Paul Whittaker P.W Photography 8:23am, 22 July 2012
My kind of photography i like to do is macro and long exposure water shot's love the milk effect of the water
MACRO Polo 6 years ago
I like macro and try a bit of light painting now and then.
Gareth Brooks PRO 6 years ago
Mainly Light Painting like Mat above :) But I also enjoy wildlife photography.

You can't beat a bit of long exposure water shots as well! I just wish I had some powerful ND grads now.
maeluk PRO 6 years ago
I like macro and zoo photography..some birds and landscape when I get a chance.
Abit of everything that catches my eye,
FionaBrimsPhotography PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by FionaBrimsPhotography (member) 6 years ago
I shoot anything apart from Macro and Abstract, I cut my teeth on old architecture so thats really my confort zone and i love revisiting it and adore mono work with a high contrast. I also do a lot of model work on locations. and motor sports and. well just and everything else! lol have a look at me stream its very eclectic!
My Favourite types of Photography are Landscapes and Macro

Also, thanks for the Invite! :)
rebel wound [deleted] 6 years ago
I quite enjoy taking any kind of photo, although living right upon the seafront, its quite easy to get involved in seascape photos. I also enjoy taking macro photographs.
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