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For combat tanks, armoured cars, armoured personnel carriers and Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicles.

Self-propelled guns such as M-10, M-109, Sexton, Abbot, SU-100, Sturmgeshutz and Panzer Jagers go to the separate artillery group - see rules and useful links on this page.

I remove about 10 self propelled guns per week and direct them here: Artillery

I am allowing armoured trains, especially those with tank turrets.


  • Pulling an IS-2 out of a swamp

    New to me, a complete IS-2 (Josef Stalin 2) being recovered from deep mud. ww...

    Whipper_snapper8 months ago0 replies

  • FV432 converted to Stugs, etc

    As most of you are aware this group is for tanks, armoured cars, MICVs and armou...

    Whipper_snapper23 months ago2 replies

  • Hello, New to group.

    I'm a Tank fan and I like Tanks. If you are on Google Plus then check out Tank c...

    Mohit S9240 months ago0 replies

  • Hello

    Hello to all :) I'll keep short, I hope you like my contrubitons of the group.

    precious trampoline57 months ago1 replies

  • Identification of a mystery part

    Hello everyone, just joined this group a moment ago to ask a bunch of like-minde...

    SJ Commander - SPW / J-Tac / TPI69 months ago2 replies

  • 'Lost' tanks on YouTube

    I've been on YouTube: 16 early Stuarts in Brazil:

    Whipper_snapper82 months ago2 replies

  • Change of name???

    Over the years I have been policing the group like a fascist with a delete butto...

    Whipper_snapper84 months ago12 replies

  • World of Tanks

    Does anyone play the game World of Tanks? Not recommended if you are easily addi...

    Pete....84 months ago0 replies

  • 1000 members on Artillery group

    Our sister group - Artillery - has now reached the 1000 members milestone. Can I...

    Whipper_snapper84 months ago1 replies

  • Finnish versus Soviet tanks...

    I found this on YouTube: ...

    Whipper_snapper87 months ago1 replies

  • Drawings

    I made a few armoured vehicle drawings a long time ago and would like to post th...

    Ken's Aviation87 months ago1 replies

  • MAW

    Maw - carl gustav 84mm

    sandy161891 months ago0 replies

  • The enemy

    I admit that the 2 photos of a MAW in action does not meet your brief but post t...

    sandy161891 months ago0 replies

  • Lurking about

    Found this, thought you might like to have it in your group...

    Scumbag*College91 months ago0 replies

  • KV-1S

    Hi all, I'm looking for some pictures of the KV-1S Turret. I'm a model-builde...

    Illusive Design96 months ago3 replies

  • Pool cleaning - watching out for tracked artillery!

    Lots and lots of new pictures. Sadly a few off-topic. Please check group posting...

    Whipper_snapper98 months ago5 replies

  • Range targets and wrecks

    A new group has been set up for wrecked tanks and military vehicles on gunnery r...

    Whipper_snapper113 months ago0 replies

  • Tankfest

    Don't forget guys, Tankfest is coming up. The Tiger I was out last year but sadl...

    Pete....113 months ago2 replies

  • Any HiQuality Pics of T-72/T-90 MBTs?

    Any of ya'll got any real nice pics of a T-72 or T-90 Tank? Preferrably if the p...

    tankgirl420115 months ago1 replies

  • Our thousandth member.

    I note that our one-thousandth member has just joined up. Well done everyone!

    Whipper_snapper116 months ago0 replies

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