wrgriswold 3:10pm, 8 June 2012
At the end of the List of Historic Landmarks is an Appendix C, which mentions several NPS sites that are said to be automatically part of the historic site registry.

Is it correct to assume that photos of any site in Appendix C are eligible for the 2012NHJPHOTOCONTEST?


Bill Griswold
National Register PRO 6 years ago

Thanks for your question. The appendices are intended to explain that various types of sites have importance in telling the nation's history, but under a variety of different designations.

The takeaway message is meant to be that National Parks are not all National Historic Landmarks, but are nationally significant. That said -- a few parks are also National Historic Landmarks (sometimes that designation came first, and then the site became a park), such as Valley Forge or Mount Rainier National Park.

Within Mount Rainier you'll find the following individually designated National Historic Landmarks: Longmire Buildings, Paradise Inn and the Yakima Stockade Group.

For the purposes of the NHL Photo Contest, ignore the appendices.

We hope that's a help.
wrgriswold 6 years ago
Thanks for the quick response. From your answer it sounds like the Old Point Loma Lighthouse is not a National Historic Landmark even though Cabrillo National Monument is listed as being in the Historic Register in Appendix C.

I believe that the Old Point Loma Lighthouse is in the National Register of Historic Places, but this may not be the same as having the status of a National Historic Landmark.

I am a little suprised that this lighthouse is not a National Historic Landmark.

Anyway thanks for your help
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