B e t h 10:45pm, 1 January 2007
My first photo reflects a rainy new year's day that I'm spending at home just relaxing and reading.

Wet leaf

Happy New Year!
Android9 PRO 12 years ago
Very cool shot.
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January 4 - Thursday

Well, so far I'm not doing to great keeping up with photos, but I can blame part of that on my internet connection being out all week... :-)

This is a shot from Jan 4, I went to the Public Market to meet some friends.

Public Market at night
Heidulius 12 years ago
Love your rainy shot! The farmer's market shot's also nice - kind of festive with all the lights and colors :) Hope your internet connection treats you better so we can see more daily shots from you.

Heiða D.
B e t h 12 years ago
Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mirror and Lights

Today was a rainy, windy day - good for staying inside and finding other uses for Christmas lights. I think I'll leave them up all year :-)
B e t h 12 years ago
Monday, January 8, 2007

Today I went to work in the dark, and went home in the dark and didn't go outside in between. Ugh. An intense day at the office, where even Tigger was getting tired.

Tigger Yawns
B e t h 12 years ago
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Today was a crazy weather day; started out warm (relatively) with partly cloudy skies and a bit windy... the afternoon was crazy windy with pouring rain, and then at sunset, the clouds parted and we were treated to a spectacular sunset. By the time I left the office, the temperatures were dropping and the forecast is for snow tomorrow.

Seattle Sunset
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
ILIGHT 12 years ago
Monday wore Tigger out, too? Intense. But hey- That sunburst over the docks, rocks!! I think I'l claim it for my collection of faves.
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glucozze 12 years ago
great colors on all the shoot ! the flare on the last is beautiful
you're lucky with snow tomorrow...good snow fight :)
CollardGreens PRO 12 years ago
Bravo !! Love the first photo. Washington State - USA right? Somehow I think I remember a market like that. I agree with glucozze comment on flare. Great! Keep it up.
Heidulius 12 years ago
Oh man that sunset takes my breath away :)

Heiða D.
B e t h 12 years ago
Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your nice comments on my sunset photo. It was so beautiful, and I got lucky to catch it at the right moment.

Yesterday's photo was taken while the snow was coming down (and yes, it's in Washington State - USA). We had quite the snowstorm yesterday, lots of people got stuck going home! Fortunately, I can walk, so I didn't have any problems.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

View out back

This is the view out the back of the building where I work.
B e t h 12 years ago
Thursday, January 11, 2007

After snow and ice on Wednesday night, we woke up to a cold, clear day with snow all around - beautiful views of the mountains and gorgeous blue skies!

Clear Day
msspider66 12 years ago
09Jan is beautiful!

Send some of that snow and ice to NY. After a few cold days we will be in the 50s this weekend. It is January. I want winter weather.

[Ms Spider66]
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
What a treat to see your Jan 9 photo! What an eye opener!

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
B e t h 12 years ago
We Seattleites really appreciate sunny days in the winter because most of them are grey and rainy... on days like January 9, we spend a lot of time looking at the views :-)

I'd be happy to send some cold weather your way though, it's too cold for me! last night it was 18.
B e t h 12 years ago
January 12, 2007

Another very cold and beautiful day, I was on my way to work when the sun rose and lit everything with beautiful light. The sunrise on January 12 was at 7:55am.

Seattle in the morning
ArtinArt 12 years ago
Wow wonderful
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Wow, I'm glad to finally stumble upon your diary! My son and I went on a roadtrip over the holidays that took us all the way up to Seattle (we're from San Diego)--Bellevue, to be exact. I have four photo sets just from our stay up there, and a couple others that included some shots driving into and out of Seattle.

We were there for about five days, and four of those five there was no rain! I kept hearing how unusual that was, and I was falling so in love with the city, I had to keep reminding myself that Seattle was putting on its best face for me!

I'll keep visiting to keep a visual connection with that magical place!

Oh, and wow, that shot from the 9th. Spectacular!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
B e t h 12 years ago
Hi, thanks for your comments. Glad you had a good trip ebilflindas and that Seattle treated you to some dry weather. During the late fall and early, it is very unusual to have dry days... Jan-March we have a few sunny days, but they are cold! Like today!

January 14, 2007

Pine Cone In Snow
sunshinecity 12 years ago
I arrived late to your diary... some amazing pics!!

Will be back!

~ sunshinecity,
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mixed ocean [deleted] 12 years ago
Your pictures are gorgeous!

- Antoinette
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