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Terry_NYorks ADMIN September 23, 2017
Standard group tags will be input for you. Contributors please use Flickr's Mapping for country searching. Please also observe group rules

Please review queued photos awaiting addition to the Group, plus use the discussions below!!!!

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Group Description

To collect as much information as possible about Clerestory roofed railway coaches used by Worldwide Railway companies, specifically ::
* UK pre-grouping railway companies, i.e. before 1923,
* appropriate LMS, LNER, SR, & GWR stock, including NPCS, (pre 1947 build) ;
* Clerestory Pullman stock, whatever vintage, (likewise to about 1947) ;
*. appropriate underground (subway) stock; and,
* other companies world wide :
- where some coaches were used extensively much later than in the UK.

This group was designed to support knowledge of the historical railway coach era to about 1945. (Tram pictures are referred to other dedicated Flickr groups)


"Clerestory" is defined (in simplified terms) : That portion of a roof that is raised higher than surrounding portions, hence the portion of a passenger railway car roof that rises above the roof proper, usually with windows in the sides for light and/or openings for ventilation. Generally applicable to the whole length of the roof, though end contours vary. Some vehicles have the clerestory for less than the length of the coach - those with approximately 90% or more will be accepted into the group; primarily such coaches are "Tait" Stock in Australia.

Some American practice allowed for factory modification of the Clerestory for fitting of air conditioning ducting, in the 1930's. If one side remained as a Clerestory, with the other as arc roof, then clerestory side views will be admitted to the group, only. See Pullman "Dover Harbour" roofline from above, to illustrate a complete Clerestory side.

Clerestory roofs were first used in American railway coach building about 1860, possibly earlier; and widely used through to the 1930s, possibly later there; in the UK possibly produced as early as 1840 (C Hamilton Ellis, "The Royal Trains", p5). The best description informing Clerestory roofing designs we have come across is (click) here.

You may wish to search the group for "MR American Pullman Import" (click here) for relevant photos for the initial Midland Railway Imports into the UK in 1874, which go right back to almost the start of George Pullman's work; though the overall design outline existed before that.

Some countries local builders copied the general design outline (not necessarily the interiors of Pullman's trains) and labelled the results all generically "Pullman", or even "Pullman type", but that is a separate discussion!

Some excellent interesting photos provided by some members, especially the early SAS/SAR (South African) "Blue Train", ", similar tourist trains in South and Southern Africa such as "Rovos Rail", "Geoff's Trains" who run steam safaris to Zimbabwe including Victoria Falls; and also unique UK, US, Australian & South African stock.

We have been fortunate to have many Royal Train photos uploaded, especially from the HRH King George VI South African Tour of 1947. Where contributed by 'HiltonT' the copyright for these vests in South African Railways.

Likewise copyright vests in many of the photo owners. Please bear in mind when copyright of the photo is indicated, permission must be sought before use. (You may wish to refer to statutes, or summaries such as UK Copyright Law fact sheet from the UK Copyright Service).Thanks.

Standard unique search tags are in use for this group which will be input for you by Group Administration to preserve consistant use. These will be used to identify Countries and/or Regions. Please click here for the current list, should you wish to use one of these tags for search purposes. Clearly consistent searching (as far as Flickr will allow) will allow reasonable results. Also check the discussion for the latest tags, and special tags used in addition.

Please geotag, as far as possible, your own pictures (only the owner can do this) which will enable searching by country; enabling other members to establish unfamiliar locations - plus maybe even plan a trip abroad! Unfortunately, only about 50% of pictures have been geotagged at this time, so the map results will not be complete. As explained in the rules, below, there is a sequenced example which might help if you have any difficulty, click on pdf file in this link .

Also please kindly register your support with the need for sets (albums) in Groups, which would provide for organisation breaking down the group into smaller sub-groups. See the links in item 5 below.

Thanks again, and welcome to this site.

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Group Rules

The group rules are currently being revised.

Meantime, if in doubt as to eligibility, please contact the site administrator.

{28 Mar 16}

1: Standard search tags, are in use in this Group, applied for you by Admin. Use of standard tags will assist consistent searching, allowing breakdown of results. Also check the discussion for the latest list. (See also the last point below, so that another discussion comment from time to time will keep the list "live").
2: As this Group is intended to cover all countries world wide, please kindly use the Flickr Geotag Map facility, which will help us all learn some detailed geography - plus possibly find the exhibit if visiting! (See note A below) Please be advised, once geotags are fully switched on, the Flickr system has the effect of removing non geotagged items, and maybe some more at random.
3: An ideal picture is where an eligible coach is in the foreground. However, since coaches are often a by-product of a loco pic, if the coaches appear smaller (but not too small, or distant) they will still be accepted!
4: As to an explanation defining a "Clerestory" coach, a succinct definition is in the 'About' section above. Interiors of relevant coaches will be accepted, likewise photos of points of detail on a vehicle, provided the photo is identify-able, or linked, to a clerestory vehicle, or can be identified with a known coach.
5: Please support "Sets in Groups" in the relevant 'ideas' discussion (now on UV) - click here. If (when) we had Sets, even Collections, this would permit better organisation, by country, even state/region where necessary, as a way of making finding pics easier.
Thank you.
{Upd 6/2013}

Notes to Rules :

A: Mapping Geographical Mapping is a useful tool to allow users to find some items when visiting, using group mapping searches. However, unmapped items can still be found by regional searches, so the contrast between the two searches can be readily seen.Pre-prepared searches may be added to many comments.

Rather than the Group Administrator clutter the comments to an image with permanent mapping requests, in future, please note this in relation to the Flickr mapping functionality (Rule 2). It is not treated as a requirement!
So viewers (especially internationally) can place the location, and take advantage of Flick's 2015 group mapping facility (since only the photo owner can do this), it would be appreciated that when adding this interesting photo to the Clerestory Coaches (Railways) Group, could you kindly use the Flickr mapping facility. Further information is indicated in this link. (See item #2, note A).

Should you need further help with mapping there is also an example available at this link: click here........ and then click on the pdf file.

As there is (or was) a setting issue with the Flickr's Mapping functionality, you will need to ensure EXIF information is set to 'Hide?=No' in your privacy settings, so that others may be able to view your map location, see : privacy for your account.

Given the current changes to Flickr's program effecting the view, in the so-called 'new' English language "NPE" then "NPP" views, mapping (input) functionality may also be operating through the organiser.

Many thanks.

{Upd May 2016}

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