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Late at night coming out of work

25-09-07 "The Tallest Building"
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LOL rob
Loca.... 11 years ago
Great self portraits you make, this last one is so nice,
6-12-07 "broken"

06-12-07 "Broken"
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07-12-07 "Happy"

Como dice Juan Gabriel:
No tengo dinero ni nada que dar lo unico que tengo es amor para amar, si asi tu me quieres te puedo querer pero si no quieres ni modo que hacer

07-12-07 "Happy"
08-12-07 "Clear"

08-12-07  "Clear"
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09-12-07 "Abandoned"

I've seen this car in the same spot from about 5 year to the date, and every single time theres some new part missing from it, the thieves keep finding new things to steal from it.

I've been busy this days, meet a girl from another town on the web and have feelt lots of new things. too bad about the distance.
Went to a party and got incredibly drunk, and danced laughed and vomited on some really preciated flowers, lucky me nobody saw it was me.
The sunday I felt like crap and my soccer team had reached the finals of the Mexican tournament and loose. : (
Today is a new day at work and some friend who edits a magazine asked me for a project with my photos, I'll post it when it's done.

09-12-07 "abandoned"
sunshinecity 11 years ago
m'encanta el tuo idioma
and that poem....
Muchas gracias guapa a mi me encanta tu nueva imagen : )
Dragonhide 11 years ago
They do that here too- except the abandoned car is in their driveway...

How do you know if you are a Redneck?

You discover cars you lost when you mow your lawn.
Jallen- jaja LOL you really made me laugh
sunshinecity 11 years ago
hehehe muchas gracias a ti!

lmfao.... i laugh too hard at those lol
10-12-07 "Tea"

I drink lots and lots of tea, in the office it's hardly the only time I have a few seconds for myself.

It's the inspirational time

here some ceylon orange pekoe tea mmmmm

10-12-07 "Tea"
sunshinecity 11 years ago
ohhhh orange pekhoe .... I can almost smeel it! That's a yummy kind!!
Sun shine- It's quite strong flavored but I really like it
sunshinecity 11 years ago
me tooooo!
RobW_ 11 years ago
Too bad to have a hangover and then your football team loses. Bummer.
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12-12-07 "La pirata"

The pirate.Pulque place. Pulque its a traditional drink, made with maguey fermentation and was the only alcoholic drink made by the aztecs who by the way considered drunkness as a terrible thing and anyone who got drunk got seriously punished. Today it's not a so popular drink bassically for its unusual production, including fertilicer for the fermentation. In a traditional pulqueria no women are allowed and men spit on the floor, curse, and the place smells cause of the pulques waste, by the time you end up the glass a little base is formed on the bottom and its disgusting, so they just throw it to the floor.

Finally the pulquerias close really early, around 6 oclock beacuse pulque gets fermentated and it hits the strongest man in to drunkness, the worst gang-drunk-party I've seen was with pulque and iot ended qith crashed cars fights shotguns and familie bussiness broken.

12-12-07 "La pirata"
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Good god, I think I'll skip that one.
Jallen- Little things are more fun than pulque, but sadly lot of people feel the same way you do about it.

I forgot to mention it's in the corner of September 13th and December 12, Virgin's Mary day. TODAY
sunshinecity 11 years ago
wow sounds like some crazy times in there!!
awesome place
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Well you had me going "HELL YEAH!" until the shotguns came out... Yikes. I have enough of that in my redneck woods.. haha
RobW_ 11 years ago
Sounds like today's pulque-pounders don't have the discipline of the Aztecs.

Sounds like something to try - once. Tim, maybe you can import a barrel for your next barbarian barbecue.
13-12-07 "space"

Sometimes one can feel your alone with no one around to notice we're there.

13-12-07 "Space"
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14-12-07 "Sin ti"

Sin ti, no podre vivir jamas,
y pensar que nunca mas estaras junto a mi...
Blind singer on the subway, a strange tradition almost lost now a days.

Went to the office area's en of year cinner. Ate and drink a lot, but not ths usual's lot cause I can't make no mistakes there, and ended up singing karaoke.

15-12-07 "Sin ti"
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Those are some good lyrics...
It's a quite old song from a Trio "Los Panchos", they were hip when my grandmother was young.

I however like them a lot so I recomend them with a hi 5
CollardGreens 11 years ago
Hoot ! Hello Pablo - you were a late starter here but have been a good poster ever since - I am stopping by to wish you happy holidays and hope the coming year will be just as fun !! Best to you
Thanks man, I never even had a camer before and decided to buy one when discovered I had about 5 years of my life without any pictures of myself. The day I bought it I decided to take one picture everyday to learn how to use it. Today I've reached 100 days!.
You can count on me all the next year posting more photos.
One new day one new challenge
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15-12-07 "pool-shark"

Went to play pool today. I love it, and used to be really good, sadly it's been a couple of year now with no play and kind of lost my touch.
In the picture it's "el portero" (goalkeeper, nickname for a very funny anecdote that has to be told in person) and Mich, I love her for the pictures, her face tells a lot.

15-12-07 "Pool-Shark"
16-12-07 "100!!!"

Its today 100 days of a daily picture I take. The explanation of this picture is the one I gave CollardGreens a little lines up. So this is me to posterity

16-12-07 "100!!!"
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Well here's to your 100th post and 100th photograph!
Thanks a lot sunshine : )
BellaGaia 11 years ago
Well Done Pablo. I remember a few years in my 20's that I went without pix -- probably one of the most eventful and memorable times of my life -- I have absolutely no pictures of it. Glad you decided to record it -- and REALLY glad that you're coming back next year :-) you were a late comer, but you've jumped in fully committed.
Thanks Bella, I started the daily pic befor I joined this group, so here I have about 70 I guess. Yeah suddenly I realized all the pictures I had where circunstancial, of other people in the front and cassually I was aroung in the background somewhere. jajaja
17-12-07 "stariway to christmas"

It is now time to ake out feeling of the basement thet are there all year long, little chat, little love, little hugs and kisses and then back to regular.

At least I'm Scrooge all year long.

17-12-07 "Stairway to christmas"
RobW_ 11 years ago
Congratulations on your century of daily pictures !

Mich looks like fun. Do you have any more pics of her?
Let me put it this way, she can drink more than the whole group together, in fact sometime we play the game "what's mich drinking?" and the one that can take a whole drink of her glass wins. hahahaha
By the way I really love her, she is my favorite model. Theres plenty of more pic of her in my regular photostream.
sunshinecity 11 years ago
i liek the lights... looks like a bridge..
THanks sunshine
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18-12-07 "Gas"

I started talking way late, about 3 years old. In the mid time I said only a few words, one of them was "gas" but not only said it, it was the way, where we used to live there a tradition that all Gas salesman go on the street and scream "eeeeeeel gaaaaaaaassss" and so you come out and buy some. Well my first words were "el gas" in the same way the salesman screamed.

18-12-07 "Gas"
Loca.... 11 years ago
Nice, el gas, you should like the salesmen.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
LOL! They do that in Madrid too. I thought it was cool, a truck full of bottled gas driving down the road hollering and my in-laws leaning out of their balcony on 6th floor waving them, and they'd bring it upstairs up 6 flights of stairs...

THAT's service. They still do that.
Jallen- Some old traditions are never to be lost, that way if I lose my job I'll try out for that one. I'm sure I'll be pretty good
19-12-07 "pink nose"

I'm sure Mauricia was a lion on her previous life, she has no respoect for my authority, today I was pointing with my finger saying "NO, that bad, dont do that!!" and she just stares at my finger ...and bites it!!!. damn cat she does whatever the hell she wants.

19-12-07 "Pink nose"
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Hahahah my kind of cat... no rules, no authority!
Glow* 11 years ago
mine stares at me with naughty eyes ! :D
sunshine- Then maybe you were Mauricias friend in the same past life haha

Glow- Maybe is planning some revenge you're not aware of yet.
Glow* 11 years ago
that's for sure ! lol
20-12-07 "happy"

I'm quite happy.

I'll be gone for a few days, days behind meet a girl on the web from a different city, so we've decided to meet, tonight I'll be traveling 7 hours to another city, where she will be traveling too, and we'll see what happens. In a backup plan some of my cousins are in town, so if something screws up the plan I'll have some backup.

I'm really nervous, and anxious. From there I'll go straight to the christmas dinner with the familiy, so see you after that with lots of photos and probably lots of stories to tell also.

Hugs and kisses to everybody (well hugs to the gentleman and kisses for the ladies).

wish me luck!

20-12-07 "happy"
By the way this is my Mr. wilson anti-stress ball
12-12-07 is way cool and I love the black and white cat--she looks like and it sounds like she is just like my Kitty-Girl
Maquisarde - thanks, and hopefully your kitty won't have as tough as Mauricia
Tic tac
sunshinecity 11 years ago
ohhh hey!! Good luck!!
How did the meet up go??

Feliz Navidad chico!
21-12-07 "Virgin"

Today I'm leaving, the travel is 7 hours long so I'm planning to travel all night long. Here its at the bus statiosn with vigin Mary who I'm hoping to give me good luck. Hard work, came running home to prepare my stuff then leave to the staion, finally got aticket for 11:30 at night, let's see what happens next. I`m incredibly nervous but the week stress helps me to get to sleep.

21-12-07 "Virgin"
22-12-07 "..."

Day of doubts, surprises and lots of happiness, meet the girl in fact, lovely and have a wonderful time together, really conected with each other. Really happy of taking the chance to do this. Lots of food, talking, laughing, the "believe it or not museum" , and discovery

22-12-07 "..."
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Heeeeey!!!! Sounds like you had a great time!!!
I want an update!!!!
Sunshine- I love that girl, and feel like she has some atracttion for yours truly, too bad for the distance but I find the way to see her more. Sadly I have no photos of her, cause there (uset to be at the time) was other guy involved, so officially Im grandma in christmas party.
eelend 11 years ago
have merry christmas and a wonderful new year!!!!!
Thanks eelend, the same to you
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23-12-07 "It was my fault"

Second day with her. Her smile hipnotizes me and her look convinces me of doing anything. Few hours left, goodbye is such a sweet sorrow. the last kiss is always the sweetest one, after that start a 8 hours trip to christmas dinner, her flavor comes with me all the way until it vanish with my sleep.

I'll see you in my dreams.

23-12-07 "It was my fault"
sunshinecity 11 years ago
oh no... so you're not "supposed" to be seeing each othr huh?
Well... I hope things work out for you. It's never easy.
Well we WERE not supposed, not the 3rd its out of the picture so better views now
24-12-07 "remember"

Goodbye is such a sweet sorrow

24-12-07 "Remember"
25-12-07 "chistmas"

Lots of food, familie values and disorder. On the Franco family theres lot of disorder and messing around.

25-12-07 "Funky"
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Awww kudos to you for being brave and taking a chance... That is only way to get ahead in life!

You go, Pablo! :)
Jallen- Thanks man, I usualy go anywhere I get invited to. Lucky this time ended well, now I have to figure out how to do to keep her in my life and myself in hers. No easy task let me tell you.
26-12-07 "insert"

Insert kiss here________

*later on I founded a picture of a friend of mine with the same concept and text but a picture of his butt instead*

26-12-07 "insert"
27-12-07 "St paul"

My aunt went to Jerusalem and brought me this image of St Paul. Blessed by the temple's Father. hope It brings me some better luck this year.

27-12-07 "St Paul"
28-12-07 "Tobias"

This is Tobias, official memeber of the H club of tobey. Most lazy, fat and unsusual fellow ever, so he fitted in like a glove.

28-12-07 "Tobias"
29-12-07 "Fresh Air"

Taking a walk I saw this man reading in the street. Somehow the picture was refreshing. Dont ask me why

29-12-07 "Fresh air"
30-12-07 "Symbols"

Strange symbols on a bus, used by humanoids to send important messages like "lupita I love you" and "th club was here"

30-12-07 "Symbol"
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