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ltcherrypn 6:09pm, 10 August 2007
I am recently divorced. Prior to my marriage I was a star athlete, world champion powerlifter and nationally recognized natural bodybuilder. I was training for the olympics when my husband proposed to me. I made the decision that love last forever not gold or the glory of winnng gold in the olympics.

My (ex) husband then spent four years making me feel like I was the ugliest person in the world, the stupidest and that essentially I was his persona charity case.

I have not laid eyes on him in over a year - the divorce became final only days ago. It was not until he was gone that I realized how far I had fallen from where I was before the mental abuse. I spent the last year rebuilding my self esteem. Now, I am going to document my rebuilding of my life as and independent and proud woman!

Today is August 9th - This is where my new journey begins! This is my self portrait...

Just Me- Day 1
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ragged division [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ragged division (member) 11 years ago
I love your photos, and I envy you.... you are such a nice person!
I would have shredded the passport to oblivion!! :-)
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
:-) I probably should have. Doing so though would not have pained him anywhere near the pain he caused me over that last few years...so I stayed on course with the do unto others as you would have them do to you philosophy.

Thank you for the compliment on my photos. I love taking them...as far as artistic ability, I am still growing in that area.
ltcherrypn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ltcherrypn (member) 11 years ago
September 11, 2007 Tuesday

America Beautiful

Today is the 6 year anniversary of what proved to be the most devistating terrorist attack our country has ever seen (use being the victum). In memory of that day I decided to take a more patriotic photo.

Each year on this date everyone reflects on where they were when the planes first hit the towers. I was training some clients at a gym. I was a personal trainer at the time. We were in the dance studio...someone came into us and said a plane had hit the twin towers. We slowly walked into the workout room talking and not thinkng much of it becuase we thought a pilot had just lost control. We were standing infront of a television when we saw the second plan come crashing in on live t.v. That is when we knew that this was an attack. There was silence...no talking just amazement.

I live hours from the first attack and about four hours from the attack on the Pentagon. Despite that, even our little city shut down. Everyone was tied to a t.v. or rushing to be with their family. My father is a pilot, he was actually in the air when this all took place as immediatly grounded.

Time literally stood still in a country that everything moves too fast.
ltcherrypn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ltcherrypn (member) 11 years ago
September 12, Wednesday


Meet Toto. She is the most loyal dog on the planet...really! This is about how far away from me she stays when I am at home. My ex husband use to say that she was a scaredy cat...though my ex husband never out right hit me...there were nights when things got rough when he was drinking. Toto showed him one night just how scared she was when she attacked him when he pulled me down and pulled his arm back as if he was going to hit me. She stood her ground and let him know that she was not going to let that happen.

Toto is one of two dogs I have. The other is Lucy, a Jack Russell Terrior that can been seen on my photostream but has not yet made an appearence in this discussion topic.

I am itching to get out and take more photos. Work and simple photographers block has kept resulted in photos as of late that I am not pleased with. Grant it, Toto always makes a great model.
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
That is such an interesting old bridge on Sept 7.
ParaScubaSailor 11 years ago
Great pics and stories, I share your feelings about the trash on the trail a few days ago.

Small correction on your 09/11 entry: this is the first terrorist attack your country has known in a long while where you were the victims...

Great pic of Toto. I like her courage, good dog [virtual petting going out...]
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Toto is an amazing subject! This is a beautiful shot!
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 13 Thursday

Lucy Thinking

After yesterday's shot, my other Baby, Lucy got a little jealous and wanted her time in the spot light too. Lucy is a Jack Russell Terrier that is true to her bread. She was the first of the two dogs I got, I had to get the second just so that she would have someone to play with because I couldn't keep up with her.

Lucy is three years old and I was stern on not getting dogs. My (ex) husband wanted a dog so bad. So I drove an hour one day and picked her up and drove back waiting for him on the porch with her in my arms. I didn't have a cage or anything to bring her back in...so the car ride was definitly memorable.

Since that day she has been entertainment for anyone that comes to my house. A true joy.
ltcherrypn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ltcherrypn (member) 11 years ago
September 14, Friday

Leopard Pillow with Purse

My parents house has always been a nice little get away for me. My mother loves two things when decorating, Leopard, Red and antique. I love going there. Even though I am well into adulthood...going back home and enjoying Mom's home cooked food and her beautiful home is a true joy.

I need the time away to reflect on some things this weekend. I've been seperated from my (ex) husband for almost a year and a half. Now that the divorce is finally final there is more people trying to set me up with people. I dated a very nice man for a little while but he got way too serious way too fast. I had to back out of that quickly.

I was determined to be alone for a little while..but there are times that gets lonely. So I went away from my every day this week and just tried to seperate myself from my friends and think. Still haven't found the answers. . . but know I am not ready to date.
ltcherrypn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ltcherrypn (member) 11 years ago
September 15, Saturday

Antique Tub

Another shot from "home". Today my dad and I watched football together all day...well, kinda...our team got KILLED. So we really watched a brutal beating more so than what I would call football.

Oh, the picture was taken from my parents. When they were building the house my mother was driving on some back roads and saw this tub sitting out by a barn. Stopped and purchased it, got it restored and now you have her master bathroom.

Rob, I know you expect bright colors. But with this photo surrounded by the antiques and the story of restoration, I thought a combination of black and white (the old) combined with color (the restoration) would be neat.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 16, Sunday.

Evening Overlook

My favorite part of my parent's home...the view. I use to come out here every morning and sit and enjoy the scenary. The best time is watching a storm roll in across the valley. So peaceful.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
As you can probably tell from my photos...I am really struggling for inspiration here. I wanted to get outdoor photos last week, but instead ended up with a lot of inside shots.

I did manage to get some possible hiking partners for a trip next weekend which I consider a success. Hopefully, that will spark some interesting pictures. I also managed to get someone to cover my dinner tonight with clients. Going to go jogging in the park. Actually considering training for an Iron Woman competition. I have done body building and won a couple world title in power lifting. As much as I love the outside, an Iron Woman competition may be a good change for me, get me out doors more and ge me back in shape...Would make some interesting photos too...so we will see what happens.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
I should join in that quest to get back in shape. I used to compete in kick boxing and grappling. I miss being in the best shape of my life. Iron Man sounds good to me..... and not getting beat up is a bonus. hehe

That's such a beautiful valley.. whereabouts is that? I seem to remember you saying you're somewhere in the midwest?
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
No, I am in the Southeast US. Not far from the Smoky Mountains.

Kick Boxing can really kick someone into shape. Women who have competed in that shport have always had the most amazing back and abs....

So what do you think? Should we the IRON "Photographers" challenge? :-)
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Really like the bathtub...tell your mom she sis good. Good stuff here

CollardGreens: Oops!
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Ohhh yeah that's right- smoky mountains... I remember you saying you were in the area in your stream. Beautiful out there!!

I'll get to tinkering in the garage and whip my bike back into shape... saddle back up on the no-good SOB and get going! A mountain bike crash & injury sidelined me from the martial arts, and then once I got stuck into the "feel sorry for myself", it's hard to get out and get back to work.. grrr It is really true that it's easy to keep going when you're in shape, but so difficult to get started.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
I know exactly what you mean. Trying to get some training partners...that always helps me stay motivated. But since that task has failed I came up with an Iron Woman challenge. Forces me to train outside, but the motivation of occassionally get some good pictures will help.

Mtn. biking is hard stuff. Great cardio.
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Hey cherry, I'm not fixated on bright colours, and I enjoyed your two interior shots and the B&W dogs, but that last landscape is special, and very colourful.

I support the idea of you getting back into training - I sense that you need it, and may lead you to meet people to take you out of your introspection. By Iron Woman, you mean a long-distance triathlon; like 1500 swim, 150km cycle and 42km run? That would be amazing.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
Thanks, Rob. Yeap...that's what I mean by Iron Woman challenge.

Get into shape...get great pictures while I am jogging or biking through the mountains...while I am training of course....not during the competition. :-)

Did you know I should have been in your are back when the Olympics was held there? I know it souds like when the fish got away story...but I was training for that Olympics. I got married and was told I needed to concentrate more on being a wife than training. :-( One of these days I may scan some of the newspaper articles about my preparation for that and post them on flickr.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
I would love to see that! I understand about "fish that got away"... I was nowhere near your level of competition, but I was preparing to enter the next level of competition by moving into Mixed Martial Arts- combining my kick boxing and Brazilian jujitsu training into the ring. My record is 4 wins with 1 loss.

Truthfully it's probably as well- my injury from mountain biking is not so bad, and it probably prevented me from getting more nagging injuries later on.. :-)

Plus a bonus- I can always tell when it's gonna rain, or a big temperature change is coming- my ass hurts.. LOL
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
I'l have to scan some in.

I have much respect for the training I see on UFC specials. I'm a bigger fan of the documentaries on the training than I am of the actual fights. Very motivating.
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Oh wow! We weren't there, because we were working on the island, but that course is so familiar to me, the swim was off Vouliagmeni Beach, where I swim often in the winter, and the cycle and run along the coast road towards Sounion, wonderful scenery. I remember it was won by an Australian girl (Lisa Allen?), running for Austria by marriage. Such a shame you were not there - nobody has the right to interfere with your destiny.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
I have recently turned to iron women. that was not the event that I was training for those Olympics. I just recently turned to that. I actually was training for the Olympic lifting competition.
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Oh, sorry, I should have remembered. Still, the principle remains, you should have been encouraged, not hampered.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
I admit to liking the training much more than the actual competition. My dojo has the saying- "Sweat and bleed in the Dojo, so you don't in the street." Which means, you train so that you don't have to fight. Well, outside the ring that is. Most martial artists are very peaceful people with nothing to prove. Of course there's some bad apples out there, though.
sunshinecity 11 years ago
I love the view form your parent's place!
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
SeptemRed Bikeber 17, Monday

Back to the everday at work. No monumental events today. I have a lot or pressure on me this week at work. So my creativity is not at it's best.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 8, Tuesday

tire junk yard

I work around all types of transportation...cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. Often times the most interesting things can be found on the part of our lot that we keep the wrecked or disabled units. Even more importantly it is the furtherst storage lot from the main office, so about once a week I go out there to do inventory, take my camera with me as well and get away from people for a half hour or so.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 19, Wednesday

Under the Bridge

On my drive home there is a walking track that I always see as I drive by. This time I pulled over and decided to go investigate. The walking track leads under the bridge and into a nice little park. Today I just sat here for a few minutes to have some down time before I went on home.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 20, Thursday

Sleeping Willow

Trying to make a daily walk or job through this park now. Nice place to let go some of the stress from the day and not take it home. Even though I have no one to take it home to it is just nice to walk through the door a little less stressed then when I first got off work.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 21, Friday

On the bank

Tonight is girls night out. I am sure to find some trouble with the group I am going out with. Thought I would come sit at my favorite bench for a little while...just be by myself. The girls have all told me I need to get my spirits up. I have talked to any of them about the things that has been bothering me...they can just tell that I am down in the dumps. So I just sat here on a bench overlooking the creek trying to leave my troubles here at least for the night.,
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 22, Saturday

The Past

The day after the party. Girls night out was an enjoyable evening. I think my depression is getting worse though. Little things are getting me upset...things that shouldn't.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 23, Sunday

Park Path

Today I cried all day. Walked in the park and just cried. Sat at home and just cried. I am incredibly blessed with friends, but I can't talk to them because I don't know what is making me cry. I am so happy that my divorce is final and that the monster I lived with is out of my life...but yet I sit and cry.

One minute I am deterimined to live a single life for awhile, the next I am lonely. One minute I want to be left alone, the next I am crying because my friends haven't called.

I open up more on here than I do with my friends. None of them know how bad it is.
sunshinecity 11 years ago
it's a time of change for you right now, and i guess in some respects many things are uncertain. I think it's only normal to feel somewhat bewildered.

In time you'll find your pace, I'm sure. Meantime, there's no rush. We all stand behind you. Take your time!
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
Thank you. I get so angry because I don't want people to think I am sad because of the divorce...I just can't get my footing right now.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
*hugs* Don't worry about what your friends might think.... worry about you, and hey, talk with your friends, it'll be good for you. A divorce can be a double edged sword... It'll take a while to recover, but you will.

We're here for you.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
Thanks. Like I said. . . I open up more here then I do with my face to face friends. It is not that they are not being good friends, I am not giving them a chance to be good friends. I am also SUPER sensitive to EVERYTHING!!!!
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
Well, I dhave pictures just not the time to do the minor editing on them that I like to do. When I post them this week it is going to be a unique combination. I've had parties at my house, gone hiking and trained for some yet to be deterimined competition. There will be nature pictures, people pictures (which I rarely do) and more.
Lalalian PRO 11 years ago
Hi! I haven't been around too much late, but I look forward to your new batch of pix {:->
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Hey, I like your combination- Nature & People- that combo happens to be my favorite. :)

Hope you are feeling more spunky these days.
ltcherrypn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ltcherrypn (member) 11 years ago
September 24, Monday

Today we set up the Halloween display at my job. This is my favorite display each year. Is that wrong? Anyway, here is our buddy George


Things like this has managed to keep me busy during this depression I have been going through. Think I should change the title of my discussion topic to diary of a crazy woman.
ltcherrypn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ltcherrypn (member) 11 years ago
September 25, Tuesday

Today we finished the halloween display.

Hand in the Coffin

We have not received final approval from the bosse but I hope they like it,
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 26 Wednesday

Tower by Moon Light

This is not part of the Halloween display. I actually went hiking and this is an structure along the trail I went on.
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Wow-.... your Halloween display looks real creepy! How awesome! I can't believe you guys got it ready so early!

~ a picture, a story
Dragonhide 11 years ago
We've broke out our halloween stuff too! My favorite holiday!!! By far.

Your setup is awesome.. and that stone tower.. what a sight! wow.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 27, Thursday

This is just an overlook. I am blessed to live in an area abundant with mountains so some amazing views can been seen around here. I have hundereds of pictures of the overlooks into the valley, thought I would take a different approach with this photo.

ltcherrypn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ltcherrypn (member) 11 years ago
September 28, Friday

Cannon on the Mountain1

My only therapy now is nature. Despite my deep pool of friends they just aren't there for me nor do I expect them to be. I go out into nature where there is not expectations and you are reminder that that is something out there greater than you and something greater and more beautiful than all of your problems.

I have such a battle right now inside of me. Thought the picture of the cannon was perfect for today. This is a replica that sits on the mountain side where a famous battle of the Civil War took place.
ltcherrypn 11 years ago
September 29, Saturday

clouds canyon dry

We are in the middle of a huge draught. This should be a class 3 waterfall...instead it is simply a rock on the bottom of a cliff. There was little to no water here or at any of the falls I have hiked to as of late.
ltcherrypn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ltcherrypn (member) 11 years ago
September 30, Sunday

Walk Way to Falls

What is wrong with me? Today is the last day of my hiking and I am dreeding facing the every day. Today is actually a very sad day for me. It is the birthday to someone very special to me and the anniversary of the last day I saw them.

One minute I want to surround myself with people...the next I want to be by myself, but when I am I cry because I am alone.
ltcherrypn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ltcherrypn (member) 11 years ago
October 1, Monday

River Overlook

I live in such a beautiful area. I have not been to this particular overlook in about 12 years. But it is a great view of the city and the history of what makes our city what it is.

My phone is ringing of the hook with friends wanting me to come out tonight, yet I feel so lonely. I want to just go home and rest, yet when I am there by myself I will cry because I am alone.

I needed to get away up here today. I guess you could say I am adicted to nature right now. The fresh air clears my head.
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