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Paul Whittaker P.W Photography is a group administrator Paul Whittaker P.W Photography says:

Hi my name is Paul AKA Roger iv bin doing photography for about a year now thank's to my mate Ian (cam587 I.H.C Photography) i have a canon eos1100d and a olympus E420 which i use for macro work and i love doing long exposure water shot's
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Dave Angood says:

Hi Roger mate. I am in...lol. For those who don't me my name is Dave, and I live down in Norfolk. I know Paul very well and have met up with him and Ian. I own a canon 50D with many lenses.
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maeluk says:

My name is Steve. I am a carer for my wife so my photography is whatever I can manage within striking distance of home. This is mainly macro and animals (Chester Zoo is pretty close). I have a Panasonic fz100 for macro along with a Raynox 250. I just entered the world of dlsr photography with a Pentax K5.
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Gareth Brooks says:

Hi, i'm Gaz. I've been drinking for... whoops sorry wrong group ;p

I'm a web designer/developer with a passion for photography (like everyone else here :)). In particular I love long exposure light painting and wildlife photography. You can find me most weekends at Chester Zoo with a Nikon D90 permanently attached to me neck!

I've had a bit of success with the Light Painting recently, I've had a 4 page article published in Photography Monthly in June and I've just become sponsored by www.brightlites.co.uk for my light painting torches. (sorry I had to give them a plug :) )

If you ever need any help or advice, please give me a shout. I'm more than willing to help out or even arrange a meetup.
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cam587 I.H.C Photography is a group administrator cam587 I.H.C Photography says:

Hi my name Ian i've been doing photography for 3 years,
I live in Nottingam Robin hood country,still hunting him down. :-)
Im good friends with Paul and Dave,,we had a gud meet up not so long ago.I use a canon D450 and olympus E420.
Myself and Paul both find the E420 brilliant at macro.
We have a sister group called best through the lens please pop by you are all welcome :-)
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MACRO Polo says:

I'm Mat from Kingston Surrey.
Love taking macro shots and messing around with light painting (mainly at work, but don't tell anyone).
I use a Nikon D3100 which I won in a photo competition and my trusted Raynox DCR-250 (best £40 I ever spent).
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FionaBrimsPhotography says:


Im Fiona from Central Scotland, I have been doing photography for about 12 years or so and shoot using canon DSLRs ( 7D and 30D at present) I will shoot anything fromw Weddings to horse trials.
My other hobby is keeping reptiles, especially Royal pythons and I love beig able to combine the two!
The only type of photography i dont do is Macro and abstract.
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beverleyplaya says:

o0o hello and thanks for the invite, happy to help and wish the group
every success possible ~ Bev ~ o0o
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rebel wound [deleted] says:

Hi, my name is Lee Wiltshire. I have always enjoyed taking photos, but have only taken it seriously over the past 6 months. I look upon it as a great hobby and past time. I have a little, compact Samsung camera which I always carry with me and also I recently invested in a Samsung WB 100 bridge camera.
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Robert G Henderson (Romari). says:

Hi all, Robert from East Kilbride here. Was given my first camera in 1966 and it has been downhill ever since! Into digital from around 2003 and have over 5K pics on Flickr. Need to get out a bit more.

Canon equipment user!

Regards to all.
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Any Camera Will Do!!! says:

Hi all, Im Mike.
From Nottinghmashire - you can walk to Robin Hoods legendary tree from here (3 miles away).
Always liked photography but as a youngster growing up in a poor family found that although dad struggled and got 'the family' an olympus om10 we couldn't afford many films.
Years later I learnt to produce my own images in our schools darkroom. Many years later after not having anything to do with photography since school (eons ago) I was struck down severly ill. Having barely survived and now on the mend I thought it time to change my outlook on life and start doing what I enjoy, spent a huge amount of savings and bought myself some decent equipment (I know Nikon owners, decent is my opinion!) - I bought a canon 550d with several lenses and addons. I am loving it! Frustrating at times but loving it!

Have fun and enjoy!
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flowery touch [deleted] says:

Hello everyone, I am A Boy Form Hong Kong. Yeah, a 19-year-old boy form Hong Kong. Ah, I study fashion design in London. I dun really enjoy using DSLRs because they are bulky and I personally think that when the revolution of an image is so high, the image becomes artificial and fake. I hate landscape photography and all those photography which have been done for millions times ( you know what I mean ).

I use Canon G9 as my daily camera because it's the only compact camera I have. I dun really care much about what I use as long as it's handy and can take pictures. I seldom shoot with my Canon 550D because it's too hard to carry around.

I always try to capture the subtle beauty of daily objects, some traits of people. I am not that kind of look-for-interesting-people guy.


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