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This pool is for the photos that will appear in the 2008 DCist Exposed Photography Show. We created this group so the winners can discuss questions they have about preparing for the show.


  • Emerged

    Curious, what those of us that attended the panel discussion took away from last...

    F1.486 months ago12 replies

  • So I thought i'd post some pics of tonight's opening... in this thread rather than clutter up the pool. Thanks so much Heathe...

    andertho86 months ago5 replies

  • Lighting at the gallery

    Nothing to worry about, but I commented on the color temp of the lighting and wa...

    F1.486 months ago21 replies

  • "Some Kind of Rush"

    I woke up this morning feeling great and electric. Got dressed and headed to wor...

    Samer Farha86 months ago1 replies

  • Press for Exposed

    If you haven't heard, we got picked up by the Washington Post as one of their we...

    HeatherMG86 months ago12 replies

  • Reception Day Thread (all the little things....)

    The big day is almost here! There are a few little things or silly questions th...

    HeatherMG86 months ago10 replies

  • Ok, Don't roll your eyes...

    But Ladies, What are y'all wearing to the opening reception?

    Intemporelle | Erin Lassahn Photography86 months ago33 replies

  • Facebook Event

    For those of you into the wonderment of social networking, I created a Facebook ...

    HeatherMG86 months ago3 replies

  • Editions

    Another thing you'll have to decide: how many editions you want to run. We had ...

    HeatherMG86 months ago22 replies

  • Your Exposed Posters

    Hey folks. We're getting close -- can you feel it?? Last year some participa...

    HeatherMG86 months ago3 replies

  • Invitations

    It may be too early to discuss this, but are there going to be invitations/annou...

    Matt**86 months ago17 replies

  • Carpooling to Apex

    I know a few folks were able to get together to carpool to Apex last year, since...

    HeatherMG86 months ago22 replies

  • Special Event Announced!

    Okay folks, here you go:

    HeatherMG86 months ago8 replies

  • Today's Kojo Show (Nice job Techne!)

    Visual Arts Community A peek into our local visual arts community. With the s...

    BWKP86 months ago3 replies

  • Printing your photo

    You may print your photo yourself, but unless you have professional equipment an...

    DCist87 months ago46 replies

  • Business Cards

    Hey all - The email sent out suggested having business cards for the show. I'...

    cstein9687 months ago16 replies

  • DCist Exposed - Hours?

    I was just looking on the Civilian Arts Project website and noticed that the hou...

    cstein9687 months ago1 replies

  • Mpix metallic prints

    I guess this is the counter-example to cstein's post... I just ordered sever...

    parikha mehta87 months ago4 replies

  • bad print job

    I just picked up two 8x10 prints of my photo, one matte and one glossy,from Penn...

    cstein9687 months ago16 replies

  • Signing your photo

    Boy, I had no idea how much these discussion boards would take off! Here's a ...

    HeatherMG87 months ago8 replies

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