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Hi there, I'm Rebecca. I've been meaning to do this kind of thing for ages and found this group on Flickr recently so here we go. Hopefully being part of a group will encourage me to keep it up too. I don't have a good digital camera so most of the pics on here will be pretty rubbish!

I'm 26, live in Newquay, Cornwall. I never make resolutions (because I'm too weak at keeping them) but my aims for 2007 are:

win the lottery.

Failing that:
Stop spending so much
See a dentist
Surf more / better
Take more photos
Be happy!

2007 the story so far:
January - save save save, yawn! Agonise over designs for new surfboard.
February - saw Bloc Party in Bristol, got 1 year older, got lovely new board, went to Morocco.
March - Back at work after holiday :( at least the days are getting longer though.

So that's me so far, now got to put the last week's photos I've been saving up on here...
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