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Thank you!
This was an awesome event made possible by all the light painters out there!
All the medals have been handed out!
Winners have been posted!
Will see ya in 2012!!!


  • General discussion

    This thread is for all your questions and comments... If you have any new Light...

    BlaisOne50 months ago87 replies

  • Statz

    The Numbers as of March 2: 21 Categories Entries by country: 3 Argentina ...

    jah~50 months ago15 replies

  • Silhouette Shot

    Your best Human silhouette shot with a flash, strobe, or light source to produce...

    BlaisOne50 months ago49 replies

  • The Bright Lights

    Use the most light sources possible in one single exposure. The more light sour...

    BlaisOne50 months ago33 replies

  • Speed Round

    So you can still satisfy the addiction with your point and shoot eh? Heres a g...

    BlaisOne50 months ago38 replies

  • Hand Drawn

    Post your best hand drawn light painting. No spinning tools or bars, Flashes or...

    BlaisOne50 months ago42 replies

  • Still Life

    This thread is for shots of still life. Being it a vase with flowers or a car......

    BlaisOne50 months ago45 replies

  • Longest Wool Toss

    Use any means possible to Launch Steel wool on fire for Distance! This Catego...

    BlaisOne50 months ago34 replies

  • Longest Single Exposure with star Trail Plus Light painting

    Plain and simple. Single frame exposure only. Star Trails. Some form of light...

    BlaisOne50 months ago34 replies

  • Camera Toss

    For everyone who thinks spinning the camera around in circles while pointing it ...

    BlaisOne50 months ago35 replies

  • Perspective

    Whats your angle? Best Perspective shot wins!

    BlaisOne50 months ago37 replies

  • Experimental

    Just faffing about are you? If your experimenting with new techniques, testing ...

    BlaisOne50 months ago47 replies

  • Animal LP

    And the Animal LP medal goes to... The best and most recognizable light paintin...

    BlaisOne50 months ago32 replies

  • Natures Best

    Lighting up the forest, the pond, or the desert as it may be... this thread is f...

    BlaisOne50 months ago38 replies

  • Tacky Masks

    Shot made specifically for turning sideways to create a "Mask" Post Medium si...

    BlaisOne50 months ago30 replies

  • Alpha Painter

    Your best Alpha numeric Painting. Graffiti, Words in the air, Messages in light...

    BlaisOne50 months ago39 replies

  • Human Light Form

    Your best capture of "Light Man" Walking through the town or sitting at the ben...

    BlaisOne50 months ago42 replies

  • Best representation of your Country

    Best representation of your Country done with light painting... Be it a flag or...

    BlaisOne50 months ago36 replies

  • Abstract

    For all the Picassos... Purely Abstract art.

    BlaisOne50 months ago45 replies

  • Tunnel Funnel

    Best shot in a Tunnel. Be it a drain pipe or a over pass if its round and you c...

    BlaisOne50 months ago42 replies

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