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~magpie~ PRO 7:36pm, 19 January 2007
Just returned month-long trip to SE Asia, where I had much opportunity for introspection. I actually picked up a journal and was reminded at how helpful it could be to sort out the muddled ramblings in my brain. A goal I return with is to continue to journal and regularly check in with myself. Take notice of the small day-to-day details that make life so rich.

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~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
I'm not dead... just busy! I'm still taking photos, still shooting RAW and sometime very soon you'll get an Erica photo deluge! So sorry, I'm breaking all kinds of rules here, but have been thinking of y'all!


(The dogs have been hanging out with me... we'll be back on the trail soon!)
Jissy 11 years ago
hope u get some good rest!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
I'm coming back! This time for real! April was a crazy month for me and it was hard to take the time to edit and post photos. I did continue to take them though, so now I'm trying to decide how many to post. Possibly will post just my favorites over the month, and then consider myself caught up for now. Then back to being consistent for May on.

Forgive me?

Tonight, P is out of town, I have the house to myself. I am going out to walk the dogs, pick up some dinner, and then will come home and settle in with a glass of wine and some editing. Then uploading and posting! I may not edit some of my photos just for time's sake. And to take the pressure off...

Excited to be coming back!
AliThinks 11 years ago
Glad to see you back in action! I have been less than punctual about posting diaries (and especially visiting other people's diaries!) but I've had a full brain and couldn't really devote the time to it.

Anyway, it's good you are coming back, and even better that you are doing well.

BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
We've all had real life distractions -- Glad to see you're still with us :-)

" BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia) "
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 1st
My first papaya. I love how the seeds look! Couple more.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 2
The Bag
My purse/all-around-bag. Made here in Portland, waterproof, and cute. My camera fits in it perfectly. (Queen Bee makes it. Thanks Queen Bee!)
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 3rd
I don't feel so good. Help me out, Nyquil.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
out of commission 2 days and forgot to photo.
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
April 5th
Sunny and gorgeous. I'm feeling much better and all seems well!

I shouldn't be working today, but am starting a leadership class on Thursdays for 5 weeks. It's for all new employees in a leadership position. We learn how to be a good leader, etc and also Tuality-specific policies. Should be good, but it means I give up my Thursdays off and will make this month a bit crazy and busy... One of the reasons I didn't post regularly...
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 6th
A care package from Juanita, Phillip's mom included this John Deere dog hat and bandana. I had to put it on and laugh. Henneh loves the attention. (Frankie, on the other hand hates wearing ridiculous things.) Isn't she cute?

Don't worry, I'm not in a habit of dressing up the dog.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 8th
Went to Lara's. Took a couple of photos of flowers in her house. Here are a couple more - I like the colorful one, but thought I had lots of color in here recently, so chose the orchid instead.
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
April 10th
shadows and doors
Nice evening light, but I liked it better b/w.
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
April 11th
Another one I have in color and b/w. The color is nice with the red maple leaves, but I like the simplicity of this one.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 12th
the new glasses
Bought some new wine glasses today. I like ones that feel substantial in the hand (a bit hefty vs. thin), and have a nice round goblet. Score!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 13th
spring storm bw
A spring stormy day here in Portland. I like my original, but had more fun playing with this more dramatic version. I like how it turned out... Oh, and it's a drive-by shot!
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
April 14th
Shindig at our friends' house - Dave and Manon. I took a few photos, but the two of the dog Lulu are my favorite. Figures.... I detest using the flash in a party situation because it seems intrusive, so I don't end up getting the sharpest shots. I don't stop and really focus on keeping the camera still either. Oops. I just want to snap and be out of their face. I did use my 35mm, though... I just have to suck it up and either use a flash, or take an extra second and stabilize the camera.
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
April 15th
kaledrops crop
I almost forgot to put this in here! Edited to add it in order. I absolutely love how kale holds water droplets in it's textured leaves. Mmmm... kale. This is the cropped version, which I like a bit better than the original.

April 16th
My blinds.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 17th
The sky was yellow.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 19th
I GOT A NEW BIKE! It's a Kona Paddywagon, which is a single-speed bike, though I'm not hardcore enough for that. Loved it, though so they converted it to a 5-speed for me. Now it's technically a Shiftywagon. The second of it's kind in Portland here - another girl had it done prior. The guys at Sellwood Cycle are awesome.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 20th
pre-trip gear
Lara and I are organizing a trip for an organization called Betties 360.They take girls outside to do cool things like snowshoe, windsurf, and rock climb. They have mentors who are also learning things along with them. Lara and I are the climbing ladies, so we're going to Smith this weekend to scope out routes and work out logistics. Here's the Friday night packing. Friday night we headed out and had a couple drinks by a campfire. Slept to great horned owl hoots and coyotes.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Hello there - just back in off vacation and giving the favorites a quick buzz... wonderful technique on the bicycle crank..climber heh ? Good stuff here - glad to see the posts. Hope all is well...

CollardGreens: Oops!
Jissy 11 years ago
loving those new wine glasses!

Everyday with Jissy
*sweet coffee* 11 years ago
Wauw, that´s a lot of material! Hope you had a great time.
*sweet coffee* Candy for the eye
'stee 11 years ago
yay, you're back! i'm just catching up on april too..eek.

loving the photos..looking forward to more!

stee's 2007: a blank canvas
ParaScubaSailor 11 years ago
Great pics.

I like the one with the wine glass, and I agree with you. The ones that have an extremely thin stem might look nice to look at, but I'm always worried that I might break them when handling them, and that spoils the pleasure of using them, so what's the point?

Great orchid too, and Yay! for the bike.

I've seen a couple of stickers (?) around, that say "one less car on the road"...
eelend PRO 11 years ago
your last pics are amazing
that one of the dog is so lovely

eelend's 2007
Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
10 th and 11 th i love for the shapes - i dont even want to look at the colour ones cause i love the BW - sweet -
welcome back :P - (btw - arm is 99% - only time i remember i hurt it is doing triceps curls where left arm is about 20 lbs weaker still)
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
Thanks everyone for your comments!

- Happy your arm is doing better - sorry I didn't get back to you with more help as I had said I would... (sheepish smile)
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 21st
lara in the gorge
Lara and I hiked around a bunch, and plotted and planned for the Betties360 weekend. Got sprinkled on quite a bit, but the place is still extraordinary.

See the entire set here.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 24th
clover contrast
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 27th
A very busy week, getting everything done and yet planning for the trip with the Betties. Got all packed up the night before... for a very early start Saturday morning.

This is Henrietta. She's a rubber chicken that makes a horrendous noise when squeezed. Kind of the mascot for the weekend. Yes, that's a purple polka-dotted bikini and lipstick on the chicken.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 28th

Saturday- met at 6, drove down, and put up some climbs for the girls. There were 6 girls, and each had a mentor. Half of the girls were from Girl Scouts beyond bars - each of them has a mom currently in or previously in jail. The other girls are in a group called SEI- Self Enhancement Inc. They serve girls in the Portland area, usually low-income households or single-parent homes, etc.

(you can see the Betties360 link in April 20th entry) Had a blast, the girls were awesome and so excited. Lara & I were in charge of the climbing piece, there were also ladies to organize the food, organize activities, etc. Of course s'mores were had that evening. My camera was handed around throughout the day - since I was belaying, most of the actual climbing shots were taken by others, but all were edited by me. You'll have to check out the set to see some of the girls climbing. This is one of the photos I took in the evening. (timer shot) I aaaalmost chose a s'more shot, but the group photo is a nice reminder of the day with everyone included.

You can view the entire weekend here - Betties360 set.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 29th
Journal time with their mentors. More climbing was done today, on much taller climbs, and again, they all did amazingly well! One one of the climbs we had Henrietta hung up - she had to be squeezed for victory... Please check out the set for climbing photos.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
April 30th
carpool buddy
This guy was in a car next to me at the parking garage. At first glance I thought it was a real person. You know this is a carpool lane cheat. A bit freaky, though, huh?
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
May 3rd
manly mowing man
The past few days have been rainy, so we did a bunch of yardwork this dry day.

(I had a couple of phone photos before this entry - one a rainbow - but they are too small to bother posting. I have to change the settings on my phone camera...)
daxster78 11 years ago
Um is he wearing those boots because y'all have grass snakes? (eek)
eelend PRO 11 years ago
that boy in the car is really weird
i'd be scared of it

eelend's 2007
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Hey Magpie !! Long time no see...blasting through the lists and there you were...really good to see the pics from the climb. LOVE the chicken !!!

CollardGreens: Oops!
karinga 11 years ago
Missing your posts! Hope all is well :)
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
OK... been gone awhile. I have promised myself I'll resume this. So now I'll catch up some. So I don't drive myself crazy I'll only post my favorites from each week.

Happy to be back!!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
May 5th
Balsamroot field
Me, Lara, & Leslie stopped in the a.m. for a couple of quick climbs, and then went to Mosier where we met up with some friends and took a gorgeous walk through the hills, filled with yellow flowers. The weather was perfect- sunny, a slight breeze... A truly spectacular day where all feels right in the world. It was difficult to choose just one for today. See the entire set.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
May 8th
This week was Employee Appreciation week... Each day had a theme. This day's theme was Clashing Day.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
May 12th
Today was my friend Alisun's baby shower. She was adorable and beaming and we all had a nice time in a beautiful setting. See the entire set.
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
May 15th

Before mopping it up frantically so it wouldn't stain everything in sight, I had to take a photo - it looked so striking... And yes, this was one of the new wine glasses. Dammit!

May 16th
Frankie night
Gorgeous out. Enjoyed the back deck outside at night. Frankie joined me, my little wolf-child.

(Sorry, had to edit it in here, I had gone too far past it to do it the right way.)
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
May 17th
We (Kelli, Lara, and myself, along with another friend) have decided to climb Mt. Adams, a 12,000 foot mountain in Southern Washington. Today was a hike up Mt. Hamilton for training. Lush, ferny, waterfall, then up to higher plains filled with flowers. Gorgeous. Lungs filled with hot breath, blood flowing through the veins, muscles burning.

Se the entire set.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
May 19th
Asparagus..... I love you so.....
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
May 19th
A grey day. P and I stayed in this gloomy day and drank a bit and played Scrabble and watched movies. So lovely....

May 20th
Moody spring skies brought me out walking with the dogs. The sky was unbelievable. I didn't photoshop these colors... Sometimes it takes your breath away. Reverence. See the the other shots here.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
May 22nd
For more training... went on a bike ride up up up up Mt. Tabor. Then down down down down with wind rushing in your face as you lean forward on your bike and a shit-eating grin plasters your face.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
May 24th
Got up very early and took ice axes, plastic boots, and a dog to Mt. Hood. Had a practice day for self-arrests (how you stop yourself with your ice axe if you should fall and start sliding down the mountain.) and also just to get acclimatized to the altitude. We hiked up a ways, had lunch, hiked/slid down and had a blast with the self-arrests.

Mt. Hood is an amazing mountain- or I should say, volcano. You can smell sulphur at the altitude we got to! As an east-coaster, this amazes me. From Portland, you can see it's pointy peak greeting you from the west. It's just over 11,000 feet high. It has a feminine feel to it for me.

See the entire set.
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
May 27th
Hiked with the girls into Forest Park. See the smiles?

(Didn't realize how many dog shots were in this month. Almost want to apologize but they are a big part of my life!)
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
May 28th
The sweet peas mesmerize me. Their tendrils and how they coil... I stare up close.

I took some photos I loved today. Had a very hard time choosing which one - chose this because of the spiraled tendril, but am not sure which is my favorite. Which is your favorite?
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
May 29th
I got an IUD today... no more hormones!!!!!!! I am ecstatic. And sore.

Maybe my body will start to cycle with the moon like it was meant to....
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
May 31st
I went to my friend Steph's today... she asked me to take some product photos for her. It's a deodorant spray called Luscious. We used some white fabric and made a makeshift light box on a chair. I took a whole bunch, and also some outside in her herb garden, although it was getting late after eating a delicious dinner and drinking some wine and the light was not great... I'm happy with the way they turned out. She chose this one and one other. Woohoo- photo credit on a website!
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
June 2nd
Band photo #1
Today is the day for Mt. Adams!!! Lara, Kelli and I met up with Kristen and April in Hood River, then all piled in a van and headed out to the mountain. The snow was very low, so we didn't get to drive all the way into the campground as you can some times of the year. The campground is at 5,600 feet. We were probably 1,000 feet below that. Hiking up a road isn't very motivating.... But we still had a blast. Donned a couple silly wigs and shades... chatted, laughed our asses off and encouraged each other when it got steeper. Hiking with heavy plastic boots takes some getting used to, as does the elevation. We all took ginseng and coQ 10 to help prevent altitude sickness. I honestly believed it helped a lot!

After much silliness, we started hiking on the true trail. Beauty surrounding us... Breathing deeply, quieting down a bit on the steep parts... legs burning, packs heavy, backs sore. Feeling your muscles propel you forward is extremely rewarding. We reached camp early evening - probably at about 8,000 feet or so. Ate a delicious dinner and closely watched the approaching thunderclouds which were forecasted at a partial chance into turning into a storm.

Thunder rumbled.... We got our stuff ready in case we had to break camp and high tail it for lower ground... But hours passed, and the storm stayed on the opposite side of the ridge. We settled into sleep, giggling in anticipation.

This photo is one of 2 "band photos" we took. In order - Kelli, Lara, me, Kristen, April.

You can see The Entire Adams Set here.
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
June 3rd
The storm passed, yet it was still blustery at our planned departure time of 1a.m. We waited until 3a.m. to get up. Kristen was feeling shitty and feverish, and she and April decided to stay and sleep in, and then head back to the van and wait for us. They encouraged us to continue on to the summit. I was hesitant of breaking up the group, but Kristen essentially pushed us out of camp. We left our gear behind, stashed in a tree well, taking backpacks with snacks, water, layers, crampons, ice axes, one shovel, one thermarest, and our bivy sacks just in case.

Kelli, Lara & I headed out in the blue moonlight, our breath and our boots crunching in the snow the only sounds.

We trudged on. We took some short breaks for mental and physical rest. At altitude your breath is shallow, the air thin. Your legs are heavy with the plastic boots. I had developed "shin bang" on our Mt. Hood hike (stoic and stupid, I kept my boots too tight) and it had now returned, killing me - essentially a bruised shin and the plastic boot bashed it with every step.

Yet the views were astounding. The sun slowly rose, and we could see Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens just outside of the shadow that immense Adams cast over the valley. It felt good to push the limits. You focus on each step, each breath. You watch the person's boots in front of you.. You take turns breaking trail.

We neared the long, steep snowfield that is at the base of the false summit, Piker's Peak. This is at about 10,000 feet. We were beat, elated. The snow field is so steep that the person breaking trail has to kick steps into the snow so we don't slide down the hill. Kick, kick... breathe.... step. Kick, kick, kick.... breathe..... step. The followers trail slowly, conserving energy for their turn to lead. Ice axes uphill to prevent from sliding, to keep balance. We are lucky, and though parts are icy and slippery, we don' t have to don our crampons... this is a blessing!

After hours of effort, we make it to the top of the snowfield, Piker's Peak, the false summit at 11,700 feet. We are so excited, hugging... and then notice the clouds rolling in over the summit. We are a bit later than we thought due to our later start. We ask around - how long until the summit? Two hours?

There is a saddle here- from the false summit, the mountain dips DOWN and then back up to the true summit. This bit is a psyche-sucking blow. It feels nice to go down, however you know you have to re-gain that altitude. We climb to the base of the saddle, snack, and discuss. This cloud cover is worrisome. When we started out, we had promised ourselves that if we made it this far, there was no way in hell we'd turn around. But now we had two friends waiting for us in the van, one sick. There was cloud cover, maybe a storm? The descent route-finding would be tricky enough without the clouds.... Should we turn back??

We decided yes. We'll eat, we'll rest. We did a great job. We should be smart, not let our egos rule... we should descend. We take a photo. Then three men ski down to us (the smart way to descend!). We tell them our dilemma. They say that from the summit they could see that the cloud cover will blow over. They encouraged us to go for it.

We packed up and started the last long climb. Kick, kick, kick... breathe.... step. The altitude is taking our breath. We are driven. Focused. There is no way in hell we're not getting up there now.

We summit! 12,276 feet above the sea. The sun comes out. We hug, celebrate, our eyes well with tears. Again, Reverence. We look at Mt. Rainier and the surrounding valley. We are above the clouds. We each climb atop the tippy top. We take some celebratory photos including the chilly one shot above. Lara and Kelli start to feel sick from the altitude - nauseous, headachy, dizzy. We start to descend.

We get to glissade down! This is sliding down on your butt with ice axe handy as a brake to slow you down and in case you start careening out of control. We have to trudge a bit more uphill at the base of the saddle again, but then have a looooooong glissade down the snowfield. What took hours to ascend took mere minutes to descend! Wheeeee! A grin from ear to ear, butt bumping on the snow, feeling a bit out of control but liking it. Fast fast fast.....

We make it to camp, pack up the things we stashed, and high-tail it back. The hike back to the van is a blur. We are nearly jogging in places, we are feeling so pressed to get back to Kristen and April. I am limping from my shin pain but there's no way I'm stopping. We can hardly believe what just happened - we summited this mountain! We pushed our bodies and even more so, our minds. We are strong, we are elated, we are filled with reverence.
RobW_ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RobW_ (member) 11 years ago
I don't think I've visited this diary before, but it appeared here at the top of the list this morning, and I clicked on "latest photo" and was mesmerized by your pictures and the wonderful description of your epic climb. Beautiful writing, you bring us along with you. Well done! And that badass mountaintop nudity pretty well sums up the euphoria you must have been feeling. Some fit-looking bodies there!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
Thanks so much... I appreciate the comments!
karinga 11 years ago
Glad to see you back!!
ItinerArts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 11 years ago
Great climb story-- the shot at the summit does look chilly!

I love the dog-in-snow shot from May 24th.

CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Very nice climbing story and chilly photo...good stuff here ! Welcome back Magpie !

ragged division [deleted] 11 years ago
Great story, great photos! :-)
Loca.... 11 years ago
Hi, Magpie.
Great climb!
Nice to read your words.
bunæn PRO 11 years ago
It is five in the morning, and being a little late for work, I didn't intend to read the whole narrative about the summiting of Mt. Adams. I couldn't stop reading. And I read the previous entry and clicked on links.

I can make it up on those long straights.

Thanks for coming back.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Thank you for sharing the story.. It's an awesome story.. Too bad Kristen fell ill and couldn't be there- but hopefully she is doing just fine now.

Pleased to meet a new-old fellow diarist.. I joined in at April- so that makes me a late arrival. :)

Be seeing you- I like your diary!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
- Thanks, happy to be back!

- Thanks much for your comments!

- Hi Collards! *waves with bright smile*

- Hey, buns! Happy to make you later for work. ;) Yeah, Mt. Adams is taller, but less technical than Mt. Hood. At least the South Spur route, which is the one we took. There are very few risks as far as cravasses, and no ice climbing or ropes are needed. It is much more mentally challenging than anything. Of course there has to be some level of basic fitness to do it, but the willpower is much much more important in my opinion. Force those feet to just keep moving... push back the doubt and the pain and the fatigue...

- Hi, thanks, and welcome! Kristen has bounced back to her usual energetic self!
eelend PRO 11 years ago
this shot is absolutely amazing

eelend's 2007
Great story and wonderful shot. I would never have thought of glissading on my butt though. We always did it on our feet with ice axe at the ready.
( A Gypsy Outdoors)
Oh, I hope iud's work better than when I was in my 20's. I have a son. He didn't come out holding it in his hand though. :D
ParaScubaSailor 11 years ago
Great to have you back, with a fantastic climbing story as the cherry on the top!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
- Thanks, eelend!

- This particular glissade was extremely long... on the feet would have been multiple falls waiting to happen!

And re: iud. *gulps* yeah... I hope it does too! Wow. You know it's supposed to be more effective than the pill - less user error I guess. So - did they have to go in and take it out when you found out you were pregnant?

- thanks, para!
Yes, they took it out; but it was partially expelled anyway. So just be certain to check it regularly.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
June 4th
Lara is trying a 2-week anti-inflammatory diet given to her by a naturopath. I decided to do it along with her. Not allowed to eat:
refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, wheat, dairy, citrus, nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers), processed foods... I think that's it.
This morning, and most mornings, I'd have oatmeal with fruit mixed in. Took some planning and some willpower... I did feel crappy the first few days, (detox!) but felt pretty good the remainder of the time. The hardest - alcohol, caffeine, sugar. Wheat was tough but I didn't miss it as much. :)
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
June 9th
Our old TV finally died a couple days back. It died so much that I couldn't turn it off (just a blue screen)- had to unplug it. So today we sucked it up, and dove in and bought a widescreen HD TV. We don't even watch TV that much... but the movies - oh how we missed the movies.

The screen shot is a movie called Old Joy. It was based in the NW - Will Oldham is in it who is Bonnie Prince Billy, a singer we love. If you know Portland or the Northwest, this is fun to watch. Some scenes filmed here in Portland, and obviously shot throughout the NW. A quiet film that I enjoyed very much.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
June 10th
A day with my Philly.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Companionship is beautiful. :)

BTW your summit post rekindled my life-long desire to enroll in NOLS... I'm eyeing their Pacific Northwest Mountaineering courses now... :)
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
June 13th
I love love love strawberry time. I get all giggly like a kid going out in the morning to search for my sweet, hidden, ruby jewels. I see a big one! Is it ready today, or do I need to be patient so it's perfectly ripe?? (I'm not always good at waiting but will for a perfect berry.) Warmed from the sun... I can't get enough. If only strawberries were in season year-round...
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
Wow! So happy to be re-kindling inspiration! Do you live out here, or are you just interested in these volcanoes? It is a really spectacular place, the NW.
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
June 15th
Lara's sister in town - we went to an art show/fundraiser for some Guatemalan villages. Lara will be going there through school for 3 weeks. I am fascinated by the industrial areas of the city- that fact about myself I find interesting because I am such a nature girl at heart.

I also took a band photo which turned out cute but I had posted the Adams one so couldn't bring myself to do it. We went out to dinner afterwards and had to try and find food on our anti-inflammatory diet. Not easy.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
No, I live in Southeastern Missouri on a family farm... The land of the National Scenic River ways.. We have beautiful rolling (baby) mountains, and forest wilderness. My outdoors collection is here- I have a lot of pictures from my Missouri wanderings

Missouri is very underrated- people often think the Mississippi River is the biggest natural feature to explore.

But my heart really belongs to the wilderness out West. I used to work every summer at a Deaf Camp as the Wilderness Experience expedition leader in the Sierra Nevada in California, and lead dozens of screaming deaf boys and girls into the wilderness-- something I'm sure you are somewhat familiar with- except perhaps for the deaf part. :)

If I didn't fall into the Information Technology field and start a company, I would probably be working professionally in the outdoors.... Life's funny the directions it takes you in . :)
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
June 16th
I have been mesmerized by this median strip on the way to the highway. It is bursting with wildflowers. Only in Portland... I know this was planted - it is a classic wildflower seed packet type mix. Who did it, I'm not sure... But it warms me.

I know people were looking at me like I was nuts crouching in this median strip taking photos. Now this doesn't mean I MIND that folks were looking at me like the nutter I am... ;) I also took one of just the flowers which I also like, but am posting this one to get a better overview of the entire scene that strikes me so.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
BTW- those strawberries!!! Beautiful shot!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
- Missouri- only driven through there, so I can't say. True outdoorsy folks will always be able to find beauty anywhere... I just personally have to live somewhere where it can be a part of my life. Portland is that perfect mix for me. I've expressed my love for this city in past posts... how there are trees amongst the largest buildings downtown for example.

The Sierras are a place I'd like to explore much more. Do you sign?
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
June 20th
Had a difficult time choosing which of the two I liked better... Here's the other. What do you think?

Went to Michael's for a barbecue... good conversation, gorgeous out. Stopped in my tracks on the way in by these flowers (I have to look them up again and label them.) and took a photo mostly for ID purposes so I can add them to my yard someday....
Dragonhide 11 years ago
I think I like this one better.. and I usually choose landscape over portrait generally. I like this because it shows more of the cool spiky green balls which has a nice flow in it.

Yeah, I sign-- I'm also Deaf myself.

You're very right about outdoorsy types being able to find beauty. :) I don't mind living in Missouri as long as I get to travel frequently, something I haven't been able to do very much of in the recent years. I'm third generation on the family farm (I was actually raised in Virginia Beach on the water- go figure!), and there are a lot of worse places to live than on a nice secluded farm deep in the woods of Missouri :)
eelend PRO 11 years ago
june the 10th!!!
my god, it's wonderful!!!!

eelend's 2007
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
thanks for your input... uh, yeah I guess you sign (duh)... and I like the sound of the farm deep in the woods...


Thank you, it's one of my favorites too... :) Look how much bigger his thumb is than mine!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
June 21st
This is my favorite grocery store in town, and I'd save a bunch of money if I didn't go here so often. It's a Portland-area natural food store. You'll find organic stuff, a huge bulk section, the infamous Stumptown coffee, and a big beer and wine selection. If you're gonna eat meat, you should buy it here- free-range, grain-fed, sustainable mostly. They rate meat red, yellow, and green depending on it's sustainability practices/safety to us. The prices are decent for the type of store it is... but you'll always pay more for organic, sadly...
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
June 24th
Lara & Kelli had a potluck today, with some croquet involved. Didn't take a whole lot of photos, but some cute ones of this adorable little nugget. Gorgeous out... yummy food... good folks.

Entire set here.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
July 4th
ooooooo..... shparkley!
Had a nice long bike ride on my day off... Went out on the Springwater Corridor trail which winds over 21 miles through the east side of town out toward Boring, OR. (yes, it's called Boring.) We usually take it down toward downtown but today I went east on it until I felt I had gone long enough.

Didn't do a whole lot for the evening... I don't like dealing with traffic and the insane crowds of the downtown fireworks display. Not to mention that enough people in our neighborhood light them off that I don't feel like I'm missing out on a whole lot.

I always worry about how freaked out the local birds and wildlife must be with the noise....
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
July 6th
Hotel room portrait 3
My friend Gayle and I are meeting in Arizona. We've known each other since kindergarten - or maybe even nursery school now that I think about it - 27 years or so... From 7th grade throughout high school, me, Gayle, and Meghan were nearly inseparable. I can't even begin to go into the laughter and the moments shared. Think about how important that time in your life is... and I was so blessed to share it with these two amazing women.

The occasion? Meghan's getting married. She lives in Phoenix, Gayle still in Maine, and I'm here in Oregon. We are not in as close touch as we'd like to be, however every time we see each other it's like no time has passed. Those kind of friends are hard to find, and I cherish these two.

We had a lot of fun this night, and as evidenced by this photo, maybe a drink or two...
~magpie~ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ~magpie~ (member) 11 years ago
July 7th
the laugh
Meghan got married today... There was morning rain. Two shuttle buses took us all up to the snow bowl in the afternoon. We arrived with the sun... a gorgeous evening, and a touching ceremony with Meghan's big personality shining through. For glimpses of why I love her, check out the photos here and here.
She is intelligent, organized, thoughtful, beautiful, loving... and a goofball. We all had a blast.

Check out the entire wedding set here.
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Wow, you've been posting like crazy since we summited with you a few days ago (such good writing!). The anti-inflammatory diet looks very good - I did a very similar one last winter and lost 18kg, so when we close the bar in a coupleof months, I'm back on it.

Two fabulous shots (faves both) follow each other on June 10 and 13. If Eelend tells you that you have a good B&W, you'd better believe her. That is so profound, and the red strawberries are delicious. Lovely wild flowers too, you did a good thing by taking the time out to capture them, and the guys who thought you a nutter were the losers. Through fun with friends (and a drink or two), and finishing with a very happy bride, surrounded by her best and oldest friends.
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Rob - I think Erica went to the eelend school of black and white some time ago...the prof is dropping in to check on her pupil !

Been on the go for too long and this weekend it slows a little - so trying to visit some of my friends here...great work on the 10th - I agree.

CollardGreens: Oops!
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
July 10th
Sunflowers... so common yet so amazing. You can almost see them grow as you watch them. I let mine live out their full lives and then the birds get a nice end of summer snack right off the bloom.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
Yes, posting like crazy trying to get caught up! Almost there! Thanks for your thoughtful comments and the faves... And yes, honored to have eelend praise a b/w of mine! Hmmm.. maybe we do need to start calling her Professor. :)

Hi collards! I always appreciate your comments/criticism as I love your work... so thanks.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
July 12th
Ode to Jolly Ball.
Still very hot out... the dogs got hosed today and I took one of my favorite shots of our aging Hennehdog. She has aged so quickly this year (she will be 10 in November), and though it hits me sometimes and saddens me, I know she's living a happy, rich life. Dogs live so much for the moment- a lesson I should learn from them.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
July 16th
I was very slack on the photo taking. I go the longest period without a photo. We are getting ready for a 10-day trip to go see our families... I am preparing.

It rains, very unusual for the summers here. It actually thunders - really thunders- shaking windowpanes and resonating in my chest and pouring down buckets of rain- which is even more unusual here. I love it, sitting on the porch with a glass of wine, taking it all in, smelling the ozone and the wet pavement and earth. It's the second true thunderstorm I've witnessed here in 7 years. Rumbles in the distance don't count. Was that a truck? Or was that thunder? I miss them!

Again, my dogs share the moment with me on the porch. We have a quiet moment together despite all the external sounds- I know it's cliche, but I can't imagine living without dogs.... How many other species do we communicate with so effectively? We have to stop sometimes and look at them - look at these creatures that are laying at our feet, sharing our homes and our lives... It's crazy, really.
ebilflindas 11 years ago
It's been posted elsewhere here, in someone's diary (maybe here...I can't remember), but I can't resist after this shot of your gorgeous pups:
Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend;
inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.
~ G. Marx
How did the anti-inflammatory diet turn out? Anything you noticed with yourself?
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