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msspider66 9:34pm, 6 January 2007
01 Jan 2007
01 Jan 2007

Day one and I almost forgot to take a picture. This is my painfully ugly shower curtain. It fits in with my ugly bathroom. Yes, the thing on the bottom is my tub. What were they thinking when they picked that color?
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satrina* 11 years ago
That's the kind of parties I enjoy the most, small but not too small :)

Glad to know you got the apartment!

Satrina: av meg
msspider66 11 years ago
@ leesure - I don't remember fixing red eye, but I had a few drinks last night. Her eyes do a look a little strange. When I go to work tomorrow I am going to be thinking of what you said.

@ BellaGaia - you are right about the fade in and out. They would do that as they were changing tracks.

I love the Knack 8-track. I have their greatest hits on cd but it isn't the same. I was raised to be a good Long Island girl so Billy Joel is a requirement in any music collection.

@ AliThinks - She deserved a good party. She is looking forward to moving on. I envy her.

@ satrina* - I am not a large party person either. I like small ones that I know people with a few new faces.
msspider66 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by msspider66 (member) 11 years ago
22 March 2007
22 March 2007

Changing homes is always filled with mixed feelings. There is the fear of the unknown. The excitement of change. Sorrow of leaving things behind.

I had two very emtional moves. The first waswhen I left my apartment in Astoria. I was planning on hitting the road for a year and didn't want the hassle of keeping an apartment that I would rarely see, It was a happy home for three years.

My other hard move was when I left my place in Forest Hills. It was a few months after September 11th. The travel was failing. I was out of work with no possible job in the near future. With my tail between my legs I had to move back home. I was in my mid 30s and it was difficult to admit defeat.

I realized today that this move brings different emotions. Happier ones. Even though I hae resided here for 3 years, it has never been "home". I moved here for the location. It was close to where I was working at the time, but I always felt like I was just visiting.

I am overjoyed to be leaving here. Even more so than when I departed from my 6 months in the apartment from hell 1o years ago. When I walked to the front door tonight I looked through the window and smiled because I will soon be gone.

I am sorry my commenting on everyone's threads has been limited at best. Oncethings calm down I'll be back full swing.
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
believe me i understand -- no need for you to apologize -- we'll be here :-)
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
With every closing door there is a new adventure. Heres to new adventures and doors that are open...

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satrina* 11 years ago
Very nice post!

And don't worry about your commenting, we know you're busy :)

Satrina: av meg
eelend PRO 11 years ago
msspider66 11 years ago
Thanks guys!

The move went well. I have been taking my daily pictures. Once I have my internet set up I'll post them.
~magpie~ PRO 11 years ago
I know exactly what you mean about moving. I want to get out of this house, but the thought of looking for a place and packing and moving doesn't sound appealing at all.

Can't wait to see more photos!

Erica Day by Day 2007
MarySesami 11 years ago
Glad to hear you move went well. Looking forward to seeing your new photos!
MarySesami's 2007
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
see u when you get back :-)

" BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia) "
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Hey, I hope everything's going well with the new pad!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
'stee 11 years ago
hi hi - how's tricks? it's been awfully quiet here without your photos..come back soon..!

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