allegory in red 5:45am, 2 January 2007
January 1st 2007

happy new year! naturally i should introduce myself with a self-portrait...

dark billet-doux

i will skip the full introduction because as i document 2007, much of me will be exposed along the way. hope you enjoy!
Samrag 12 years ago
Welcome - and happy new year.

Great photo to start the year with, look forward to seeing everything that follows.

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
Innamorata Crush 12 years ago
!!! you're lovely. I'll be watching. hehe.
zesty house [deleted] 12 years ago
A flickr in the dark. A good way to start. :)

Happy New Year. Can't wait to follow through the footsteps of your year.

-Sontra (A Day In My Life)
bright trend [deleted] 12 years ago
splendid! happy new year!
Glow* 12 years ago
very good looking but you must already know that :)Happy new year
leesure PRO 12 years ago
Great shot, love the light.
satrina* 12 years ago
Happy New Year! You look lovely!
allegory in red 12 years ago

bathroom photography
bathroom/restroom/washroom/loo/lavatory/john/comfort station

not the best example of my work, but when you're confined to uploading on a daily basis, i'll have to learn to settle once in awhile. right?

i commented awhile back that bathroom self-portraits/portraits seem to be a favorite in the photography community. almost up there with arm length pictures taken for online profiles like myspace. i felt it was time; my photography had earned its place among the very best that have collections of these lavatory vignettes.

now that i have joined the club, i urge you to do the same...cause lets admit it, you're not a real photographer unless you have at least one shot taken in the loo. =)

i was obviously in a playful mood when i thought all this nonsense up, and to take it a step further i started a group that i would love for you to join.

if you ever catch yourself in a playful mood too:
allegory in red 12 years ago


i had a lot of fun doing this series. if you get a chance, take a look at my photo stream to see the others. i would post them here, but i don't know if that's breaking the rules (only one a day right?).

this series is just another example of a spontaneous, eccentric idea, probably impoverished by what appears to be a strong sense of vanity...i am working on getting models.

hope everyone's new year has been pleasant so far.
oddityinabox PRO 12 years ago
Your portraits are really lovely

_ravi | *life through pictures
Samrag 12 years ago
You are going to be fun, aren't you? ;-)

Great bathroom chat there - have never done that - never the nude either... I think... Now you got me all thinking about further experiments.
It is not fair though - your are that pretty that any photo you take of yourself must be good.

Love the series - went and took a look at your photo streem... Cool idea as well... and I am amazed as to how beautiful and not at all pornographic you managed to make them - and I mean that as compliment.... ok ok stopping the rambling now. ;-)

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
sotonrich 12 years ago
wow what a great start....I love your pictures.

I love your bookshelves even more!
alina_gerika Posted 12 years ago. Edited by alina_gerika (member) 12 years ago
allegory in red 12 years ago
i really hope no one thinks my pictures are pornographic!!! at least that's not what i was going for. i'm glad you see it as art samrag. thank you
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
I love the shots and the ideas.
And hey, no problem with any vanity :)
My diary is about myself mostly too (am doing the 365 days project) so I have to shoot a shot of my boring self every day anyway ;)
I need to get out more with my cam again though, sigh ;)
I love that clone shot - beautiful!
(Thanks to Samrag for pointing you out to me :)!

NicoleB / Rainmountain: Share the weirdness with me ;)
RobW_ PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by RobW_ (member) 12 years ago
What interesting new people one meets on this group, and the best is, we are going to interact on a daily basis, and there is so much to look forward to. You have the most interesting, deep eyes, like there's a lot going on behind them.

Regarding bathroom pics, I have noticed a sub-genre, which is sitting-down bathroom pics, not all as shocking as it sounds (although some are..), like this one

Regarding vanity, don't apologise, I think we all forgive you and enjoy what you are doing. I visited your stream, loved the library series, and others, all tastefully done, and your model is devastatingly attractive.
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
LBT was there
enjoying your selfportraits a lot !
keep on posting

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
chibi_butterfly 12 years ago
Wonderful portraits!
:) Love your photostream.
Keep on posting

Ana (Mu aasta piltides)
Samrag 12 years ago
Checking everyday for more posting from you - Please KEEP posting

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
allegory in red 12 years ago
i will...i will. i'm sorry. =( i had a surprise guest stay with me for a few days so i've been a little preoccupied. i have plenty of pics for all the days i've missed.

my roommate also moved out and took the wireless internet. i should be hooked backed up soon. i'm not giving up on this yet! thank you for all the wonderful comments and i can't wait to interact with more of you!

i'll be watching all of you too!
alina_gerika 12 years ago
looking forward to seeing your photos)

Gerika's daily photo diary
zesty house [deleted] 12 years ago
re: January 2

I'm pretty sure it's a great example of your work. I'm just kind of stunned looking at it.

Sigh. I now I have go out and find an artsy bathroom to take a self-portrait in.

And not the one on campus. Because there's always people there. And that may just be weird.


I'm glad you've started posting. Seems like you have fun with a camera.

re: January 3

So did someone send invites to all the pretty / risque ladies?

I think it's a good thing I don't have my laptop. Me looking at some people's photos in class would have the people behind me commenting.

Or peeping. ;)

re: AHHH! No more pictures?

Your guest... Gah! Guests! Forget them. We're more important. ;)

Eagerly awaiting your return. :)

-Sontra (A Day In My Life)
Samrag 12 years ago
SamRag came by to you!

@ Sontra... BEHAVE.

@ Allegory: So glad that you have not decided to quit or something. You got me really worried there!!! Kick the guest out!!!!

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
allegory in red 12 years ago
maybe...i'm soo far behind =(
durhamyankee 12 years ago
Great job with the clones!

DWM's return to the everyday
ebilflindas 12 years ago
I just found your thread, only to discover that you haven't been able to post! =(

Oh well, that just leaves us all rapt in anticipation! Looking forward to your return...
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
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