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friuduric 2:24pm, 22 July 2007
Hi, I'm Imperatrix. From July 2007 to August 2008, my family (me, my Consort, and our two girls Impera and Trixie) will be living in New Hampshire while the Consort spends his sabbatical year writing a book. This diary will record our adventures.

I blog at peaceableimperatrix.blogspot.com.

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friuduric Posted 12 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 12 years ago
20 July 2007
We're spending the first six weeks of our stay in an apartment in my sister-in-law's house, about 20 minutes from Hanover, NH. Today, we explored the creek down the street from the apartment. It was good to get out and enjoy the outdoors a bit.
Enfield Creek
friuduric 12 years ago
21 July 2007
Our first hike! We broke in our new hiking boots (or they broke us in, depending on the individual). The girls loved it. We really are outdoorsy types, but there aren't many opportunities to climb "up" in Iowa. We plan to take advantage of the many "ups" we can explore during this year in NH.
Mount Cardigan 1
friuduric 12 years ago
22 July 2007
The girls wanted to do another hike today, but we didn't want to push it. Instead, we went on an Explore to Cilley's Mine.

Moose track!

We didn't find it. You can see why here: www.flickr.com/photos/93572896@N00/sets/72157600950980732/. (Can anyone tell me why flickr isn't accepting my links? Arrrrgh!)
friuduric 12 years ago
23 July 2007
Impera needed some jean shorts and tank tops. So we went shopping. In this area, you have the choice of either chichi poopoo boutiques or discount chains. Nothing in the middle. We chose the discount chain. I hate shopping under the best of circumstances. Picking through racks and racks of densely packed items is not my idea of a fun time. But, success! We found two pairs of shorts and three tops (well, one top, in three different colors) that Impera liked.
Jonathan W 12 years ago
just wanted to say welcome to the grp :)
Dragonhide Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dragonhide (member) 12 years ago
welcome to the group! There's many of us outdoorsy types around here in this group.. always nice to read the adventures of others! :)

Itchy feet of Dragonhide
CollardGreens 12 years ago
A belated welcome from across the water...
CollardGreens: Oops!
friuduric Posted 12 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 12 years ago
Thanks, guys! (I'd reply to your individual pics, but I have no idea how to do that. -- How *do* you do that???) This project looks like it should be lots of fun.
friuduric Posted 12 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 12 years ago
24 July 2007
Today started out as a work day -- just me, a pencil, and an article. But in the afternoon, we spent a few hours in the sun at a local mountain lake beach. Grandma says she’ll bring the kids back to the beach any time they want. (The four cousins plan to hold her to her word!)DSC01804.JPG
friuduric 12 years ago
25 July 2007
There was a lot of waiting today. Plans with family didn't quite work out, so we spent most of the afternoon in a holding pattern. (But the girls did get to play WoW for a bit, so all was not lost!). When the Consort came home at 5, he suggested a creek walk. We changed into swimsuits, and drove out about 10 minutes to this fabulous creek (entire set here), and came home only when the shadows made it dangerous to find footing in the tumble bumble of the water. We came home and had a late supper of leftovers (how I love leftover nights!).

friuduric 12 years ago
26 July 2007

This is Cooper. He’s my sister-in-law’s* toy poodle.

Cooper does not like me.

While we are staying in my SIL’s apartment, I have no washer and dryer, so I’ve been using hers. I try to do my laundry when she and her family aren’t around (we’re already so underfoot, I don’t want to cramp her style overmuch). Last Thursday, they left for a weekend-long horse show, and had taken the dog with them. So I did our laundry in silence.

This Thursday, they were at another horse show, but because it was more local, they left Cooper at home for the day.

Cooper did not appreciate my constant coming and going. He made sure I knew it, too.

But I still did my laundry. ;-)

*Yes, I realize it should be sister's-in-law. And while I do say "sisters-in-law" when I'm talking about the plural (I have two sisters-in-law), it just sounds downright wrong to say "my sister's-in-law dog".
CollardGreens Posted 12 years ago. Edited by CollardGreens (member) 12 years ago
A pocket full of chewy doggy treats will stop the dog yapping and probably make you a new friend. Myself - I don't have much use for yappers but folks here in FR are in love with them.

By the way - your name...I can't place the nationality...if you don't mind my asking.

CollardGreens: Oops!
friuduric Posted 12 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 12 years ago
"Imperatrix"? Well, I figure the world would be infinitely better if I were Imperatrix of the entire globe,so it's nationality-free. ;-)

...But you probably meant the "friuduric": Well, it's the old germanic version of my Real Name, which could also be translated as "peaceable imperatrix" (see, it was my destiny!). It's just a way of providing a bit of Internet anonymity. My nationality is Belgian (French-speaking). My family moved to the US when I was 3, and I've been here ever since (with long visits to relatives in Europe most summers). My orthography in French is atrocious. My parents figured that taking French in school would be an "easy A", so I took Spanish and Latin instead. Feel free to figure out my name, just don't post it publicly. ;-)
friuduric 12 years ago
27 July 2007
Winsorize Search
Today was hot. The apartment is on the second floor, with no AC (not really needed in NH except for about 10 days a year). I had two fans that I strategically moved from window to window to keep air circulating, and I opened and closed shades to keep the direct sun out of the rooms, too. I worked some more on the economics project I've got on my desk right now. But the heat made me lethargic. My mind kept wandering.

(And yes, if you wondered: the author *did* mean "winsorize" rather than "windsorize". )
friuduric 12 years ago
28 July 2007

We visited a local Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, then we putzed around at home. After lunch, we walked to The Cone Zone and had an ice cream. I love the flavor names they have up here: Maine Black Bear, Moose Tracks, Caramel Caribou. And the portions! We all chose "small", but take a look at them:
Ice Cream!
friuduric 12 years ago
29 July 2007

We had big plans today. We would go blueberry picking. Unfortunately, the Pick-Your-Own place we went to wasn't open for picking yet. Ah, well, we'll go back next week -- we're flexible. Instead, we went to another Pick-Your-Own and picked raspberries!

You can see more pics from the picking, as well as what we ended up doing with the berries, in the photo set.
ebilflindas 12 years ago
What a magical place to be spending a year!
After leaving this, I'll be posting a comment on your blog!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Imperatrix- I'm as curious as CollardGreen is about nationalities and such. Thanks for sharing such cool trivia about your history!

I for one believe that our differences should be celebrated- it is after all what makes humanity so interesting! :)

I have a dog named Cooper. He is a giant golden retriever.. easily one of the biggest I have seen (without being overweight.) If you like, I'll send him over to gobble up little Cooper.... But if you're too kind to yappers, you could try growling and barking and chasing the dog. It works wonders for me. LOL

What a place you are hanging out, NH is beautiful! When I lived in Boston I made it a point to escape the city into the countryside in NH as often as possible... Beautiful place.
friuduric 12 years ago
ebilfindas: I agree, this is a great place to spend a year. I'm enjoying it very much so far.

Jallen: I think it would be bad for family relationships if my SIL's dog was eaten! Yeah, Li'l Cooper is much bark and no bite. Seeing as our dog is a Basenji (therefore, barkless) I'm just not used to yipping doggies.
friuduric 12 years ago
30 July 2007

This afternoon, I had four helpers for preparing supper: Impera, Trixie, and their two cousins. They opened cans, stirred sauce, grated cheese, set up an assembly line for putting the enchiladas together, and prepped sugar snap peas.

Here they are, enjoying the results of their labors.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
And despite all the little kids' help, it came out fabulous! Chefs in the making, no doubt. :-)
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Ooh! Looks like some leftovers! Can I have some?
friuduric 12 years ago
jallen: Having kids help me cook is a tricky way to get them to eat stuff they normally wouldn't. They are much more willing to give a new food a try if they've invested time in preparing it.

ebilflindas: Absolutely! I love sharing food (that's why we love having potlucks with friends). Come on over.
friuduric Posted 12 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 12 years ago
31 July 2007

My sister (I have three) and her family arrived for a visit today! They didn't get in until the evening, but we were able to have supper together. My 4-y-o niece offers "love rocks" to people when she sees them. These are the two she gave to Impera and Trixie to mark the beginning of their visit:

friuduric 12 years ago
1 August 2007

It was HOT today, and our apartment doesn't have AC. In the morning, we drove into town and showed my sister's family where we'll be living come September, we visited the Consort's office, and had lunch at a lunch counter in town. In the afternoon, we went bowling, to take advantage of the conditioned air.

friuduric 12 years ago
2 August 2007

We knew we'd be going to the stream in the afternoon, so in the morning, the two moms and the four kids went ... blueberry picking! We came home with eight pounds of berries. (The little ones were having so much fun picking, it was hard to end the fun!) We had enough berries for a slab pie, two batches of blueberry muffins, a neverending bowl of berries for snacking, and a huge fruit salad.

friuduric Posted 12 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 12 years ago
3 August 2007

Today was Trixie's 11th birthday. We started the day like we start all birthdays: with a birthday breakfast of crepes. Mmmm Mmmm Delicious! We brought our guests to visit my sister-in-law's horse farm, then packed up all the kids (our two, my sister's two, and my sister-in-law's two), had a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon at the nearby lake beach. All the kids had a fantastic time playing together. In the evening, after supper, we all sang "Happy Birthday" and ate ice cream cake. My sister and her family started back home after the festivities.

One of the coolest parts of the visit for me was how much fun all the kids had together. Everybody was cousins to Impera and Trixie, but four of them were not cousins to each other (does that make sense?). Despite those four never having met before, and despite the age range going from 4 to 13, all six kids meshed really well, nobody ever felt left out, and they ended the visit acting like they had known each other forever:

friuduric 12 years ago
4 August 2007

We left early in the morning to join the March to ReEnergize New Hampshire. Saturday was incredibly hot, with temps reaching into the high 90s. But everyone participating was friendly, welcoming, and cheery despite the hot weather. We marched from 9 am to 5:30 pm, and listened to local state representatives and members of the NH Timberland Owners association over lunch. (There was also some fun bluegrass music during lunchtime.) We had planned to stay for the evening contra dance, but we were wiped out after all that walking and heat!

The topsy-turvy bus
friuduric 12 years ago
5 August 2007

Today was the culmination of the climate change march. It was amazing! There were over 250 people who marched straight into the center of Concord, ending at the Statehouse green. The girls really enjoyed the chants we all shouted at the top of our lungs. It felt so good to be at a rally, and have such great turnout. Lots of great speakers, lots of positive energy, and even some tasty Ben and Jerry's treats for all the participants. What more could anyone ask for?

March into Concord

Check out the entire set.
friuduric 12 years ago
6 August 2007

Today we decided to pop into Borders Books to pick up one of Trixie's birthday gifts she had been promised by an aunt. As soon as we walked in, I saw this:


Yee-haw! Every year I wait impatiently for this book in August, and for The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror in September. (In fact, the year I graduated from college, I told myself I could buy this one once I had found a job. Talk about incentives! I had a job within a week of making that pledge.)
RobW_ 12 years ago
May I add my welcome to you and your family. You seem to be having an idyllic summer - presumably it will be different in winter, or shouldn't I mention that? Well placed also for all the political action coming up.
What I Did in 2007
friuduric 12 years ago
Rob: Thanks for the welcome! This is definitely a good place to be (if one likes the outdoors -- it wouldn't be idyllic for a city person, that's for sure). We know all about the loooong, cooooold winters. We might end up hating it, but at least it won't be a surprise. It will be fun to be here during the primaries, but heck -- in Iowa (land of first caucuses) we've been getting phone calls and politico-mail for *months* already!
friuduric 12 years ago
7 August 2007

Our cat Loki is an outdoor cat. At least, he was an outdoor cat in Iowa. We decided to keep him indoors for our 6 weeks in temporary housing, and are considering keeping him indoors once we move to town, too. (Many busy roads around these places.) At first, he was okay with that.

But lately, his trickster nature is coming out loud and strong.

Loki is bored (as I write this, he's managed to pull the cover off the heating unit in the living room). Throughout the ages, a bored Loki is a dangerous thing.

Loki, Bored

And we've been finding him in the craziest places. I have a feeling he'll be an outdoor cat again soon enough. If not for his sanity, then for ours!
friuduric 12 years ago
8 August 2007

No picture. The girls went to horse camp in the morning, we had the cousins over in the afternoon, and we decided to cool off around 4 pm by going to the lake beach we love so much. As we got there, it began to rain, and I could tell the kids were worried I'd just turn the car around.

But heck -- you're wet when you're in the lake, right? So as long as there wasn't thunder, I said we could stay. The raindrops were huge, there were loons hanging out right by the kids, and the dark/light sky was amazing. It's actually better that I didn't have my camera, because my point & shoot wouldn't have done it justice, anyway.
friuduric 12 years ago
9 August 2007

Today I finished up a project. On a hard-copy project, this typically entails a big mess of discarded post-its (I use them to flag pages with unresolved queries to authors, so remove them when I get the answer from the au.) and eraser dust. For a change of pace, I did my project clean-up on the couch today; meaning I brought my mess into public living space.

CollardGreens 12 years ago
OK - Gave it a catch up here. Got the name sorted out and nationality now. Helps me get a feel for the person...I travel all over and there really are regional differences to people and how you approach them. So...I have a NH experience from a february visit...I froze to death and it was only years later they found me in a lawn chair and thawed me out. I am ok for the most part but to be sure that was the coldest I have ever been (and I lived in polar Russia for a time).

CollardGreens: Oops!
RobW_ 12 years ago
Loki sounds like he needs to be an outdoor cat again. I wish you had taken a picture down by the lake. Sounds like it would have been impressive.
friuduric 12 years ago
CG: Hah! New Hampshire is definitely powerfully cold country. I will remember not to sit in a lawn chair in February.Thanks for the tip!

Rob: Loki *definitely* needs to get outside. It really won't happen until we get to our rented place in town. Three more weeks! And the pic would have certainly been impressive if it was on a real camera. Maybe one day...
friuduric 12 years ago
10 August 2007

My family is beginning to resent being photographed all the time. Hmmmm. Maybe next time they complain, I'll note how much family time is spent discussing World of Warcraft. In any event, today I respected their wishes.

Today we went shopping for backpacks. Because at some point this year, we will hike up a mountain, and stay there, at least overnight. Our training needs to start in earnest!

friuduric Posted 12 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 12 years ago
11 August 2007

We hiked up Moose Mountain. It was steeper, for longer, than Mount Cardigan. We hadn't expected to get to the top -- but we did. Lots of fun chatting. Lots of fun eating gorp.

Talking on the Mountain

Complete set here.
RobW_ 12 years ago
What an active family!
friuduric 12 years ago
Rob: We try to be (particularly since NH has Dunkin Donuts. We can't go back to IA as roly poly people!)

friuduric 12 years ago
12 August 2007

We went to the League of NH Craftsmen Fair in Sunapee.

So many creative people! And despite there being many potters, and many jewelers, wood turners, glass blowers, etc., everyone has such a different style that it doesn't get boring, going from booth to booth.

This was my favorite teapot:

Fish teapot

I was too busy looking to take many pictures. But I got a few.
ItinerArts 12 years ago
A fugu teapot? Would it be dangerous to drink from?

I second Rob;it's good to see such an active family.

Dragonhide 12 years ago
Hahaha Love Rocks.. My son did that too! :)

When I lived in Boston I loved shopping at EMS- Betcha have one of these too, possibly even that store with the backpacks? Shopping for a backpack is fun- last time I did it, it took a hour or so to pick out the right one.

I had a very patient salesman who measured me, and then loaded several backpacks and had me walk around the store & up and down steps.

Result: the best pack I've ever had :-D

Are you near White Mountains by any chance? If so, seeing that old man of the mountains is pretty neat. Just bring lots of good ol' fashioned DEET! But you probably already knew that being in NH anyway.

I like to add M&M and cashews to my GORP- GORCMP? lol
friuduric 12 years ago
ItinerArts: Well, it's safe if you pour the tea juuuuuust right. ;-)

I first saw the teapot from behind (so I just saw the pokes) and I thought it was a baby dragon teapot. Now *that* would really have been fun to own!

Jallen: Actually, the service at the EMS here was awful, so we left. These are from LLBean, and it kind of shames me to say that we bought our backpacks from LLBean (it's so ... stuck up). When I was a kid, we only went to Campmor. Then, as a college student, I saved my pennies to buy from REI. Now, I've sold out.

The LLB salesperson was helpful, measured us all, and even took the time to find something appropriate for our younger daughter, Trixie. (not many places have real packs for kids)

We're a couple of hours from the White Mountains, but, jallen -- didn't you know? -- the Old Man is dead. He fell off last year, I think. The Consort was crushed. (I rolled my eyes.)

Our GORP really should be GORMP (we add M&Ms, too). Cashews? I don't know. I *like* boring peanuts. The Consort keeps urging us to put dried tropical fruit in, but that sounds gross to me.
friuduric 12 years ago
13 August 2007

My parents arrived for a visit this evening, and they came bearing gifts. Some of my favorite Belgian treats:


From the top left, going clockwise, we have speculaas cookies, chokotoff candies, Leonidas manon blanc pralines, and homemade (!!) gaufres.
friuduric 12 years ago
14 August 2007

no picture. Took my parents into town and did the rounds. Too busy to take pictures.
friuduric Posted 12 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 12 years ago
15 August 2007

We visited the King Arthur's Flour (high-quality flour company based in Vermont) shop, and bought some bread. We then visited a Cabot (another VT-based business) Cheese Shop, and bought some cheeses. We put it together and what did we have? A picnic!

Picnic Lunch

We also visted Quechee Gorge (in, you guessed it, Vermont). It reminded me that we should take the hike down to the gorge with the girls and do some swimming!
Dragonhide 12 years ago
hahaha!! I know exactly what you mean about LLBean... I have a rant about that in my photostream where I blogged from the mountain-top...

I still like Campmor, I order lots from there. Good bargains.

That's some beautiful bread! We don't have anything fancy anywhere near around here :( I live in Wonder bread country *sobs*
friuduric 12 years ago
jallen: Yeah, once the weather cools down, I hope to start baking bread on a regular basis. I love the crunch of real crust. Did you know that the typical soft bread sold in the US is soft because instead of a complete baking, it is whipped up full of air and baked for a fraction of the time? Yuck!
friuduric 12 years ago
16 August 2007

We had some severe thunderstorms here last night. They're not sure if it was a microburst or a small tornado, but electricity was wiped out from 6:30 pm until about 1:30 am.

No electricity in town

The brightest thing in this image of the house across the street is the propane tank. I also took two indoor shots. The Consort thought it was a silly thing to do, because the pictures wouldn't show anything. Do you agree?
friuduric 11 years ago
17 August 2007

no picture.

I'll explain why in a subsequent entry. This afternoon we drove down to the Consort's other sister's house, farther south in NH. Fun conversation with the adults, fun playing with the baby cousins.
friuduric 11 years ago
18 August 2007

no picture.

We drove in to Cambridge, MA, met some online gaming friends (World of Warcraft has to be good for *something*, right?), took the subway in to Boston, and spent a wonderful day in the city. The WoW folks have a friend who is a Boston tour-guide, and she offered to provide us with a private tour. It was great. Even the Consort and I, who got the whole Revolutionary War history thing pumped into us as kids, learned something about Boston history today. We went to Harvard Square for supper, and our friends brought us to a fabulous dessert restaurant, finale, for scrumptious treats!
friuduric 11 years ago
19 August 2007

no picture.

Today was Farm Day in Lee. We spent the morning with the Consort's sister and her family visiting local farms, noshed on baguette and brie for lunch, and as the young cousins went down for their nap, we four drove to the NH coast and spent the afternoon at the beach.

Which is where a rogue wave killed our Sony Cyber-Shot! Hence, no photos from this weekend.

Four years ago, our Canon Elph was killed when a wave swirled our beach bag (left too close to the rising tide). We got the slim Cyber-shot, and loved it. On this day, I had the camera in my pocket, to prevent a seawater incident. Trixie was in the water, the Consort was napping on a towel, and I decided to take the camera out of my pocket in case I had to rush into the water to save Trixie from a big wave (I didn't want to lose my daughter because of a moment's hesitation about saving my digital camera, you see). Twenty minutes later, we're talking about going to the boardwalk to get a snack, and SLAM! Rogue wave. Sandy and salty camera. DOA. Rats!
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Awwwwwww.... What a bummer! :(

That reminds me of a funny canoing story- My wife, my 6 year old son and I were canoing together two weeks ago... I told my wife, "So if we turn over, we need to be quick and grab the camera bag, our kid, and ..."

Wife: Um, you said your camera bag first before our son.

me: Yeah! Ian has a life jacket on! He'll float just fine!


I don't really prioritize like that!! I was making a joke.. of course my kid comes first...... :)
CollardGreens 11 years ago
Yow...been away a few days and things move fast here. Agree with the comment about dried fruits in the GRUMP (or whatever its called)...abricot et cacquets...good stuff.

CollardGreens: Oops!
RobW_ 11 years ago
Shame about the camera!
friuduric 11 years ago
Jallen: hah! I understand completely. I would probably have said things in exactly the same order as you, for exactly the same reason. We aren't hard-hearted, we're just being reasonable. ;-)

CollardGreens: Well, if I ever let the Consort put dried fruit in, I'll send you some!

Rob: Thanks. It might be salvagable, it seems (see next entry).
friuduric 11 years ago
20 August 2007

In the morning, the camera refused to turn on, despite the Consort's best efforts. So we went to the store and bought a new generation Canon Elph (I suggested getting a DSLR, but would we really have taken a big camera with us on hikes and stuff? Probably not).

After I opened the box, the old one started to "work" again:


As you can see, it was capturing images with grainy lines. Hmmm. The lines are gone in the shots I took on Tuesday, but the sounds it makes aren't normal.

Well, we have 14 days to return the new camera; so we'll have to see how things go with the salvaged one.
CollardGreens 11 years ago
The difference in quality and satisfaction between a point and shoot and DSLR...enorm ! I drag a hefty camera body, battery pack and assortment of lenses everywhere - and I mean everywhere. I am seldom out of reaching distance. If the store allows returns....why not give one a walk around the block? Shooting in RAW format allows shots like your propane tank to be pulled in. Try it, you'll like it.

Just my 0,02€...CollardGreens: Oops!
ItinerArts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 11 years ago
I'm like CG-- I drag my SLR (often with multiple lenses) almost everywhere, including up mountains.

You're Belgian? Oh my....

friuduric 11 years ago
Oh, you guys! I've been talking about getting an SLR for six months!

I'm sure I could try it, and I know I would like it, but then I'd be stuck. See, I would really like it. And then I'd have to give it back. Because, right now, there are two young people who require quite a bit of our income. And U.S. academics and freelancers don't make heaps of money (despite what the general populace may think).

Maybe, if I find one on super-cheap sale somewhere. But I just don't want to tempt myself, I know I would just be very very sad when the two weeks were up.

I'll think about it...
friuduric 11 years ago
21 August 2007

The girls returned from spending a few days with their little cousins. They had fun, but were pretty wiped out. They spent some time decompressing by watching World of Warcraft videos on YouTube with the Consort.

I played around with the new camera.

Watching YouTube
ItinerArts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 11 years ago
I'm now an academic, by profession if not nature, so can I second the money comments.

Check out used SLRs.The rapid advances in digital technology have resulted in a glut of "obsolete" (but perfectly serviceable) equipment.

friuduric 11 years ago
ItinerArts, you've given me somthing to think about...
friuduric 11 years ago
22 August 2007

Spent the day in administrivia.The girls went to an orientation session for new students at the school they'll be attending next week. We signed up for library cards in our soon-to be-new town. We went for a walk at the town recreation area.

I think I'm going to like our new town. (At least, I like the humor of their sign person! [And I'm willing to overlook the completely unnecessary hyphen, too.]):

A sign for everyone
Dragonhide 11 years ago
LMAO I love that sign!!!!

I put in a vote for an used dSLR too. My camera, a Canon Rebel XT/350D can be had for a fraction of what I paid for it couple years ago. I bet you could find an used one in the same price range as a new point and shoot.

*Also carries his SLR, Flash unit, tripod , assorted lens & filters AND his laptop everywhere he goes*
ItinerArts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 11 years ago
A government entity with a sense of humor? Surpising, but welcome.

friuduric Posted 11 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 11 years ago
23 August 2007

The Consort, the girls, my sister in law, and her two boys, spent a large portion of the day at Ruggles Mine, searching for cool crystals. Then they went to a rock shop, tucked away down a dirt road, where the Consort was in heaven looking through all the rocks (he's a rockhound, in case it wasn't clear).


I stayed home and finished two projects due the next day. And I was just as happy as they were: I'm, at most, a rockpuppy ;-)
friuduric 11 years ago
25 August 2007

It was *hot* again today. We escaped the heat by climbing down Queechee gorge and playing in the tumble-bumble water cascading down the gorge (of course, I picked a picture that doesn't show the rushing rapids).

We met a woman who had come with her kids and her nieces, but they hadn't known they could swim. I told her I'd let the kids jump in anyway. They did! And the mom had a blast jumping into the deeper pools again and again.

friuduric 11 years ago
26 August 2007

School starts on Wednesday, so we made a last-minute decision to go to the beach for the day. Two hours to get there, then 6 hours on the beach. Thank goodness it was a bit overcast! It was a perfect day, even with the melted-ice-cube temps of New England ocean. Impera read, the Consort looked for (and found!) sand dollars, and Trixie and I spent hours in the surf.

I decided *not* to risk the new camera, so all I have to remember this day is:
Proof of the Beach
friuduric 11 years ago
27 August 2007

School starts Wednesday (didn't I say that already?), so today was errand day. Everyone got a haircut, and I offered to do hair wraps for the girls. Trixie wasn't interested, but Impera and I went to the craft store and she picked out some colored floss and some silver beads.

She let me take a picture of the finished product, but made me promise to crop her face out.


hair wrap
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Nice wrap job!

A day at the sea in New England sounds so heavenly to me.. :)
friuduric 11 years ago
I know, jallen -- you're in the midwest, too, I think -- I *so* miss the ocean in Des Moines. I plan to visit the ocean at every season in the next twelve months. I'd love to retire to a cabin at the beach. Not a southern sandy beach, but a rocky NE beach, windwept in winter. Aaaaaaah.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Yeah, I'm in Missouri- long way away from the sea anywhere :-(

I grew up on the water in Virginia Beach, then lived in Boston awhile and got to know the rocky NE beach that way, and now here. I;m OK if I get to travel a lot though! :)
friuduric 11 years ago
28 August 2007

We're moving to our more permanent living space this weekend, so tonight was the last of the summer potlucks we've been having with my sister-in-law and her family.

I love potlucks: the shared food, the shared laughter, the shared time. I treasure these moments.

Food for sharing

We brought a fennel-chickpea salad and Barbara Kingsolver's zucchini/chocolate-chip cookies.
ParaScubaSailor 11 years ago
Your remark about misanthropy in Ted's diary made me sit up and notice. Glad I visited your diary, the beginning is full of promisses for the future.

Just to join (maybe too late?) the discussion about the camera: the "old" one is not going to work for very long. You see, the water eventually evaporates, but the salt cristals remain, and are very hydrophile, "sucking in" water from the atmosphere. The salty solution is mildly corrosive to electrical parts and contacts, and the few mechanical parts, so problems will develop rather soon.
I second (third, even) the advice given about a second-hand DSLR. Save as much as you can on the body and buy the best lens you can afford rather than the other way around.

Looking forward to your year of sabbatical adventures...
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Thank god I already ate lunch. I would eat my monitor right now if I hadn't.
friuduric 11 years ago
PSS: I'm not a misanthrope all the time (but more often than others). You were right! The camera worked for a couple of weeks, but just this weekend it chirped ... then died. I'm slowly but surely keeping my eye on second-hand cameras, too. Thanks for visiting. I'm off to check out your stream now!

jallen: Thanks! I really like the crunch of fennel, and the flavor is so much better than celery.
friuduric Posted 11 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 11 years ago
29 August 2007

That first day of school finally arrived. The girls and the Consort were in town all day, and I was left to my own devices. I finished a big fat article, then went for a walk around the village. I figure, since we'll be moving at the weekend, I should document the few crazy signs that have made me laugh every time I pass them.

Crazy sign 1

This is an example of superflous accuracy. Does a truck driver really need to know that the grade is eight *and one half* percent along this bit of road? Is his application of pressure on the brakes so fine-tuned that if they had put "8% grade", his truck would have careened out of control at the foot of the curve? Or, had the sign warned of a "9% grade", would that mean an overcompensation of brake power, leading the truck driver to curse to the high heavens when his truck stopped in the middle of the turn?

Inquiring minds want to know.

(Please ignore the weird color in this picture. I was playing around with the special effects available on the new Elph, and it didn't work so well. But I didn't realize this until I downloaded the pics to my computer.)
friuduric 11 years ago
30 August 2007

Today's crazy sign is on a Verizon office just down the street (next door to the police station).

Crazy sign 2

I always read it as a command to the cops next door: "Police: Take notice!!!" although I suppose they mean it as a warning to trespassers: "The police do take notice, you know!"
friuduric 11 years ago
31 August 2007

Tomorrow we move from our temporary digs at my sister-in-law's to the place we'll be spending the next 12 months.

I ought to be finishing up a project and then packing, but I'm finding it hard to be productive.

Shoulder sun
friuduric 11 years ago
3 September 2007

Lost a few days to the packing, moving, and unpacking (2nd time this summer!). But now we will be staying put for the next year. The new place is mostly unpacked, but this weekend I felt I was living George Carlin's Stuff routine (you know, the one about your stuff, and taking a smaller amount of stuff to one place, then carving out an even smaller portion of stuff to the next place, etc.).

Loki unpacking
friuduric Posted 11 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 11 years ago
4 September 2007

This is the tree outside the house. I'm going to try to photograph it on a regular basis to have a visual aide to the changing seasons.

4 Sept 2007

The set is here.
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Holy cow! Did you have Barbara Kingsolver over to bake cookies? They look as good as her books!

Is that you on the 31st?
Now I'm feeling unproductive! ;-)
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
RobW_ 11 years ago
New beginnings continue - new school, new house. Lovely old tree, and I'm looking forward to seeing the change of season reflected in it. You have a sharp eye for idiosyncratic signs; the dog one is great.
friuduric 11 years ago
emil: Yeah, Barb n me, we're like *that*. ;-)

I wish I knew her, she seems like a cool person, as well as being a great tale-spinner. This is a recipe from her new book (I think; I found it online): it isn't a novel, it's about her family's experiences moving to a working farm in Appalachia (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life).

Rob: Thanks for dropping by!
friuduric 11 years ago
5 September 2007

OK, I'll be honest: Despite my loving my computer and my cable modem, I can be quite a neo-Luddite at times. Case in point: We didn't get cell phones until right before we moved to NH. I hate them. I don't like having people think they can get in touch with me at any time whatsoever. I hate having anything in common with those folks who answer their phones in public places and then have a private conversation in a LOUD VOICE, making it impossible for anyone to do anything but be a hostage to their petty lives. And I most certainly have no respect for those mothers of toddlers who can't even take a walk with their child without ignoring them and chatting about inane stuff with their pals as they are taking their kid on a walk.

Anyway, mine has been acting up. It gets terrible reception in the new house. So I called customer support, and they transferred me to the warranty exchange group. All I needed to do was ask them to send me a replacement while they check my phone out for defects. They had me on hold for ONE HOUR AND THREE MINUTES before I hung up and shouted a few choice words.


friuduric 11 years ago
6 September 2007

I was tired of unpacking. I was sick of living in a messy space. So what did I do?

New Haircut

I got a new haircut.
friuduric 11 years ago
9 September 2007

The girls' grandpa is visiting, staying at their cousins' house. "Let's go for a hike!" we all said. Except Sunday was a rainy day. "OK, let's go visit this cave about 1 hour away. That way we'll stay dry!"

Except, this wasn't one big cave, it was a series of little caves, that you got to one at a time, walking between each.

Needless to say, we got wet anyway.

But the four grandkids had fun together, and grandpa was a trooper, walking from cave to cave.

Beaded Feather
friuduric 11 years ago
10 September 2007

Things are starting to settle in at the new house, thanks to some heavy-duty garage-sale and thrift-shop hunting this weekend. I'm doing what I can to furnish this place on the cheap. Here are the materials for my current project. Can you tell what it is? I hope to publish a photo of the completed project in the next day or so.

Utilitarian Craftiness
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Beautiful water droplets on that!!!! Nice shot!

Cave exploring is such fun.. Unless your light goes out! :)
friuduric 11 years ago
Thanks, jallen. I really like macro shots (even on my point and shoot).
friuduric 11 years ago
11 September 2007

It's been raining and raining, ever since Sunday.

Another rainy day
friuduric Posted 11 years ago. Edited by friuduric (member) 11 years ago
12 September 2007

Zephyr and Loki have really been bummed out that they can't spend as much time outside as they used to at our house in IA. They are a great backyard hunting team (Zephyr would tree a squirrel and Loki would stand guard on the neighbor's garage roof to prevent the squirrel from running away).

These days, they can only watch and dream.

Pet vignette 1

You can see the four-picture set and get a sense of the conversation here.
ItinerArts 11 years ago
CollardGreens 11 years ago
Passing through with a guess on the materials project...a rag crocheted rug for the kitchen ? Made from scraps of any material and then knotted together into a retangle ??

CollardGreens: Oops!
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Hail Imperatrix! (just to let you know I was here)
friuduric 11 years ago
ItinerArts: I know! I thought they'd hate each other, but they miss each other when they're apart.

CollardGreens: *ding ding ding* You are right! (see below)

Emil: Now *that's* what I call respect! ;-)
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