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CoffeeCypher says:

Ok, So I begin from the 7th of January. I hope I will suceed keeping this things done on a daily basis.

--Sunday 7th January--

Pentax auto 110

My new toy!
My father give me this one. It is the smallest SLR camera with TTL measuring and Interchangeable lens. He gave me this camera with 3 Lens. I even got a 50mm Telelens. The motor drive doesn't work anymore, but it won't be a big deal to bring it back to duty.

The only problem is that it uses 110 cartridges film which are hard to find. Moreover, I don't even know where I can process it...
If anyone have advices on 110 film cartridges or about using squch a camera, I would be happy to heard them!
4:12PM, 9 January 2007 PDT (permalink)

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glucozze says:

i don't know but i've heard a lot of good things about the auto 110.
probably the best thing is to googling for a forum of users.
it seems very small, probably very nice for street candid shots
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CoffeeCypher says:

Monday the Eight!
Hard day

That' was kind of hard and boring day!
Get up to go at work, get lots of search on Internet, then come back and sleep a while to get battery charged for hard day following this one...

Song of the day : "fell on black days", Soundgarden...
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CoffeeCypher says:

: thanks, I think I should get a sure way to get films for this one, as it is really small and light, and might be addictive.
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CoffeeCypher says:

Tuesday the ninth :


I must pass my driving licence, I've lost plenty of time commuting by feet and Train Tuesday.

Song of the day : Mon métro, Anis...
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CoffeeCypher edited this topic ages ago.

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ILIGHT says:

Good luck on the driving test, man. Remember, the key to successful driving depends on two things: Concentrate on what you're doing and always watch out for the other guy who is not!
You can do it!
~images& words: 2007
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CoffeeCypher says:

Thursday the eleventh.

Theres no picture for yesterday, sorry I did leave my memory card in the reader! ^^


I went to le forum, I spent lots of time in this place. It makes me thought about lots of remebering, and that I should take more time to see my friends...

Song of the day : hip-hop, Hocus Pocus
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