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daxster78 2:10pm, 3 April 2007
Scott L.
About Me, hmm let's see...
I'm 29. I currently live in Rochester, NY, where I grew up, but over the past ten years I've lived and worked in Ohio, Pennsylvannia, Indiana and Texas. I moved back last year to help my mom recover from a serious illness. I the next year or so I plan to leave one last time, although you never know what time will bring.
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daxster78 11 years ago
Toronto Nights
06-23-07 Daily Photo Blog

We took a quick spin through the gay village when we got into town and then grabbed some dinner. I snapped this shot off the hotel room balcony just before heading out for the night, while everyone else was getting ready. We were all jazzed and ready for an adventure.

Proud And Fierce
06-24-07 Daily Photo Blog

We stayed out late Saturday, but come Sunday morning, proud and fierce, we were ready for the parade!
daxster78 11 years ago
Early Morning
06-25-07 Daily Photo Blog

It was early morning when we rolled back into town, quite later than we'd originally planned. There was very little sleep involved in getthing through the day yesterday, which kind of made it all a blur. My close/open shifts didn't help the deal any either.

I'm looking forward to one more chance to catch some shuteye so that I can post the rest of the pics from our trip!

Day At The Beach
06-26-07 Daily Photo Blog

"Self-Portrait Tuesday" It's hotter than heck this week here in Rochester. I'd like nothing better than to spend the entire week at the beach.
daxster78 11 years ago
06-27-07 Daily Photo Blog

They say stories about people getting wacky around the time of the full moon are folklore or urban legands, but I swear they are true.

My mood was a little off all day and I couldn't figure out why until I saw the moon tonight. We're still two days away from the full moon, but I guarantee that's what has me all wound up.
daxster78 11 years ago
80's Flashback
06-28-07 Daily Photo Blog

I had an 80's flashback walking by this window tonight. Between the big hair and neon lights, I was waiting for "Living On A Prayer" to start playing in the background.
jrayfarm1980 11 years ago
That pictures is awesome. Simply awesome.

It reminds me of those Vietnamese nail salons...maybe that's just a SoCal thing?
daxster78 11 years ago
Gay Camping
06-29-07 Daily Photo Blog

This time last year, I was discovering the joys of Gay-camping at Jones Pond. What exactly is gay-camping, you ask?

Think glo-sticks and club mixes in the woods, add cocktails and stir. Btw, we're not talking tent camping here, though there is some of that. I stay with a friend who had a camper. (I'm not THAT outdoorsy)
daxster78 11 years ago
The Chase

06-30-07 Daily Photo Blog

There's just something about a crush that makes it so fun... What is it that we all love about the chase?
MarySesami 11 years ago
Just catching up with your diary. I see you were in Toronto last weekend. I only live a little over an hour drive away from there. How was the parade?
Cute duck picture.

MarySesami's 2007
daxster78 11 years ago
It was insane and so much fun! I wish I got better pictures :-(
daxster78 11 years ago
Drag Triptych
07-01-07 Daily Photoblog

After many months of coercing, my friend Tim finally got me to go to one of his drag performances. Of course I had to take pictures.

A Quiet Day
07-02-07 Daily Photoblog

After my wild and crazy weekend (2 nights up past midnight,) I was glad to have today off. It was a quiet day in the neighborhood, most people were already on vacation I think. I spent the day doing laundry and being productive around the house, after sleeping in that is.
daxster78 11 years ago
Out Loud
07-03-07 Daily Photoblog 'Self Portrait Tuesday'

I went to dinner with my friend Tim. Upon seeing me, he said "You certainly wanted to get noticed."

I guess my shirt was a little loud, but we were having dinner at a beach-front restaurant. *shrug* Besides, I've always been a bit of an attention hound.
daxster78 11 years ago
Patriotic Rochester
07-04-07 Daily Photoblog

Rochester's a very patriotic city. You never know where you will find an American flag. This one is at the carousel at Charlotte beach.

In addition to the city's festivities, each of the suburbs have their own 4th of July celebration with fireworks. I'll probably go to the one here in Irondequoit. I'd do the city one (it's larger with a laser show too), but I have to work in the morning.
daxster78 11 years ago
Party Boat
07-05-07 Daily Photoblog

The boat was headed out onto Lake Ontario and from the sounds of the music there was quite the party on deck. I thought it seemed like the perfect way to spend the evening. My friend Tim wondered at the challenge of not falling overboard when drunk.
daxster78 11 years ago
Into the Sunset
07-06-07 Daily Photoblog

Lots of changes ahead, again. This time it's moving and work. I'm mostly excited and only a little anxious.
daxster78 11 years ago
Rent a Man
07-07-07 Daily Photoblog

I saw this while walking back from dinner with my friend Tim. We both stopped, looked at each other and said "picture", then started laughing. Niether of us had seen or heard of this place before. Unfortunately, they were closed so we couldn't get any info.

On a side note: Since today's date of 07-07-07 is supposedly lucky, wedding venues everywhere are apparently booked solid.
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Funny, though, that there's a Help Wanted sign!
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