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cautious range [deleted] 2:08pm, 1 January 2007
NicoleB, aka Rainmountain - My cave

Here we go, like the 365 days project isn't enough already ;)
But I like the idea, so let's see what we can do here :)

Maybe a bit about me for the ones that don't know me, which might be most of you.
I'm a 34 year old married German woman (still a girl on most days), right now living in Hungary, but usually traveling so much around that even my best friend and my Mom sometimes loose track.
I started taking pictures around three years ago, it helps me remember places and situations. I have a very bad memory ;)
Don't expect any masterpieces.
I've learned a bit since on flickr (and hopelessly addicted since almost two years), but that doesn't mean that I use that all the time :P


January: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,
22, 23, 24, 25,


Day one - 1st of January 2007

So, enough of that. Here's my first day. A picture for a project that I like and that's one social project that makes sense to me.
Check it out, if you want to make a change. It's real easy :)

The Dhaka project - still rolling!

More explanation on the picture


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BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
I hope you choose to stay -- I really enjoy your photos -- And I agree with SunshineCity -- your compromise could be to not use this as a public diary for writing... but personally I don't think it will be a problem at all -- soldiers are trained to look for the Danger in every situation, aren't they?

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Tuesday, Jan 16th 2007

It was a good day, even though I'm sort of tired and feel drained.
Probably because I decided to read a 1200 page book in 2 1/2 days. Dooooh :)
Or because we take a walk every day? At least the weather still is gorgeous and it could really trick me into thinking, that it's already March.

I've put my TEFL studies on ice and had them freeze my account until hubby's in Iraq and I need something to do. It doesn't make much sense to try to learn something right now when I have so much time at hand in a short while.

Besides that, I should have not told my best friend that hubby goes. Now she's sick with worry.
But I'll visit her soon and that will make her feel better. Oh well. Could not have said nothing for half a year, could I? :/

But if I keep reading my books at the pace I do right now (4 since New Years), I'll be out of books soon ;)
Only 20 or so left that I haven't read yet.

Here's my lazy shot for today. I thought, it fits the theme of my day ;)

Nobody at home

And can somebody please tell me, where I find that greasemonkey scrpt for those little comment / quote icons???
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks, Bella Gaia.

He's just afraid, because I'm quite alone here in an area of Hungary with not many people living here permanently.

But he'll forget that he said something in a short while anyway. I should have known better, but it just hit me that day ;)
cautious range [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cautious range (member) 12 years ago
Wednesday, Jan 17th 2007

The day has just started and I'm already pissed. Now I know why I try to ignore the news.

No more Swastikas in Europe?

What the heck is wrong with the world these days?

The EU is arguing for a ban of the Swastika symbol in Europe.
Not only the version of the symbol the Nazis misused.
The symbol that Hindus use since over 5000 years as a symbol of peace as well.

In Germany it is already banned. Did not know that until today.

It is really getting ridiculous in my opinion.

I'm not a fan of head scarves for example. But why would you want to ban a symbol of religion in public areas? You might as well ban wearing a cross or a pentagram.
For teachers a different story, I think. There I really don't like it.
But I don't like the cross over the entrance of a class room either.

A group of Hindus is protesting against a ban of the Swastika and they have some good arguments.
They also agree with banning the symbol the Nazis used. But there's a difference between those two.

You can read more about it over here at BBC

More Swastikas at Korean Buddhist temples in my stream

Here's an interview from Robert Siegel, NPR with Ramesh Kallidai, secretary general of the Hindu forum Britain
I haven't listened to it yet, due to our slow Internet line :/

That pisses me off :/
Heidulius 12 years ago
Has anyone replied about the buddy-icons?
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Nope, not yet :)
leroyer 12 years ago
About the swatiskas, that's the difference between being smart and using our brains, and being stupid.
At first hand.
And I totally agree with you on the matter.
But there might be a bit more to that... things are not so simple.
A symbol is a powerful thing. And whatever the swatiska means for hindus, it means a hell lot of other things for a lot of people here too. And in a symbol, the only thing that matters is what it means to people.
I am totally against that kind of censorship. Expressing our ideas should be one of the total freedom we should have, whatever those ideas might be. That's democracy.
But nothing never is all white or black, is it ?

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Nope, it's not Philippe. Not b/w I mean.
One guy wrote today on a blog somewhere: I don't like the idea of banning it, because I like to know who my enemies are.
Well, he got a point with that, but rarely anyone really wears this thing public in Europe, or am I wrong?

What really gets me is, that our wonderful, so smart and overpaid politicians are not able to make a difference.

A difference between the misused Nazi symbol and the original symbol.
Two different things. They even look different.

\And democracy....well.....do we really have a democracy or are we just accepting the facts that at most times politicians are making the decisions for us and we call it democracy?
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
- I found it :D!
Thanks for asking though!
eelend PRO 12 years ago
I agree absolutely with you.
Things are not b/w, of course. But, as philippe said, there must be something else. I hope so. I just hope the world is not going stupid.
Loca.... 12 years ago
You're so right...

cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks - I had some unpleasant comments on that picture :)

One decided to delete the comment himself before I could read it, maybe after reading what I wrote again.
And the other one needs glasses and read my text and comments again, sigh.....

Sometimes communication is really hard, no wonder politicians have a problem in getting things done ;)
Heidulius 12 years ago
Good to hear :) I was going to send you a message with a link yesterday, but forgot :(((

Heiða D.
cautious range [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cautious range (member) 12 years ago
Thursday, Jan 18th 2007

I got my idea for todays shot from yesterdays talk about symbols.
Which is still going on, btw.
When it keeps going, I will be turned into a Nazi myself *shakes head*
I love people that condemn me for things they read wrong.
And I also love people that say for example that I posted yesterdays pic on my stream for publicity reasons and more clicks.
But that guy deleted his comments.
Let me tell you Dude, if I want that, I post a pic of my Boobs :)

Let's all smile together :)



Originally coming from tanthric Hinduism.
A symbol for the Uniting of genders.
The to the bottom pointing triangle symbolizes the female prototype or Yoni Yantra.
During the endless times the goddess received a spark of Life in her triangle, the bindu, which has been born and became a man.
His symbol is the triangle which points upwards.
He united with his mother and the symbol of this was the Hexagram, also called Shri Yantra or Big Yantra.
It is mentioned in jewish literature for the first time in the 12th century and became the official jewish symbol in the 17th century

(Translated from "Das geheime Wissen der Frauen", Barbara G. Walker ISBN 3-86150-006-X)
sunshinecity Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sunshinecity (member) 12 years ago
There is so much to say about the banning of the swastika... I don't think we can fully address it here, it's probably not the place either... but let me just leave you with one thought...
Unfortunately most people in today's society have to bear the burden of dealing with idiots and having to live in consequence of the majority of people's opinions... it's why we're all so PC (politically correct..)
I agree with you that just because a symbol means one thing to one group of people and was misused by others, the first group should not suffer because of the 2nd group.
BUT unfortunately we are a society that often speaks without knowledge and because today most people see that graphic element as a symbol of Nazism and what it stood for, we cannot ignore it.
I am sorry that the Hindus will suffer because of it, but I'd rather be "safe than sorry"... I want no possible mis-interpretation ...
I don't want anyone mistaking one thing for another... even at the cost of making that symbol disappear all together.
Unfortunately this is the cost we have to pay... the same goes for the Irish who had their Celtic cross misused by the Fascists. My boyfriend has Irish heritage and he'd like to one day get that cross tattooed on him. I told him how that symbol would be interpreted here in Italy, He was very upset to learn that, but decided against it, as he didn't want to run the risk of being taken for a fascist.
Such is life... we unfortunately bear the cross of History's mistakes. Somethings can't be washed away....

I'm sorry for voicing my opinion in the wrong place... I admire your wish to defend such rights and your photographs.

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago

First thing my husband said, when showing him the pic of today was "What's that? The sign of the devil?"
And he usually is quite educated and he knows also about my believes :)

Yes, people speak without knowledge. Often. Even happens to me.

I don't say with any word, that we should ignore that there are people out there, which still misuse the symbol.
My suggestion is, that a ban should be performed when it concerns so called NeoNazis, which you can easily seperate from Hindus or Buddhists using the symbol.

If the problem would be solved by banning the symbol in general, I would even agree with the ban.
But a ban doesn't even touch the roots of the problem. The German government (or now the German EU leaders) just want to make it look like they are doing something against Neo Nazis, which is not the case.
On the contrary.
The heirs of German Nazism are in parliament. Good job!

And don't get me wrong, I don't want anybody to ignore it, I just try to raise awareness that there are different sort of shoes out there ;)

One guy said somewhere on a blog: I don't want them to ban the symbol, because I rather want to be able to recognize my enemy. I think, he might have point there.

I don't know if hiding the true meaning of a symbol will make a difference. In my opinion only raising awareness and telling the truth will help to get rid of the real problem. In trying to sweep Neo Nazism under the carpet we just raise the risk of them getting in charge again.

And again, I don't want to wash anything away and I really don't know what gives that impression....

And no, this is not the wrong place and I love to hear your opinion (and others).
And I love to talk about the differences between our opinions.

What I didn't like yesterday and today on my flickr site was the fact that people try to put words in my mouth and twist things.

sunshinecity 12 years ago
no no, i totally understand your point of view, and I didn't misunderstand what you said, I hope you didn't think I did...

I agree when you say that things are better out in the open and not hidden under the carpet, and it is said how politicians think they address a problem by finding some excuse of a solution....
You are also right when you say that talking about things is important to raise awareness.
In all reality I'm not sure where I stand on this... I'm not sure what my position is. I just think it's dangerous ground.... on one hand banning doesn't solve the issue, you're right. Idiots will still be out there... you can't remove the crap in people's heads unfortunately.
Then again, under the "freedom of expression" act, sometimes we can allow too much... where do we draw the line?

You got me thinking, this is for sure, and it's a good thing. I don't have an opinion yet.. but you might be swaying me to think this decision is wrong... I dunno. It definitely ISN'T black or white!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
cautious range [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cautious range (member) 12 years ago
The line should be drawn by saying "wearing Neo Nazi marks and holding Neo Nazi speaches are forbidden", like they did ban the book "Mein Kampf". (Which I despite the fact want to get a copy of one day)
It would be a start.
People should also try to bring Nazis in front of a judge and not Buddhists.
But there we come to the point that those are the dangerous people. And humankind is afraid of the real dangerous people and the aftermath when those find out their identities.

I can't erase the crap in peoples heads, no, but I can try to at least make some things clear ;)
And make people think.
Like myself, for a start. I put my head in the sand usually, much easier than trying to argue about things like I did the last two days ;)

Nothing's black or white. Not even Nazism. :(

I'm glad, I made you think. I hope, you don't get a headache over it ;)

And I hope, your boyfriend rethinks his decision about the tattoo. If it's his heritage and he thinks it's right, he should think about it again, me thinks ;)
I'm a chicken in regards to tattoos, so my decision in that regard is easy ;)
Яick Harris PRO 12 years ago
I deleted my comments. I got tired of feeding your trolls.

This will be my last comment on the subject.
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Well, you did delete your comment, I didn't get the chance to read it, so I guess, all I can do is thank you for the enlightenment
RobW_ PRO 12 years ago
Hi Nicole, just catching up on your diary, I have missed so many days. I enjoyed the seven vices pics, sorrry about your husband and Iraq, that's not a fun place to go, and your most recent ones are stiriing more hornets than your bum! Stick to the boobs, girl.

cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks Rob, why should I stick to the Boobs.
It is my opinion I'm voicing and I don't have a problem when people voice theirs. Either here or on my stream.
I just don't like to get attacked for something I didn't say. Or not being able to understand what some Hubub is about because it got deleted :(
I don't see the point in staying quiet only because that's more comfortable.
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Friday, 19th of January 2007

As a result of a heated argument two days ago, I got some more information about the history of the Swastika. Feel free to add any information you have.

And despite the fact that some people *wink* think I should stick with something else, I want to post some more information.

Why I post this in here? Because it is part of my Life and there's not much else going on in there right now.
Just sadness, excitement and travel preparations....

Why and what is this all about? The European Union gives the ban of the Swastika in Europe a second try.
The Swastika is a symbol used in almost all rituals of the Hindus (birth, marriage and death). By banning it, they cannot go through with their religion.

Don't get me wrong. Like I said before, I don't underestimate nor do I want Neo-Nazism to spread even more in Europe. But banning this symbol doesn't solve anything in my opinion. It is only a little gesture of our great politicians to show the public that they are doing something.

Banning the symbol would mean also that you can't post any pictures of Buddhist or Hindu temples from all over the world, containing a Swastika, on any European website any more.

Feel free to argue the point with me, but try to avoid insults. If you don't understand any of my points, ask and give me the chance to clarify what I mean before attacking me. Thanks.

The Swastika

The Swastika is one of the oldest and most wide spread religious symbols in the world.
The first ones found in the Ukraine are 10 000 years old. They were carvings on Mammon's tusks.
They are also found on the oldest Indian coins.
In Persia, Asia and Greece the Swastika was printed on coins as a symbol for the "axis mundi" (lat. world axis).
It also appeared as a holy symbol of the goddess Artemis in the 7th century before Christ.

The symbol also represented a lot of other gods and goddesses from Island to Japan and from Scandinavia to North Africa.
It already got used a lot in the 13th century before Christ in Troy and Mykene.
The Sanskrit word "Svastika" means "so be it" or "Amen". In Japan it was the symbol for the number 10.000, because it was for the Japanese wise ones the highest number they could imagine. Because of that it had for them also the meaning of "endless greatness" or "Infinity".

There exist two types of Swastika: the left turning Moon-Swastika and the right turning Sun-Swastika.
The Moon-Swastika was naturally bound with the path of the left hand of the goddess, the Sun-Swastika with the right hand of the god.
For Hindus the Sun-Swastika represented the god Ganesha, the Moon-Swastika his virgin bride Kali-Maya, the mother of Buddha.
As a reincarnation of his holy father Buddha showed the symbol of the cross on both arms.
The Tibetan Buddhists say, the right hand Swastika stands for the Redeemer, the left hand Swastika for "Witchcraft" or the "Magic" of the mother Maya.

The female Moon-Swastika received the name Sauvastika and stands for the autumn half of the year, in which the power of the sun subsides: the male Sun-Swastika stands for the Spring half of the year with sun getting stronger. Because the female Sauvastika represented not only the low standing, dying sun, but also the resurrection at the winter solstice, she sometimes also stood for rebirth.
In Japan the new born Amida "the Buddha of the immeasurable light" a left turning Swastika scratched in his chest.
A similar left turning Swastika was the hammer, which was printed as Thor's sign on old Nordic coins. Thor was one of the gods which supposedly came from Troy; Troyan reliefs of the great goddess show a Swastika on her belly, surrounded by the female triangle as an indication of the god hidden in her belly who was waiting for his next rebirth.

The early Christians took over the Swastika as a symbol of Christ and named it "crux dissimulata" (disguised cross"). This cross was also named "crux gammata", "gammadion" or "gamma cross", because it showed the letter gamma in four fold repetition.
The Anglo Saxons named it "fylfot"; which you can translate as "four-foot" as well as "fill foot". In the first case it indicates the four holy pillars at the four ends of the earth; in the second case it hints to the Christian tradition to fill the foot of a church window wit fylfot-ornaments.
In old Danish churches the Swastika was usually found as a decoration around the baptismal font.
On medieval coat of arms it was shown often as a "Hakenkreuz", "croix gamme" or "croix cramponnee". But the knights that carried the Swastika on their coat of armor couldn't be sure if they were carrying the symbol for the cross of Christ or the symbol for the cross of Thor, which was revered from Germany up to the Scandinavian villages in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

In the 20ties of the last century the National Socialists took over the symbol as the emblem of their party, because they thought that it was a purely arien symbol.

One version of the Swastika was used as a symbol of the old "Feme"court (from "Vehme" = punishment), which in medieval times worked as a civil tribunal to hunt down heretics and which later became one with the Inquisition.
The activities of the "Feme"court stayed secret; even during the times of Napoleon "Feme"courts existed in form of secret societies, which judged and executed traitors and politic opponents in a fast trial - like for example the Sicilian black hand.
Anti semitic secret societies formed themselves from these "Feme"courts in the early 20th century in Germany and Austria - the front runners for the National Socialists.

(Translated from "Das geheime Wissen der Frauen", Barbara G. Walker ISBN 3-86150-006-X)

eelend PRO 12 years ago
that's an explanation

i didn't know many of these things
thank you for sharing them
bright trend [deleted] 12 years ago
cool, nicole... well done.

viewfinder through the looking glass
ILIGHT 12 years ago
Keep on keepin' on, Nicole! You rock!!

cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks everyone :)

People keep mentioning that the symbol was used by Native Americans as well.
Does anybody know anything of that?
sunshinecity 12 years ago
very interesting...

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Saturday, 20th of January 2007

Bye, Bye

Bye, Bye - see you in a few days!
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Aw, what a lovely portrait! Mwah!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
sunshinecity 12 years ago
si che bella!! This is indeed a beautiful shot!!

Have fun, where ever you're off to!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
knowledge is power and for people to be so emotional by some drawn lines(that have WAY more history than how they were used in the 20th century) puts us back in the days of witch burnings -- thanks for the information. by the way, where are ya!
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks you all :)!

I'm back, more about where I have been in my next entry, in a few minutes :)

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for asking :)!
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Sunday, January 21st 2007

The trip

Hubby and I have been in Budapest over the weekend.
The doggies where at a Babysitter and had a lot of fun ;)

The road got a lot better, so it took us only 2 hours to get there.
We decided to stay in a Holiday Inn a little bit outside of Budapest. It wasn't much cheaper than anything in town, but we hate driving in Budapest. And this one also offered a shuttle service to the airport. 'Cause Tuesday hubby took off to work.
I will stay here in Hungary and check for a little house for us.
On our spontaneous "Good bye party" on Saturday we got all off a sudden two offers :)
One I'll check out today, pictures later ;)

On Sunday we actually wanted to go out for dinner and go to a Casino, but we were both so hungover that we decided to eat in the Hotel The food was fantastic!
I also got to visit the Sauna and took a long bath - yeah :D!
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Monday, January 22snd 2007

After spending the day in Budapest, walking through the city center, trying to find a Restaurant (which lead us to a scary part of Budapest and no restaurant), after finding a good restaurant called "Pauls Pub" with damned good food (Ribs for Lunch, yummie), some beer and a very good waiter, after an exhausting experience at McDonalds for dinner (the worst service, slow and weird at the M7 - never go there, ever ;), we went to bed quite early. Our last night together for a few months... :(

Good night kisses
sunshinecity 12 years ago
aww such a sweet picture... I know it'll be hard to be separated. I hope these months go by fast and with little to worry about!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Thank you, sunshine :)!
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Tuesday, January 23rd

After waking up at 2 a.m. hubby and I stayed awake until he had to leave at 4 a.m.
I kept watching TV after he left and finally fell asleep at 6 for another hour.
Took a shower, went for breakfast and left in direction to IKEA in the vain hope that they would already be open. Nope. Closed :(
So I took off around 9 direction Balaton.
Took some pictures there, but the weather conditions were not very great.
But I promised a contact of mine some sand from Balaton, so I took a little walk, froze my hands off and got him the sand and pictures for me ;)
From there I took the next exit to Kaposvar, which was not one of the decent new roads, but one of the old side roads. I was wondering, if I should turn around when I stumbled over this sight and couldn't help but being in awe :)

Not Stonehenge
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Wednesday, January 24th

I spent my day looking for a house in our favorite village. The one where "our" fishing lake is.
I was going to look at the house of a friend of ours, which she offered on Saturday. I didn't know if it was a joke or if she was serious.
You know that my Hungarian isn't very great yet and most people don't speak English nor German in this village. But we always get along.
Well. The house seems not to be for sale, not yet that is ;)
But I ended up going with Marta, Istvan and Joszef looking at the houses above.
It's not much money, not at all, but they all need some serious work and most of all: more rooms :)
Well, I will keep looking.
I go for one more today.
Funny that now all off a sudden houses pop up for sale. We waited for an opportunity in this place for half a year ;)

This was my favorite out of the three, but still not a complete winner ;)

It's unbelievable how old fashioned people still live here. That old guy lived in just one room. The bedroom he just used as a big wardrobe, the clothes piled up neatly on the big bed, two more small beds in the kitchen, sleeping there, because it's warmer. It wasn't really a kitchen anyway. Just a stove, like my grandmom had it and a sink like you have them in a bathroom. In the bathroom a bathtub and a n old wood water heater like my grandmom used in her bathroom and a very old, tiny, round washing machine. I would have loved to take pictures of all that, but it seemed a bit rude. He showed us around on the property too. His work room, where he has a bunch of tools and works with wood, a storage room for wine and potatoes underground, etc. :) With enough money to build a new house it would be a perfect spot. Maybe it's still for sale next year, if we don't find anything until then ;)
sunshinecity 12 years ago
that's a nice shot! Glad to see some blue in the sky!!

Hey, did you ever find the greasemonkey script for the icon buddy replies? Did I send it to you?
Let me know if you still need it!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Thursday, January 25th

I want this! :)

It's really neat.
Big enough a house and property, not much work to do, but a tad too expensive. But maybe we can work on that one. We will see.

For more Info look at all the notes on the picture :)

I want this :)
Loca.... 12 years ago
Just catching up.

Budapest, you should read the Budapest book of Chico Buarque, it's so good. That's one place I'd love to go.

I want one of those as well....
still living in a apartment with no ground to plant things and where the kids can play....
leesure PRO 12 years ago
You still with us???
sunshinecity 12 years ago
hope all is well... we miss you!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
eelend PRO 12 years ago
Das ist sehr schön.
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
happy valentine's day :-)
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