edited by bart1eby (moderator) 6 years ago
Hi all,

I'm Ben, a self taught photographer & filmmaker from south west England. I've been taking and making photos for about 3 years. Initially I was a 'street photographer' but more recently I've been concentrating on portraits and urban landscapes. My guilty secret is that I have never shot film, and have no interest in doing so!
Simon five Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Simon five (member) 6 years ago
I am Simon and I eke out my paltry existence in the shadow of a great photographer in whose pixels I can only humbly tread!

Seriously - I am from Norwich, UK and I am really interested in the meanings of photographs and the motivations of the people behind the camera.
Unfortunately for me I often get too involved in the projects for my own good but I loved 52 by 52 and I am looking forward to 26 by 26
darcydancer PRO 6 years ago
Hi all, I am Kathy from East Midlands, River Soar where I live on a narrowboat. I shoot digital and film, passion is street photography.. really looking forward to the start of 26 by 26 and a new challenge
lori_duke 6 years ago
Hello everyone!
I am Lori from Edmonton, Alberta. I have been doing photography as a hobby for some time now. I live taking landscape, wildlife and flowers. I am really looking forward to this challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone.
Attic Light 6 years ago
Julia M Cameron:

Hello, folks!
My name is Troy. I live in Edmonton, Canada. I've been a budding photographer all my life. Some day I hope to see those buds grow into stems and eventually branches.
I'm looking forward to learning a thing or two!
Emma Georgiou PRO 6 years ago
Hi, I'm Emma - I am not an eloquent writer which is why I love photography.
penguin# 6 years ago
Hi all. I'm Paul from the great city of Dublin, Ireland. I'm new to photography and I'm looking forward to finding out just how bad I am !!!! Should be interesting :-)
donediddo 6 years ago
Hello, I am Natasja.
I am a fashion designer from Rotterdam in the Netherlands and taking photographs is a great way for me to take my mind of my actual work while still being able to visualize.
I'm looking forward to participate in 26 by 26 and hope to learn a lot from some of the more experienced participants :)
I mostly use digital point and shoot cameras but dream of owning a full frame dslr some day :)
Clicksey 6 years ago
Hi I'm Aisling, from Dublin.

I meant to get involved with this group last year but never got around to it.
I like taking all sorts of photos but especially like street photography.

Looking forward to being a part of this!
Smisa Photography 6 years ago
Hello. My name is Lisa Smith.

I live in Northern California where I work full time. I have always loved photography and art. I feel much more balanced and happy when I am able to dabble in one or both.

I am looking for ways to improve my photography. A regular competition with new themes seems like a great challenge.

I look forward to viewing the work of others.

Thank you Julia for coordinating the competition.

Happy shooting to all!
Robin Layfield 6 years ago
Hello, I'm Robin from Stroud, UK.

I followed the 52x52 project with avid interest last year (I even bought the book www.blurb.co.uk/b/3848388-52-by-52-members-book which is really lovely by the way) but I only managed to complete one of the challenges. I'm determined to participate more this time round!
K8ieSmith Posted 6 years ago. Edited by K8ieSmith (member) 6 years ago

My name is Katie and I live in rural Lincolnshire in the UK. I work as a Social Artist and over the last few years photography has featured more and more in my work either as an accessible way to engage with communities or as a tool to document interactions.

I have recently returned to working with film and darkroom processes and am currently experimenting with (and being driven insane by) pinhole, Polaroid and medium format cameras.

Last year's 52 by 52 project encouraged me not to restrict myself to a particular photographic style. I discovered that I enjoyed photographing (and finding the magic in) ordinariness... I'm looking forward to 26 by 26 and the inspiration that challenge setters and participants will bring. Roll on 7th March :-)
bill1110 6 years ago
Hi, I'm Bill a 50 something IT freelancer from Brighton, UK.

I discovered the 52x52 project when it had nearly finished and loved the themes and photographs produced.

I've gotten into photography through using my iPhone 4S and I'm looking forward to seeing what gets created by everyone during 26x26 - and possibly posting some of my own photos.
Palofperu PRO 6 years ago
Hello Fellow 26ers my name's Pam ;)
I live in North Wales and like photographing people and street scenes. I love colour and like to paint (you should see what I've done to the spare bedroom).
52by52 was a great experience and I'm really looking forward to the new challenges, images and discussions that will come from 26by26.
It'll be great to check out familiar group members' work and also to engage with new members - roll on March 7th!
Great good wishes to all members and admin doobies X
Vendula K. 6 years ago
Hi, my name is Vendula. I live in Semily, Czech Republic. I took up photography 2 years ago but since I'm only 17, I wasn't really able to find my own style yet. I've had some landscapes and macro periods but since I'm only a poor student, I found out that's not the right direction. I got that helpless I gave up taking photos for some time. Now I hope this challenge may help me find my way and force me to take some pictures from time to time.
Kristin Ator 6 years ago
Hi! I'm Kristin. I call Calgary, Canada home. I'm 3/4 the way through a photo-a-day 365 project, so there is nothing that I won't shoot (my baby and toddler are especially susceptible to the target). I'm having tons of fun learning about my camera and the beauty around me. I look forward to transitioning from the everyday photo to finding new inspiration with 26by26.
aGipsyWind 6 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm Lorri and I live near Springfield, Missouri USA. I shoot for myself and edit for others.

I am very excited to be a part of this challenge!
StreetWitness 6 years ago
Hi, I'm Steve and live 30 miles west of London in Roald Dahl's village Great Missenden situated within the Chilterns where HS2 threatens to change this beautiful landscape forever. Sorry for that little rant, feel better for sharing.
Been taking pictures for a few years started with film then switched to digital for 7years than got the itch and reverted back to film. Shoot mostly street photography and social documentary, favourite location; London.
I don't need much encouragement to take photographs so looking forward to being involved with 26 by 26, just hope I can develop my film in time to meet any deadlines.
Patis Paton Photography Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Patis Paton Photography (member) 6 years ago
Hi all! I'm Patricia. I live in Glasgow and I started taking photography more seriously 2 years ago, when I decided to change my career life completely. I am passionate by people, their behaviour and how they live in our society so I love street photography. I also concentrate in dance photography and portraiture and with no doubt when I am closer to nature, I love to capture the beauty surrounding us. I feel I need to work more on my imagination so I am really looking forward to starting this new challenge, getting to know more people and be amazed by the creativity around.
Avril Jones LRPS 6 years ago
Hi, I'm Avril and I live in Caterham, Surrey, England. I heard about this via the RPS's Facebook page. My photography varies from theatrical, performance and studio work to landscapes and still life. I've never undertaken a challenge like this but have often meant to. The biggest challenge for me will be remembering and forcing myself to make time. Also, I'm due to have foot surgery in March, which will mean I can't get out for a few weeks. I may have to think very hard about how to meet the challenges without going anywhere! I look forward to seeing everyone's submissions.
Good evening from Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England .. I'm Rob .. Im a 42 yr old self taught photographer who is only truly happy when I have a camera in my hand. My images cover a whole range of subjects from light painting to commercial events & I have been fortunate enough to have had my images used in a technical book / manual that was published across Europe. Im looking forward to a challenge that will hopefully allow me to pay some constructive time to my photography & interact with other like minded people from across the world.
Hi, my name is Jude and I am from Guildford in the UK. I like all sorts of photography but I don't interact with people easily and am quite shy, my pictures tend to reflect that.
Hi, I'm Miles and live in the historic Cathedral City of Lincoln in the UK. Photography is my passion and I run a group of photographers called Shutter Chimps. We use Flickr, Twitter and Facebook to share images, ideas & experiences.

I first became interested in photography from a young age. I stepped up from using point and shoot Cameras to Pentax 35mm SLR's in the 80's. I got my first Digital Camera in 2004 and then got heavily into DSLR photography in 2006 when I began Urban Exploration. I've been using a Nikon D800 since its release in March 2012.

I mainly shoot architecture, landscapes and nature, but enjoy all kinds of photography. I'm looking forward to entering the 26 by 26.
HClaireB PRO 6 years ago
Hello, I'm Hilary. I spend 4 days a week as a farmer in the South West of England and 3 days a week enjoying being in London. My photography is equally schizophrenic - rural landscape and farm animals / urban landscape and street photography.
Hi - I'm Eileen. A retired baby-boomer living near Canterbury, Kent. I was given my ist DSLR two years ago and did the Open University T189 course and belong to several T189 Flickr groups. Last year I did a 366 and a 52-52. I enjoy interpretating themes and look forward to this new challenge.
nualao PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by nualao (member) 6 years ago
Hi, I'm Nuala and I live in Manchester in the UK. I've taken photos on and off all my life. I'm currently trying for a third time to do a photo a day. I like a range of styles and my own photography varies quite a lot.

I also like to just take snapshots of what's going on around me- so I often upload things to flickr that are not 'art' just momentos of my children and pets.

Looking forward to trying this out and seeing what everyone else produces.
Bacphotography64 6 years ago
I'm Babs living in Lancashire. I shoot most days and love social documentary style . I am keen to record history of local stuff
DionneJones 6 years ago
Hi, I am Dionne. I am originally from Kent, England but was persuaded to move to Scotland by my (now) husband ten years ago.
I shoot with a Canon and have been photographing for about 4 years.
I have recently had my second daughter and I am now looking for a fresh push to motivate me to pick my camera back up again!
I am looking forward to seeing lots of inspirational, challenging, creative pictures from everyone. Good Luck x
S.D.N. Photography 6 years ago
Hi, I'm Steve from Kingston, Surrey, UK.
Looking through the photostreams of people above there are some eclectic images. I am looking forward to this though mine are very ordinary I shall try to rise to the challenge.
Studyjunkie PRO 6 years ago
Hi, I'm Rachael, living in Surrey. I am a committed amateur photographer, LRPS and a judge for Surrey Photographic Association. I particularly enjoy landscape and insect macro work but have recently started to experiment with other genres.
global.local PRO 6 years ago
Hello all.
My name is Amy, an Australian living in Amsterdam. An amateur photographer at best, although I do enjoy it so much...
It's always a challenge for me be inspired to try something different with my photography.
This fortnightly challenge sounds very intriguing and I hope to find some new limits in my creativity, confidence and shooting..
I look forward to seeing everyone else's interpretations as well! :)
Rik O'Hare LRPS Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Rik O'Hare LRPS (member) 6 years ago
Hi Everyone,
Came across this project on the RPS Facebook page but was very pleased to see some familiar names in this project :)
I'm looking forward greatly to this project and seeing the groups interpretation of each assignment.
This might even be one I actually finish ;)
Fred Dawson Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Fred Dawson (member) 6 years ago
I live in Kingston South West London . I took early retirement so I now have time to pursue may various passions including photography .

I like going to central London and just seeing what turns up to photograph. I use is either a compact camera Olympus ZX-1 or a Canon 40D. I like making images take provoke a reaction in the viewer.

I was recently awarded a LRPS and I am Chairman of the Malden Camera Club.
Frasduff 6 years ago
Good morning all.
I'm a geologist by profession and started taking photographs over 30 years ago as part of my university dissertation. The bug bit and now that I am in my mid-50's I have started to consider photography as an income source after retirement. I recently gained my LRPS and am now planning for my ARPS application, which I hope to submit before the year-end.
In the meantime I am looking forward to 26x26 in the hope that it will help open my eyes to new ideas and concepts and, therefore, expand my photographic horizons. I'm looking forward to taking part and to see the result of every other member's work.
Little Cath 6 years ago
Hello, I'm an amateur photographer, able to concentrate more on my photography as I'm retired. I love all sorts of photography, but keep being drawn back to flowers for their amazing variety. I tend to go for details, abstracts, texture. I like macro work but am keen to use my wide angle lens more. I am exciting at the thought of the 26 challenge and look forward to seeing the work of the other members.
Stewart485 PRO 6 years ago
Hello everyone, I am 65 years of age, retired and living in Droitwich, Worcestershire UK. I am really interested in creating images that hint at wider meanings, usually unsuccessfully, or are just pleasing to the eye. Fundamentally much of my photography is down to curiosity, I want to see what life looks like when considered in images. Hope that this doesn't sound too precious or grandiose, it's not meant to, I got over myself a long time ago. I have, of late, developed a bit of an interest in tabletop and still life photography, particularly in the winter. I would describe myself as a relative newcomer to photography with much to learn.
cjcrosland PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by cjcrosland (member) 6 years ago
Hi everyone!
I live in Surrey, England. I'm an expressionist artist cunningly disguised as a street photographer but really nowhere near as pretentious as that actually sounds. I have roughly three ongoing projects - self-portraits, street photography and abstract stuff
Canonac 6 years ago
My name is Ian and I live in Kingswood, Bristol. I have been taking photographs for more years than I care to remember, and it’s still a passion. I would say that I was a “street photographer” but that’s often a narrow band to be placed in. Let’s say I take images in or around the street. I belong to the DVJ Group, (Documentary and Visual Journalist), of the RPS. Looking forward to the fortnightly challenges.
Hello, I live in the suburbs of London. I'm still very new to the photography world and still have so much to learn!
It's addictive and I get a buzz out of every photograph I take...I hope this never ends!!
I've registered on a 365 project but I'm a working mum with 3 crazy kids and I can't commit to one photograph per day. This gives me time to think about what I'm going to take and I think it's a more realistic goal to set myself.

I like taking pictures of people... I like to try new things but I'm always drawn back to people!

Nice to meet you all, I hope I can learn a lot from this experience :-)
2nd Witch 6 years ago
Hi, I live in Shotts, Central Scotland, and love the juxtaposition of poetry and pictures. I don't like doing portraits, love landscape and transport, and just stuff. Been taking pics on and off for over 30 years.
lizzierobertsgarth 6 years ago
Hello, I'm Lizzie, I am a part-time teacher who works in Sheffield and lives in the Cotswolds! I am very new to photography, and enjoy taking photos that reflect every day life. I am very nervous about people seeing my photographs so I think this group might be a way to build up my confidence. I am looking forward to seeing what people produce this year as last year's 52 by 52 project book was excellent.
Vanessa Parker 6 years ago

I am based in Sussex, Work full time. I enjoy my photography and belong to a local club .Would like more time to pursue it but the real world does not allow that.

Looked at last year's book and thought it was great! Well done!
dextersharp 6 years ago
Hi,Iam Richard from Lincolnshire Uk, I mainly shoot with a Nickon D40 . like all photograph mainly street, Iam looking foreword to the challenge and learning from everyone .
bozza2010 6 years ago
Hi, I am Richard darroch and I live the Loch Lomond area. Primarily I shoot landscape and sport, but enjoy all types of photography. Rich
Linda Wride 6 years ago
Hi everyone

I'm Linda, a photographer based in Oxford, UK.

I'm fascinated by shapes, patterns and form regardless of the subject matter and images which have an emotional impact.

I bought 52 by 52 as a post-Christmas present for myself and am looking forward to taking part in this project!
JanD2012 6 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'm Jan and I live in London. I love street photography and have only recently (well, past 3-4 years) been able to indulge myself. I would love to shoot film, but don't have the time or money to do that, so I work only in digital. Nice to meet you all.
emgipics Posted 6 years ago. Edited by emgipics (member) 6 years ago
Hallo, I am Manuela from Italy. I was already in 52 by 52 group and I loved it. I love photography no ifs and no buts and I am sure we will all have a great time in this new adventure. A big hug to the admins
anna.sircova 6 years ago
I'm Anna, currently am in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I like street photography, would like to experiment more with portraits and I also do some personal and documentary projects.
foreignsands 6 years ago
Hello there,

I'm Sara, nice to e-meet you all. I'm soon 33 years of age and originally from Finland. I'm based in London, UK, where I've lived now for four years. I work full time and some, but I will do my best to complete every challenge!

I wouldn't associate the word 'photography' with myself - I'm just a person with a camera and I take pictures every now and then. I'm the sort of person who reads up on theory of photography and consequently never feels ready to actually start taking proper photos. I wish I was more of the go-for-it type, but alas, I'm of the research-y type. Therefore I'm hoping that this year-long exercise will help me develop my approach to photography in general so that I would be less restricted by what I feel I don't know.

I enjoy street photography, and I use the word 'enjoy' there quite wrongly. When taking those pictures, I'm way out of my comfort zone, but seeing some of the better pictures come out of the camera later on makes it worthwhile.

I went through a short phase of trying my hand at IR photos quite a while ago and will hopefully get that started again in the summer when it's a bit leafier. Though those pictures will not be included in 26x26 as they do need heavy post-processing! Another thing I would love to learn more about is long exposures in daylight. I definitely want to experiment a bit with that later on this year. I also recently acquired a macro lens, but I haven't taken any proper macro shots just yet - another thing I want to try very soon.

Finally, I enjoy writing and I tend to write too much. As you can see. Sorry. *cough*

I am really, really looking forward to seeing everyone's contributions. I know I will be amazed and inspired by your photos and will surely learn a lot in the process.
Fromo99 5 years ago
Hi everyone.

I’m Maurice and I live in Surrey UK. Whilst I’ve owned a camera for many years (many different cameras in fact!) my interest has really grown since digital photography came along. I’m an enthusiastic amateur with no specific specialism but have “had a go” at street photography, landscape, urban architecture, macro etc. I also enjoy manipulating images when it seems appropriate.

I’m excited by this project and am sure it will provide plenty of new challenges and inspiration. I’m also looking forward to seeing images from so many others in so many different parts of the world.
D.Pz Posted 5 years ago. Edited by D.Pz (member) 5 years ago
I'm Donna and I'm from the U.K, specifically the West Midlands. I wouldn't really class myself as any sort of photographer, I am very new to this.
I like a variety of areas in photography and this project really interests me and will hopefully push me to do things I havent done before with my shots and improve my photography skills (fingers crossed). Looking forward to starting this challenge!
photodrum PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by photodrum (member) 5 years ago
Hi All. I am from the Tampa, Florida area. I am a general contractor full time and a photographer all the time. This looks like fun and I am excited about the opportunity to meet and work with what appears to be a geographically and artistically diverse group of creatives. I shoot weddings and portraits semi-professionally and do a ton of personal projects in a handful of genres. I have about 2 -1/2 tons of images posted in my flickr account., a few with which I'm pretty happy. Feel free to snoop around my sets. I love all forms of photography and I love a challenge. So, cheers all around. Let's get this party started!
Vicky_Wragg 5 years ago
Hi all, I'm Vicky and I live on the Surrey/Hampshire border in the UK.
I joined Godalming Photographic Club last year and am enjoying learning about all aspects of photography to develop my own style.

I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and especially enjoy travel photography and unusual subjects. I'm looking forward to the challenge of getting out & about more with the camera which is also a new year resolution!
Leripix 5 years ago
Hello to everyone. I'm Eleri and live in the Peak District national park (UK), but can be in the middle of Sheffield in less than an hour so have the best of both worlds with all that comes inbetween.

No hard and fast genre, maybe a sort of street/rural-urban landscape/my family, friends and chickens combination: they all seem to blur into each other and it really just depends on what comes my way. If I can knit a little humour in from time to time, then that's a bonus.

I learned a lot from 52x52, not just from the doing but from all the participants. The dawning of 26x26 is a very exciting prospect. I'm looking forward to reuniting with old friends and getting to know new ones.

Good luck guys.
Minikas1 5 years ago
Hello, I'm Monica from Derby. I'm a complete novice beginner & still getting to grips with my new Nikon D5100. Can't say what type of photography I'm into yet as I'm still enjoying experimenting.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to learn a lot from this group. I seem to learn from emulating any photos I come across that I like the look of.
Dionissi2010 PRO 5 years ago
I'm Dionissi from Godalming, Surrey. I came to photography out of an interest in expressing my creative side. I am hoping that this project will give me the opportunity to do this and challenge me in the process. I like to shoot the obscure and mundane.
Bring it on.
g*treefrog 5 years ago
Hi, I joined 52 by 52 late in the piece in order to share some snaps with my long lost pal....Palofperu. Once I had myriad lenses, filters etc and set up makeshift darkrooms in bedsits in the Pre-digital Age. Now I happily take my digital point and shoot out for walks. Currently living in north Australia. Mary
Oguz Ozkan 5 years ago
Hi! I am Oguz from Istanbul. I am shooting mostly (99%) street photography.

I like the idea to shoot for a theme and follow other photographer's interpretation which expands my vision and understanding..

I wish I have caught 52 by 52 in time. Fortunately here I am now..
krysolove 5 years ago
Hi, my name is Ilya and I'm from Russia. Now I live in St.Petersburg and shoot street and, sometimes, reportage. I also am a street musitian, I play some folk tunes on my recorder for feed myself. So I am a man of the street at leas in two sences.
Wendy A. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Wendy A. (member) 5 years ago
Hi I am Wendy & I live in Pennsylvania, USA outside of Philadelphia. I am turning the big 40 later this year. I am an amateur photographer. I love landscapes and shooting in nature but barns are my favorites. I also have a passion for early American history that I plan on exploring more in my photography. I am looking forward to meeting new challenges here & pushing my photography in areas I wouldn't normally shoot.
Hi I am Sarah, I am 40 years old, and live in West Clandon, Surrey UK. I have always enjoyed taking photographs, and capturing the moment, Though only in the last 3 years I have been taking more than your average holiday/family shots! I have done an on-line photography course, which my in-laws kindly gave me as a Christmas gift, and I passed all 18 modules! I have been told I am a natural at Macro Photography, though really enjoy all types of photography.
Richard Brown 56 PRO 5 years ago
Hi I'm Richard and live at Whitstable on the norh coast of Kent, England. Have progressed (?) from a Praktica MTL3, some 40 odd years ago, to a Sony A900. Like doing landscape and portrait shots
BeccaG PRO 5 years ago
Hello there, I found this via RPS DVJ on facebook.

I'm from Devon, England and shoot 35mm, medium format film and digital. Black and white images are my passion and I tend to shoot a variety of subjects.

Really looking forward to taking part as I really need a kick up the proverbial.
Hello...this isn't my real name. I'm not even in the army. Not terribly chaste either.

Still very much a rookie when it comes to street photography (even though I've been doing it for long enough to better than I am).

Based in London - but I tend to get out and about a lot....

Anyway, hello to y'all!
Mark W Russell 5 years ago
Brigadier Chastity Crispbread:

James - you are a card - what a name!
MOD1966 5 years ago
Hi all,
I'm also a Dubliner!
I enjoy all types of photography, but have been concentrating more on SP thanks to Flickr groups etc. I like photography for many different reasons - it makes me look at things differently, taps into the frustrated creative within me, makes travel and visitng new places more interesting/exciting - I especially like the rush I get when I feel i've captured a great image or set of images.
I really enjoyed 52 by 52. I'm looking forward to 26 by 26 and getting to know you all through your photography.
Erin'spics 5 years ago
Hi, I'm Erin, from Calgary Canada. I'm very much an amateur when it comes to this picture taking thing :) I'm hoping to become more skilled in using my camera while participating in this group!
catt1871 PRO 5 years ago
Hi I'm Cat, from Peterborough - UK.
I'm looking for challenges to help improve my photography, which is very much a hobby and nowhere near being the day job.
I'm not sure I can even say what my strengths are at the moment - looking forward to having to use my imagination a bit more.
~ Meredith ~ 5 years ago
It's nearly time :)))))

Hey all I'm Meredith. Joined about half way through 52by52 so I'm pleased to be able to start at the beginning this time. I'm really looking forward to the coming challenges. I have a tendency towards laziness and falling back on "safe ground" so I know these will help push me outside the box a bit.

Mostly I'm looking forward to being amazed by what everyone produces. Roll on Thursday :)))
martkelly 5 years ago
Hi, I'm Martin, from Oxfordshire, England. Enjoy film, especially my 5x4, but also continually amazed by what is possible as digital technology advances.
Full of ideas but not good at getting out and getting it done, so hopefully a little discipline in the form of 26 by 26 will help.
dacaccia Posted 5 years ago. Edited by dacaccia (member) 5 years ago
Hi photo friends,
I am Astrid, living in Vienna/Austria, and I like photography, music, Wahnam Qigong, and much more. My photographic field is street photography. I like watching people and catching daily life - life, the same as it always has been, since people live together. The fascinating thing is that this normal daily life repeated so often isn't boring at all, at least not to me. ;)
I have participated in 52bx52 on and off, and I was pleased to have been invited to the photo book of this group. :)
Let's have fun with this new group. :)
oomumsie 5 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'm Brenda, living in Kent, UK. I took thousands of video and still photographs for work, documenting the life of a Primary School for the best part of 25 years and in my home life the inevitable holiday and family photographs.

I was given my first DSLR as a retirement gift and love it... I completed the Open University T189 Course in 2010 and belong to a variety of Groups here on Flickr, enjoying the support and community feel. I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead and hope I can fully participate in the group.

I would leave it to others to describe my style but eclectic and creative was recently used by a contact to describe my photostream.... I would only say that I'm prepared to have a stab at anything!

Good luck everyone.
ash-brown Posted 5 years ago. Edited by ash-brown (member) 5 years ago
Howdy all,

I'm Ash and I'm in Leicester. Did a photo365 in 2011 and this year I'm also doing a Photo52 of long exposure photos.

I'm definitely at that point where being pushed out of my comfort zone is good for me, but I also enjoy the challenge.

I particularly like photos that for a second or two make you say "what is that??" and how beautiful abstracts can be captured in every day things or moments.

You can find me on twitter: @Our_Man_Flint

Tally Ho!...
SuziGuy PRO 5 years ago
I'm Susan and live near Leicester, UK. I am a self taught photographer. This year my challenge is to take more people shots.

So far in 2013 I have entered a few competitions (not all photos feature people) and had work selected in each of the ones I have entered. Blowing my own trumpet photographs have been selected for..... the Open 24 exhibition at The New Walk Gallery Leicester, Sandergram at Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery and "6 x 8" exhibition at the Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester. Also took part in Address Unknown.

I'm all over the place!
Twitter: @SuziGuy
Facebook: facebook.com/susanguy.photography
Wordpress: susanguyphotography.wordpress.com
Website: susanguyphotography.zenfolio.com
miss.jaime 5 years ago
Hi Everyone,

I'm Jaime and I'm a 24 year old Australian living in Macclesfield, UK. I have been teaching myself photography for about 18 months now and have spent most of that time travelling around Europe and Asia (and therefore doing a lot of landscapes and travel photography!) Recently however, I have been focusing my efforts on portraiture, family photography, and a few more creative avenues.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and your photography styles!

Jaime x
fieldsamantha 5 years ago

I'm Samantha and I live in Worcester, England :)

I guess if you placed me as far out of context as possible I'd be hiking in the north pole - more of a cozy house, heating and dvd/tv on kind of girl! x
sobrenivel 5 years ago
Hi all!
I´m Lili, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and work full time even though I´m retired.
I´m an amateur photographer that love all genres of photography, but very especially street, that spend my free time since SPNP, and then SPNC.
I joined 52&52 last year, but finally couldn´t submit any image, hope I´ll do this year in 26by26.
Good luck for everybody!
gri2011 5 years ago
Hi all!
I am Griselda, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am a beginner photographer, my passion is street photography.
I was already in 52 by 52 group last weeks and loved it.
I hope to learn and enjoy this year with 26 by 26.
Voltaire 2010 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Voltaire 2010 (member) 5 years ago
My real name is Chris

I live in London.
I am self taught and for some time resisted digital photography.
I like most genres of photography, but am really drawn to street photography and portraiture.
I am particularly interested in capturing the small and quiet moments in our wonderful, bustling cities.
I find the human face and the variety of costume,expressions and gestures of people endlessly fascinating
I have really been inspired by the work of other photographers in this group (52x52, I mean) and SPNP, as well as their sensitive reactions to my own efforts.

Great that it's back on.
Linxpix1 5 years ago
Hi every one I'm Mike,

I live in Lincoln in the UK, and was able to take an early retirement by 3 years. Which has been great. ( I have now reached retirement age)

I have been involved photography for many years both as a job and past time.

When using the dark room I used to be keen on derivative techniques, but since I retired nature photography has been my main interest using digital equipment.

I decided to do a 365 for 2013 on nature, this has been interesting but some images have been a bit contrived, however it makes me go out with a camera everyday. :-)

Looking forward to the 26 by 26 challenges over the next year.
Mike.Reed PRO 5 years ago
Hi Everyone , I am Mike Reed and based in Melbourne, Australia.
I really enjoy the challenges set . I am seeing my town as never before travelling all over, exploring the back streets. Its so easy to shoot the exotic (overseas)but to look around your own backyard and capture life's quirky moments is fabulous and very rewarding.
Riku Kettunen 5 years ago
Hi all,

I am Riku and living in Helsinki, Finland.
Photography is my biggest hobby. I started taking photos in my teen years. Now I a mostly taking digital but time to time it is nice to use film. Mostly I am into landscape, urban and street photography.
I am really looking for 26 by 26 challenges. It will be interesting to learn from all of you and to challenge myself as a amateur photographer.
Patryk.Majewski 5 years ago

I am Patryk, I'm 16 years old, come from Poland but live in Boston, England.
I am interested in all kinds of photography and I have won the 2012 Young Still Life Photographyer of the Year Award from Photo Answers by entering this photograph:
Candle lights by Patryk.Majewski
(it is a top view of a candle in a tea light, if you are wondering :D )
Barndillo 5 years ago
G'day 26ers,

My name is Tom, and I'm based in the Hunter Valley NSW. My wonderful wife gave me a dSLR (Canon 650D) for my birthday in December and I'm not quiet sure how to get the best out of it. I thought a challenge of some type would extend my knowledge of photography and take me a long way from the same old holiday portraits that fill my computers harddrive. After some googling I found 52by52 and saw this one coming up so I thought that I would give it a try.


B Michael Posted 5 years ago. Edited by B Michael (member) 5 years ago
Hello matey peeps, (that dates me).

I don't see things the way I used to as I currently have a sight problem, hence joining in with your project may keep my spirits up, as I struggle with all things visual currently. My first camera was a Praktica as a kid, hundreds of years ago, and been happy snapping ever since, apart for a good seven years where I gave it up. I have done thousands of jobs, mostly all creative and visual. Looking forward to the challenges, both physical and mental. Thanks. Rebecca. You Can Find me @fluffyhoneybee
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