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overge PRO 11:14pm, 4 January 2007
I've decided that yes.. that even though the final result won't sum 365 I'll try it.. Personally, I feel my life is almost the same everyday, so I think that maybe the first days the photo will be too similar but (here comes the part that makes me start this project) I'm sure I'll learn to find those little things in the everyday life that make one specific day different and worth remembering...

Per tant.. només em faré una promesa: malgrat el dia sigui per oblidar, malgrat estigui estressat, malgrat em faci mandra tot.. faré una foto.
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overge PRO 11 years ago
Oh.. and tomorrow I'll post the photos of Sat, Sun and Monday... trying to get up-to-date again :P
satrina* 11 years ago
Feb 22nd: great texture, it reminds me of a lizzard skin, I like it.

Feb 23rd: I was going to see Blood Diamond today but it had already started :P I'll try to catch it this week

And don't feel bad for not being up to date -says the person permanently behind the date :P

I was about to catch up and then came the camera mess... maybe is a curse :S

Satrina: av meg
overge PRO 11 years ago
lool.. yes.. I think we're cursed on the up-to-date thing... :P on blood diamond.. when you've seen it tell me if you liked it : ))
overge PRO 11 years ago


Yes.. from day to day we tend to be less "high".. not depressed but thoughtful on the inside.. as if the mirror in which we look the world around us was badly broken and images weren't clear... happily.. I prefer having windows than mirrors.. and broken windows just let cold air get inside but don't distort the reality.. (mmm.. pseudo-psychological-poetry-gift tonight :P)
overge PRO 11 years ago

gorgeous sky (sunday)

Relax. Relax. Relax. And looooots of chapters of "Heroes".. wo.. I can't start watching series on DVD.. had nothing to do that afternoon and watched 9 chapters one after the other.. a truly good TV series.. As I can't "control" more than two at a time.. I'm thinking on leaving Lost and focusing on this one.. (Lost is getting kinda lost....).. Well.. as you see not much worries let us worry on superfluous things.. as we say here "who doesn't have work.. combs the cat" : ))
Jissy 11 years ago
:-( about yr team losing, but i fear i wished differently for you i may be left homeless! finsihing at 3pm on a Friday wow! that seems heavenly sounds like a great way to spend the rest of the eve! i havent been to the movies in aaagges!

hmm thanks for the pseudo psyc poetry, i actually enjoyed it ;-)
Everyday with Jissy
overge PRO 11 years ago
ohh.. if there was the risk of me being left homeless because of Barça I'd abandon it (yes.. I know.. what a bad supporter) so I guess in your case the situation is even easier to solve.. support Liverpool ;-))) btw.. glad u enjoyed p-p-poetry :-))
overge PRO 11 years ago

cross in the air

Monday.. what can I say.. just a Monday :P Working day.. little break to watch sky and see this cross.. and kept working (well.. I'm a biiit exaggerated).. Sky fascinates me.. when I see one plane up there I use to wonder where they'll be going.. why.. and I use to have a little bit of envy for not being there instead of sat in my office chair..
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago

sliding doors

And yes.. tuesday.. good day I ended up sorting things a bit in my flickr :)) and shooting my closet... sliding doors powered by IKEA.. :P ohh.. btw.. I've found a phrase I just love: "less is the new more" (as an evoultion of the mythical "less is more") :P

edit: just after posting it I noticed the similarity between this shot and the one I posted yesterday.. two completely different things can have the same shape.. this is what makes life great... even if we're completely different one in front of the other.. all of us have something special which enables us to do anything we want.. : )) (p-p-poetry again :P)
sotonrich 11 years ago
Man another diary I've completely missed! I'm very sorry I will play catch-up right now!

Breathed Upon
satrina* 11 years ago
Enjoying the poetry... and the sky shots, most of my shots this year are from the sky.

I really like the phrase about the cat, after hearing that I know I should get a cat 'cause my babies are a little difficult to comb :P

Satrina: av meg
Sandra.Pi 11 years ago
Coming around!! hello!!! beautifull pics, the blue sky, the orange sky, the street that Satrina said "it looks like lizard skin", i agree, and i like it too...

"pseudo-psychological-poetry-gift tonight": interesting, want to hear more of this kind of rant...it got me to think a little, this week i'm in the contemplative mood (thoughtful on the inside), thinking a lot...hmmm

Jissy 11 years ago
come to think about it, many of your pics have similar symettery effect- all blocks!
overge PRO 11 years ago
welcome here.. there are so many diaries out there I've missed that I feel a bit ashamed.... at least I'll check your one out!! :PP

looool on the accquisition of a cat ;-) I'm glad you enjoyed the poetry.. and now that I see it.. it's true.. I'm kinda "skyish" :P (definitely a moon lover shall have part of his feet in the sky ;))

uooo!! heeeeello! (nice to see you here -and wonderful that you keep your word and keep visiting- :-)))) glad you like the lizard skin that seems a street :P.P and wow.. I'll post more "pseudo-poetic" rants.. they are well accepted (and I love writing them :))

thoughtful mmmmmmmm *hoping this is good* : P
satrina* 11 years ago
then I know I can expect more skies pics over here :) I love the moon but my favorites are the skies with clouds and great colours :)

Satrina: av meg
overge PRO 11 years ago
uoo.. then I'll try to do one special sky shot one day : ))
overge PRO 11 years ago
(yes.. back to my MDPD life.. kinda abandoned lately..)
satrina* Posted 11 years ago. Edited by satrina* (member) 11 years ago
*tapping foot* :D

I'm so behind that I'm just about to post the 27th so I won't nag about this but I miss you

And thanks in advance for the special sky shot :)

Satrina: av meg
Jissy 11 years ago
ditto at what said...
overge PRO 11 years ago
ooooooh.. you gave me my sunday : ))))) It's wonderful to have such a wonderful company here in flickr :P

btw.. keep in contact and you'll see that sky (hope you'll like it).. soon : )
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago

bosses tricolore

Dimecres... that day I received a "gift" from the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Hall).. three bags to be able to separate things in a "hey.. let's be reciclers" thing.. dunno.. in my personal opinion I don't feel like loving this kind of actions and less just before municipal elections.. Maybe I'm too "radical" in those things.. but I can't understand how things are in many cases not perfect and they spend more and more in self advertisements.. totally silly! (did you notice I'm kinda "exhausted" with our politics?)
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago


No photo today :( -missed 3 out of 60...-

It's curious.. I didn't take a photo either in the 3/1 or the 1/3.. Bad combination for me to take pics I guess... That day was great.. I had a dinner with some friends and it was great (just that I forgot my cam).. a wonderful way to start the end of the week :P
Sandra.Pi 11 years ago
well....what can i say, politics are a really tricky subject, more in a country like mine (little country in the ways of development) so i won't get into that kind of debates, i prefer to talk about the little screaming garbages..jejeje...:"oscar oscar!! recicle recicle" as they do a weird dance with their skinny legs!!! jajajajajjajajaj. well...the paper garbage seems to be dancing, the yellow one seems to be runing away from something and the green one is the one in charge of the screaming...


hope your food was more colorfull than your no picture photo :)
overge PRO 11 years ago
yup.. it's true that while I may protest on our politics the situation in you country (and those around) tends to be somewhat trickier.. so.. I agree with the "change of subject" : )) It's true that those new friends (mr bamboo was already talking to the green garbage yesterday jejejeje) give a new air to my recycling habits... basically let me have them in a more organized way : )) btw.. loooool on your "lecture" about the three garbage cartoons.. I laughed a lot : )))

and yes.. it was great!! (lebanese restaurant, btw :P)
overge PRO 11 years ago

morning smile

Friday! Yes.. this is one of the smiles I see everyday.. I used to see every morning another one I also loved (one girl who gave free newspapers in the corner just in front of my home) but one day she disappeared and "turned into" a bearded man with a totally unfriendly air.. yes.. a huge drop in morning wellness feeling : ) Friday was.. good.. I went to work.. I ended up at 3pm.. I did some things I had to do during the afternoon and I went to the cinema in the evening (you can see I'm far from rutinary :P).. It was good.. and so was the after cinema talk... another example of how you can spend a wonderful time just talking about nonsenses.. and kinda surrealistic subjects :P (mmm... another thing you might have noticed.. I love surrealism : ))
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago

*For Satrina.. lots of clouds and lines.. though no "special colours" today :P:P (I'll try better soon..)

Well.. Saturday was great.. I spent my day in Barcelona.. enjoying my time taking pics and walking around.. At the evening.. went for dinner with some friends.. watched the lunar eclipse and went partying with the magical feeling full moon gives.. and it went well : )) (I had lots of laughs and enjoyed the party-tme :P)..
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago


Sunday. I spend so much time using the cell phone I've already come to think I wouldn't be able to live without it.. (don't worry world.. I could :P).. Today has been an idle day.. relax.. relax.. relax.. and the celebration of my father's day (not birthday.. Saints day...) which was the 1st of March but we celebrated today : ))) I just hope you have a wonderful, truly interesting week!!
satrina* 11 years ago
I absolutely love love LOVE the sky photo! the colour is great! thank you very much!

Now, let me tell you that Sandra's comment made me laugh too, I went back and forth from her comment to the pic to check out every detail she mentioned :D

Satrina: av meg
eelend PRO 11 years ago
¿te puedes creer que me acabo de enterar de que eres de barcelona? y yo hablándote en inglés :P

eelend's 2007
overge PRO 11 years ago
you're welcome!! : ))) I really feel very proud, happy, thankful (and so on) that you (and your right hand ; )) love love love that sky : )

jajajaja yo te tenía situada en Madrid.. (lo de las localizaciones que hicieron al principio....) pero pensé en lo del inglés como idioma que todo el mundo entiende y por eso también seguí en inglés :P (aunque por aquí hay bastante personal que, cuando menos, entiende el castellano)... gracias por pasarte por aquí y, aunque con retraso, felicidades a shanghai!!! ; ))
satrina* 11 years ago
si, yo también por eso escribo en inglés :D
Sandra.Pi 11 years ago
yo también escribo en ingles...pero hoy tengo pereza y voy a escribir en español...

Que linda "vecina" que te sonrie en la foto del 3 de marzo, tener sonrisas alrededor activa la tuya, produce endorfinas y eres feliz y puedes escribir mas incoherencias surrealistas para entretenernos :)

Que bonita foto y que bueno fiesta en Sabado y con luna

me encanta la imagen de fondo del celular!! yo soy adicta, creo que ya es una parte "removible" de mi cuerpo...quisiera que no fuera asi pero ni modo...y nisiquiera me habla ;)
Jissy 11 years ago
speak the english? lol ;-) thanx for the weekly well wishes... !
overge PRO 11 years ago
hehehe es un buen motivo ; ))

sabes que tu simple visita me alegra.. así que me parece bien que escribas como quieras : ) jijiij en lo de recibir sonrisas para poder escribir más incoherencias surrealistas :P:P

lol.. yup.. it was just a small step into spanish.. nothing serious.. i just hope that doesn't make you abandon my thread.... ;-)
overge PRO 11 years ago
TGIF!! time to put the diary up to date : )



Monday was a totally "monday day".. work, work, work and getting home with just the spirit to sleeeep : )
overge PRO 11 years ago
06 / 03 / 2007:

hi toast!

Barça won.. and it's out from European Championship.. buaaaaaa :__(
eelend PRO 11 years ago
mis amigos están de lo más tristes por eso
yo no soy futbolera, pero ánimo, ya llegarán tiempos mejores

eelend's 2007
overge PRO 11 years ago
jejeje no siendo futbolera no te picaré.. pero bueno.. a ver si mañana llega un tiempo un pelín mejor para el Barcelona ; ))
overge PRO 11 years ago

equilibri artificial

Wed. Well... wednesday mood, wednesday work, wednesday afterwork entertainment.. and the feeling that weeks pass faster than ever..
overge PRO 11 years ago

coll de girafa

I met a friend to have dinner.. I hadn't seen him for a while so we updated each other with our most recent *stories*.. It was a good way to spend the evening : ) (btw... the thing in the photo it's a sculpture you can find in Rambla Catalunya / Diagonal which is an homage to the Rambles.. don't know why they put a lying giraffe...)
overge PRO 11 years ago

black, white green wall

Yes.. this is kinda conceptual.. I saw it and I loved the texture.. but I also loved how it represented the end of the week.. a green wall I "find" every weekend which makes me reflect on what I did during the week and wonder what I will find on the other side the next week...
Jissy 11 years ago
sorry about Barca....but they did win the game ;-)
agree great texture here!
overge PRO 11 years ago
hehehe true.. no problem considering Liverpool will win the Champions :-)
Sandra.Pi 11 years ago

+Monday: uuu...i want a coke, i blame your picture for making me want one :P
+Tuesday: your comment on barca reminded me that this year we have south american coup!! yeyy!!! soccer rocks!!!
+Wednesday: uuuu, wouldn't you like to go up that structure and see how's the view up there?
+Tuesday: about your meeting with your friend: i would give a foot and a hand to be invisible and eavesdrop on what guys talked when they get togheter, such a mystery jijijijiji
+friday: love this pic, would like to see it in color also!!!
overge PRO 11 years ago
Hola Sandra!!
+Monday: mmm.. be sure I won't feel guilty for that ;-))
+Tuesday: mmm yup :P
+Wednesday: mmmmm... not very sure on the security of the structures there but why not : ))
+Thursday: loooool! Boh.. that would break that magical mistery :P:P
+Friday: I'll post it.. but greens there weren't very bright so it didn't have lots of interest..
overge PRO 11 years ago

barça - madrid!

More football!! Normal Saturday until the evening.. we went with some friends to a pub to watch the Barcelona - Madrid match (maximal rivalry there).. It was a cool match and ended up in a tie with lots of goals (3-3).. After this.. we went to have another beer and then went to do some partying.. we ended up in a strange club called Fellini where they play basically techno (didn't know that...).. It was kinda strange and I didn't like the music a lot but, as always, good time doesn't depend a lot on where but on with who.. and the global evaluation of the night was good! :-))
satrina* 11 years ago
I haven't been here in a couple of days and I missed a whole week.

And if Sandra already gave a hand and a foot, I'll just wait and ask her for what she heard :D

Now I want a coke and some toast

Have a nice and interesting week!

Satrina: av meg
Jissy 11 years ago
Great texture to your Sat pic...i spy a guinness in the corner ;-)

Hope u enjoyed the footie game...and the Monday was an easy day into the week

Everyday with Jissy
overge PRO 11 years ago
loool.. good strategy to discover our most-valued secrets ;-)) thaanks.. hope you also have a wonderfully good week!

loool.. can you believe I thought in you when I ordered the first pint?? :P It was a good game so yes.. I enjoyed it.. and I hope I'll also enjoy the rest of the week : ))
overge PRO 11 years ago

Sunday (rest.. read.. prepare)

Wow.. another sunday to recover from Saturday party.. rest.. and read for a while a new book I bought on Saturday (Acide Sulphurique by Amélie Nothomb - novel about a TV reality show which reproduces the conditions in a concentration camp) and preparing my trip to London!!! : ))
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago

Bloody Monday

Last december I decided I'd go and donate blood once every three months.. So this week started this way.. after work I took the car and went to Hospital Clinic where they extracted my blood.. Dunno.. It isn't an effort and I know it can be helpful for someone.. : )

btw: the text reads "Once isn't enough.. come to donate blood"
overge PRO 11 years ago


Good day at work.. we're starting to finish an anaysis that has taken us a few days.. That's great! : )

oh.. the photo.. well..
oscar bored + microwaves oven = "mikroweifs" freaky picture
Sandra.Pi 11 years ago
such a commited guy!! it's so important to give blood!!! good oscar!! have a great week!
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Nice wide variety of topics posts and photos - good stuff...

CollardGreens: Oops!
satrina* 11 years ago
I don't know why my eye is feeling very attracted to the red lately

March 11th: that sounds like an interesting book. When are you going to London?

And I agree with Sandra, good Oscar :)

Satrina: av meg
Jissy 11 years ago
oh not even spanish text will keep me away from the stream- lol at your thoughts when ordering yoru first pint! Lookin forward to your London trip btw!

Well done for donating blood- I was only allowed to donate once, after that they rejected me four times: 1 low iron 2 tattoos & piercing in the last six months 3. low blood pressure take these iron tablets 4. tattoos and piercing again, and after that I never went back ;-)

Everyday with Jissy
overge PRO 11 years ago
thaaanks! (fast answers here :P) Not that commited.. just more responsible (I have done this 3 times in 24 years.. I wouldn't say it's a lot :P).. btw.. I know some people who can't donate so I decided that, being able to do it, I'd do it : )

glad you like it : ) Come back wenever you want.. you're truly welcome!

hehehe it's interesting the book.. almost finished it (not very long btw..). I'm going to London next weekend.. and I'm already willing for that pint with Jissy (I promise the MDPD of that day will be there with her) : ))

lool!! I supposed so.. if I had felt the comments in spanish would have made you abandon this stream I'd have translated them all : )) You see.. another person I find that can't give blood due to various problems.. Another good reason to give :-) Mmm and all those tatoos and piercings you have??? ; )) And yes.. sharing a guinness will be good :-)
overge PRO 11 years ago
14 / 03 / 2007:

zombie pedrera

Went to work.. while there I talked to a friend to meet at the evening.. we went to the Born to have a crêpe (yum!!) and talked for a couple of hours.. it was nice.. on my way home I took this low-quality but moody image : )
overge PRO 11 years ago
15 / 03 / 2007:

cinema (breaking & entering)

Mmm... nothing special at work.. in the evening I went to the cinema to watch "breaking and entering" by Anthony Minghella.. it's a cool movie featuring Jude Law and an excelent, superb Juliette Binoche.. An interesting (and kinda "ugly") story which talks about personal relationships.. a total recommendation.
overge PRO 11 years ago
16 / 03 / 2007:


Well.. Friday!! After work I went to see a flat here in Barcelona because I'm willing to change the place where I live.. even though, by the moment there won't be any change of living place as I haven't found anything I like.. After this I went to play a paddle game with some work colleagues and, finally, at the evening, I met some friends for a drink :-))
overge PRO 11 years ago
17 / 03 / 2007:

los planetas

Morning: Barcelona, brought some things to my flat, went to do some shopping (here an image of a toy store where we went to buy a present for the son of a friend) and ate in an italian place (kinda good btw : )

Afternoon: some more shopping : )

Evening: St Patrick's at an Irish friend house...

Night: some clubbing in Manresa.. a wonderful night with some friends.. we went again to a club we hadn't gone in a while.. it was nice :P
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago
18 / 03 / 2007:


Sunny sunday.. I woke quite early (at 11h30AM :P) and went to Barcelona to meet an american friend for -originally- have lunch in a Mexican restaurant.. at the end it was closed so we went to another place and we had a great lunch.. the afternoon was cool too.. we talked for a long time while walking in the Ciutadella park.. We talked about her, about me, her thoughts, mine.. to sum up: how we see the world and how we se ourselves.. (an amazing girl, btw)..

(with Satrina permission)
I learned a lot today:
I learned: some women can be truly surprising from time to time.. neither good nor bad.. just surprising
I also learned: you have to like yourself if you want others to like you
I finally learned: getting along with someone doesn't really depend on you or on the other person but on the mix of both.. Everyone is worthy.. you just have to be yourself and you'll find someone interested :-)
Jissy 11 years ago
wow- and all i learned on sunday was ho to play poker ;-) some good lessons there... esp the last one... i truly believe if u dont b yourself u'll neva b happy or fin someone to b happy with!

have a nice week too ;-)

Everyday with Jissy
Sandra.Pi Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sandra.Pi (member) 11 years ago
+Juliette Binoche is a doll! i love her...
+What does little buddha have to say about changing flats? btw the one in the pic looks really nice!!
+Well, it is better to buy the little guy some planets instead of dolls...from his point of view, he would only see their asses...that's not good...jajajajaja
+I loved all the things your learned with your friend, it gives me hope, someone is out there for me and we make a good mix, waiting for him to show up though..jeje
+i learned about st patrick last weekend!! and i drank lot of beer in his name too! ;)
overge PRO 11 years ago
Jissy loool.. it's great what you learned also (did u win??).. so truthful your words : )) thaaanks and sorry for the delay in answering (it was a nice week, stressful but great.. ).. btw.. you've got a flickrmail ; )

Sandra woo.. thanks for dropping by again : )) I also love Juliette Binoche.. so française.. hehehehe little buddha will have little to no-vote in the flat changing decision (even he is complaining a lot about this these days).. (btw.. that one wasn't chosen.. still looking :P).. strong lol on the dolls - planets.. that was funny ; )) aaand.. I'm sure (completely, fully, strongly sure) there's someone out there looking for you.. the only problem is he hasn't found you yet.. but he'll appear :P on StPatrick's.. Slainte!!

Well.. sorry forn not having updated any pics this week.. I shall admit I won't manage to post anymore until, at least, sunday evening or monday evening (I'm in Madrid tomorrow and this weekend I visit London : )))))
satrina* 11 years ago
Sorry I haven't been here in a while :(

Let me tell you I love love love the building in your March 14th shot. I was just considering going to see Breaking & Entering a couple of days ago, now I know I should see it

You really learned a lot :D

Satrina: av meg
Jissy 11 years ago
sorry i missed yr mail, had some serious lack of flickr time (major withdrawal symptoms) since wed eve! Hope ya had a great time in London...cant wait to see your pics ;-)

Everyday with Jissy
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago
Don't worry.. me neither :PP thanks thanks thanks for the compliment on the building : )) Btw.. have you already seen "breaking&entering"? (it's a pleasure that you consider a recommendation i do as a reason to go see a movie -with my bad taste for movies- ; )) Aaand yup.. I learned a lot... but there's always more in the "not yet learned" side : ))

doon't worry about the mail : )) on the London photos... you'll see them pretty soon : )) (I took a good amount of them :P)
overge PRO 11 years ago
wo.. sorry for the lack of updates lately.. it will take time but I'll do it :P


mad weather..

Monday. Bad weather is starting to come back.. cold, rains, boh.. a "wonderful" start for spring.. work stressful as always.. not a lot more to remember bout that day :P
overge PRO 11 years ago

25ºC last weekend, 5ºC today..

As I said, cold is here!! I had to rescue my gloves from the place where I had them because carrying the laptop suitcase in my bare hands and this cold was kinda... well.. because I hadn't almost had the occasion to wear them this winter :P
overge PRO 11 years ago


No photo today :( -missed 4 out of a bunch...-

(nothing truly special today :P)
overge PRO 11 years ago

to "home sweet home"

Today was a different day. Tomorrow (23) I'll go to Madrid (well.. to be more exact to Segovia) to do a "Professional Stage" my department in the company I work for organizes. It's basically a day where we explain each other what we do, where we do it and how we do it... The part that made today different is that they told us to go attired in a "business casual" look. I didn't have the appropriate clothing so I went to buy some things and went home (not the flat where I live but my parents home) to take a pair of trousers that make the look. Tomorrow will be a loooong day.
overge PRO 11 years ago

Barcelona airport, 23h55

Long day:
4h30 - I wake up
5h00 - I leave home, by car, to the airport
5h50 - I arrive at the airport
7h10 - The plane leaves Barcelona
8h20 - We arrive at Madrid
8h25 - A colleague notices Spanair has lost his luggage (everything solved)
8h45 - We take the bus to Segovia
10h30 - We arrive at Segovia
(10h30 - 18h30 - Professional Stage)
18h30 - We leave Segovia
20h30 - We arrive at Madrid (friday evening jams)
20h35 - We take a beer with some tapas
21h00 - We go to the airport
21h30 - We hace dinner
22h30 - Our plane leaves Madrid
23h50 - We arrive at Barcelona
23h55 - I take the photo
0h15 - I take the car
1h00 - I arrive at home... kinda sleepy :P

(btw.. I had to wake up next morning at 5AM to go to London :P)
satrina* Posted 11 years ago. Edited by satrina* (member) 11 years ago
You're back! so am I!

The sky looks great -in its own cloudy way- but the gloves are really great but it's better your reason for wearing them :P

And this last day was a very loong day indeed

Satrina: av meg
Jissy 11 years ago
wow thats a busy day!
Sandra.Pi 11 years ago
Busy working bee...with leather gloves!!! hello!! :D
overge PRO 11 years ago
yees.. it was long long long (and back.. well.. I'm getting outdated again.. one week of delay and I leave the whole week)

it was indeed :P

loool.. working bees use leather gloves.. didn't you know it??
overge PRO 11 years ago
well.. I can't update now my MDPD.. and I leave for NEW YORK!! : )) I'll be back in 10 days with lots of photos to share :P be good!!
satrina* 11 years ago
We'll miss you! Have a nice trip and don't forget to bring back tons of photos :)
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago
satrina: : ))

I'm back.. and I took 1,300 pics.. first filter.. 127 selected.. I'll start posting tomorrow :P
overge PRO 11 years ago

bridge abstraction

Weekend in London!! Shopping, sightseeing, walking and some waiting in Waterloo.. then dinner at Wagamama (yummmmmy!!)
overge PRO 11 years ago


Second day in London.. more sightseeing, more walking and more wonderful time :)
overge PRO 11 years ago


Normal day at work.. walking home afterwards I stopped at a starbucks to pick a tall cafe latte =) I know it's a fully prefabricated coffee, not the highest quality and that it's far too expensive for what they really give.. but there's something I really like about starbucks (dunno what...)
overge PRO 11 years ago

By the moment.. no photo today
overge PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by overge (member) 11 years ago


After work I went to have dinner with a friend.. after some tapas, a couple (..) of beers and a long walk&talk I left him by his bicycle (the one here :P) and went home with the feeling of having spent a wonderful evening : )
overge PRO 11 years ago

False Moon

Buff.. strange week.. lots of time spent going out in the evenings and working during the day but not lots of time to take pictures... I have an excuse.. I was nervous because I was leaving for NYC the next Saturday!!!!
overge PRO 11 years ago

By the moment, no photo today.
eelend PRO 11 years ago
que se te echa de menos

eelend's 2007
overge PRO 11 years ago
gracias : )) (dime tonto.. pero la verdad es que me hizo ilusión el comentario :P)
overge PRO 11 years ago

Bufff.. another day without photos (March has been the month of crisis in my MDPD.... I hope April gets much better)
overge PRO 11 years ago

waiting.. time goes by

First day in NYC!!! Shopping in Macy's during the morning because we had a suitcase lost by BA. Then, walking down to Astor Pl. There we took the subway to Times Sq, and had dinner in front of Marriot. A good day (even though, due to the gray, heavy day, my first impression of NYC was kinda strange :P)
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this way.. Manhattan!

2nd day:
- Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn to Manhattan)
- City Hall
- Battery Park
- Staten Island Ferry (two ways)
- Financial District (The Bull, NYSE, Wall St, ..)
- Dinner at the Seaport
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big, colourful apple

Third day:
- Bought some tickets at TKTS (50% off.. the 4th day I'd go to the matinée of "Chicago")
- Walked to Union Sq
- Bus to the 3rd / 42nd
- Bryant Park & NY Library
- Grand Central
- Park Ave
- 5th Avenue to Central Park (Rockefeller, St. Patrick's, NBA Store, Tiffany....)
- Empire State Building (view of NYC from the roof by night : ))

(there I was starting to "fall in love" with NYC and people living there =))
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04/04/2007 or Rain! Rain! Rain!!!:


Fourth day:
- First essay to go to MoMA (such a long queue we discarded it)
- Lunch at Rockefeller
- Theater: CHICAGO!! (truly good)
- Chelsea, West Village, Greenwich Village, NoHo, Little India (East Village)
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king of el barrio

5th day.. we visited:
- SoHo (unmissable little gems: DIA for the Arts -freaky little exhibits-, lunch at The Cupping Room Cafe -order some lemonana to drink and wandering around the less populated streets.. loved it!!)
- Little Italy
- Chinatown
- River Cafe (Brooklyn side, in front of Manhattan)
- Dinner at Five Front
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art lover

6th day.. or the Cultural Day:
- MoMA (at last! -- IMHO I find much better the Pompidou in Paris or the Tate Modern in London)
- Fifth Ave (to rockefeller.. lunch there again! :PP)
- Diamond Row (47th, between 5th and 6th avenues)
- Walk to Central Park (and upper)
- Upper East Side (from the 59th to the 89th.. including Whitney and Guggenheim!!!)
- Bus to Empire State Building and dinner just in it's feet
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volta de canó

Saturday (relax!!):
- The Cloisters (impressive and kinda surreal experience)
- Brunch at Sarabeth's (Amsterdam Ave & 80th)
- Strawberry fields and walking to Lincoln Center
- Metro to Times Sq (some shopping there)
- Dinner and Jazz concert at Iridium.. feat. Pat Martino!!! (a genius playing guitar..)
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saxo 2

8th day (the Latest :((():
- Central Park (from The Pond to Strawberry Fields) - enjoying, along the way, strange easter outfits (see my NYC! set for more details on this :P)
- Lunch at Amsterdam Avenue
- Walk to Times Sq (yes.. it rules but it's also the mooost stressful spot in the city.. so it wouldn't be on my top 3 favourite places)
- Subway to Queens (yup.. I had the apartment there.. wonderful place, great tenants.. if you're visiting NYC and you want to save a bit on your stay -ook.. you won't be in Manhattan but you'll have a wider point of view of the city life- ask me for their contact)
- LIRR to Jamaica (didn't see Bob.... -I had to do it-)
- AirLink to JFK
- Boeing 747 to London!! (snif snif snif)

Final conclusion of this trip: I learned that people in NYC are just wonderful (ook.. I guess there's a lot of everything as everywhere.. but I expected a much tougher relationship with people there) and NYC is a vibrant, truly interesting city.. I'm wondering when I'll visit it again :P
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time to spend in the airport bars

Monday.. sleepy and with a strange, dizzy feeling, I spent 4 hours in heatrow waiting for my plane to Barcelona to take off... I arrived at home, so, a few hours later.. with a bit of sadness for a finished trip but happy to have done it.. I was sure.. though.. that I'd find the next days even more rutinary than usual :P
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Don't quite know how I lost track of you, but happy to find you again -- you've got some gems here. Hope you had a wonderful holiday -- looks like it from the pictures.... i particularly like the april 5 photo

glad you made it back across the pond safely!

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