Newbie here

HappyGirl77 12:31pm, 29 December 2010
Hello all,

Im Kelly and Im new here and want to join in for 2011, I have a couple of questions though.

How do you know how to set the days/numbers out?

Also what Books do you use to make them in?

thekathrynwheel PRO 7 years ago
Hi Kelly.

Welcome to the challenge :-)

We all work differently but I work in a large moleskine sketchbook, and each month I use a double page spread. I generally use acrylic paints to colour the pages, as well as rubber stamps and some images for interest. I cut my squares from scraps of patterned scrapbook papers and they measure 1 1/2" square. Hope that helps.

HappyGirl77 7 years ago
Oh thankyou Kate, thats a great help. Is the Moleskine the A4 one?
Jill @ marvin4pet PRO 7 years ago
Hi Kelly, welcome.
I work in an A4 'portrait' spiral bound sketchbook ,with 4cm squares. I can fit 4 columns on one page and 3 on the opposite one and vary this according to my mood. Don't forget to check which day of the week the month starts on. this had had me ripping off a few suck down squares more than once!
HappyGirl77 7 years ago
Hi Jill, I completed my first page and posted it. Can you see it?
Nickactually 7 years ago
Hi there, I am new here too - looking forward to joining in with you all
thekathrynwheel PRO 7 years ago
Welcome to all newbies :-) Good luck for 2011!
chrisg62 7 years ago
Welcome to all the newbies,
I know you're going to have lots of fun with this challenge. It is quite addictive. Looking forward to seeing your pages.
Holly Jeane 7 years ago
Hello everyone! My name is Holly and I am another newbie here. I first heard about the challenge when Terri at Pringle Hill Studio blogged about her January 2011 calendar. Earlier today I was browsing the art journal group and came across someone else's calendar for the challenge. That was it - I'm in! I immediately had a vision for my January 2011 spread and so I went to work on it. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's contributions!
thekathrynwheel PRO 7 years ago
Welcome 'Life unfolding'! Hope you have lots of fun with the challenge. There is a full list of participants here:
snappyscrapper2011 7 years ago
Just got my moleskine book so I'm hoping to get all creative this afternoon and start January. Wish me luck!!
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