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oops !

CollardGreens PRO 10:15pm, 5 January 2007
oops !

Sometimes "oops" is what you say when you make a mistake - other times it is when you make a discovery - today "oops" means " CalibrationIntact "

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Professional vagabond - My job takes me all over Europe, Africa, Middle East, Scandinavia and Russia - some nice places, some not so nice - all interesting. Thanks for stopping by.
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Like the image of a zombies videogame
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 10 years ago
Congratuations on making the whole year, Ted!!! Champagne to follow... :-)
CollardGreens PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by CollardGreens (member) 10 years ago
Tim - It was me who learned from you...Happy New Year !

Congrats ! It was not always easy was it ?? Happy New Year !

Indeed ! Find the goal and remove the barriers...Happy New Year !

Hey Pablo ! Thanks and Happy New Year !

Jim - as it was you who extended the invitation and passed me all the details - I thank you for opening the door to this experience. Yes, there will always be champagne ! Happy New Year !
CollardGreens PRO 10 years ago


Having struggled with my calibration and reference points as well as combating a little flu - I needed a walk. The visiting kids and I walked from Concorde to the Louvre. They rode the ferris wheel and I took photos of them gripping the rails ! A slow, not so cold day. We had some dinner and yes I suffered through a glass of champagne and then off to bed. CalibrationIntact.

2007 has been a most adventuresome year for me. I visited new places, saw new sights, learned new words, met new people, lost good people, laughed, cried, loved and snapped the shutter some 30,000 times. It has been my sincere pleasure to offer 365 peeks into what makes up my world...I hope you found this to your liking.

I bid you well.
RobW_ PRO 10 years ago
Happy New Year Ted, and well done on completing the year without missing a day. Your photos have always shown variety, interest and quality, and your words always worth giving attention to.

It has been a good experience getting to know you here, and may I close by saying - "Good stuff here".
Jonathan Riverwalker 10 years ago
i hope we can practice together again next year - maybe ill visit you this time - hope everything works out mr calm reasonable and positive!
ebilflindas 10 years ago
Happy New Year,
Mr. Good Stuff Here!
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