Ladybadtiming PRO 1:08pm, 9 July 2007
Here is our seventh "15th day of the month's theme",

The topic will be locked until the 15th of the month.
Then, you'll have until the last day of the month to post your picture(s) of the theme.

Here is July's theme :

the thing you like the most about yourself !
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
shooooooooooooot !
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
ahoy !
anyone ?
OK I'll go first then ...
here they are
what I consider my main assets :

principal assets
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
and a little extra ...
because that always come in handy


your turn now !
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Mmmm, I agree...
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
go ahead, Rob, we are waiting for your contribution
all of us !
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
youhou !
Its feels lonely around here
won't you come and play ???
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
i'll play for sure. ...just gotta figure out how to take a picture of my sense of humor
At the end of the day
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
ah ah Glory, very funny
I am sure you can find a way !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
What these eyes have seen

My 3D BioCamera...
Ladybadtiming PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Ladybadtiming (admin) 11 years ago
yep Collard ! a very efficient aparatus !
sunshinecity 11 years ago
oooh, love the shoulders!

I love the lighting here!
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
my sense of humor! this is classic 'me'
Accio Conclusion!
i know it's ridiculous to be a proud and outloud fan of harry potter ...when you're 28. however, here i am ...scribbling on my forehead with a brown eyeliner pencil, grinning like fool and perfectly delighted appearing to be one. good humor's saved my ass more than a dozen times in my life. it's absolutely my favorite thing about myself
You look great Miss Glorious Glory
Jonathan W PRO 11 years ago
7232007 007

they are a bit bloodshot this evening but regardless :)
Glow* 11 years ago
nice eye !
sunshinecity 11 years ago
well that's a blue eye if I ever saw one!!

~ a picture, a story
karinga 11 years ago
LOL @ Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
its a wrap guys ...
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