sunshinecity 12:56pm, 11 December 2007
I am probably gonna get an ass beating for posting this here.. but hey.. I like living on the edge... ^_^

Any ideas for a 2008 Daily Diary? I know some people had some ideas, some suggestions... different ways of going about creating a new group?

Either post it here, if not... start a topic else where, or even a NEW group?
Please let me know, here... or flickr mail me...

Yep yep yep dont stop!

new "enjoying place" ? there :
new admin welcome!

same idea, new fun! right?
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
yes! yay! good job, stan.
how many admins does it take to write a diary?

*strokes mustachio
Dragonhide 11 years ago
I wonder about the feasibility of having all the diarist be moderators, with a handful of Admins. To keep the moderators in check.

It's a little discontenting to not be able to edit your own diary. Except for your own text that is.

We've been so lucky this year.. There hasn't been any falling out & flame wars that I know of. But it can and does happen. The diarist should be able to have some degree of control of their own diary in my opinion.

It's a shame that flickr groups doesn't have a way to assign a moderator to a specific topic.. It would be awesome if a group's discussion had subtopics.. Nested discussion threads like a real forum, and the moderation was assignable. But I'm dreaming.

Just throwing out some thoughts I've been having.

Dragonhide 11 years ago
BTW- no ass beating.. I asked LBT if I could make this topic a week or so ago, and she said yes, do it! and then I dragged my ass.. I guess I'm the one that needs to be kicked around.. lol
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Tim, I've been wanting to comment on how this group quickly became my favourite, but it wasn't until recently that I truly appreciated why...None of the bullshit that happens elsewhere [*cough*Central*cough*] is an issue here. Of course, if I don't want to take part in a flame war or some ridiculous thread [ie religious vs atheist, Canon vs Nikon, great taste vs less filling], I don't have to look at the topic; but sometimes those flames blast outta nowhere and can make for a really uncomfortable place--even if I'm only reading.

This diary group has been amazing in that regard, not to mention the friends I've made here and the things I've learned. Maybe it's from getting in from the get-go, but then some of you didn't start on Jan 1, and became some of the most prolific and thoughtful posters. I dunno. A lot of the other groups come off really cliquey, and I'm afraid of getting flamed or just plain put down as a n00b if I post. Even in the groups for my specific camera, I don't feel the love, even when I post something I think might help someone.

That said, I think I'd go either way, as far as making all members Mods w/ a few Admins. It's good to think about, Tim.
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
yep !
you do have my blessing Jallen
but you don't even need it !
I am all for a new group with a new set of :
rules, admins and mods
just don't count me in
I had my share
and going to happily retire
back to writing !
ragged division [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ragged division (member) 11 years ago
Keep me in mind for 2009, but for next year; I just cannot do it.

Too much to do, too little time. Looking back on the last few months, I am so surprised to still be around posting new work nearly everyday.

This year (DPD) has ben an incredible mix of challenges and discoveries, frustration and exctasy, like no other time in my life. The experience has been extremely positive on my work, but less on the social side and the writing due to a lack of time.

I wish you all good luck for 2008, I know where to find you, and I will be visiting.

Thank you all for being who you are, it's been a blast spending a year with you.
ebilflindas 11 years ago
You found exctasy in here?!
And everyone was teasing me and Tim about our shenanigans!

[psst...are there any left over?]

huh? what? No, that wasn't for me! I was asking...uh...for a friend, yeah, that's the ticket!
ragged division [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ragged division (member) 11 years ago
'course there is ! "left over" is my middle name ;-)))
friuduric Posted 11 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 11 years ago
Oh, emil, emil, emil. I think you better stick to khat.

Considering the year I'm documenting started in summer 2007 and goes through summer 2008, count me in for continuing this project! People have been really nice, even to late-starters like me. It has been quite a positive experience so far.

Adventures on Sabbatical
yeah! but it should be a little more dinamic, like having a contest for the picture of the week for example and voting the group memebers. Stuff like that.
I'm on to keep the diary up
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
I would like to carry on as well. How can I help? Agree here with Emil that we have become quite a merry band without any of the problems we have all heard about. Thanks for that -
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Aww how cool to see everyone chipping in...
And yes Tim YOU indeed deserve the ass whooping, you're right..
I remeber talknig about this topic wiuth you last week.. guess you got sidetracked! Hehehe...

I'de love to join in and aprticipate for 2008. I think Tim's and Pablo's suggestions are worth consdiering..
Let me know the when and where's...
Dragonhide 11 years ago
I did. I admit. It's a pain in the neck having ADD. ;-)
sunshinecity 11 years ago
suuuure... good excuse!
When are you going to think about the children?????
(simpsons fan)
RobW_ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RobW_ (member) 11 years ago
Bravo Sunshine for starting the discussion, and bravo Stan for already having created the infrastructure for 2008. Looks like you're gunning to be promoted from Lieutenant to Captain ;-) You have my vote.

For my part, I agree that this group has been hugely successful and good-humoured, and become a bigger part of my life than I ever dreamed. My only regret is that I keep on discovering diaries with great pics and interesting people that I had not previously visited. Time becomes a terrible limitation, and probably in 2008 I need to be more disciplined and not spend quite so much time on the group.

On the principle of "If it ain't broke, why fix it", why not adopt all of the rules and principles of 2007, change the tags to MDPD2008 etc, and carry on as before?

I'll join up, Stan. Are you accepting invitations?
Lalalian PRO 11 years ago
Well, I've just sent off my request to join the group for next year {:->
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Me too. :)

Since we got so lucky in 2007 with no flame wars that happens everywhere on the Internet, I'm not going to stress so much about the moderation issue and take the plunge.

Here's to another well behaved year! :)
Jissy 11 years ago
I have to agree with . This years diary did so much for me:
- challenged me beyond belief
- made some awesome friends
- taught me so much about so many everday lives in so many places
- taught me to be discplined and make an effort to contribute to my hobby

However, since October I've been finding it even more challenging to take a pic a day letalone upload, post an entry and visit your diaries.

I love this project but not sure if i can do it next year- but i will be dropping in on yours- at least until such time that life gives me the space to do it again ;-)
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
i've waited all year to get lucky. no dice
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Well you people better not forget aobut me, regardless if you're in the project for 2008 or not!
I want you all to stop by from time to time and peek in to my little Roman life!
I feel like you're all neighbours...
Id' miss you all heaps if you didn't!!!

*group hug*
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Hugs back. We'll miss you Glory, if you don't come back. When you're on, you are the life and soul of this group.
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
im in for 2008 - damn - did i just say that?
i dont have a lot of time either and i hate that i almost never get to visit the other diaries - but i like knowing you are all there
and i lke having a reason (we might say excuse) to get ot and photograph something every single gosh darned day - it is kinda like having a dog makes you go for a walk every day - i miss lasti
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
How could we forget about you -- How could I forget any of you for that matter. Of all the groups I belong to, this is the only one that I participate in discussions -- the only one that has afforded me the opportunity to forge "friendships" and given me a glimpse into a crosssection of lifestyles across the planet that is incredibly rich and diverse.
It hasn't been an easy commitment -- and I don't expect it to ever be -- but it has made me grow and for that I'm grateful and I'm in for 2008. One of the things I've learned is that the world doesn't come crashing in when i miss a day -- although I'd like to not have that happen -- but the gift came in not beating myself up when i did miss.

I'm with Jissy -- this last quarter of the year has been the hardest in keeping up with daily posting -- In november there were crickets in my diary.... not to mention how I lost track of my favorite diary streams. 2008 will give me a chance to start fresh not just in my own diary but in each of's like a global soap opera -- I can't wait to see what's happening with all of you!
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Bravo Bella! And let's all hope Glory gets lucky in 2008 ;-)
I'm already in, the good thing about not having really nothing to say is that you can say it over and over again and again
friuduric 11 years ago
Quick question -- when this group (2007) ends, will we still be able to access the discussions? Anybody know? I'm thinking about turning the sabbatical diary into a blurb book at the end of it, and it would suck if I will have lost all the photo descriptions....

ragged division [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ragged division (member) 11 years ago
Cannot answer this question, but if you want to save your diary: text, images, thumbnails, comments, use the Firefox browser (free) to save your diary a page at a time. It will recreate the selected page on your C:\ drive and will save the whole page content under a sub-directory.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
I have been looking for a firefox extension for flickr groups to archive a topic to save us the time of having to manually go thru each page... SunshineCity for one has 30+ pages.. Egads!

Good thoughts..
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
I'll try and get some info on that,
thanks, 9, for the light !
sunshinecity 11 years ago
lol yeah.. i really dunno how that happened either!
Only 3 people come and visit my diary nowadays LOL

I too hope we can still access the thread..
I think all you have to do is just leave the group open.
Seems fair, right?
ItinerArts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 11 years ago
After all his, it would be strange not to (try to) take a shot every day. I'm up for continiuing.

By the way, I see there are 1,406 members of this group! And what, maybe 20 regular posters now? I wonder how many people are looking in without saying anything.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
And all the people I've never seen before (I arrived in Mid-April) are coming out of the woodwork! It's almost like they realize 2007 is coming to an end and they're trying to document what they can of it at the last minute.

I think it's really neat seeing the social aspect of this group ebb and flow
Jissy Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jissy (member) 11 years ago
ooh i've very interested in how we can keep this open- and any ideas for documenting it- into print format- blurbs etc- i wanna keep mine - hard copy- to remember not only this year but also all your comments and support!

tee hee Bella it is like a global soap opera! and i will miss it!
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
I've been copying my diary pages into Evernote (i love that little free clipping program). It's also been a helpful way to keep up with my "favorites" Over time, some have been deleted and by looking at the old page that I clipped, I can see who's gone from Flickr. There was this one poster who I had a lot of favorited flix, who disappeared -- there was a lot of drama about the person not being truthful but ultimately, they and their awesome shots were gone -- all i have are the thumbnails that I saved from the favorited page -- back then i printed them out, now i don't. Anyway, i'm rambling... time for coffee.

Sunshine -- only 3 visitors a day ? -- yeah right ;-)..... let me march right over there and see what's happening with ya! nobody's posting in mine because i haven't been updating regularly and maybe i've gotten a bit boring..... yawn.....
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Boring? Never!
CollardGreens PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by CollardGreens (member) 11 years ago
I've been coming here from the very start of this year - there is always something worth the wait on this thread. Glad to see we all have signed up for 2008 ! What a ball. Sorry to have been so tardy in coming around - but have always given the page a twirl when time allowed. Bella and the gang ... this has really been fun, looking forward to the next - here be good stuff !!
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
Got the info !
well, at the end of december
I will close all the personnal topics
but the group will still be there
for us to browse
I think it would be best for those who want to go on
to create a new group for the new year
I wouldn't want to change the name of this one
this should stay a big 2007 thing
right ?
right !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Right! Topics closed, but browsable, that seems the best solution.

On now, to 2008!
topics closed, but not too quickly, only after the last pix added!

for exemple, mine would not be ended before middle of january because of holidays abroad..
friuduric 11 years ago
Thanks for getting the info -- that will be perfect for making the blurb book!
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Exactly... please lets not close the topics right away... some of us take a while to add photos, even the the main group stream (you knoe, the photo of chocie for the wek?).
eelend PRO 11 years ago
well well well
what could i say?

see you on 2008!!!!

all new ideas are welcome to animate our next year
let discuss it in the new group!
ask to join there :
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Yes! I suggest we now move this discussion over there, and begin to get 2008 moving before the New Year starts.
noxious bulb [deleted] 10 years ago
This means that the group

is the official successor of this one?
CollardGreens PRO 10 years ago
There have been a few of us who have made the leap...why not join in? I think we can safely call this 2008 group official as S.Kesk has been an administrator in this present group and he has opened the new one...come on down !
wow, looks like I am late for the party again. I am in.

I am not too certain about weekly "contests" though--would that create some of that "flame throwing" we have all been so careful to avoid.
sunshinecity 10 years ago
I wouldn't say contest so much as "theme weeks".. like everyone has to take shots of their pet, or something... just as an example.
I think this is what BT tried to do with the monthly topics, but there was never much participation...

Anyways, mine was just an idea to make the place a bit more playful... not competitive
= )
sunshinecity 10 years ago
Just wanted to remind admins....
please keep this group open at least until mid jan...

I'll be away till jan 2nd and I need time to upload the pcis from my last days of 2007!
sure, no pb. :)
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