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I'm starting half way through the year - the odds are better for me this way. I've been studying and writing poetry obsessively for the past year and a half. I reached my goal of getting published a few times and it turned out to be an anti-ciimax, so I'm regrouping and learning how to take pictures-on-purpose while I take a break from writing so very much.

I'm a homeschool mama of three kids, I'm fiddling with digital collage, listening to a lot of music, starting my own chapbook publishing business and doing a little down syndrome awareness stuff with my daughter. My husband took photography in high school and started expaining f-stop/shutter/etc. business to me this week. A lot of my pics right now are to practice this stuff. This diary is to track me progress. Since I started taking the on purpose pics on the 15th - I'll start there.

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