Ray Snell PRO 8:12am, 1 January 2007
As I type this on the 1st January 2007 I am sitting on the settee in our lounge which like the rest of the house is totaly full of stuff. Outside we have a big hole in the garden (partly full of water) that we intend to be our garage and a summer house which is almost floating in the sky (had to be supported when we dug the garage hole) in the floor of the summer house ( which is also full of stuff ) is a part finished hot tub. We are in the proccess of a planning appeal to enable us to turn our small 2 Bedroom semi into a 4 bed semi, we are confident that the plans will be passed as the refusal was based on a weak argument. Over the last couple of years I have let my fitness and weight levels get unacceptable Im starting this year planning to get that sorted along with everything elce. On the 31st Dec 2007 I am planning to be sitting in a four bedroom house (or possiibly the hot tub) with a large garage all the stuff either neatly sorted or got rid of and to be at least 6" smaller round the waste department.
alert chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
go for it ray!
Ray Snell PRO 11 years ago
Jan 1st 2007

Jan 1st 2007 this is the glym view of my garden and summer house
Ray Snell PRO 11 years ago
Jan 2nd 2007
Jan 2nd 2007
Bad Start
during the night some of the side wall of my hole in the garden fell in I got home from work and had to start lugging concrete about until 10 at night need the year to go better than this
Ray Snell PRO 11 years ago
Jan 3rd 2007
Home from work quick tea and then into the loft to do paperwork for work such is life nevermind celebrity big brother starting in a bit
Ray Snell PRO 11 years ago
Jan 4th 2007
After antother hard night moving concrete (a cubic meter in a bucket from b&q) i collapsed on the settee with the laptop to check emails and flickr
Ray Snell PRO 11 years ago
Jan 5th 2007
ah end of the week at last!!!
Ray Snell PRO 11 years ago
Jan 6th 2007
first night off of the new year
Me Rach and Heather at our friend Donna's 30th Birthday party
sunshinecity 11 years ago
hope your plans for the house go well...

~ sunshinecity
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
heyya !
well done
please don't forget to add a date to your daily pic
ok ?
see ya !

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