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stevelyon PRO 2:36am, 4 January 2007
Steve's cognitive dissonance. Enjoy.
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stevelyon PRO 11 years ago
May 6, 2007
Melba made a batch of excellent oatmeal raisin cookies today.
AliThinks 11 years ago
Great selfie on the 4th! And you KNOW I love the kitty singing on the 3rd!

Now, give me a cookie, please. :-)

Jonathan Riverwalker 11 years ago
ill take a dozen .. as if the ravenous sushi eaters will leave any.
so this kick ball... is it like baseball but you kick a soccerish ball?
how about some kickball action shots...
love the may 4 SP but i dont knw why
stevelyon PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by stevelyon (member) 11 years ago
Ali: Shockingly, we still have a few cookies left (they're normally gone within 24 hours). Come on over and you can have the last two.

Jonathan: Good idea with the kickball - I'll shoot some action shots next game (last two games have been horribly rainy). Kickball is justlike softball, but with a big red ball that's sorta like the ones used in dodgeball.
stevelyon PRO 11 years ago
May 7, 2007
Yet another rainy kickball game. Will get some action shots if the next game manages to be sunny.
stevelyon PRO 11 years ago
May 8, 2007
Minneapolis skyline - 20070508
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
I was technically cheating, since this is three shots photomerged into one. Looks good large, if you like this sort of picture.
stevelyon PRO 11 years ago
May 9, 2007
I love the color of this building. I didn't even tweak the color in 'shop beyond minor levels correction - it's just a very vibrant orange.
sunshinecity 11 years ago
that IS a great colour for the building. The vines look so beautiful up against it.

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
stevelyon PRO 11 years ago
I've decided to stop updating this diary, in favor of keeping my main 365 diary more up-to-date. It can be found here:


Thanks for tuning in here, I hope you follow me to the other one!
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