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DaBourz 12:11pm, 31 December 2006
Let's see how that thing will evolve ! ;-)

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November, December.
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DaBourz 11 years ago
17 Feb 2007 :

We've been to my mother in law's, first because as holiday season my son is staying with her two weeks from now, second because it was her birthday that we celebrate with a fine restaurant... and a week end on the road (1000 Km going there and back).

msspider66 11 years ago
Is that dessert? It looks very festive!

[Ms Spider66]
DaBourz 11 years ago
Yes it is, dessert at the end of a huge dinner !!
DaBourz 11 years ago
23 Feb 2007 :

Last day of work in Paris before a full week in London. It's been the end of a very hard week, explaining the lack of updates.

To fight that, and to avoid carry on with me my DSLR each day, I've bought a G7, and it looks really nice and promising !

This is the new laptop, testing Eclipse & the G7:

Testing things...
DaBourz 11 years ago
24 Feb 2007 :

The plans for the Saturday evening and night that looked so cool just crashed in smoke, and I didn't find anything more interesting to do than continue to test and learn the G7 :

The Death of a Sponge

Don't trust the Ads, those things die !

Another bad Saturday.

eelend PRO 11 years ago
nice blue

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
Yep ! That's about the only thing that stayed "nice" !! ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
25 Feb 2007 :

My Son it's not there this weekend, holidays with his grand mother, and if we do love that from time to time the house is really really quiet ! ;-)

Spidey is waiting for him to come back !

msspider66 11 years ago
Great shot of Spiderman!

[Ms Spider66]
DaBourz 11 years ago
THX, there is a lot of Spidey's in his room ! ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
26 Feb 2007 :

I've spent the whole week in London, but without any time and chance to post the pictures, so I'm catching up right now ! ;-)

I arrived in London by the first Eurostar on Monday, so I was in the office quite early, and until everyone joins for the meeting it was pretty calm, but that's about the only time it will be during the week !

After a full day of work, and before getting out with some colleagues, I went to the Hotel to let my luggage, stayed 5 minutes in the room, found good light, took this picture and then went out !

After all these years, I still won't be able to get used to some very bizarre English tastes for the Room deco ! ;-)

London Hotel Room
lilbleue 11 years ago
Yikes ! Very "kitsch" indeed !
DaBourz 11 years ago
The "Leopard" room ;-)
msspider66 11 years ago
what hotel?

[Ms Spider66]
la photo du gateau d'anniv est dingue! bravo mister bourzeix
DaBourz 11 years ago
@MSspider: The hotel was the Montague on the Garden, Montague street, close to the British Museum.
eelend PRO 11 years ago
that's a room

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
Eelend: Yep, put it looks bigger in that picture !! ;-)
Brian: Thx mate !
DaBourz 11 years ago
27 Feb 2007 :

Second day in London.

Same type of meeting, what we're doing there is very interesting and I feel like it is important for the company, so I'm kinda concentrated on what I see and ear and it is tiring at the end of the day.

Our UK colleagues organized the evenings around a local (UK) host from the company, taking care of us, the restaurant, the beers ...etc.
That was very cool for that, except the early start where we had almost all our diners booked at 6.30pm, which is quite early for me, I'd rather go to a bar and talk hours before thinking of eating.

Anyway, that night was cool, I had great discussions with Jeremy and our evening host, Kate, ready to pay the bill ! :-)

DaBourz 11 years ago
28 Feb 2007 :

Was my third day in London, and as usual the day was one big meeting, all locked in the same room, even the lunch break was taking place there !

So at the end of the day you're very happy that the day went well, and that it is finished.

Also for the only time this week there was not any French guys with me for the evening, so my Australian mate and I decided to call a close friend we didn't see since a long time to catch up and have a cool evening.

We begin with a long talk at the bar, lot of beers and gin tonic, and a late nice diner with cool wines. Cool to see my Australian friends, even if some missed, and some won't be there anymore...

Forgot the Camera that night, and that was cool, took the flower back at the hotel :

Red Rose
DaBourz 11 years ago
1 March 2007 :

Another day, and the last night in London, the week is almost spent !

Again today a huge all day in the same room meeting, but i am joined by my French colleagues, bosses, friends (remove extra mention) for a very intensive day followed by, of course, a beer and a not so lovely Chinese restaurant.

Evening was nice and fun, with the Aussie, the locals and the Frenchies, even if we had a real problem with the duck that night.

Anyway, tomorrow is the last and I'm back home, until the next time (that should be soon).

Highlight of the day, the 3 blind frenchies :

The Frenchies
DaBourz 11 years ago
4 March 2007 :

Finally home, after a week end on the road !
Arrived from London Friday I went back in Corrèze on Saturday to get my son back home after the holidays, 1000 km way and back, so that Sunday was very very lazy for me, just doin' nothin' !! ;-)

Doing Nothing
DaBourz 11 years ago
8 March 2007 :

After a very long week of work (one week in London leaves a lot of things to do when you're back) we end up at the usual "CreamCake" party organized by my company, lot of fun, talking and drinking !

Went back home late, for a Friday off, after loads of Champagne !

Party !

Fiesta !
Glow* 11 years ago
Hey, I want to party too ! ;D
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i want it, too!

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
OK ! When ? Where ? !!
DaBourz 11 years ago
13 March 2007 :

Busy busy busy !
Work work work !

I was in Amsterdam for one day on last Wednesday, I arrived the 13th late and went straight on the nice hotel that P.B. booked for me, very cool and I can only recommend it if you go there, looks old style out and very modern inside.

Again with P.B. a cool evening out, in a french restaurant in the city center ! ;-)

Went to bed late, drinked too much !

College Hotel
DaBourz 11 years ago
15 March 2007 :

Well I think all I'm gonna say here is nothing but very usual, but you can measure how fast time is going by looking at how fast your kids are growing.

One more year, "Kiki" is five !

SuperMan is 5 !
DaBourz 11 years ago
16 March 2007 :

To finish the week, a "St Patrick" open bar with the Colleagues close to the office, went back home late, like most Fridays...

Behind the Bar
DaBourz 11 years ago
17 March 2007 :

That's cool, when you're a child everyone wants to wish you an happy birthday ! With my parents on this Saturday :

Souffle !
DaBourz 11 years ago
22 march 2007 :

On the 22 & 23 I was in London again, for the next step of our project.
2 big days of meetings and presentations.

Then we went out, a mix between the UK and the French IT guys. Cool evening that began in a bar (of course) and finished in a bar (of course) with an Italian restaurant in the middle.

Good beers, good meal and good talking. Real fun !

And of course, I finished alone in a London hotel room :

"How do you like it ?"

How do you like it ?
eelend PRO 11 years ago
happy birthday, kiki!

mmm i'd like it warmer :)

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
@eelend: Like what ? ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
30 March 2007 :

Found a Zombie at home ! Do you know when they do things like that in school why don't they clean the kids BEFORE they go back in their house ?

It was hell to remove !! ;-)

The photo was during during a break at half of the process :

Zombie ?
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
cute photo today -- My first visit to your stream -- enjoyed your pix and reading your entries

" BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia) "
DaBourz 11 years ago
Thx you Teresa !

Sometimes, well you know it, it's really hard to commit to it every day ! I guest we try our best !! ;-)
BellaGaia PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by BellaGaia (member) 11 years ago
so far i've kept up -- but we're just 1/4 of the way through, so... who knows :-) i won't tell you it gets easier, but it sure does give new visual focus to the day..... i'm always looking for something interesting to shoot throughout the day.... ok, i usually forget and get stuck looking for something at home at the end of the day LOL
DaBourz 11 years ago
That's what I happened to do sometimes, but now I just rather not taking the picture, I've shot everything interesting at home ! ;-)
ParaScubaSailor 11 years ago
DaBourz 11 years ago
Gracias !
MarySesami Posted 11 years ago. Edited by MarySesami (member) 11 years ago
Cute picture.

I understand what you mean about hard to commit everyday. I have missed many days myself, but we are still here. Many have quit completely!

MarySesami's 2007
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
DaBourz!!!!! where'd you go:-) c'mon we can't have seen everything at home that's interesting -- people on here have been super creative -- they've given us all kinds of creative shots from their kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms...... when in doubt, move closer.....
p.s. want me to send u a new sponge :-)

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
DaBourz 11 years ago
@BellaGaia: Yep, send me that new sponge !

@MarySesami: Danke !!! ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
01 April 2007:

Finally at home, for a cool and "I'm not going to do anything" type of week-end !! ;-)

I've made a lot of music, one day i'll make you listen to it !! ;-)

Until now, here is the view from my desk window :

My Old Window
DaBourz 11 years ago
03 April 2007 :

Another day in London.
Another Meeting.
Another Early morning.
Another evening train.

Thanks god I had a very cool evening listening to the last Marillion and drinking Vodka with a very nice lady !
Of course we talked about the coming elections, drunk to much and I went home late.

Taken from the EuroStar leaving London :

DaBourz 11 years ago
05 April 2007:

Another very busy end of week, and an fantastic Flickr@Paris meeting ! If you're in Paris next month (every first Thursday of the month) come to meet us, it looks like this :


Ca se passe comme ça, à Flickr@Paris
daxster78 11 years ago
Hmm, Flickr meetings? What a great idea! I don't think I can make it to Paris next month, but I local one would be cool.
DaBourz 11 years ago
It is cool !! ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
6 April 2007:

Humfff, difficult Friday, because of the Flickr meeting the day before, but also because of Taïna, our lovely assistant, leaving us today, so we kind of celebrate this "a lot" during the day ! ;-)

Went back home early, need to drive early tomorrow.

In the morning, the cats are still sleeping, and the young one still pretend he is small enough to sleep with the old one :

One bed for two
ItinerArts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 11 years ago
I didn't know cats ever got too old for that.

DaBourz 11 years ago
Yep, but now there is an obvious lack of room for both ! ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
7 April 2007:

Off to Correze (center of France) for a 3 days week-end at my mother in law place where we will leave our son for 2 weeks of holidays.

He really like to go there, probably because life is really different from a big city like Paris.

So we spent quite a few time together, playing :

Father and Son
eelend PRO 11 years ago
i love your cats
and that flickr meeting looks funny :)

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
eelend, next time you're in Paris, be sure to stop by !
MarySesami 11 years ago
Sweet cats
Love the shadow picture of you and your son!
MarySesami's 2007
eelend PRO 11 years ago
of course!!!
that will be my FIRST time i'm in paris, i should celebrate it with you :)

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
@Mary: Thanks !!
@eeland: Ok, the RDV is booked ! So when it is ? ;-)
DaBourz Posted 11 years ago. Edited by DaBourz (member) 11 years ago
9 April 2007:

We woke up on that last day of the week end wondering where the cat was, as he didn't came back home during the night.

Then, as we where taking the breakfast we saw that damned cat on top of a high tree screaming because he was blocked ! ;-)

He apparently spent the night up there, not very comfortable ! ;-)

As he could not come back down, my wife got up there to help him.
Fun morning !! ;-)

Saving the Cat
Natacha.troiscafes Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Natacha.troiscafes (member) 11 years ago
unbelievable story.
Tell me, you seem to have a lot of fun at home ;o) hihihi

(creazy, really creazy, wowwww... unbelievable, ... creazy, my God...)
DaBourz 11 years ago
It's was fun because I wasn't the one obliged to go up there to catch the cat !! ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
14 April 2007:

After a long hard week (3 days of intensive training and one day at work for doing the whole week), my wife and I decided (as we're alone, remember ?) to get a real adult Saturday night !

We began with an Italian restaurant, and then we went back home to do two things that were waiting since too long :

Open that bottle of Dom Perignon that I bought back in Feb (yes, a 1999 vintage) and do a photoshoot. I think we combined both well ! ;-)

Dom Perignon, the Blonde and the Photographer...
ItinerArts 11 years ago
This definitely looks better than climbing after the cat!

DaBourz 11 years ago
You're absolutely right ! ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
21 April 2007 :

We went back to Correze on last week end to pick my Son and go back to Paris on the Sunday just in time to vote.

It's been a very busy week since !! ;-)

Some new guys at the farm :

3 little guys
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
How cute are they! Did you enjoy the Dom (dumb question!!)
DaBourz 11 years ago
More than that !! ;-)
The Dom was a Vintage 1999 collection. We opened it and then we suddenly realized that the bottle was empty.
A dream.
DaBourz 11 years ago
29 April 2007 :

A big day out.

After the usual Sunday morning stuff at home, and lunch, went to meet some FlickR friends out in a parc south of Paris, where we spent part of the afternoon, very cool !

I then went to meet some other friends for the much waited Marillion show in Paris. And what a show !!! Very good, a fine mix between old and new songs !

Pic of the day, well, you know him, THAT guy ! :-)

eelend PRO 11 years ago
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
DaBourz 11 years ago
DaBourz 11 years ago
01 May 2007:

After a monday at work, i've left for Nice and the south of France for my brother's birthday, and to see the last member of the gang :

Le regard d'une mère
ItinerArts 11 years ago
eelend PRO 11 years ago
that's a lovely shot

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
12 May 2007:

I've been to Atryu's expo of some fine nude pics.
Great afternoon.
Except for the public transport part to cross Paris. I've got bad luck with public transport, I don't take them often, but every time I'm doing it there is an accident ! ;-)

There was some new faces, as well as some old friends ! ;-)

Phil x 2
DaBourz 11 years ago
14 May 2007 :

Back in London for a 2 days meeting, hopefully one of the last concerning the "Big Secret Project" that should come to an end in June.

I was in a new Hotel this time, and I think i've probably done all the Holborn ones ! ;-)

When I came back home, my wife told me that our son asked if I was still leaving with them ! ;-)
Too much travel ! ;-)
And next week I'm in the US ...

Thx you for not smoking
DaBourz 11 years ago
23 May 2007:

And I'm in a plane again, this time direction New York, well rather Stamford, CT.

Early (very early start) to be on time at the airport, an absolute nightmare to pass the French security check, but finally I've made it. What really piss me off, is that people after more than half an hour queue still have their shoes, belt, jacket ...etc on when they make it to the check...

Anyway, arrived at 11am at JFK airport to jump into a big black limousine (yes !) that drove me straight to the office in Stamford, where we had a full afternoon of work.

We set the Rendez-vous at the hotel bar where we wait for the team to be complete and then we went to that fabulous restaurant, Morton's, where I've shoot Yoann in action (pic says 24th because it stayed French time) :

DaBourz 11 years ago
25 May 2007:

It's Friday morning, I'm still in Stamford and I've just found a better way to go to the office, crossing a park, where there is squirrels just everywhere that come close to you just to have a look !

That made my day ! ;-)

American squirrel
DaBourz 11 years ago
26 May 2007:

(I'm late I know, trying to catch up now that i've got a few days off !! ;-) )

This was my last day in New York, flying back in the evening, and Yoann was going to Chigaco for the week end, so we take the fast train to Grand Central and then we walked in the city.

We just had nothing specific in mind except walk to Ground Zero.

Then Yoann left and I continue walking around until I took the bus to JFK and "hop !" to France ! ;-)

Ground Zero
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
DaBourz 11 years ago
4 June 2007 :

We've been intensively working on the show we'll play on the 7th, but that particular day we went to "Les Mauvais Garçons" to rent and try our costumes for the concert.

Here, let me introduce you to Paulo, THE guitar hero :

Le Paulo, Rock 'n' Roll
eelend PRO 11 years ago
he looks like a pirate

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
He is !!! ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
7 June 2007 :

The day of the show, but you will only see stage as obviously I can't take a pic of myself while playing ! ;-)

Here is the stage, build outside, ready a few hours only before we play :

The Stage finished
DaBourz 11 years ago
8 June 2007 :

We had a friend and her daughter at home for the Week-end , to bring the kids at EuroDisney on the next day.

Now I know what it would have been to have a second (monster) child ! ;-)

Ouff ....

1 + 1
ItinerArts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ItinerArts (member) 11 years ago
Monsters? But they look sooo innocent....

Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
DaBourz 11 years ago
"Innocent" is exactly the expression they had on their faces after they did a huge mistake ! ;-)
eelend PRO 11 years ago
they look sooooo nice

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
14 june 2007:

The "Flickr world tour" lands in Paris, and both for the 24 hours of Flickr and the new language launch we had a huge, fun and nice party in the Wanted Gallery near République.

Cool evening !

Flickr Launch Party in Paris
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
Hey! Glad to see you're still part of the group even if on a sporadic basis -- I alwys enjoy your contributions.
DaBourz 11 years ago
Thx, I try to stay comitted to it !! ;-)
DaBourz 11 years ago
15 June 2007:

Needed to take a few pics with the 300D, getting kind of frustrated and tired of the G7, and she was so beautiful, took the occasion :

What are you looking ?
DaBourz 11 years ago
24 june 2007 :

Thx to Atryu I got myself a very nice Sigma 20mm f1.8, first test :

Contre jour
DaBourz 11 years ago
5 July 2007 :

A very good night with the friends from Flickr@Paris, our monthly meeting.
As usual a lot of discussions and beers.
Not to mention that Yoann was there just before going back to NewYork, that made the event special.
I've also meet new faces, and it's always cool.

Then we took a few night pics with Yoann before going back home !

Hotel de ville
eelend PRO 11 years ago
that's a wonderful shot!!!

eelend's 2007
DaBourz 11 years ago
7 July 2007 :

The Wedding of two friends, being "the photographer" for the first time for a wedding is putting a little bit of pressure on your shoulders.

Anyway, they apparently were happy with the result :

The Wedding
DaBourz 11 years ago
15 July 2007:

Ok, Holidays !
First day at the beach, one of the few ones ...

Le Bob
DaBourz 11 years ago
17 July 2007 :

Weather is getting worse and worse, and even if we're still having fun, we need to move south, way down south :

Apéro Time (I)
DaBourz 11 years ago
20 July 2007 :

So weather was turning so bad in Corrèze that we moved to the French Riviera. As you can see, in Nice the things were much more better.

We arrived in a house full of people and kids, and the sun !

La piscine
DaBourz 11 years ago
22 July 2007 :

The days are the same, doing nothing, sun, pool, fun...

Holidays ! ;-)

The kids are in the pool almost all day, they really had a lot of fun :

le "grand" bleu
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