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Federici in 2007

sweltering distance [deleted] says:

I moved to Seattle from Atlanta as a Christmas present to myself. After 26 years in the Southeast it was time for a change. I packed my bags, quit my job, and hit the road to the airport. I'm not sure where 2007 will take me, however I will be taking my camera everywhere this year and leaving my mind's eye open. So far so good.
Help me with this trip by contributing your comments, thoughts and suggestions. I want to hear about new music, photo ideas, and whatever else may pop up. There are many places to go,things to do and people to see. I need to find a job, an apartment, a drink, cigarettes, and something to eat. Not necessarily in that order.
Plan to travel with me to Nueva Vallarta, Mexico in April, Toulouse in July and Paris in September. Perhaps I'll stay in France from July to September. Who knows? That would be tres bien for this project, no?. As always you'll find the nasty bits in my photostream and slideshows.

See more of today's photos in my set marked:

New Year'sDay with Tiago and Joel - 15.jpg

New Year'sDay with Tiago and Joel - 25.jpg

January 1st, 2007 (Premier jour...Dia numero uno... Cha cha cha)

In the top photo Joel and I are with Tiago. We are watching the spectacle of the "New Year's Day Polar Bear Plunge". It is a tradition here. Everyone wears their swimsuit of choice and plunges like a polar bear into the hypothermia inducing water. What a trip! Have you ever seen so many pale white people turning pink in the freezing cold water. Hilarious! Great vibe. Hundreds of people laughing and gasping for breath all together. Next year I'll make the plunge, in my own speedo.

Following the plunge we went for a delicious Indian buffet in Fremont. Tiago is a fool for Mango Lassi's and Indian remixes. The kid can dance.

New Year'sDay with Tiago and Joel - 40.jpg

New Year'sDay with Tiago and Joel - 59.jpg

We trekked to a couple of coffee shops, discovered a Troll under a bridge, and took in a snappy movie about mankind's adverse effect on nature's food supply, Happy Feet. Busy day for Tiago.

New Year'sDay with Tiago and Joel - 62.jpg

New Year'sDay with Tiago and Joel - 54.jpg

New Year'sDay with Tiago and Joel - 68.jpg

He fell asleep in the car. The first day of the new year ends at home with dinner, storytime and bed for Tiago, which brings me here...the sofa...updating digital files from the previous week, daydreaming of 2007, and listening to music from Ghana.

Check this music out: Listen online if you like. www.KEXP.org I'm enjoying a West African music program on right now called "Best Ambiance", it plays every Monday night in fact. For my Paris friends living 9 hours in the future and probably sleeping, this radio station is also killer in your afternoon which is my morning. Bisous David et Rama 20eme, tu me manque.

Thinking of you G... dancing at the Ashram to your bro beating his drums.

Oh! I almost forgot
I spent $3.35 on coffee, $10.00 with tip on lunch, and I borrowed $9.50 from Joel for the movie. That totals up to be $22.85 for the day in Seattle.
Suck it Rachel Ray!

Until tomorrow.
Feder Federici
9:54PM, 1 January 2007 PDT (permalink)