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Jissy 3:09pm, 4 January 2007
Been contemplating about whether or not to start this project for over 3 weeks now - just due to the intensity of having to keep a camera every single day! But then today is the 4th of Jan 07 and funny that I have taken a pic each day this year- so maybe it's a sign ...... here we go 2007 in Pictures!

Everyday with Jissy
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Simon-K 11 years ago
I know exactly how you feel about the rain!!!! But the weatherman this morning did promise a sunny day tomorrow in London so I've got my fingers crossed :)
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i send some virtual sunshine, my sweet
it's tooooooo hot here
i'd like some rain

but we never have what we want, do we?

eelend's 2007
Jissy 11 years ago
ha ha- lol at the shadow! Spain will come too- perhaps next year!

*receiving sunny vibes - stand by

transferring some of these spanish/italian/greek hot vibes yr way.....

nope not much tennis going around- but hng out at the wimbledon village last night, and the buzz is certainly more happening then the game!

i hear it will be sunny this saturday - fingers crossed!

lol- shall we swop cities for a week?
sunshinecity 11 years ago
Jissy 11 years ago
4 July 2007

combination of berries and jack daniels

We celebrated our friend's 30th birthday this evening. After work we headed off to Wimbledon village (whilst walking there I took a few interesting pics that were meant for crowd control with no crowd) - in my stream if u interested.

The evening was great, the village was buzzing with energy (probably more than the tennis) we went to my favourite bar Eclipse, and drank my two fav cocktails all night long! This one is a combo of berries and jack daniels the other a watermelon martini- hmmm!

Just great to have a mid week break which makes the week seem shorter!
Jissy 11 years ago
5 July 2007


Yay tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is around the corner! This morning we finalised our mum's flight booking - she is coming to stay with us for the month of August! So much to start planning now, she has a family wedding ( I may have to go along too), we want to take her for a break to Scotland and the rest of the time should be local activities! ooh i can already smell her cooking!

Also a bizarre incident today..two ladies were talking about the Live Earth concert they were going to attend this saturday for some reason i thought i remember reading somewhere (on Flickr) that tickets were available on ticket master online...you wont believe my luck, i found two and ten minutes later none were available! YAYAYAYAYA HOORAAY so excited now - Madonna, John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many many more! ;-))))
Dragonhide 11 years ago
My mouth's watering at that meal... That's hot hot. :)
eelend PRO 11 years ago
tell us aabout the concert, ok?

and yesssss we should change cities for a while
and that pizza... mmmm

eelend's 2007
Simon-K 11 years ago
Wow, that should be a great concert!!! I would have assumed tickets would have been sold out for weeks. You'll have to let us know how it went!
Glow* 11 years ago
those tickets , I guess they were a bit expensive, weren't they ?
This pizzzzzzzzzzza ! I am hungry, and still 1h15 until lunch time, grrr...
sunshinecity 11 years ago
damn, it's almost lunchtime here... I'm famished. That pizza sure looks good!! LOL

Good for you about the tickets!!

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Jissy Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jissy (member) 11 years ago
crushedchilli and tabasco- hot indeed!

off course i'll let ya know

i know thats what i thought but ticket master was selling a few online yesterday and again this morning, so guess i was just lucky! yaaaay cant wait!

nothing wrong with an early lunch babe! the tickets not at all- just the normal retail price as when they first came out!

hope yr lunch was good!
Jissy 11 years ago
6 July 2007

Roof tops

FRIDAY!!! YAYAYA! today the most unproductiveday ever i felt so playful so did all i could except what was needed- ooops!

I'm totally engrossed in this book that i bought on tuesday evening and cant believe its Friday and I'm almost done- the long commute without driving is brilliant for my reading. The Hubby is out tonight and i'm looking forward to a nice night indoors, with my book, some tele, a firlfriend on her way and as much rest as possible for the big concert tmrw!

The pic today.... typical london rooftop scene, i always admire these different chimney tops! Have a good w-end all!
sunshinecity 11 years ago
ohh beautiful picture!
Have a great WE yourself!! Sounds like you're off to a great start!

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Jissy 11 years ago
thanks and u too ;-)
Jissy 11 years ago
7 July 2007

blue skies

What an awesome day! We were up early and headed off to Wembley stadium to watch Live Earth in London. It was amazing, the artists rocked the stadium, the atmosphere was amazing, the crowd fantastic, the weather even better, the new wembley definitely stunning and best of all 11 hours of appreciating hubby's company! I ended up taking over 1000 pictures during the course of the day, still working through them but some can be found in my Live Earth set.

Madonna was the final act and she blew my mind away- so worth the wait hmm second fav act was Snow Patrol - hmm what am i saying they all rocked!
Jissy 11 years ago
8 July 2007

Today was a productive sunday in fact the most productive i've had all year, after calling home and downloading 1000 pics from the day before, we both sat on the couch with some sunlight streaming in, with laptops in lap, Concert for Diana in the background and did some real work work (me coz i was not very productive on friday).

This was followed by Him - watching wimbledon & Me - dreaded task of ironing! We then moved on to a complete packign spree, which felt so cleansing, nothing like moving house that makes you get rid of garbage and organise yourself. But wait there's more, in between we walked to order Chinese for dinner and decided to do a neighbourhood walk whilst waiting for the meal - where this pic was taken- wowee- what a sunday!
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
What an exhilarating weekend! The pictures you have posted of the concert are stunning!
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Nicely done...I'm out of breath ! Good set for Live Earth...

CollardGreens: Oops!
Simon-K 11 years ago
Sounds like you had a great time at Wembly. I watched it on the TV and it was pretty good then, so I can only imagine what it was like seeing it live!!
Jissy 11 years ago
& thanks so much for taking the time out to see them ;-) means a lot!

yeah the atmosphere was amazing - u saw the tour de france - man there was so much going on that day, and silver stone too!
Jissy 11 years ago
9 July 2007

dinner for one

So here it is- dinner for One! I am home alone all week. Yup the Hubby packed his stuff and left only to return on Thursday! Weird being the one left behind for such a long time, normally its me leaving him behind.

I totally surprised myself by preparing a meal for me, myself and I. Usually when I'm home alone i tend to do fast food, junk food, microvawe meals,etc. It was yum- i must admit!
Jissy 11 years ago
10 July 2007


I was meant to wake up early this morning to head off to a conference centre and for some reason slept in an hour longer- this never happens to me, i always get out of bed in time (even if i dont want too), so rushed over. Whilst the team was doing their workshop I was there to meet a few people who were paticipating, eventually I just stayed there in a room all by myself taking advantage of being able to work uniterrupted!

After the workshop my colleague (yup the same one fro the Houston trip) thought we should stay for a glass of wine, a glass turned into a bottle and then as she was suggesting the next, I suggested dinner. We headed back towards London and found a charming resturaunt called the Bananna Leaf- the food was excellent! The wine flowed freely.

Got home pretty late and as I was walking through the place doing the windows and lights check, i remembered that i forgotten MDPD pic, so snapped this up...before heading to bed!
Jissy 11 years ago
11 June 2007

Its a good day when...

this one is titled it's a good day when:

1. You wake up late
2. Take your time to get into the office
3. Stop to pick up coffee and muffins on your way in
4. Get to your desk and there's a package from Amazon

A pleasant start to a day that I knew was going to bring chaos. I was asked to go to Chicago next week to facilitated 6 workshops in ONE week, I declined on account of wanting the time to move apartment and settle in. However, was still landed with the task of getting them all ready, I mean all ready, the agenda's, the facilitator guides, the slide packs, the posters, the handouts, the everything!!!! And so it began...i must admit this is what i'm good at so didnt really mind. However, I have two additional challenges, the first I have the day off on friday so i can move and second I have to be ultra planned and detailed on account of not running it myself. Oh well I shall cope.

I was totally productive on the way home I picked up prepared meals from Marks & Spencer (see I knew it wouldnt last) headed off to my waxing appointment got home tired and feeling satisfied.
sunshinecity Posted 11 years ago. Edited by sunshinecity (member) 11 years ago
ohhh... I see a wonderful Lonely Planet guide!!

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Jissy 11 years ago
making me sing- it's a wonderful wonderful world!
sunshinecity 11 years ago
lol.... you better come visit me with that!!

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eelend PRO 11 years ago
muffinss mmmmmm i love them
maybe i buy some when i go home

eelend's 2007
Jissy 11 years ago
12 July 2007

Thursday night ....

Tonight :

Drinking - Pimms
Eating - Pizza
Doing - Packing

it's like a P party - lol!
eelend PRO 11 years ago
you are trying to kill me!!!!

eelend's 2007
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Wow! There's a lot of good-looking food here since my last visit! It's making me hungry. I'd lay off the muffins, though, but that Mexican thing looks yummy. Good luck with your packing and your move (today, I think).
Simon-K 11 years ago
Sounds like a pretty good Thursday night to me!
Dragonhide 11 years ago
hot chicken pizza... you really do like hot stuff... *high fives*
sunshinecity 11 years ago
wow, next time I wanna join that party too!!

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Wow, that muffin looks so fancy!
I think I'm gonna make another pizza today--thanks for the inspiration!
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
ohhh jissy. The Lovely Bones is a story that really touched me. i hope you love it
Jissy 11 years ago
ooh thank you for dropping bye everyone- had a busy busy few days moving house and all settled in but no sign of the internet being installed as yet! Glory I can't wait to read lovely bones started it this morning!
Jissy 11 years ago
13 July 2007

moving day I

Today is the big moving day and we worked our a$$e$ off! It started with a trip to the new place to check in and collect keys! Luckily they seem to have really high standards so the place needed minimal cleaning- bonus!

Our van was delivered to our door and off we went to collect our first load of goods (there were four loads in total over two days).

We stopped out for brunch and again for dinner. After two loads of moving and carrying stuff up and down stairs I was really tired. So we decided to stay at the old place for the night and I helped my tired body get some rest by drinking lots of wine before bed time!
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Ah a DIY move - the hardest kind. Lots of wine and rest seems to be a good idea. Look forward to seeing the rest of them.
Glow* Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Glow* (member) 11 years ago
DIY ??
You make me hungry with your photos !

Jissy 11 years ago
yeah- and boy would i reconsider that DIY decision in future!!!

ha ha glow- i'm all about the food- i think i live for it!
Jissy 11 years ago
14 July 2007

moving house: day II

So Sunday morning we get up at the crack of dawn (yes the wine wore out pretty quick) with so much to do I just couldnt rest. I couldnt make a cuppa tea (tea bags, mugs and sugar at new place) milk (at old place). Suprisingly Hubby was awake shortly after so we got dressed and headed off to Ikea- yup in desperate need of bookshelves, tv storage, chest of draws and general bits and bobs!

First things first- we had to start with this amazing Breakfast for all of 99p - I think my Cappucino cost three times that amount!

After the shopping trip we headed home and some real kind friends of ours joined in to help us unpack and build shelves. Its all a blur but i remember a group trip to Nandos (SA chain) for a meal, drinking champagne and lots of unpacking!

But by the evening we were all in and rested properly for the first time that day- oh and this pic was the view i had in Ikea while queing for my breakfast!
Jissy 11 years ago
15 July 2007

Resting in my new home

After moving all of Friday and Saturday, I woke up on Sunday morning (at the new place), wore a dress, cooked a meal and ran a load of laundry...after all of that i could no longer feel the balls under my feet so made myself a cuppa tea, propped up some cushions and CHILLED!

nothing like using the kitchen and running a load that makes a place feel like home- i guess if i had the internet i would have been flickr-ing during this time ;-)
Jissy 11 years ago
16 July 2007

Taken on Monday night at home, catching the last of the rays before the sun goes down, happy that theres nothing to do, happy that i'm in my new place.

Still no sign of broad band being installed - forgive me for not visiting your diaires...desperately trying to log on whenever possible to keep this updated....thinking of you all!
Jissy 11 years ago
17 July 2007

Me and my Tuesday night dinner

this is called Me and My Tuesday night dinner!

ha ha - I thought I'd add in a variation to the normal foodie pics - so a bit of me to!

I spent my evening curled on the couch finishing my book 'the curious incident of the dog in the night time' and now Glory I get to start the Lovely Bones!
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Lotsa lovely food, and a little reflection of Jissy! Nando's and champagne? That's weird. You seem to have been awfully well-organized with your move - well done, and well-earned putting your feet up.
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i like it
it looks like everything was all right :)

eelend's 2007
Simon-K 11 years ago
Your new place looks pretty nice!! I know exactly how you feel with the broadband - I only got broadband installed yesterday and I'd been in my new place for nearly a month!!
sunshinecity 11 years ago
glad to her your move went well, excited for you!
love those wood floors!!

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
Jissy 11 years ago
Rob - ha ha ok i was in a hurry but didnt have the nando's and champagne together! Chapmagne was consumed whilst cleaning and for celebration of the new place later that evening. Nando's was an in between break for much needed food! ;-)
oh and ps- it was far from organised, but glad it came across that way. Think it took us so long coz we hadn't packed up our stuff, but hey its all done now!

Eeland- thanks - i guess it was

Simon- I like it a lot! The only reason its taking so long is coz we need a BT line and the last tenant hasnt disconnected theirs, it really sucks coz my previous neighbourhood was hooked up with other providers and this one has to use BT (and lets face it after having to wait for 45 mins for someone to serve you in their call centre they not nearly gonna get out to your place soon enough). I must admit all the internet free and digital tv free time had made me realise how much more one can do with spare time! its like an unplanned technology detox!

SunshineC- yeah i'm learning to like me too ;-)
Jissy 11 years ago
18 July 2007

Pimms - again

Today we had our first dinner guest over. A friend who was leaving London after working here for six months and she decided to spend her last evening relaxing with us!

It was pretty relaxed, she chatted to us while I cooked and Hubby kept the Pimms flowing freely. I must admit he's getting much better at it! This one had lemon, orange, cucumber and mint! Seems to be part of the essential items in the shopping basket these days!

Got to bed after midnight dreading having to wake up early the next morning!
Jissy 11 years ago
19 July 2007

It's a good day when...

I had to leave work early to return the keys to our old apartment - which was something we still hadn't done. I remembered on my way there that I hadnt taken one of Hubby's gifts from his family off the wall during the move, and started feeling really bad about it. He didnt seem to care much though. So decided to go there and collect it before returning the keys. On route I passed my hairdresser and decided to get my fringe trimmed (a bonus) and then got to the new place.

Not knowing if anyone was there I buzzed a few times first. It felt so weird, as I opened the door some new mail had arrived for us, so i collected it and walked up the stairs to our apartment door. I felt as if I was intruding, it seemed so different, everything was empty (and cleaned off course by me on Saturday) I grabbed the item off the wall and instead of doing another walk through, immediately left the place and locked up behind me.

As Hubby had a meeting a plane flight away for the day he would return pretty late, so the evening was relatively relaxed....i had leftovers from the previous night's dinner, showered and positioned myself on this new couch to read my book! And Glory ... I'm loving it!!!
Jissy 11 years ago
20 July 2007

Looks like we in for another rainy weekend

Tonight we decided to try out a little resturaunt in our new neighbourhood that we walk pass everyday. It's called the Hare and Tortoise, a sushi and noodle bar. My vegetarian meal was average (Wagamama was better) but Hubby's non-veg meal was really yum! We sat for hours at our little table ordering starters, followed by sushi, followed by miso soup and after all of that main meals. Needless to say there was no space left for anything sweet and we practically had to roll ourselves out of there. On the way back home, I stopped to take this picture, pardon the bluriness - it couldv'e been caused by a *burp*
Jissy 11 years ago
21 July 2007

House warming snacks

Lets call this an extremely eventful day, probably best bulleted:
- Spring cleaned the new place
- ran in the rain to the stores
- stopped for a break at starbucks
- picked up groceries
- made it home in time to unpack
- prepared platters and candles for housewarming
- showered, make-up, hair and wore a dress
- prepared party treats (this is just one of the many)
- lit candles
- guests arrived
- recieved presents
- ate alot
- drank alot
- chatted alot
- cleaned up
- back to bed
Jissy 11 years ago
22 July 2007

House warming gift

A late start to a lazy day. Cleaned up remaining bits from the night before and contemplated cooking vs. reading. Hubby was on his way to the driving range and after he left I decided to cook. He returned and we had a nice lunch, followed by an afternoon worth of cuddling on the couch to a bollywood movie. He leaves tomorrow for an all week business trip - already started missing him!

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Still no sign of internet at home - and I miss your diaries- feels like we've gone back in time with no digital tv, internet and phone! my thoughts are with u all ;-)
ItinerArts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 11 years ago
You sound busy-- but enjoyably so.

Nice soft light in all these last shots.

sunshinecity 11 years ago
really loving the shot from the 20th!

And love that food presentation!!

~ a picture, a story
Jissy 11 years ago
itnerarts - i think i need a break again! gotta love summer time with more daylight = better pics

Sunshinecity- i like yr new profile pic! Hey that was one of many many many platters i had out- but with all the platter prep there was less time to take pics ;-)
Dragonhide 11 years ago
July 21st.. wow!

I need a break too... I'm gonna run away from home one of these days.... :)

Fortunately our house is nearing completion... We're installing floors today...

Glad to see you getting settled into your new house... (?- you're always on the go!)
Jissy 11 years ago
Jallen- I totally understand, i lived in a place that was being renovated for two years, aaagh night mare! good luck hope its over soon! i know i am such a busy body!
Jissy 11 years ago
23 July 2007


Home alone for an entire week! No internet, no home phone, no digital TV! Feels like I’ve gone back in time here!

Got home took a few pics, had my dinner (left-overs from the previous night) and watched the news, I mean what else is there to watch on the basic five channels. My heart went out to those in the UK whose lives have been turned upside down by flooding. I started the home computer to download pics and copied them onto a memory stick to make it easy for work today. So without being able to click on the i-net browser I was scrolling through existing programs and started playing around with Picasa’s collage maker, here is the outcome! I was quite pleased with this result!

I sat there at this desk thinking about your diaries and your lives and remembering the many evenings / weekends spent reading it and realised I was really missing it now!

Spent the rest of the evening reading in bed….and Jallen…nope not always on the move, see quite a restful day indoors ;-)
Glow* 11 years ago
hey, I'm getting mad!
I think I dreamt of your daily diary ! Can you imagine ??!
I think I was telling a friend about the day you received people home...lol
Don't worry, it seems like it's a special dreams period for me :D
Just wondering, where do you get your internet access if you don't have it at home ?
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Hey Jissy, yours is another diary which has exploded into action while I have been busy doing other things. Your blue evening picture of the 20th is superb, your olives and feta had me licking my lips, and I liked your Picasa collage. Was the gardenia on the 22nd a housewarming present?
Dragonhide 11 years ago
sexy strawberries...

No internet no digital TV no phone... Sounds awesome for about a hour.. LOL

Have a nice relaxing time!
sunshinecity 11 years ago
omg, did you know that strawberries are my all time fave???

~ a picture, a story
Jissy 11 years ago
Glow- ha ha, can I tell you that I dream about MDPD people and even other Flickr friends on a regular basis- i was beginning to think I was going crazy- thanks for sharing coz I dont feel as if I am going crazy. I guess it shows how we become so involved in each other's life!

oh and uploading pics takes place at work- in between really busy days and tons of meetings (and secretly typing entries at home the night before) so its a copy and paste exercise in the morning!

Rob- they weren't such a big hit those olives, Hubby said they were in too much other competition...yeah the Gardenia was one of the house warming gifts we received! Now i need to do some research on maintaining an indoor potted one!

Jallen- i know feels like i've gone back in time a bit - coupled with being alone at home- hopefully it'll get me resting a bit more!

sunshine- hey there's more left in my fridge, quick fly over and i'll share em with u! ;-)
Jissy 11 years ago
24 July 2007

 Ariel view

This is called Ariel view ;-) tee hee

A real late night at work in prep for facilitating two days worth of upcoming workshops! Feeling rather tired despite the rest, the last few nights have been really difficult sleeps. Very broken and filled with busy busy dreams - the types that make no sense and the weirdest combination of people. At one am this morning I looked above and saw a mirror placed directly across my bed and my busy mind remembered reading some Feng Shui principle that said mirrors facing a bed is no good for rest or was it no good for couples, so i got out of bed turned it around and slept soundly- go figure- it's probably all in my head!

Right now i'm looking forward to my mum's arrival in London next week! It's gonna be great to have her around, to taste her cooking (drool) and have her presence felt! *ok apart from the 'extended' family wedding she's dragging us too, the rest will be great!
eelend PRO 11 years ago
every time i visit your diary, i end up feeling soooooo hungry
i really love it

eelend's 2007
Jissy 11 years ago
ha ha- thats funny eeland!
Jissy 11 years ago
25 July 2007


So I stood on my feet and facilitated a huge group of people in a very unstructrued way to get as much information as possible from them- it felt like I was a dentist doing a major tooth extraction surgery!

I must admit I do like going to this particular conference centre, not only is it really beautiful (an Old Boarding school) think Hogwart's! But the walls of this massive maze building are covered in the most beautiful photography that was taken of the place and surrounding area! So because the session was unstructured, I gave the participants a lot of group work to do and come back to present to me, which gave me time to walk around and admire the photography!

After the session I shared a very well deserved LARGE glass of wine with a friend, which lead to dinner closer to home and ok a few more cocktails! So finally I got home, it was late, and an orange light from the street was shining in making it look like dusk, so this is my picture of the day!
Jissy 11 years ago
26 July 2007


Today I facilitated three major meetings and at the end of it i couldnt feel my feet, my thighs even my butt! and my throat was so increbily sore from talking all that much!

I got home, put my feet up and did nothing but sip on some of this juice and indulge in some other treats!
CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Hey Jissy - rest well, drink lots of juice and indulge yourself however !
Jissy 11 years ago
thanks CG!
Jissy 11 years ago
27 July 2007


An emotionally draining day that began with a strange lady entering my home with a key at 08:00 am. Last night I met the new cleaner from the cleaning agency I employed and spent thirty minutes chatting to her, getting to know her and showing her what needed to be done. This morning another lady walked into the house, not the lady from yesterday not the lady I met, not the lady I briefed. I was utterly shocked and grateful that I was running late for work to see this.

she barely spoke english but explained that she was working really late and sent her sister instead, and requested for me not to contact the agency and get her into trouble. She apologised profusely and promised that she would be the person that came weekly. I felt really sorry for her (and bad for my reprimanding her) and showed her around the house. As I left I couldnt help but feel uncomfortable with my decision. I thought if she could lie once once would stop her from doing again? I was really torn between my sympathy for her and my inability to trust this person, who had access to all of my belongings. By mid-day I couldnt deal with it anymore and rang up the agency. In summary they apologised, called her in for a meeting the next day and basically allocating a new cleaner to me. I really did not appreciate being placed in this situation and it was a major dampener on my day!

After work I needed to exchange a shirt from Covent garden.. I couldnt but help strolling into FCUK in the middle of their summer time sale, and helping myself to a few new acquisitions- ;-P i really should not be shopping and rather saving for all the vacs coming up, oh well! if its on sale its like saving right?

Tonight the last night being home alone, tomorrow evening the Hubby should return... yay I really miss him now!
Jissy 11 years ago
28 July 2007

the mundane task of packing drawers

I woke up really early in such a shock because I forgot to take the recycling out the night before, so dragged myself outta bed, took out the recycling and couldnt fall asleep again.

So I started reading in bed with a few cups of tea, my new book from Amazon ( did i mention how much i love amazon) its called yesterday I cried, and its incredibly powerful in making you reflect on your life - also v healing!

Just as I needed a break from reading my phone rang and it was my girlfriend from SA we chatted for about an hour catching up on each others lives....and that was it, I then started organising and packing my closets which were neglected (lowest priority during the move) and that took me about the whole day-- i hated everybit of it, but it was so rewarding at the end!
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Frantically busy Jissy again, I'm out of breath after reviewing it, but glad you do the right things and just chill out. Unsettling experience with the cleaning lady, IMO you did the right thing.

How nice your Mum coming and cooking for you. I can imagine the spicy scents in that kitchen, (they linger so beautifully and so long, don't they), and the great stuff on the table. Even better the reunion with your hubby.

See you, Jiss.
Jissy 11 years ago
ha ha Rob- I wonder what a non-busy life would be for me? Think I'd either really love it and become a total bum or hate every second of it!

I know my mum's arrival on Thursday is exciting, I'll be so sure to snap up some of her treats, i found myself dreaming about them the other day!

Can you believe the Hubby was only back for a day and I get a call now saying he'll be gone AGAIN and only return tmrw evening...sigh absence does make the heart grow fonder!!!!

Thanks for the re-assurance about the cleaning lady, I felt really bad, I hope she didnt get fired or anything!
Jissy 11 years ago
29 July 2007

on the go again...

This morning - I woke up early enough to emjoy some sunshine...off course with Hubby by my side which made me smile....

So off we went to the grocery store, he decided we should make the brilliant risotto from a few weeks ago. I took my camera along to get some neighbourhood shots!

We get home and out our feet up for a bit, before cooking...then as I was reviewing the recipe, it dawns on me that we needed a pan (here is my take on it - the last pan was old, it needed replacing, so during the move, I threw it away, the only way you going to really replace something is if you really need it - the hubby thought it was silly you should buy a new one before discarding the old one) my point exactly so we needed a new one NOW and left Home AGAIN to buy a frying pan!

It resulted in buying a few additional items and on the way home, we decided that we were hungry and the weather was good and we hadnt spent time tog in a while so after all that effort we'll ditch the Risotto idea and stop for Tapas and a bottle of wine instead ;-) I liked that idea.... much better!

This was such a reflection of my day...on the move...on my feet...but oh so worth it ;-)
sunshinecity 11 years ago
wow i can't wait to see pics of all the lovely dishes your mom is going to cook for you!! I can already imagine all the colours, the spices and the smells....... mmmm!
Yeah, I'm catching that plane I think! LOL

~ a picture, a story
eelend PRO 11 years ago
yes, yes, dishes for everone!!!

eelend's 2007
RobW_ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RobW_ (member) 11 years ago
Such dainty little feet in the sunlight.

I really had a good laugh about the frying pan episode. I thought exactly like your hubby. is that a perfectly good example of how men and women think differently? I'm impressed it didn't lead to a major argument, and not at all surprised that it led to a meal out and a bottle of wine.
drab chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
i'm echoing Rob. i strongly feel you did the right thing with the cleaning lady too. you had a vaild point when you said you were trusting her with all of your things. a poor start right off the bat was no way for her to .. yanno .. build your confidence in her.
Jissy 11 years ago
your'e all invited...she arrives this Thursday...and loves to cook for lots and lots of people
Dragonhide 11 years ago
I cringe at the thought of someone ELSE touching my belonging, let alone a stranger. You did the right thing-- I feel bad for her, and for you, but... It could have turned out worse- you come home to NO belongings!

I must admit I am a very messy person with very little organizing BUT it's MY mess, and it just doesn't feel right for another person to deal with it... hehe

Ah oh well.. it's my constant resolution to make changes...
Simon-K 11 years ago
Theres nothing like your own mums cooking is there? And your mums sounds great (I love spicy food) :)

With the cleaner I think you did the right thing, if you're going to have someone in your house there has to be a level of trust so you can have confidence in leaving her alone, and in that situation the trust was gone. But I guess its still a hard decision to make
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Simon summed it up so well. Promising politician you are, my mate.
Jissy 11 years ago
thanks for the support you all! feeling much better about the decision!

Lol @ Jallen!!! I have to admit I am the total opposite of you (border on OCD) at times, so the cleaner has no real mess to clean up after...it's mostly the dreaded task of Ironing (which has to be the one thing in the world I am comfortable to say I HATE doing) and of course some Hoovering and dusting ;-)

Rob you have a good point there... Simon is showing real promising politician traits here!
Jissy 11 years ago
30 July 2007

no cycling on the pavement

What do I have to say about Monday? I dressed up real pretty for work today, almost walked out with a bounce in my step and wind blowing through my freshly done hair! Nice to have those cheery mornings... the hubby did a last minute, I need to go out of town for a night NOW move...I teased he was seeing someone else and using work as an excuse!

I got home and took a walk down my street looking for a picture for today, I found nothing inspiring but this sign and the blue sky. Looks like it will be a nice week!
Jissy 11 years ago
31 July 2007

I recieved a GLOWING review from the client today...and a GLOWING review from the client's client...so that made me smile, but still a lot to do and a major report due tomorrow. So no time to take a moment to enjoy (that will come on Wed evening) I carried on doing what I do! I'm not trying to be full of myself or anything, but it meant so much to me! I have been working here all year on making this project sucessful for them, giving them so much of who I am, am putting in all of me into it...and I'm one of those people ...you know the type...that finds fault in everything they do...yup I knitpick my own work...so I guess hearing others view's every now and then is just a good way of stopping that behaviour for a bit and then moving on!

I had pizza (again) for dinner I figured its ok to eat bad for now coz mum's arrival will bring home cooked meals....and was showered and reading in bed by 21:00 (a record time for me) just waiting for Hubby to return!

Oh and this pic here is a a different view
Jissy 11 years ago
*sobs* for still not having the internet and not having time to visit your diaries *misses* your diaries terrible...anyone keen to write hate mail to the phone and internet service provider on my behalf?
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i will send bad vibrations to them
i promise

i like that necklace

eelend's 2007
Simon-K 11 years ago
Ha ha, thanks Rob and Jissy!! Not sure about being a politician though, whats that quote by British poet Felix Denis - something like "I could never be a politician, I could never be right all the time" :)

Hope you get your internet sorted soon, you need to keep ringing them and having a go at them, I always seem to be complaining to companies and that normally makes some difference!!
sunshinecity 11 years ago
yeah I really miss your browsing my diary
= (

Love the fact you finally have some sun!

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
RobW_ PRO 11 years ago
Miss you too Jissy! Sincere congratulations on the glowing reviews. I have become aware on your diary just how much you put into your job, how serious you are, and you probably well deserve the accolades. Revel in it, and don't be shy to ask for the bonus! You can be sure the bosses are going to get one, on the back of your work.
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Congrats on the review... :)

The beads- now that's a cool picture! I hope you get the Internet soon! I have dialup at least at home, so I can't whine TOO much.. :P
RobW_ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RobW_ (member) 11 years ago
The title says "Everyday with Jissy", but it has been six days without Jissy. Having too much fun with your Mum in London? Internet connection still not sorted? See you soon, I hope.
Jissy 11 years ago
i miss ya all too! so learning from Simon, I am sitting at a Star bucks, having some carrot/passion cake and chai tea latte, to update my diary! I have so many missing days! so the bad news is no sign of the internet but we do finally have a phone line which means, the internet company can come and install!

We off to Scotland tomorrow, so hopefully early next week, i'll be hooked up with the world and mostly your diaries ;-)

Rob - its great having her around, and lots of work had to be done in order to clear a week of leave ;-)
RobW_ PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RobW_ (member) 11 years ago
Hey Jissy, good to have you back. Enjoy Scotland, and take some nice Scottish-type pics while you're there (Loch Ness monster will make you famous, or a haggis on the hoof)!
Jissy 11 years ago
lol - really looking forward to takin them pics...wish me luck about to mass update diary- hopefully in record speed!
Simon-K 11 years ago
HaHa!! Sounds like a good idea, I almost miss updating from Starbucks!! Hope the weather holds out for your scotland trip
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