cherriza 10:15pm, 2 January 2007
This year is a year of goals. Photography being one of them and keeping up with it. This will be my year!

January 01, 2007
January 1st
cherriza 12 years ago
January 2, 2007

January 2
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January 03, 2007

January 3

Whew all caught up now.
oddityinabox PRO 12 years ago
Hallo! Hope you have a great year! Will look forward to seeing your photos!

_ravi | *life through pictures
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
The pictures are beautiful!
This project will be a bunch of fun :D
zesty house [deleted] 12 years ago
The project is a blast. And three days in, the people are incredible.

Glad to see you made it along. =)

Happy New Year!

-Sontra (A Day In My Life)
alina_gerika 12 years ago
is that you?)
anyway the photos are really nice)
cherriza 12 years ago
yeppers that's me.
Nick McCarthy 12 years ago
Really nice self portrait!
RobW_ PRO 12 years ago
Oh, I like yours too. I'll bookmark and try to follow you. I have far too many contacts already to keep up with them all, and one of the fascinating things about this project is meeting a whole new bunch of interesting new people.

Good luck with your goals.

sarahwoo 12 years ago
Beautiful self-portrait!

Sarah My Photo Diary 2007
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∂rive Home

January 4 - Ugh it's raining again and it's supposed to rain tomorrow also. This is my drive home every week day from work. I left early today so traffic isn't to bad. I hate traffic..
Osbornb PRO 12 years ago
Nice digital photos! Are you going to try to put any Holgas in your journal? I'm going to try to that eventually, but of course it takes more planning with film. I'm finding that being in this group has forced me to become better acquainted with my digital point-and-shoot out of necessity.
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Angel of the Garden

January 5
cherriza 12 years ago
Last of Christmas

January 6 - Everything for Christmas gets packed away into the attic except this one little thing I missed.
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January 7 - Thought I might learn how to knit.
cherriza 12 years ago
Mommy can we puhleese do something?

January 8 - This is the look I get when she thinks I'm neglecting her. That's what happens when you own dogs that need to be walked twice a day.
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Hehe, I know that look - mine are in the yard right now, bored out of their wits, even after two walks ;)

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alina_gerika 12 years ago
durhamyankee 12 years ago
You've got the knit-a-day?

We've got the Quilling, Origami and Kirigami sets on the desk right now. We were thrilled when they decided to add Quilling (and then the origami was on super sale at borders) Good luck knitting!

DWM's return to the everyday
karinga Posted 12 years ago. Edited by karinga (member) 12 years ago
Oh that angel is cute cute!

(Inga in Finland All Year Round)
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