zebilibouba 12:40pm, 2 January 2007
Let's see what will change too...
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Et l'alcool coulait a flots...dans mes veines

En ce jour de l'an 2007, rien n'est net...ce flou n'est pas artistique, il est ethylique.
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Fin du séjour Parisien...

Voila, fin de mes vacances à Paris...Bon ça vaut ce que ça vaut mais cette vision du Nova parisianiste un 02/01 où il fait 7°C, c,est ce qui me restera de la fin de vacances parisiennes.
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...début du séjour Grenoblois

Departure to Grenoble, a little bit early...
sarahwoo 12 years ago
Ahh...I would give anything to move my life from Paris to the mountains...(don't get me wrong...I love Paris but I love the mountains more...)

Happy Train Ride!
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Rainy day in mountains

Qui a dit que Grenoble était près des montagnes?...temps pourri : il pleut à Grenoble en Janvier ! Le 04/01 sera donc une journée-lit.
Loca.... 12 years ago
WOW, great shot, just love it.

zebilibouba 12 years ago

A la gloire du houblon !

Soirée entre amis dans un bar à bières Grenoblois vraiment très sympathique nommé Les frères Berthom...Ceci dit, je crois que c'est une chaîne. Soit ! La bière n'était pas plus mauvaise, et le verre de La cuvée des trolls fort joli. That's why...
zebilibouba 12 years ago
Thx Loca-Bandoca ^^
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Sunny day ?

Au lever...Une sorte d'aquarelle rendue par la condensation. Motivant pour sortir prendre l'air !
Blandine Géneau 12 years ago
J'aime beaucoup cette photo! Le ciel bleu n'a pas réussi à te motiver?

zebilibouba 12 years ago
Si, justement, ça m'a boosté assez efficacement ! ^^
Blandine Géneau 12 years ago
Ok! Ca me paraiit plus logique! J'avais compris cela au second degrès!! ;)
sunshinecity 12 years ago
great pictures!

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
zebilibouba Posted 12 years ago. Edited by zebilibouba (member) 12 years ago

God bless you

A Christmas present that my room-mate gave me direct from New-York...George bless you.
Thanks to my batteries which turned out just when I decided to take this picture -> enjoy the quality of shots with a nokia 6230. Yummy ^^
zebilibouba 12 years ago

2006 au paprika

Weird day...nothing happened. Back to school in real, back to holidays in dreams...
zebilibouba 12 years ago

First picture in time...
Sunny day [part II]

I left school a little bit earlier than I had expected...Better like this. It allowed me to enjoy that kind of spring weather.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Interested in the ground

My home's ground surprised me late in the evening to show me its texture...quite rough, which reflects light in a weird way. That's all I kept from 2007/01/10.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... weird, couldn't make out what it was at first!
I love your mug btw!!

~ sunshinecity,
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zebilibouba 12 years ago

The day is ending on Marseille

Marseille, little walking in the end of the afternoon...Beautiful sunset in my back. It sums up my day quite well : nice day.
oddityinabox PRO 12 years ago
_thats a very pretty sunset

_ravi | *life through pictures
zebilibouba 12 years ago
@ sunshinecity : Yeah that mug is now my favourite...Now I can say that I often drink a coffee with George ^^

@ kekett : yep and above all I'm glad my camera did give the real colours...
msspider66 12 years ago
beautiful sunset

[Ms Spider66]
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Hey ladies...

End of the dinner at a friend's home...playing cards after eating some liquid chocolate with fresh fruits : fondue de chocolat.
msspider66 12 years ago
Pretty pictures on on the cards.

You can never you wrong with chocolate. yum

[Ms Spider66]
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Lazy saturday forecasted

Saturday...no emergency to wake up for. We are in Marseille, the sun is shining and the weather is quite nice, thus lunch is planned on terrace : 20°C (that's normal, we are on January 13th...). A lazy saturday was planned as soon as I saw this colour through the shutters.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Go back to work !

That's why we enjoy so much and so often these f***in' week-ends : that's short. After 2 days without alarm, it's time to set it again. We know it, it will last 5 days. But that's pretty cool : another week-end will follow.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

MDPD : 15th

15th picture of "my" MDPD. Good night... -__-
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Another vision

Trying to see wider.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
interesting the last shot...

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Madness enclosed in a glass

The evening before an exam...We were going mad at home, everything was a mess. Even a glass...and my room-mate.
zebilibouba 12 years ago
Roger, I keep going ahaed ^^
zebilibouba 12 years ago
Gniiiiiiiiii >___< I have Internet back for the week-end. Updating my topic.
zebilibouba 12 years ago


The evening after the exam...thinking about nothing, listening to Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" laid on my sofa. This light is the last thing I saw before I fell asleep.
zebilibouba 12 years ago


Friday. Week-end. That could be worse.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

No picture today...My batteries haven't been really nice to me. What a shame, the sunset on the old port in Marseille, enlightening Notre Dame de la Garde...that would have been cool if I had have my camera.
zebilibouba 12 years ago


God blessed my sunday ^^ No work, I went alone to see a film - Fur : an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus - in a cute place in Marseille. Really great movie, with a very good directing...Great sunday, I can go back to school peacefully.
zebilibouba 12 years ago


After seeing Fur..., I decided to search more about Diane Arbus and by the way I took it as subject for a presentation I had to do in my next english class...
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Please, gimme some order !

All my lessons for two years. Pretty well sorted...but not in my head >__<
zebilibouba 12 years ago

The perfect dinner

A beer...some beers. Some chips. A perfect dinner.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Hard choice

Week-end in Grenoble. Old building, when you arrive in the corridor you have that choice : go to a flat or go to the loo...It's hard to choose.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

More than a blurry shadow

I chose the flat.
zebilibouba 12 years ago


It's my girlfriend's. Hell'd be better, obliged to drink some good wine, and live each minute of the week-end the best we can...
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Cooking on a roof

This room is full of surprises. When you want to see what is outside, you can see a cooking receipt that you'll have to experiment...for sure. End of the week-end.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Stairway to richness

If I work on it, maybe I'd be able to reach richness by this way. In 2007, I'll be rich...or not.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

I wanna go out >__<

Things' shadows are more important than we could expect.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Noir sur blanc

Anything to add ?
It's written black on white !
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Perfect dinner [part II]

No food anymore. Life can be such a whore : now we are obliged to order some pizzas.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Cold night...

Back to Grenoble. Evening with guitars, drums, coldness and thus a great fire. And thus, a great evening.
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Let's try this  one

Painting afternoon...good time.
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Perfect dinner [part III]

End of this great week-end, last dinner with her...Going back to Marseille tomorrow.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Warm me up

The weather in Marseille is a little bit colder than it was on Friday...
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Ready to sleep

A free day without any lessons and thus a plenty of things to do, but not much time enough. The day is over and now I'm just eager to sleep and do lots of things tomorrow ^^
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Oriental dancing

A part of the cabaret organised by an association at school...pretty cool evening with really well prepared shows. Almost professional.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Perfect dinner [part IV]

Beginning of an evening which is announced as quite big. Such a huge consumption of alcohol had to be prevented : two enormous plates of spaghettis to prepare my stomach and dry what had already been consumed.
zebilibouba 12 years ago

Some reading for my week-end

Now the week-end can begin, I've my readings...I really appreciate this one, dealing with movies as we can see.
zebilibouba 11 years ago

Waiting to be loaded

Thanks to my dying batteries, I spent a no camera day...
zebilibouba 11 years ago

Perfect dinner [V th]

Tasty meal...End of a no tastier week-end.
zebilibouba 11 years ago

It's raining men

It has rained all the day long in Marseille...Had to dry my clothes inside. Nothing more interesting today.
zebilibouba 11 years ago

Learning day

I've been spenting my evening in learning some things for my next exam. Quite interesting but I'd really prefered to do something else.
zebilibouba 11 years ago


End of that nonsense Valentine's day. Sleeping is more reasonable.
zebilibouba 11 years ago

On the green

Beautiful weather, sunny afternoon on the putting green. You can breathe.
zebilibouba 11 years ago

Hands' owner

Spending the day with her, that's very pleasant to watch this...
zebilibouba 11 years ago

Movies week-end

I went to movies to see The last king of Scotland. Great movie, just in time, parallel with the death of Papon. It's hard to believe that such men can live so long without any trouble and die in such good conditions. To remember, Amin Dada
died in 2003 as he was in exile : during his reign, he had more than 300.000 people die in Uganda.
zebilibouba 11 years ago

Eager to eat some snow ?...

My roommate just had his new skis. The problem is that it doesn't really snow in Marseille...that's not a problem.
zebilibouba 11 years ago

Nobody but one

Concert in live in my school today. Some punk that made only few people move. I liked much their movement.
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